Interior of Anchorage Road restaurant is gutted in Friday-night fire that required assistance of private water services

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

The interior of a restaurant on the Anchorage Road was gutted by fire on Friday night, August 26, and officials are investigating the cause.

Reports say that a woman saw flames coming from the kitchen and a male patron telephoned the Fire Department. The St. John’s Station responded at 11:08 p.m., about three minutes after receiving the call.

On arrival at the scene, they reportedly met the 65’ x 25’ building partially engulfed in flames.

In spite of having received a number of refurbished fire tenders recently, the Fire Department had to be assisted by Hugh Christian’s water services, which reportedly arrived on the scene at 11:20 p.m.

Electricity to the restaurant and in the area was suppressed by the Antigua Public Utilities Authority as firefighters battled the blaze. This suppression occurred shortly after midnight.

According to the owner of the business, she had secured the premises at about 10:30 p.m. before she left for home; she later received a phone call notifying her about the fire.

This was the second fire to be recorded on that side of the island within a few days.

A man reportedly lost his life on Wednesday night, August 24, during a house fire in Gambles. Investigations into the fire and confirmation of the person’s identity of the person are ongoing.


Guyana records 2nd case of monkeypox; patient not linked to 1st case

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Guyana has recorded a second case of Monkeypox virus, the Minister of Health has confirmed. The patient is a woman from the Georgetown area who is believed to be in her early 30’s and is not linked to the first case which was discovered a week ago. The patient, like the first case, also has no travel history.

“So Guyana now has its second case of monkeypox”, the Health Minister declared.

During an update today, the Minister also said contact tracing has commenced to ascertain if anyone else might have been infected.

With the country now recording its second case of the disease, the Minister said the focus now is on treatment. He said currently, it is difficult for Guyana to access the treatment for the disease.

“The treatment for Monkeypox is basically symptomatic, if you experience fever, we are going to treat you for fever, if you experience pain, we are going to treat you for pain, in some countries like the United State, and they have specific antiretroviral medicines that they give to very severe cases. Those medicines are under Emergency Use authorization license, we don’t have access to those medications in Guyana and it will be quite difficult for us to access those,” the Minister said.

“If you had smallpox vaccination, that vaccination helps to prevent monkeypox, but we haven’t administered those vaccine since the 1980’s, so there is a large group of people in the country, who would not have receive that vaccine, you have a large group of vulnerable people, “ the Health Minister explained.

Guyana has activated its response to fight the disease, these include laboratories, trained laboratory personnel, and physicians who have been trained to identify the viral disease.

The Minister is appealing to Guyanese to take all precautions and report suspected cases of the disease. — News Source


Ferguson: No government relief for scrap-iron workers

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


President of the TT Scrap Iron Dealers Association Allan Ferguson.

SCRAP Iron Dealers Association president Allan Ferguson has dismissed a statement by Social Development and Family Services Minister Donna Cox that relief is available from her ministry for people affected by Government’s decision to ban scrap-iron exports for six months.

Addressing the issue at a news conference in Kelly Village, Caroni, Ferguson declared, “That is totally false.”

Reiterating the association’s position that it does not condone any illegal acts, Ferguson said he met with scrap-iron workers in Claxton Bay in recent weeks to appeal to them not to stage protests.

He added that they asked in response whether he can feed them or pay their bills for six months.

“I can’t do that.”

Steel Workers Union president Timothy Bailey, who represented the Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) at the conference, also questioned if Government was giving any relief to scrap-iron workers or their families since the industry was closed.

“You have young black people, citizens of TT, who are on the breadline.”

Scrap-iron worker Nancy Pierre said she has been working in the industry for ten years.

“I drive a van and my husband is the loader.”

She said since the industry closed, they have not had an income. Pierre is concerned about being unable to pay her mortgage.

After hearing she could get a grant from the Social Development and Family Services Ministry, Pierre said, she called the ministry in Port of Spain and was told to go its Chaguanas office for assistance.

She said staff there told her there was no relief specifically available for her and she would have to apply through the regular channels.

Pierre said she had been told this process could take two months.

“I need money now. I have no idea what to do.”

On August 27, Cox rejected claims made by Chaguanas East MP Vandana Mohit on August 25 that people displaced by the ban on exporting scrap iron were ineligible for state grants.

“Scrap-iron dealers can apply for any of the grants once they are eligible.”

Any member of the member of the public can apply for the grants offered by the ministry.

Cox said, “The Food Support Grant is offered to all eligible citizens and legal residents of TT. Scrap-iron dealers in need of food can apply in the event that they are in need of food.”

Applicants must pass the standard means test to qualify for this grant. The qualifying criteria include being citizens or legal residents of TT and passing a means test to show the net income for the household is equal to or less than the household poverty line of $1,439.

Over 200 students to benefit as $54M contract signed for extension of CV Nunes Primary School

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
CV Nunes Primary School [Guyana Chronicle photo]

Another 278 students will soon have access to education, following the signing of a $54 million contract for the extension of the CV Nunes Primary School in Anna Regina, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).

The extension will see the construction of a two-storey building to house 12 additional classrooms, a sanitary facility and a trestle.

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh facilitated the contract signing on Sunday.

The project was a promise made by President, Dr Irfaan Ali during his outreach to the region back in May. The school extension is also a PPP/C manifesto commitment to improving access to education at every level.

“I don’t want you only to view it as another 12 classrooms or another building at CV Nunes. You heard me speak about development in all 10 regions and that development includes ensuring that no matter where you live, no matter which region or which town or which village you live, you must be able to access good quality education,” Minister Singh stated.

The current building, which accommodates 826 students, also recently benefited from maintenance works on the roof, ceiling, and windows, as well as electrical and drainage upgrades.

Regarding educational opportunities, the government provided over 1,000 persons in Region Two with scholarships through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL). The government also returned the school’s cash grant programme and increased the school uniform and supplies grant, which saw every child in public and private schools receiving $30,000.

Dr Singh called on both teachers and parents to play a role in nurturing students.

“We are committed to doing all that we possibly can to create the conditions and to put in place the infrastructure so that all of your children, without exception, can get a good quality education, but we cannot come into your homes and instil that hunger in your children, you have to pick it up there,” he said.

Through budget 2022, the government allocated $74.4 billion for the education sector.

President Dr Irfaan Ali-led’s administration has invested heavily to improve access to education and training for teachers.

Some of the PPP/C manifesto commitment includes building, expanding and improving educational facilities across Guyana, enhancing opportunities in Technical Vocational Education and Training and improving attention to children with special education needs.

‘His Children Will Miss Him!’ – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The mother of a man who succumbed after sustaining multiple gunshot wounds on Sunday in Roseau has described the deceased, Kelvin Polius, as a caring father to his two children.

“He was always checking on his children. His children will miss him a lot,” Elizabeth Polius recalled.

The mother disclosed that Kelvin’s half-sister had said that the deceased indicated he was going to Roseau for some chicken and fries.

Emergency responders said fire service headquarters in Castries and the Babonneau fire station had responded after a multiple-shooting report at Roseau early on Sunday morning.

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The responders disclosed that they found law enforcement officers at the scene and a thirty-five-year-old male with gunshot wounds to the head and face.

He later succumbed.

In addition, there was a 29-year-old man who had sustained gunshot wounds to the shoulder and back.

An ambulance transported him in stable condition to the OKEU Hospital,

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) said Sunday’s shooting in Roseau occurred around 1:10 am.

Headline photo: Kelvin Polius – deceased

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Presidente de la Cámara y superintendente del Capitolio repudian actos de vandalismo contra monumento a Policías Caídos

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

El presidente de la Cámara de Representantes, Rafael “Tatito” Hernández Montañez, y el superintendente del Capitolio, César Hernández Alfonzo, repudiaron el lunes los actos de vandalismo reportados en el Monumento al Policía Caído, ubicado en el lado sur de la Casa de las Leyes.

“Son los mismos de siempre. Los que hablan de unidad por un lado, pero por otro lado se ponen una camisa negra y la rechazan. Los que hablan de respeto y no respetan. Los que hablan de cuidar nuestro patrimonio, y por otro lado lo dañan y lo vandalizan”, sentenció Hernández Montañez en declaraciones escritas.

“Estos actos representan un agravio a las familias de los policías que perdieron sus vidas en el cumplimiento de su deber. En estos momentos estamos realizando una investigación, de manera que podamos dar con los responsables de esta afrenta”, subrayó el presidente cameral, al tiempo que explicó que los vándalos utilizaron pintura roja.

Por su parte, el superintendente del Capitolio, César Hernández Alfonzo, catalogó los actos como una falta de respeto a los familiares de los policías caídos. “La Constitución del Estado Libre Asociado provee espacios y libertades para ejercer el derecho a la libertad de expresión. Todos tienen derecho a protestar y expresarse, sin embargo, no hace ningún sentido dañar estructuras que son parte de nuestra ciudad. Mi exhortación a lo vándalos es a respetar los espacios históricos y simbólicos. Ni los policías caídos ni sus familias merecen esta falta de respeto”, sentenció el superintendente.

Hernández Alfonzo añadió que, de identificarse los responsables de estos daños deliberados, serán procesados según establece la ley.

Aguadilla presenta ordenanza para crear el nuevo sistema educativo municipal

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

El alcalde de Aguadilla, Julio Roldán, anunció la creación de un sistema de educación municipal.   Este sistema educativo, tendrá como fin estimular la creatividad, incentivar el uso de la tecnología y el trabajo en equipo de los estudiantes.

“La educación es una inversión para el desarrollo de nuestro pueblo.  Por esta razón, y ante los retos que enfrentamos como País, es importante que busquemos nuevas herramientas para ofrecerle a nuestros ciudadanos.  Es por esto, que recientemente presentamos un proyecto de ordenanza que le dará paso al primer sistema de educación que consistirá en una escuela de excelencia fomentando la educación bilingüe y especializada en deportes”, expresó el Alcalde.

Este Sistema de Educación Municipal, ofrecerá servicios a los niños y jóvenes en edad escolar, desde elemental hasta secundaria, formado por escuelas especializadas y programas y proyectos especiales dirigidos a mejorar y ampliar laeducación de los estudiantes de Aguadilla.  

“La cultura educacional que estamos proponiendo funcionará en base distinta.  Desde implementar ambos, el inglés y el buen español, en nuestros cursos, hasta fomentar la práctica y enseñanzas de deportes como béisbol, baloncesto, volibol y deportes no tradicionales como el golf y el surfing.  Aplicaremos un diseño curricular integrado que asegurará una preparación completa de nuestros estudiantes.           Adicional, utilizará un programa de becas y ayudas económicas que suplirán materiales y equipos necesarios a estudiantes de escasos recursos. Estos incluirán libros, computadoras, materiales y otros”, añadió.              

Entre los lineamientos de este sistema educativo, que fue diseñado por un grupo de profesionales de la educación, maestros y deportistas, se destaca la enseñanza Montessori en tempranas edades, la formación ética y cívica de los estudiantes y una evaluación de conceptos basados en el análisis de problemas.  Además, promoverá que los maestros sean facilitadores y no protagonistas del sistema educativo, ya que alentarán la interacción de los estudiantes al impulsarlo a desarrollar su capacidad analítica.

“Como constructores de un nuevo país y de un nuevo Aguadilla, debemos ofrecerle a nuestros jóvenes las herramientas necesarias para su desarrollo, por eso la formación cívica y ética serán componentes medulares en el diseño curricular.  En adición, las pruebas para evaluar los conocimientos y destrezas aprendidas por los alumnos se basarán en el análisis de problemas y situaciones, no en la memorización o repetición de conceptos.  Con esto, estaremos incentivando el pensamiento crítico y la resolución de problemas de los estudiantes, no un aprendizaje de embotellamiento”, indicó.

“Tenemos que apoyar a nuestros jóvenes ofreciéndoles herramientas que aseguren sus logros.  Debido a esto, este innovador sistema le garantizará a los graduandos una primera experiencia de empleo antes de entrar al mundo laboral. Asegurando una preparación completa, vinculando la educación con la práctica. El fin que perseguimos con esto es devolverle a la escuela la función que tuvo como instrumento integrador de la comunidad puertorriqueña y nos aseguraremos que todo tipo de estudiante reciba una educación de calidad por igual”, finalizó.

Le roban los aros con gomas y estribos a una guagua en Orocovis

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

Una apropiación ilegal fue reportada a la Policía en la mañana del lunes, en la carretera 156 barrio Botijas 2 sector la Medica Orocovis.  

Según la Uniformada, alegó la querellante, María Hernández, que un desconocido se apropió ilegalmente de dos estribos y 4 aros color gris, de 20 pulgadas y con gomas, del vehículo Toyota 4Runner del año 2014. 

La propiedad hurtada fue valorada en 3,800 dólares. 

El caso se refirió a la División de Propiedad del Cuerpo de Investigaciones Criminales (CIC) de Aibonito para investigación.

Roban pertenencias de un hombre en silla de ruedas en Plaza Las Américas

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

Agentes, adscritos al precinto de Hato Rey Oeste, investigaron una querella de apropiación ilegal en los predios de La Terraza, en el tercer nivel del centro comercial Plaza Las Américas, en Hato Rey. 

Según indicó el querellante, Héctor Ojeda, residente en San Juan, se levantó de su silla de ruedas para ir al baño y dejó en la misma un bulto negro con su wallet, llaves, espejuelos y teléfono celular. 

Luego, cuando el perjudicado regresó a su silla se percató que alguien se apropió del mismo. 

El querellante no valoró la propiedad hurtada. 

La agente Daina Martínez, adscrita al precinto de Hato Rey Oeste, investigó el incidente.

Dutch police: Six dead after truck hits community barbecue Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The death toll from an accident when a truck drove off a dike and slammed into a community barbecue in a village south of Rotterdam rose to six Sunday and Dutch police said a further seven people are in hospital, including one in critical condition.

Three men and three women were killed, ranging in age from 28 to 75, police said.

Police spokeswoman Mirjam Boers said the truck driver, a 46-year-old Spanish man, is suspected of causing the accident that happened early Saturday evening in the village of Nieuw-Beijerland. His identity was not released, in line with Dutch privacy laws.

The large truck the man was driving left a small rural road and careered down the bank of the dike and plowed into the village gathering. Boers said the driver was not under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crash.

“We are investigating what could have happened,” Boers said.

Dutch King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima said in a tweet that they were shocked by the accident that they said caused “an unimaginable sadness in this close-knit community. The affected families are in our thoughts and we wish the injured strength on their way to as good a recovery as possible.”

Forensic investigators worked into the night Saturday around the truck where it stopped at the bottom of the dike. Later, a crane and a tow truck hauled it back onto the road.

Photos of the scene showed bunting hanging between trees and chairs scattered around trestle tables with plates still on them.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte also expressed sorrow in a tweet, saying, “My thoughts go out to the victims and next of kin of this terrible drama. I wish them much strength.”

Local Mayor Charlie Aptroot visited the scene Saturday night.

“My condolences go out to the victims, their families, eyewitnesses and first responders,” he said in a statement.

He added that he had spoken to many of the people at the scene and expressed “appreciation for the way in which people are there for each other.”