What Yuh Know? TEMPO Networks taps Daniel Loveless To be Host of Hot Ones Caribbean – Now you know!

May 7th, 2021 (Trinidad & Tobago, W.I.) – TEMPO Networks is thrilled to announce that the host of Hot Ones Caribbean will be none other than Daniel Loveless of the super-popular web series, What Yuh Know?. No stranger to asking interesting questions, Daniel is sure to put Hot Ones Caribbean celebrity guest on the spot, in the Hot Seat, keeping viewers well in the know.

If there were a Caribbean name synonymous with a TV show based on questions and answers, Daniel Loveless would be it. The twenty-two-year-old comedic personality has built his widely successful entertainment career on asking complete strangers a diverse range of trivia questions on his hit YouTube entertainment series, What Yuh Know? He has travelled to over 26 destinations worldwide producing content and has amassed a following of over 800,000 across platforms and 28 million views on YouTube.

When asked why he agreed to host Hot Ones Caribbean, Daniel indicated “I am both honored and humbled for the opportunity to be selected by TEMPO Networks as the host of Hot Ones Caribbean. As a media personality born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago, I aspire to be one of the many talents that aid in further putting the Caribbean on the map. Therefore, any opportunity that aligns with this aspiration is a dream and opportunity of a lifetime”.

Daniel’s charming, yet disarming, personality and ability to solicit honest responses from his interviewees make him the ideal host of Hot Ones Caribbean. Not excluding his wit and creativity, Daniel Loveless knows how to turn any appearance he makes into a memorable moment, and we dare say he is a “Hot One”.

“Daniel is a super-talented, intellectually gifted, respectful young man with a solid sense of purpose, said Frederick A. Morton, Jr., Founder, Chairman & CEO of TEMPO Networks and Producer of Hot Ones Caribbean. “He met every single criteria that I had in mind for the Host, including experience in asking Hot questions — I am confident that I have chosen well and that he will be huge hit”.

TEMPO is currently in pre-production of the Caribbean version of Complex Networks award-winning show Hot Ones. An extraordinary line-up of talent is being finalized for the first season who are ready to feast on some hot wings dipped in the finest and hottest Caribbean Pepper Sauce locally, regionally and internationally. Hot Ones Caribbean is carded to premier this summer – a hot one for sure!


April 20th, 2021 (Trinidad & Tobago, WI.) The Hot Table just got hotter as two regional Pepper Sauce brands secured their spot on Hot Ones Caribbean.  Old Duppy Pepper Sauces from Barbados and Alvin’s Hot Sauce from St. Croix, USVI have joined the “Pepper Sauce Cast” both with unique flavors that is sure to delight to the Celebrity cast on the show.

Old Duppy Pepper Sauces started from the passion for cooking and a recognition that there was an opportunity in the pepper sauce market in Barbados to be creative.  The very first sauce, “Fiery Pineapple”, was an immediate hit with its fresh pineapple flavour and real wood smoked peppers.  From mild Jalapenos, to scorching hot Carolina Reapers, combined with unique complementary ingredients Old Duppy pepper sauces not only bring the heat, but are packed with flavour and complexity.

When asked why they had to be on Hot Ones Caribbean, Director Nicholas Bynoe of Old Duppy, indicated:  “We just had to be – Not only is it a great opportunity to showcase our brand, but the show is a fantastic platform to promote Caribbean products as a whole to a wider global audience”.  

Hailing from Christiansted, St. Croix USVI is Alvin’s Hot Sauce.  Partnering with local island farmers and growers across the region Alvin’s combines the perfect blend of fruit (papaya), peppers (Scotch Bonnet), and spices.  Boasting 12 Awards which include the National 2019 Scovie Awards for Alvin’s Red Pepper Hot Sauce, 1st place Hot Sauce – Unique, 2nd place Wing Sauce – Unique and 3rd place Hot Sauce – World Beat, Alvin’s is in the business of winning with his Pepper Sauces. When asked why Hot Ones Caribbean is important, Alvin’s CEO, Alvin Franklin, proffered “Hot Ones is an international brand and platform, Frederick Morton, CEO of TEMPO foresight to bring Hot Ones to the Caribbean will open doors for brands like mine to be seen globally, and will create more opportunities for trade. I am very excited to be featured on Hot Ones Caribbean and am looking forward to the long term rewards” Alvin said.

“Hot One’s Caribbean most definitely heats up with the entry of Old Duppy pepper sauce from one of my favorite islands, Barbados and Alvin’s from my home, St. Croix USVI, where I was born and raised, said Frederick Morton Jr, Founder & CEO of TEMPO Networks, as well as Producer of Hot One’s Caribbean.  “The diversity and uniqueness of these Caribbean pepper sauces make them a natural for the hot table and I am certain our celebrity guests will feel the fire and enjoy the great taste of these amazing brands”, said Morton.


April 14th, 2021 (Trinidad & Tobago, WI.) –   Flow and TEMPO Networks are teaming up once again to produce exciting culturally-relevant Caribbean content.   TEMPO is currently in production of the Caribbean version of Complex Networks’ award-winning show Hot Ones, spotlighting Caribbean Pepper Sauce Manufacturers locally, regionally and internationally who are fortunate enough to land a spot at the Hot Table for the inaugural season of Hot Ones Caribbean.

Like the original series, the show will feature top Caribbean talent and celebrities, while they experience the taste and heat of the hottest Caribbean pepper sauces, like Bertie’s and Habernero from Trinidad & Tobago, Alvin’s from the United States Virgin Islands and Old Duppy from Barbados, among others.  Ms. Raelene Rydzik, Director, Entertainment Acquisition, Cable & Wireless Communications, stated “We are delighted to again partner with TEMPO to bring original, Caribbean content like ‘HOT ONES’ to Flow customers.  Our Flow 1 channel is an excellent platform for highlighting the diverse interests and cultures of our Caribbean audience.”

The two companies successfully partnered before in the production of ground-breaking Caribbean content, including the well-received series, Caribbean Dream, which profiles the journey of Caribbean nationals who have migrated internationally and achieved great success in their professions.  The Caribbean Dream series has thus far featured Ms. Yvette Noel-Schure from Grenada, who is super-star recording artist, Beyonce’s, long-time publicist; Celebrity Hair Stylist, Mr. Neal Farinah, whose star-studded client list includes Beyonce, Nikki Minaj and many others; and Essence Chief Content Officer, Ms. Moana Lu from Martinique.

“TEMPO has partnered with Flow in varying capacities from its inception in 2005 and we are grateful to have Flow as a committed partner in the development of quality Caribbean content, said Frederick A. Morton, Jr., Founder, Chairman & CEO, TEMPO Networks.  “The partnership has always been a HOT ONE and therefore it is no surprise that we are once again coming together to produce this exciting show, Hot Ones Caribbean, that can entertain our audiences, while at the same time have an extraordinary impact on so many of our industries, creative, tourism, trade, agriculture, etc”, said Morton


April 7th, 2021 (Trinidad & Tobago, WI.) Two local Pepper Sauce brands Bertie’s and Habanero Trinidad will be on the Hot Table for Hot Ones Caribbean.  Since the announcement that TEMPO Networks has partnered with COMPLEX Networks to launch a Caribbean version of the award-winning show Hot Ones, Caribbean Pepper Sauce Manufacturers locally, regionally and internationally have been vying to land a spot on the Hot Table for the inaugural season.

Locally, Bertie’s Pepper sauce, the first to sign on and be selected, was established in 2004 in the family’s kitchen and boasts of its perfect balance of hot, flavorful, local homemade taste.  From their kitchen to our homes, today Bertie’s can be found in almost all the major supermarkets in Trinidad and Tobago.  Logan Steuart, Sales Director of Bertie’s Pepper Sauce, said “He is thrilled to be on the Hot Table, long-time fans of the original Hot Ones Series, we jumped at the opportunity of being on the Caribbean version of the show, we have always looked for new ways to expand and communicate to our current and potential customers.  Hot Ones Caribbean will allow Bertie’s to showcase our products to both a regional and worldwide audience, which is both a new and exciting venture we are ready for.”

Bringing more heat to the table, with a balance of fiery heat and flavour is locally produced pepper sauce, Habanero Trinidad, made using the world’s second hottest pepper, the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper. With distributors in New York, Florida and St. Maarten, a supplier for two local hotel chains, fast food outlets and manufacturer of the legendary pepper sauce from the Calypso Queen herself, Calypso Rose, called “Scorpion Fire Fire”, Habanero has been in the Pepper business for almost a decade.  It is therefore no surprise that Habanero is on the Hot Table.

When asked how she feels about being involved in Hot Ones Caribbean, Sharon Chautilal, Director of Habanero Trinidad, said “I feel very passionate about what I do and have always said that the way the world view pepper/hot sauce is different to how we view and feel about pepper sauce in the Caribbean.  It is more than just a product, it is a part of our culture”.  It is an entire experience which includes “Caribbean Arts, Entertainment, Culture and Cuisine — we share TEMPO Networks’ vision and believe that this partnership will give the Caribbean people the opportunity to share their stories to the world and help achieve this mandate,” said Chautilal.

In connection with the export, marketing and promotion regionally and internationally of the local brands featured on the Hot Ones and its own Caribbean Pepper Sauce brand, TEMPO is in discussions with exporTT Ltd., the trade policy implementation agency of the Ministry of Trade. exporTT ‘s General Manager (Ag), Mr Dhanraj Harrypersad said “Pepper and pepper sauce in Trinidad and Tobago are products ingrained in our culture and act as the ultimate differentiator in export markets”.  When asked about the benefits of diversifying a product like TEMPO’s Hot Ones Caribbean Show, to develop and export local Pepper sauce for the food sector, to service new markets,  Harrypersad stated “at exporTT, we support local companies to get their products to far-flung places so customers can satisfy their pepper cravings. This programme and its reach will be instrumental in bringing clients and pepper enthusiasts in contact with our manufacturers and products. We are happy to partner with TEMPO and Complex to add some ‘Trini’ flavour to the world!”

Film TT, the Trinidad & Tobago state agency established in 2006 to facilitate the growth and development of the film and audio-visual sector in Trinidad & Tobago,  is providing critical support to TEMPO to facilitate the local production needs.   With regards to developing content that markets and promotes the local production of the local pepper sauces featured, Leslie-Ann Wills-Caton – General Manger FilmTT stated,  “This is the  kind of embedded marketing that FilmTT is always seeking to promote and share with the private sector. Product placement can boost sales, facilitate brand goodwill and aid brand awareness. We are excited to partner with TEMPO and Complex to help facilitate this opportunity for our local pepper sauce manufacturers.”

TEMPO Founder & CEO and Producer of the Hot Ones Caribbean, Frederick A. Morton Jr., indicated that “as the TEMPO team revs up in production and the excitement mounts for the summer launch of the Hot Ones, we are super-excited to welcome both Bertie’s and Habanero Trinidad to the Hot table — I personally look forward to placing an international spotlight on (and trying) all of our terrific brands locally from Trinidad & Tobago and from throughout the Caribbean and diaspora, as I am convinced, we have the best in the world”.