PM attends 40th Grand Parade of India ‘s 75th Independence in New York as guest of honour

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Prime Minister Gaston Browne was invited as a Guest of Honour and featured speaker at the 40th Grand Parade of India ‘s 75th Independence Day Anniversary Organised by Federation of Indian Associations in New York.

Since 1981, India and Antigua and Barbuda have enjoyed very friendly relations, and have entered into technical cooperation projects to the benefit of both sovereign states.

Most recently, following a devastating natural disaster in Antigua and Barbuda, India stepped forward with the resources to place the Hanna Thomas Hospital on Barbuda back into operation.

It was severely damaged and its equipment destroyed by the vicious winds and water of Hurricane Irma, in September 2017.

Even now, in wake of the global war against the dreadful Coronavirus pandemic, India has come forwarded and donated $1 Million USD worth of life saving equipment and PPE’s to our twin island state.

The Government and people of Antigua and Barbuda reaffirm their faith in the greatness of the Government and people of the Republic of India, and take this opportunity to renew the assurances of their highest esteem and friendship.


Samantha Simon to represent Antigua & Barbuda at the One Young World International Summit

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Samantha Simon has been chosen as the One Young World Ambassador selected by the Summit to represent Antigua & Barbuda in Manchester UK at the One Young World Summit 2022. She will also serve as the flag bearer for Antigua & Barbuda at the opening ceremony.

The annual One Young World Summit brings together 2,000+ of the brightest young leaders from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact both in-person and digitally.

Delegates from 190+ countries are counselled by influential political, business, and humanitarian leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Paul Polman and Meghan Markle, and many others to harness the knowledge and skills needed for being impactful change makers.

Simon is Creative Director of Zelos Creative. She is also a former Youth Parliamentarian for St. John’s Rural East in addition to being Youth Advocate for Human Rights & Entrepreneurship.

She is a Girl Guide Leader for the 12th Antigua Girl Guides and Founder of The Salus Initiative, a youth group focused on Youth Entrepreneurial Development and Advocacy.

Delegates participate in four transformative days of speeches, panels, networking, and workshops. They also have the opportunity to apply to give keynote speeches, sharing a platform with global leaders with the world’s media in attendance.

Delegates have the opportunity to challenge world leaders, engage with, and be mentored by expert industry influencers and make lasting connections. Together we celebrate our young leaders through social events and the unforgettable Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

To find out more about how to attend the One Young World Summit please follow this link.

For young leaders, the Summit is the landmark event of the year. It is a chance for the individuals responsible for shaping the future of our world, to come together to confront the biggest challenges facing humanity. The Summit is the ultimate place to be inspired, share learnings, and connect. Together we raise the bar for what it is possible to achieve as leaders, individually and collectively. The One Young World Summit 2022 will take place in Manchester, UK from 5 – 8 September 2022.


Kamla alleges PNM interference in Judiciary

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar. – Photo by Lincoln Holder

OPPOSITION Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar said entrusting decisions on which prisoners should be pardoned to the Judiciary is a flagrant violation of the law.

“This is utter madness,” she said at the United National Congress (UNC) Virtual Report on Monday night.

Pointing out that is the function of the Mercy Committee, in consultation with a number of people, including the Leader of the Opposition, she said she has not been consulted on the issue to date.

Accusing the People’s National Movement (PNM) of interference, Persad-Bissessar challenged the Judiciary to reveal who instructed them to compile a list of prisoners for pardosn, when the Judiciary has no part to play in the process.

“The Judiciary must come clean with the people of TT and tell us who that official was.

“Was it the same official who sabotaged the PolSC merit list at the President’s House? Tell the people the truth.”

She referred to the warning by MP Dinesh Rambally that there may be a breach of the Constitution in the Criminal Bar Association’s proposal for 60 prisoners to be released to commemorate the 60th anniversary of independence.

There was no word from the Attorney General Reginald Armour nor the Prime Minister as to whether the proposal was being considered.

“Now, lo and behold, it is being revealed that staff members within the Judiciary have been instructed to assist with the Mercy Committee.

“In fact, we now know that since August 8, 13 judicial research counsels in conjunction with the Registrar’s office, have been going through court documents and compiling a list of persons they deem eligible to be pardoned.

“We have also learnt that this process has been temporarily halted due to persons contracting covid19.”

Persad-Bissessar said it was only when Rambally called for clarity that the Judiciary sent an unsigned press statement confirming the plan.

She explained, “The law, when it comes to Mercy Committees, is crystal clear.

“The power of pardon is governed by the conjoint effect of sections 87, 88 and 89 of the Constitution, which provides for the President of the Republic to act on the advice of a minister designated by him acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister.

“An advisory committee (or mercy committee) will advise the minister and the President on the exercise of the power.”

She identified the make-up of the Mercy Committee, officially the Advisory Committee on the Power of Pardon. It must consist of a minister designated by the President who shall be the chairman.

Itis also to include the AG, DPP, and no more than four other members appointed by the President in consultation with the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition.

The Executive must consult with the Advisory Committee, which will provide recommendations on offenders who have not been sentenced to death.

Where an offender has been sentenced to death, the judge in the case must submit a written report and other relevant information must be provided as required.

“The Judiciary therefore, plays no part in the process of determining whether to pardon offenders,” Persad-Bissessar said, charging: “Keith Rowley is completely out of control. Rowley destroyed the Police Service Commission. He destroyed the integrity of the EBC (Elections and Boundaries Commission). He destroyed the independence of the Central Bank. Now Keith Rowley wants to destroy the Judiciary of TT.”

Three more covid19 deaths on Tuesday

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Image courtesy CDC

There have been three additional covid19-related deaths, the Ministry of Health said in its daily update on Tuesday.

This raises the covid19 death toll to 13 in the past three days,and increases the total number of deaths since March 2020 to 4,108.

Those who died were one elderly male and two elderly females, all with multiple comorbidities.

The ministry reported there were 295 new covid19 cases as of Tuesday afternoon. The cases were from samples taken between August 21 and 22.

There are now 6,617 active cases.

There are 233 patients in hospital, with 6,384 in home self-isolation and 23 in step-down or transition facilities.

As of Tuesday, there were 166,703 recovered covid19 patients, with 25 people being discharged from public health facilities and 461 recovered community cases.

Leak leaves parts of north Trinidad without water

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday



The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has said parts of north Trinidad served by the North Oropouche plant will have their water supply affected by repairs scheduled for August 25-27.

Operations at the plat will be interrupted by extensive repairs to a leak which will take place from 8am on August 25 to 8am on August 27.

The leak appears to have resulted from the erosion and slippage in the area caused by the recent rain, WASA said in a press release on Tuesday.

The release said it may take up to 48 hours for the supply to return to normal once the repairs are completed.

Affected areas include:

Sangre Grande and environs, Guaico Tamana

Road, Sangre Chiquito and Toco Road,

Manzanilla and environs, Cumuto, Wallerfield,

Tumpuna Road, Malabar Phases 1, 3 & 4, Brazil

Village, La Horquetta, Carapo, O’Meara Road, Mausica Road

(North & South), Maloney Gardens, Five Rivers,

Bon Air West, Oropune Gardens.

26 new Covid cases detected

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Guyana has recorded 26 new cases of the novel coronavirus, taking the total positives detected to date to 70,841.

There are 10 persons in the hospitals, two of whom are in the ICU while 309 individuals are isolating at home.

In institutional quarantine, there are seven individuals. A total of 69,242 persons have recovered while the death toll stands at 1,278.

Especialistas en salud mental de ASSMCA urgen concienciar sobre el suicidio

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

En el marco de la conmemoración del Mes de la Prevención del Suicidio, la Administración de Servicios de Salud Mental y Contra la Adicción (ASSMCA) celebró este martes, el foro titulado “No Luches en Silencio”, en el Teatro Braulio Castillo en Bayamón.

“En Puerto Rico, el suicidio es la tercera causa de muerte violenta. Aproximadamente, cada 29 horas se reporta una muerte por suicidio en la Isla. Si hablamos abiertamente del suicidio, podremos atenderlo de manera efectiva y las personas buscar ayuda inmediata. Desde ASSMCA hemos reforzado el trabajo y el mensaje de prevención, así como la ayuda directa particularmente en nuestras comunidades, porque las muertes por suicidios se pueden prevenir y así lo reflejan las estadísticas y los estudios. La prevención y la ayuda funcionan. Por eso, el llamado que hoy hacemos es a correr la voz porque la ayuda está y lo importante es que identifiquemos señales de alerta entre familiares, amigos y activemos las redes de apoyo en nuestras comunidades, centros de trabajo, escuelas, universidades, donde nos encontremos, porque el suicidio es prevenible”, afirmó el administrador de ASSMCA, Carlos Rodríguez Mateo en declaraciones escritas.

Explicó que se discutió sobre cambios generados por la pandemia del COVID-19 que han afectado la salud mental de los residentes en Puerto Rico y que podrían llevar a los ciudadanos a experimentar pensamientos suicidas. De igual forma, cómo la cultura puede dificultar el que se pueda dialogar sobre el suicidio con seres queridos, en especial entre varones porque el hablar sobre el tema del suicidio aún provoca divisiones sociales en nuestra comunidad y qué se puede hacer para reducir estas barreras.

El evento contó con la participación de los profesionales de la conducta de la agencia, entre estos, Juan Vélez Court (coordinador del Centro de Apoyo Mutuo), Aixa Pacheco Valderrama (consejera de crisis de la Línea PAS), Joel Ubiñaz Cordero (coordinador del Proyecto Emergencia COVID) y Nelson Vega Vázquez (supervisor regional de Ponce del Proyecto Conéctate).

Rodríguez Mateo recordó que las personas que tienen ideas suicidas cuentan con la Línea PAS de ASSMCA, a la cual pueden llamar para ventilar y recibir servicios de salud mental. “La Línea PAS de ASSMCA es el mejor ejemplo de cómo las personas hablando pueden evitar el suicidio”, añadió.

Desde el 2001 hasta el presente, la Línea PAS de ASSMCA ha recibido 3,823,582 llamadas. De estas, 951,938 están directamente relacionadas a ciudadanos que presentan ideas suicidas. Desde que inició el 2022, hasta el mes de junio, el Instituto de Ciencias Forenses (ICF) ha reportado 80 suicidios.

La Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) define el suicidio como “todo acto por el que un individuo se causa a sí mismo una lesión, o un daño, con un grado variable de la intención de morir, cualquiera que sea el grado de intención letal o de conocimiento del verdadero móvil”.

Durante el panel, los especialistas en salud mental compartieron que a pesar del aumento en las investigaciones y los conocimientos acerca del suicidio y su prevención, el tabú y estigma persisten. Se estima que, por cada suicidio consumado, pueden ocurrir hasta 20 intentos. Cerca del 90 por ciento de los casos de suicidio en Puerto Rico son varones, dato que, según los recursos, puede estar atado a una cultura de no expresión de emociones, problemas o sentimientos.  El método más utilizado en los suicidios en Puerto Rico es a través de la asfixia.

El foro es uno de los múltiples componentes de la iniciativa No Luches en Silencio, campaña educativa de ASSMCA dirigida a concienciar a la ciudadanía en torno a la importancia de hablar sobre sus emociones y pedir ayuda profesional a tiempo. A través de esta iniciativa, también se refuerzan los números de la Línea PAS de ASSMCA 9-8-8, 1-800-981-0023, y el TDD 1-888-672-7622, así como el chat para buscar ayuda profesional.

La campaña No luches en Silencio presenta, a través de videos y publicaciones en las redes sociales de la agencia, distintas situaciones que los ciudadanos pueden enfrentar y el daño emocional que se hacen al callar o posponer pedir ayuda. También, incluye material educativo, impactos a ciudadanos en centros comerciales, restaurantes de comida rápida, comunidades y otros escenarios.

Hallan el cuerpo de un individuo tirado en el pavimento en Ponce

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

En fecha de hoy martes, fue reportado a eso de las 8:24 de la mañana una persona muerta, hechos ocurridos en la calle Frontispicio intersección con calle Guadalupe, en Ponce.  

 Según información recibida, inicialmente fue recibida mediante llamada al Sistema de Emergencias 9-1-1, sobre persona tirada en pavimento. Este, fue identificado como Juan A. Rivera Rivera de 55 años. Paramédicos de Emergencias Médicas Privada, determinaron ausencia de signos vitales. Al momento, no fueron encontrados signos de violencia visible.   

  Al lugar se personaron los agentes, Danny Valentín de la división de Homicidios y Nilsa Caraballo de Servicios Técnicos, quienes realizaron la investigación y la fiscal Sharleen Rosa, expidió boleta y ordenó el traslado del cuerpo a Ciencias Forenses.

EE.UU. insta a sus ciudadanos a abandonar Ucrania “ahora”

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

La embajada de EE.UU. en Kiev ha instado este martes a los ciudadanos estadounidenses que se encuentran actualmente en Ucrania a abandonar el país “ahora utilizando opciones de transporte terrestre privadas disponibles si es seguro hacerlo”.

“El Departamento de Estado tiene información de que Rusia está intensificando sus esfuerzos para lanzar ataques contra la infraestructura civil y las instalaciones gubernamentales de Ucrania en los próximos días”, reza el comunicado, señalando que “la situación de seguridad en Ucrania es muy volátil y las condiciones pueden deteriorarse sin previo aviso”.

La misión diplomática instó a los estadounidenses a “permanecer atentos y tomar las medidas adecuadas para aumentar su conciencia sobre la seguridad”. Entre las pautas recomendadas a seguir se encuentran: estar pendientes de las sirenas, acudir a refugios en caso de su activación o mantenerse alejados de los restos de misiles o drones derrumbados.

El Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia reiteró en repetidas ocasiones que los militares rusos no lanzan ataques contra la infraestructura civil, ni tampoco contra los propios civiles, sino que destruyen con armas de precisión las posiciones de tiro e instalaciones militares enemigas.

Foto: Legión Media

Shipment of illegal guns intercepted at Castries Wharf in St Lucia Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

Hours after St Lucia Prime Minister Philip J Pierre announced plans to work closely with US authorities in curbing the proliferation of illegal guns on the island, a shipment was intercepted at Port Castries, details of which are still coming in.

“We don’t manufacture guns and most of these guns come from the US,” Prime Minister Philip J Pierre told reporters.

Last week the Department of Homeland Security declared there would be a crackdown down on illegal gun trafficking to Haiti and the Caribbean.

Pierre says there is no manufacturing of guns in the Caribbean region and in order to tackle the serious implications of the importation of illegal firearms in the region, there must be some kind of cooperation with the United States.

In March 2020, a barrel of weapons and ammunition was found at Port Castries, where a customs broker was arrested as he attempted to clear the shipment. The shipment contained nine Glock pistols and three AK-47 rifles and approximately 400 rounds of ammunition.

According to the Prime Minister, the issue of illegal firearms in the region is a transnational issue and in the wake of the rising gun violence regionally, something needs to be done.