About the Network

Your Destination to All Things Caribbean

TEMPO Networks, is the first and only pan-Caribbean media and entertainment company producing and offering culturally relevant content on all media platforms.

With its flagship cable television network, TEMPO captures and delivers the extraordinary Caribbean vibe by successfully producing and delivering Caribbean content dedicated to music, culture, cuisine, and social awareness initiatives. Our programming includes dramas, tourism, movies, news, concerts, documentaries, music videos, and addresses all aspects of Caribbean life

Envisioned by native son Frederick A. Morton Jr. (aka “Mr. TEMPO”), TEMPO is a true celebration of Caribbean life, and seeks to elevate the region. Its content, therefore, is developed to rise beyond entertainment to be inspirational, progressive and educational.

TEMPO currently broadcasts in 24 Caribbean islands, with approximately 3M viewers, as well in the TriState area: New York, New Jersey and Connecticut on Cablevision Channel 1105.

TEMPO is expanding rapidly, both in the United States and internationally, and serves both the large Caribbean populations of Atlanta, Boston, Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston as well as “Lover of All Things Caribbean”: the over 20 million visitors to the Caribbean from the United States.

Frederick A. Morton, Jr. Esq.
Founder, Chairman & CEO of TEMPO Networks

frederick morton jr of tempo

The Man Behind the Dream

Frederick A. Morton, Jr. is the visionary behind Tempo Networks, a dynamic celebration of all things Caribbean. Morton, who is the consummate creative thinker, with a laser beam ability to execute and impeccable credentials to back him up, is emphatic that Tempo can deliver the full scope of Caribbean culture to the entire world.

Born and raised in St. Croix, US Virgin Islands to Nevisian parents, Morton was aware – even as a boy – that the Caribbean held an irresistible magnetism. “Its music, its history, its breathtaking scenery – the place is earth’s last Eden!” Morton also knew that someday he would deliver that joy to people everywhere. With characteristic drive, he set about achieving the world-class qualifications that would someday help him realize his dream. A law degree from Rutgers University and a Masters degree in Public Administration from Columbia University were just the beginning. As an attorney at the prestigious New York law firm of Simpson Thatcher & Bartlett, Morton represented numerous Fortune 500 companies. His stature rose even further when he became Corporate Counsel for Johnson & Johnson and then joined Viacom Inc. where he quickly rose to Chief Litigation Counsel. His mentor was the famed Attorney Johnnie Cochran.

By the time Morton became MTV Networks’ Deputy General Counsel of Business and Legal Affairs; he had amassed a shockingly concentrated amount of high- profile legal experience in under the course of a decade. He’d also maintained his passionate immersion in Caribbean culture. He knew, with an almost prophetic sense, that he would one day be able to combine the two and create a groundbreaking venture.

Indeed he did. With facts, savvy and his background as a native son at the ready, Morton has brought forth a Caribbean Tempo that has permeated the hearts and souls of Caribbean people. “There are millions of Caribbean people in and out of the Caribbean, all around the world, that embody the enduring spirit of the region…a spirit of an extraordinary people with an extraordinary story ready to be told”. He knew TEMPO could serve as a dedicated platform to enhance the further development of the Caribbean and its formidable people. “TEMPO will be the ultimate platform for the entire Caribbean experience,” says Morton. “Caribbean people have a passion for living which shines through everything they do. Tempo will be the bridge to this culturally rich and trendsetting community.”

As Founder, Chairman & CEO, Morton is at the helm of an astonishingly vast undertaking. But, he says with characteristic assurance of a creatively (almost mystically) driven soul, “the love of God, passion and faith will most certainly clear the way.” This is a man constantly erupting with ideas and too forward- thinking to rest on his already considerable laurels. “I like to say that it’s not about eureka moments, it’s about a eureka lifetime.” A lifetime he has devoted to the upliftment of the Caribbean.