Jamaica Poetry Festival 2022 set for New Kingston this Sunday Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The 12TH Annual Jamaica Poetry Festival is set for the AC Hotel in New Kingston on Sunday, with a broad span of activities that are to culminate with the wit and intriguing realism around high-quality poetry into the night.

Starting in mid-morning, the festival is to include a family-friendly creative arts workshop that is scheduled from 10am to 2pm; an art and craft display; followed by the Jamaica 60th Anniversary Dinner between 4:30 and 6:30 pm, then poetry starting at 7pm.

The 60th Anniversary Dinner has been dubbed, ‘Voice for the Voiceless in support of the Deaf Community’, this as proceeds from the dinner is to go towards the Jamaica Association of the Deaf. This the organisers have indicated is in a bid to help members of the deaf community to better interface with the police and the public by text messaging.

Among the top personalities to be showcased at this year’s festival are Monty Alexander and Skip Marley, both through virtual appearances; Professor Mervyn Morris, Ebony Payne, Marjorie Whylie, Yasus Afari, Calvin Mitchell, George Elliot Clarke, Michael Abrahams, Mark Stephenson, Kai Falconer and Sammoya Banton.

The festival is being sponsored by a wide array of national corporate and other entities, including Jamaica National, the Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF), VM Investments, Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), Jamaica Observer, Proven Investment, Sandals, Digicel Foundation, Tuff Gong International Limited, Sun Coast Beach Club, a resort-inspired, ultra-inclusive gated community that is being developed in 12 Miles, St Thomas; along with the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ), Learning Life Jamaica, and Art of Life Magazine.


Anderson Peters speaks for the first time since Harbour Master brawl Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Grenadian javelin champ has broken his silence in the aftermath of an incident on board the Harbour Master which resulted in six Trinidadian men being charged.

In a statement posted on Facebook, the World Champ thanked people for their support and asked fans to keep his family in their prayers.

“Phew …! The past few days have been a rollercoaster for me – from being excited to return home after two great competitions, to being quickly ripped of such excitement replaced with pain and discomfort,” he posted.

“I know that you’re all concerned about my well-being, so please, know that I’m feeling better than I was in the immediate aftermath, but it will be a long road to full recovery.”

Peters said it’s been a challenging time for his family and asked for positive thoughts and well-wishes to be extended to his brother who “also suffered from this dehumanising act.”

“On my behalf and that of my family, I say thank you to all citizens of Grenada, all persons near and far who have expressed your deep concerns since this occurrence. To all organisations, clubs and fraternities, thank you. Thank you for standing with me during this difficult time.”

He specifically thanked those who “lent a hand and even risked their own safety on the night of the incident” to assist him.

“I especially thank my parents and family, my coach, my bank family, my club and my sports family for the outpouring of support. Thank you for praying, sending well wishes and reaching out in many ways to provide support. My family and I appreciate all of this and in some sense, this energises us to be hopeful for better days to come.”

Peters found himself in the middle of a brawl with a group of Trinidadian men after an event late last week.

While there have been conflicting reports about the sequence of events leading up to the brawl, six Trinidadian men were arrested and the vessel was seized and impounded pending further investigation.


Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson has died, PM wants her legacy to stay alive Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Advocate and president of the Barbados Cancer Society (BCS), Dorothy Cooke-Johnson has passed away.

The longstanding chair and activist, who worked diligently to raise awareness of all cancers, was a beacon of hope for many.

Speaking on Cooke-Johnson’s death, Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley described her as “a true Barbadian hero”.

“Amid all of our giving, our caring, our sharing, however, there is that small group of Barbadians whose demonstration of their love for others goes way beyond what any reasonable soul would expect. They give, and give and give, never with even a hint of consideration of the extent to which they are sacrificing themselves.

“Without a doubt, Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson fits squarely into that group, and her passing today will leave a massive void in the national voluntary effort to educate Barbadians on how to avoid cancer, to assist them with treatment and care when they come face-to-face with that awesome reality, as well as with the counselling that has helped to keep many a Barbadian family intact when cancer seemed intent on doing otherwise,” Mottley said via a statement issued today, Sunday, August 14.

Dr Cooke-Johnson was the face amd voice of the Barbados Cancer Society for decades. She mobilised hundreds if not thousands islandwide and further beyond our shores in her efforts to tackle non-communciable diseases and garner support for improving the treatment opportunities for those diagnosed with cancer.

Speaking to Cooke-Johnson’s ability to go above and beyond, PM Mottley wrote, “Amid all of our giving, our caring, our sharing, however, there is that small group of Barbadians whose demonstration of their love for others goes way beyond what any reasonable soul would expect. They give, and give and give, never with even a hint of consideration of the extent to which they are sacrificing themselves.”

Prime Minister Mottley asserted that citizens have an obligation to fulfill Cooke-Johnson’s goal while keeping her legacy alive.

“Today, while we face the growing scourge of Chronic Non-communicable Diseases, the work of Dr Cooke-Johnson and her small band of lieutenants and foot soldiers has become absolutely critical. We have a duty now to honour her work, her legacy and her name, by giving fresh life to the fight that was so much a part of her very being.

“On behalf of the Government and people of Barbados, including that large group of very grateful Barbadians whose lives were touched by her kind heart and spirit of generosity, I extend heartfelt sympathy to her son, Chris Cooke-Johnson and the family of the Barbados Cancer Society.”


Jada Kingdom, Her BF Nas EBK Attends Her Grandmother’s Funeral In Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jada Kingdom is mourning the loss of her grandmother Jean Rowe.

The dancehall artist shared on Saturday that she attended the funeral of her grandmother, and she also shared photos of her family along with her boyfriend, Nas EBK, who was present to support her. Jada Kingdom was seen wearing a green feather-decorated skirt and a leather crop top along with matching leather boots. In one photo, she hugs her grandfather, and she’s also seen posing with her mother and three brothers, as well as other members of her family.

There’s also a photo of her and Nas EBK as the New York rapper smiles while hugging Jada. “Life a fukry… sleep peacefully my beautifully Gmommy, I love you forever!” the artiste said.

Jada Kingdom also shared several photos and videos of her enjoying quality time with her family out and about in Jamaica, where she grew up. The artist, who is a native of Bullbay, St. Thomas, also shared several snapshots of her and Nas EBK exploring Kingston with her family members.

The artist also had words for critics who had an issue with her outfit for her grandmother’s funeral.

“Anybody weh have something fi say about mi grandmother funeral, go s**k the duttiest, stinkest balls a road,” the artist vented as she said that others were criticizing her that she was in a “fashion show” rather than a funeral. The artist added that she was tired of critics coming for her.

In the meantime, the artist has been busy promoting her latest song, “GPP,” which was released this week. The song is produced by artist Di Genius and has 422K views on YouTube.

The artist shared that she also recently released the video for “GPP,” which sees her role-playing the iconic Miss Cleo. In the video, Miss Cleo is seen advising a woman who calls into her show asking for advice in dealing with an ex who won’t let go.

In the meantime, Jada shared that she was to perform at Sum Fest in St. Vincent on Friday, but she couldn’t make the show. Instead, she will be performing live on Sunday, August 14.


Légère montée des eaux à Sainte-Marie

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The content originally appeared on: Martinique FranceAntilles

Dimanche 14 Août 2022 – 15h54

Quartier Union, une plus grande quantité d’eau a contraint les conducteurs les moins téméraires, à rebrousser chemin. – Wi.Cé.

Les fortes pluies observées ce dimanche, ont provoqué des dégâts d’importance mineures à Sainte-Marie.

Dans le bourg de la commune au niveau du boulevard Désir-Jox, la circulation des véhicules et des autres usagers de la route a été gênée à cause de la montée des eaux. Au quartier Union, même cas de figure, mais avec une plus grande quantité d’eau qui a contraint les conducteurs les moins téméraires à rebrousser chemin. Le restaurant Saint-James a été légèrement impacté par cette brusque montée des eaux.

La ville de Sainte-Marie dont c’est la fête patronale ce week-end, prend très au sérieux cette situation météorologique. Elle reste vigilante et rappelle aux uns et aux autres les mesures de prudence. Pour l’heure, la tenue des festivités de lundi reste maintenue.

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Le CD de l’école de musique et de danse Lakou Véranda est enfin disponible !

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The content originally appeared on: Guadeloupe FranceAntilles

Le CD (disponible aussi en clé USB) de l’association Lakou Véranda est enfin prêt ! Il est possible de se le procurer en contactant Gladys et Jimmy Bassien 0690 91 55 51.

Rappelez-vous, cette école de musique et de danse traditionnelle a fêté en grande pompe ses 10 ans le 9 juillet à Sainte-Anne. Le support audiovisuel tant attendu est enfin disponible. Il retrace l’histoire de l’association.

C’est l’aboutissement suprême pour les 11 enfants qui ont créés les chants et les mélodies. Il y a plusieurs années, ils apprenaient avec Jimmy, leurs premières frappes. Ils ont cheminés avec patience et persévérance, guidés par la passion et l’amitié. Ils ont appris à maitriser le boula, le makaj, l’accompagnement des danseuses, le chant et tous les autres instruments de la wond a léwoz.  Le couple a mis en commun ses compétences : Gladys, professeure de danse gwoka, a permis aux danseuses et aux joueurs de se rencontrer pour composer des chorégraphies qui ont étayées, égayées la musique. Les leçons de gwoka ont été entrecoupées de représentations car la musique se partage. Le talent des premiers élèves a été reconnu, ils sont aujourd’hui sollicités pour animer des événements. Ils forment la troupe Lakou véranda.

La composition de chansons (paroles et mélodies), l’enregistrement (travail en studio) est un aboutissement.

Vous pouvez soutenir les projets de cette association qui poursuit la transmission aurpès d’adultes, d’ados et d’enfants, en vous procurant cette production.

Le coffret se compose d’un CD de 11 morceaux créés par les enfants, d’un livret des paroles et partitions, d’un DVD retraçant l’évolution de cette association. Il est aussi disponible en clé USB. 

CD et DVD clé USB aussi disponible

– DR

Livret CD

– DR

CD liste des chanteurs

– DR

Partitions et paroles

– DR


St Andrew deliveryman booked for father and son’s murder in Clarendon Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News
Loop News

43 minutes ago

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Twenty-nine-year-old Rohan Pitter, a deliveryman of Tavares Gardens, St Andrew, has been charged with the April 2022 killing of a father and son in Hayesfield, Clarendon.

The deceased are 46-year-old Thomas James Snr, and eight-year-old Thomas James Jnr.

Reports are that about 7:45 pm on the day of the incident, James was inside his shop along with his son, when Pitter allegedly entered and opened gunfire, hitting the father and son.

The police were summoned and the victims were taken to hospital, where James Jnr was pronounced dead on arrival, and James Snr succumbed to his injuries on Friday, June 17.

Pitter was subsequently arrested after intense police investigations.

He was pointed out during an identification parade, and charged following an interview.

His court date is being arranged.

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Slavernijverleden centraal bij werkbezoek delegatie Tweede Kamer

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The content originally appeared on: De Ware Tijd Online

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Les anecdotes du tour : les équipes étrangères

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The content originally appeared on: Guadeloupe FranceAntilles

Dimanche 14 Août 2022 – 12h12

Les anecdotes du Tour – DR

 Notre rédaction s’est associée à Priscilla Romain d’Offensive Mag, pour vous présenter des faits et anecdotes sur l’ensemble des éditions du Tour de la Guadeloupe.

 L’anecdocte du jour concerne les premières équipes étrangères invitées sur le Tour de Guadeloupe.

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Colegio de CPA alerta sobre problemas en plataforma del CRIM 360

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

La matrícula del Colegio de Contadores Públicos Autorizados (CCPA) alertó sobre los numerosos problemas que presenta la nueva plataforma del Centro de Recaudación de Ingresos Municipal, CRIM 360.  Dichos problemas han dificultado e impedido a miles de ciudadanos y profesionales de la contabilidad la radicación de la Planilla de Propiedad Mueble, correspondiente al año contributivo 2021.

El CPA Oscar Cullen Ramos, presidente del CCPA, indicó que los problemas reportados son numerosos y una gran cantidad aún no han sido corregidos por la entidad gubernamental, a pesar de la colaboración de voluntarios del CCPA, quienes por meses han identificado y comunicando situaciones relacionadas a la plataforma. Por esta razón, la matrícula solicita a la Junta de Gobierno del CRIM y a su director ejecutivo, Reinaldo Paniagua, que se posponga la fecha de radicación de la Planilla de Propiedad Mueble hasta el miércoles, 15 de noviembre de 2022.

“El Colegio de CPA entiende que obligar a que los contribuyentes tengan que seguir el proceso establecido en la Carta Circular 2020-004 – (revisada) del CRIM y por ende verse forzados a radicar una planilla con errores a causa de problemas en la programación de los sistemas no es una sana práctica de administración tributaria. Esta situación aumenta los costos de cumplimiento e incide sobre el derecho de los contribuyentes a un debido proceso de ley”, destaca el CPA Cullen Ramos en una carta enviada el 4 de agosto a Paniagua en donde se detallan algunos de los problemas que enfrenta el portal. Además de que dicho proceso redundará en múltiples reclamaciones que tendrán que ser atendidas subsiguientemente ante el CRIM por los contribuyentes o sus representantes con un costo adicional. 

En la misiva, el presidente del CCPA afirmó que, ante esta situación sin precedentes, “el CRIM debe proveer un sistema que permita que las Planillas de Propiedad Mueble sean radicadas de forma correcta. Desafortunadamente, para la fecha de radicación original el pasado mes de mayo, el CRIM no tenía un sistema que pudiera procesar adecuadamente dichas planillas. Peor aún, a pocos días de vencerse la prórroga para la radiación aún no han provisto a los contribuyentes una plataforma adecuada para poder radicar dichas planillas”.

El CPA Cullen Ramos recordó que, en una reunión con el director ejecutivo el 20 de julio de 2022, se le presentaron las irregularidades que aún afectan directamente al contribuyente con esta nueva plataforma. Como consecuencia de dicha reunión, el CRIM emitió la Carta Circular 2022-004 – (revisada) que no resolvió por completo dichas dificultades. Por el contrario, en esta Carta se informó que se había ubicado en la plataforma una “Hoja de Servicio”, a través de la cual debe canalizarse cualquier situación que surja en el proceso de la radicación de la planilla mueble.

En la Carta Circular 2022-004 – (revisada), el CRIM justificó su acción alegando que la “Hoja de Servicio” estará disponible para someter cualquier evidencia o explicación que establezca la dificultad o error que se presente al radicar la planilla en el término establecido. Dicha “Hoja de Servicio” debe ser sometida en o antes del 16 de agosto de 2022. La Carta Circular indica que, si se determina que la dificultad o error es a consecuencia del Sistema, se le honrará al contribuyente los descuentos que apliquen.

 Asimismo, indica que se hicieron ajustes en la programación para honrar el 5% de descuento a todo contribuyente que haya realizado los pagos de estimada, según dispuesto en la Orden Administrativa 2022-002. Finalmente, la Carta Circular establece que el campo de créditos adicionales está abierto para añadir cualquier importe no reflejado en balance de cuenta, tanto en pagos de estimadas como en créditos de años anteriores.

Sin embargo, la matrícula del CCPA coincide en que la “Hoja de Servicio” no soluciona los problemas, incluso podría agravar la situación en los próximos meses. Según la Carta Circular 2020-004 (revisada), la entidad municipal no está corrigiendo las situaciones identificadas y será responsabilidad de los contribuyentes y preparadores de planilla notificar los problemas experimentados a raíz de la programación errónea.

“Los contribuyentes se han visto obligados a someter evidencia y documentos para justificar pagos y créditos para los cuales el CRIM no ha emitido una comunicación u otro documento oficial que esté cuestionando dichas cantidades mediante un proceso formal, entiéndase notificación, investigación o auditoría. Es importante llamar a la atención que este proceso conlleva que los contribuyentes y los preparadores de planillas tengan que incurrir tiempo sustancial en completar la “Hoja de Servicio” para todos los casos en donde están experimentando errores en programación cuando solo restan 8 días para la fecha de vencimiento de la radicación de las Planillas de Propiedad Mueble, con recursos limitados”, denunció el CPA Cullen Ramos ante la preocupación de que ciudadanos estén realizando pagos por responsabilidades contributivas o  deudas que no existen.

La carta, la cual también fue enviada al presidente de la Junta de Gobierno del CRIM y alcalde de Orocovis, Jesús E. Colón Berlingeri, y al presidente de la Junta de Supervisión Fiscal, David Skeel, fue acompañada por un Anejo en donde se evidencian los 12 problemas más frecuentes de la plataforma CRIM 360.

Entre estos se destacan el que la plataforma calcula descuentos que no proceden; historiales de pagos incorrectos; no computa descuentos que corresponden; no se reflejan pagos realizados; no calcula descuentos aun cuando se incluye pago con prórroga; no calcula penalidades y si descuentos; no permite reportar estimados; no se reportan pagos con prórrogas en el portal; problemas con impresión de documentos; y no reporta cantidades y ni sumas totales.