Illegale landingsbaan Tibiti vernietigd in opdracht OM

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PARAMARIBO — In opdracht van het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) is vrijdag de illegale landingsbaan te Tibiti vernietigd, meldt de Unit

Frequently asked questions and answers in wake of queen’s death Loop Cayman Islands

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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by Caymanians in the wake of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday. The below is from the Government of the Cayman Islands.

How did Her Late Majesty pass?Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral on the afternoon of 8 September.

How long is the National Mourning period?Eleven days, beginning from the announcement that Her Late Majesty The Queen passed away until 8:00am on the day after the State Funeral.

When will her funeral take place?We expect her funeral to take place on Monday 19 September but are awaiting official confirmation.

Will there be a public holiday?The day of Her Late Majesty The Queen’s State Funeral will be declared a public holiday in the Cayman Islands. The date of the funeral is yet to be announced by Buckingham Palace. It is expected to take place in less than two weeks’ time. The public holiday in the Cayman Islands will be confirmed at a later date.

When should flags be half-masted?All flags, both the Cayman Islands flag and the Union Jack, will be flown at half-mast until 8:00am on the day after the State Funeral. One exception will be during the period of the Proclamation of the new Sovereign – at which time they will be raised as King Charles III accedes to the throne. This exception will be the raising of flags to full mast on the day of the meeting of the Accession Council in the UK until the end of the local ceremony for the proclamation of the new Sovereign which will happen on the following day. Flags will then once again be half-masted for the remainder of the National Mourning period.

Will there be a memorial service in Cayman?The Cayman Islands is planning its own special service of commemoration. Details will be announced later but the service will take place sometime after the State Funeral in the United Kingdom.

What is the dress code for attending any related events?Dark suit with black tie or day dress. Men who do not own a suit may wear a white shirt with black tie and black dress pants.

Will schools close?Yes, schools will only be closed on the public holiday (the day of the State Funeral). This date has yet to be confirmed.

Should events scheduled during the National Mourning period be cancelled?As a mark of respect, it may be appropriate to cancel, postpone or modify events which had been planned during this period. Particular consideration should be given to any events scheduled for the day of the State Funeral itself. It is unlikely to be appropriate to go ahead with any events on that day. If an event goes ahead, organisers may consider observing a minute’s silence or making a similar gesture. In general, careful consideration should also be given to the types of events being held or promoted during the period of National Mourning. In displaying our collective sense of respect and grief, organisers may wish to reconsider festive or celebratory events. However, smaller private/family events like weddings or children’s birthday parties are appropriate to proceed.

Will Cayman Islands Events (12-15 September at the Ritz Carlton) hosted by CTO (Caribbean Tourism Association) and the Ministry and Department of Tourism be cancelled?The main conference activities will go ahead as planned with social engagements being modified and/or muted as a mark of respect for Her Late Majesty The Queen.

Will Caribbean Aviation Day events (14 September) be cancelled?Hosted by IATA (International Air Transport Association), Ministry and Department of Tourism, and CTOBusiness-related events will go ahead as planned with social engagements being modified and/or muted as a mark of respect for Her Late Majesty The Queen.

Will the Miss World Cayman Islands Pageant (17 September) be cancelled?It will be postponed, not cancelled. The new date will be announced by the organisers.

Will sporting events be cancelled?It is expected that most sporting events will be postponed until after the period of National Mourning.

When will the Cayman Islands have their moment of national silence?A two-minute national silence is planned throughout the UK to coincide with the concluding moments of the State Funeral Service in Westminster Abbey (around 11:54am UK time, or 5:54am Cayman time). The CIG will announce the time for the local moment of silence once the date of the State Funeral is confirmed.

What is the dress code for public servants?All public servants are encouraged to dress sensitively (e.g. muted colours) if out on official business. Uniformed services should wear black armbands while on duty.

Where can I go to sign the condolence book?Physical condolence books will be opened to the community to sign beginning from Friday, 9 September until the day of the State Funeral, and can be found at the Government Administration Building in Grand Cayman and District Administration Building in Cayman Brac. These buildings are open during usual business hours of 8:30am to 5:00pm and the physical condolence books may be signed during these hours.

A calendar showing when an additional condolence book will be taken to each district will be publicised this weekend. A digital condolence book is also available here. Alternatively, you may also sign the digital book of condolences on the Royal.UK website.

Where can I place flowers?Floral tributes or bouquets can be left on the steps of the Government Administration Building and the front gates of Government House.

Who will represent the Cayman Islands at the funeral in the UK?The Governor and the Premier will travel to London to attend the State Funeral Service in Westminster Abbey. In addition, The Governor and the Premier’s respective spouses as well as the UK Representative have also been invited to the Lying-in-State (at Westminster Hall) and the Formal Signing of the Condolence Book at Lancaster House.

Will the Cayman Islands participate in the Gun Salutes?On Friday, 9 September, there will be a 96 Gun Salute at Government House. This will be live streamed on Government digital channels starting at 9:55am.

What does Her Late Majesty The Queen’s death mean for the Cayman Islands? What will change?Anything named in the honour of Her Late Majesty The Queen will remain in her name, e.g. Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

When will the images on the currency of the Cayman Islands be updated to have The King on it? And how does the change happen?They will be phased out over time.

While older “A” and “B” series banknotes have been withdrawn, no denominations or issues of currency have been devalued. All notes and coins issued by the Cayman Islands Currency Board and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority remain legal tender and can be redeemed for face value at any of the local commercial banks or at the Authority’s Currency Division located on the Ground Floor of the Government Administration Building, George Town.

What is an appropriate way to speak of The Queen now that she has passed?You may refer to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Where can I find more information about Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II?You can learn more about Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the Royal UK website.

How long did Queen Elizabeth II reign?70 years. Her Late Majesty The Queen reigned longer than any British monarch, taking the throne in 1952, at the young age of 25. In June of this year, we celebrated the first-ever Platinum Jubilee to mark her historic seven-decade reign.

How many times did The Queen visit the Cayman Islands?Twice. In 1983 and 1994.

Who is the New Sovereign and what is his style and title?His Majesty King Charles III.

Will the National Anthem Change?The melody of the national anthem remains the same. However, the words will change to “God save the King” and the references to “her” will be changed to “him”.

What will happen to official seals and envelopes that currently say “On Her Majesty’s Service”?They will continue to be used until instructions are received that the new seals are to be used from then on, and that any superseded seals are to be disposed of.

Will the Cayman Islands Government operate differently during the National Mourning period?During this period, communication from the Cayman Islands Government will be limited to information about Her Late Majesty the Queen, the State Funeral, Proclamation of the new Sovereign and related events. This includes press releases and posts on social media channels. However, all public policies, services and programmes will continue to be delivered as usual.

Will there be public screenings of the state funeral?Yes, this is being considered to allow people who desire to join with others in a public setting to view the Livestream of the State Funeral. Locations will be confirmed after the date of the State Funeral has been announced.

Police identify double murder victims

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The second victim in Wednesday’s double murder at Pillar Rock has been identified as 39 year old Mexican national Ronaldo Emmanuel Sandoval Stone.

Police had earlier identified the other victim as 36 year old Cesar Santos Ramirez, who is also Mexican.



12 homes out of a planned 400 homes built at Oliver’s

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Maria Browne, Housing Minister

Cabinet Notes:

The Minister of Lands and Housing announced that 12 homes out of a planned 400 homes, at Oliver’s, are nearly completed. All the homes in phase 1 of the project have already been assigned to new homeowners.

Over 3,000 applications were submitted for this housing project.

More homes are to be constructed but there is a shortage of skilled building professionals who have reportedly moved on to join the PLH project in Barbuda.

A skill-shortage is being experienced in the booming construction industry.



Cocaine found in route 32 minibus, several arrested

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Several persons were taken into custody after the Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) found a quantity of cocaine in a route 32 minibus on Wednesday.

Based on reports received, CANU Officers conducted a routine operation at Meer Zorgen, West Bank Demerara (WBD) where they intercepted the minibus.

As such, a search was conducted during which a black plastic bag containing a brick-like substance was discovered.

The substance was taken to CANU headquarters where it tested positive for cocaine. The illegal substance was weighed and amounted to 14.1 grams. The persons arrested remain in custody and are assisting with investigations.


Former Amerindian Affairs Ministry PS freed on corruption charge

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…after complainant refuses to testify against her

A key prosecution witness in the corrupt transaction charge against former Permanent Secretary of the Amerindian Affairs Ministry, Sharon Hicks has refused to testify against her, resulting in the matter being dismissed on Friday by Senior Magistrate Leron Daly.

In December, the 42-year-old woman was hauled before the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts after she was allegedly caught accepting a bribe from a businessman.

It was alleged that on October 7, 2021, at the Amerindian Affairs Ministry, Lot 251-252 Thomas and Quamina Streets, Georgetown, while being employed by the Government, she obtained $200,000 from Heramainie Chintamanie as an inducement or reward for processing the payment request of the said Chintamanie for security services provided to that Ministry.

At her first court appearance before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan, Hicks was released on

$100,000 bail with the conditionality that she lodged her passport with the court pending the hearing and determination of her trial, after pleading not guilty to the charge.

Her lawyer had said that she has an unblemished criminal record, has been employed with the Ministry for the last decade, and was prepared to defend the charge against her.

The Permanent Secretary was arrested in October 2021 after she was reportedly caught in a “bribe money” sting operation set up by the Police.

Reports are that she was arrested at the Ministry’s office after a businessman, who provides security services to the Ministry, reported to the Police that she has been demanding money from him for her to approve payments for his company.

He claimed that this was reportedly the practice that his father had to endure but his father has since died and he has taken over the business. After the matter was reported, marked banknotes were given to the contractor who then paid the Permanent Secretary.

It is alleged that after Hicks collected the money, ranks from the Guyana Police Force’s (GPF) Major Crimes Investigation Unit swooped down on her office and arrested her.

At the time of her arrest, Permanent Secretary Hicks was reportedly in possession of the envelope with the marked money. After her arrest, the Amerindian Affairs Ministry said that Hicks was sent on administrative leave pending the outcome of the Police investigation.

The Police, after completing investigations, forwarded the file to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) which advised that Hicks be charged with one count of corrupt transactions. Hicks was appointed Permanent Secretary in October 2020.

Dennery Capture 2022 Blackheart Big 8 Title – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Dennery emerged champions of this year’s Blackheart Football Big 8 Tournament after beating Vieux Fort South 2-0 last week Sunday evening (September 4) at the Dennery Playing Field. They also won the EC$5,000.00 winner-take-all prize.

Sherman St. Rose opened the scoring for Dennery, leading the team into halftime with 1-0. An own goal by Vieux Fort South’s Kendal Clark gave Dennery their second goal, sealing the Boys from the South’s fate.

Speaking after the team’s championship win on Sunday evening, Dennery’s coach, Sabbatus Hunte, said the team is working really hard to capture the coveted Blackheart championship this year. Winning the Big 8 tournament, he said, was a major boost.

“Winning is a habit, so it’s always good to start off winning,” Hunte said. “Hopefully, we can take this into the tournament, with the momentum, and really give the community something to shout about. It’s been a long time and they deserve it.”

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Hunte said he was impressed with the leadership displayed by some of the senior players: “More than any of the goals or anything, I was really impressed with the leadership they showed and the maturity…Hopefully, they can build on that and take it into the tournament.”

Hunte thanked the players, whom, he said, have been putting in the work and exhibiting a great attitude for the sport. He also thanked also to the staff who worked really hard and supported the players to give them that boost they needed, as well as the patrons.

“Of course, thanks to the community for coming out,” he said. “I mean, I know the Dennery community is a very tough community to please. They’ve been spoiled because Dennery has a rich football history. So it’s up to us to live up to that history because a lot of great players have gone before. So we have to live up to it. They’re demanding, but we have to meet that demand.”

Hunte stated that Dennery continues to produce great players at all levels – from grassroots to Under-19. He added that once players good enough, they will be deemed old enough, and given a fair chance to play.

“So they should aspire to be part of the team,” Hunte advised. “Parents have to give the requisite support to the players so that they can grow. I mean, with all the social ills we’re seeing now, we need the support from the parents. The opportunities are there for the players who dedicate themselves to the sport, and the sport gives back what you give to it. So I would like to encourage them to keep coming out and keep developing and to aspire to be here one day and have the other youngsters cheer them on.”

Despite their loss to Dennery, Vieux Fort South’s coach, Jamil Henry, said he was impressed by the talent and courage displayed by his young team.

“It was a very intense game, a nice game. A game where you saw a lot of talent out there, especially with the back-to-back games we played and the players only got one hour to rest. The players were tired and the exhaustion showed, but for a very young team, I’m very proud of them,” Joseph explained.

Vieux Fort South are the defending champions of the Blackheart Tournament, having won the tournament when it was last held in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. A rash of violent crimes in Vieux Fort this year has forced tournament organizers to omit the Philip Marcellin Ground as a tournament venue for security reasons. However, Joseph believes organizers need to rethink their position, adding that the aim is to keep youngsters away from violence through sports.

“The Vieux Fort people are crying, they want football in Vieux Fort,” said Joseph. “Crime is everywhere on the island, and it’s a sad thing, but the organizers of Blackheart need to reconsider this. Blackheart starts October 1 and they have time to change their minds. Vieux Fort people want Blackheart in Vieux Fort.”

Joseph added: “We’ve won Blackheart four years in a row. If we’re the underdogs, then so be it, because that’s what we’ve always been. But we really want the organizers to think twice about having Blackheart out of Vieux Fort. They know that’s where they get all the support and the people really want Blackheart. The people will not come and watch football if it’s out of Vieux Fort. So something needs to happen.”

Earlier in the day on Sunday, two semifinal matches were held. In the first match-up, Dennery dismissed Desruisseaux 2-0 with goals from Kurt Frederick and Garvin Regis.

In the second semifinal, La Clery and Vieux Fort South were one goal apiece at the end of the second half. Shaquile Degazon scored for La Clery while Moses Henry scored for Vieux Fort South. Vieux South eventually won by 4-3 on penalty shootout.

In matches played on Saturday, September 3 at the same venue, La Clery defeated Marchand 3-0 in the first encounter. Goal scorers were Donavan Philip, Andrus Remy and Josh Harrow.

In the second match-up of the Big 8 tournament held at Dennery Playing Field on Saturday, September 3, Desruisseaux and Soufriere ended on 1 goal apiece after their full one hour of play. Goal scorer for Desruisseaux was Carnil Monchery, while William Cenac netted Soufriere’s goal.

In the exhilarating penalty shootout that followed, Desruisseaux edged out Soufriere by 4-3.

In Match #3, Dennery got the better of the goal-less Micoud team after Kurt Frederick capitalized on the home field advantage by scoring two goals.

In the final match on Saturday, September 3, at the Dennery Playing Field, Vieux Fort South edged past Mabouya Valley 2-1. Goal scorers for Vieux Fort South were Donavan Perpie and Moses Henry, while the lone scorer for Mabouya Valley was Robert Lawrence.

Meanwhile David “Shakes” Christopher, CEO of Blackheart Football Tournament, says the Big 8 set a high standard for what’s to come for the tournament proper.

“I’m very proud and really happy about the high level of play we saw from most of the teams,” Christopher said. “They’re very youthful and look ready for the tournament proper.”

He added: “The crowd that came out on both days was off the hook. In speaking to some of the members in the Dennery Council, I was told that it was one of the largest crowds at the facility since it was refurbished. We’re proud to know that we could bring such a large crowd there where people can gather in harmony and safety. The security was great and we had no problems.”

As in previous years, Christopher said, the tournament continues to provide an avenue for communities to benefit from the economic spinoff.

“The hallmark of the whole event was the economic spinoff, whereby we saw various vendors on the perimeter of the ground earning a living,” he stated. “That’s what Blackheart is all about: where people in the communities where matches are played can benefit from the economic spinoff of the tournament.”

The Big 8 featured the top eight seeded teams from the last Blackheart Football Tournament held in 2019. Due to COVID-19, no tournament was held and 2020 and 2021. Meanwhile, the Annual Blackheart Football Tournament proper kicks off on Saturday, September 24, in Mabouya Valley.

SOURCE: Blackheart Productions

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Gobernador dice que ni LUMA ni la AEE pueden pasar multas a los clientes

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

El gobernador Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia dijo el viernes que ni LUMA Energy ni la Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica (AEE) podrán pasar a los clientes las multas que podrían recibir por parte del Negociado de Energía.

“Hay investigaciones en curso en manos del Negociado de Energía y consultores del Negociado de Energía. Una tiene que ver con el apagón de abril y otra con los apagones recientes. Estoy seguro de que, si el Negociado determina negligencia de LUMA o de la Autoridad, va a multar. Eso es lo que puedo decir. El Negociado es importante que siga regulando y fiscalizando. Todos tenemos que fiscalizar, tanto a LUMA como a la Autoridad porque queremos es un mejor servicio y que no haya interrupciones mayores”, dijo el gobernador a preguntas de la prensa.

“Está dispuesto que en el caso de LUMA tiene que salir del bolsillo de LUMA. No puede reflejarse en la tarifa de luz y en el caso de la Autoridad, sale de sus propios recursos, pero tampoco la intención sería que se refleje en la factura de luz”, añadió.

El pronunciamiento del gobernador se dio luego de la entrega de incentivos económicos a pescadores y la inauguración de la Villa Pesquera Los Machos en Ceiba.

Desvían temporalmente vuelos por mal tiempo en zona del aeropuerto LMM

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

El director de operaciones de Aerostar Puerto Rico, operador del Aeropuerto Luis Muñoz Marín, Nelman Nevárez Padilla, informó el viernes, sobre el desvío temporal de cuatro vuelos, como parte del protocolo seguido cuando se experimentan condiciones climatológicas en la zona del aeropuerto.

Nevárez Padilla indicó que el vuelo Jetblue 503 procedente del aeropuerto JFK, el Jetblue 2132 procedente de Punta Cana y el Frontier 110, procedente de Orlando, fueron desviados hacia Aguadilla. Mientras, que el vuelo de American 1613, procedente de Miami, fue enviado hacia Santa Cruz.

Según el director de operaciones de Aerostar, esto es parte del protocolo que siguen las líneas aéreas cuando hay mal tiempo en una zona de un aeropuerto. Esta medida es de carácter temporal en lo que las condiciones atmosféricas mejoran y el piloto puede retomar el vuelo hacia su destino final.

Aerostar exhorta a los familiares o relacionados de los pasajeros a que se mantengan informados a través de las plataformas digitales o las líneas de información de cada aerolínea.

SNM emite advertencia de inundaciones repentinas para San Juan y Carolina

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

El Servicio Nacional de Meteorología (SNM) en San Juan emitió el viernes, una advertencia de inundaciones en efecto hasta las 5:15 de la tarde para los municipios de Carolina y San Juan.

Se esperan inundaciones causadas por lluvias excesivas que causarán inundaciones menores en áreas bajas y de drenaje deficiente. Un estancamiento de agua en áreas urbanas o de otro tipo o es inminente.

A las 3:12 de la tarde, el radar Doppler detectó fuertes lluvias debido a tormentas eléctricas. Inundaciones menores están en curso o se espera que comiencen en breve sobre el área advertida. Hasta 1 pulgada de lluvia ha caído.

Algunos lugares que experimentarán inundaciones incluyen San Juan, Trujillo Alto, Carolina, Guaynabo, Campo Rico y Lomas.