Man gunned down in Diego Martin

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A 23-year-old man was shot dead near his home on Tuesday afternoon.

Police said Shaquille Alexander was standing at Upper Cemetery Street, Covigne Road, Diego Martin, at around 12.05 pm when a gold Nissan Tiida approached him and men inside shot him.

One of Alexander’s relatives who was in a house nearby heard the gunshots and saw him bleeding on the street as the car drove off.

Four Roads police visited with a district medical officer who declared Alexander dead.

Investigators described Alexander as a “priority offender” who was affiliated with a local dancehall artiste.

Police from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region I are continuing enquiries.

MP: Caroni East dumping ground for murder victims

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Fire officers search for the body of Theresa Lynch in the Caroni River, Trincity last Thursday. File photo/Angelo Marcelle

Saying Caroni East has become a dumping ground for murder victims, MP Dr Rishad Seecheran is calling on National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds to act now on the worsening crime situation in central Trinidad.

“Killings have become as common as flooding from the Caroni river,” Seecheran said in a statement, triggered by the discovery on Monday afternoon of two bodies which had been chopped into pieces and put in garbage bags in a river at Mon Plaisir Road, Cunupia.

“This is just the latest heinous crime in Caroni East,” he said, also referring to the discovery of two other bodies with gunshot wounds at Freedom Street, Enterprise.

“Communities that were formerly safe and peaceful have become the country’s new bloody killing fields, and Minister Hinds continues to be negligent and unresponsive to this growing crisis.

“The murder count in these districts continues to rise, and each killing appears to be more horrific than the previous one.”

Comparing past and present life in the constituency, Seecheran said there is an absence of the security and safety felt then.

“Caroni East is not only at the centre of the island of Trinidad, but is also at the heart and soul of the country. Only a few years ago, residents of the communities of Caroni East lived with a relative sense of safety and security. They were allowed to be neighbourly in an old-fashioned way, to keep their homes and businesses virtually unguarded, to walk and drive around freely.

“Today, our once quiet districts are killing fields. They are dumps for murder victims. They are open drug turfs and centres of human carnage.

“This is most evident in Caroni East. Almost every day there are gory murders, wild shootings, noisy drug parties, and other wanton acts of lawlessness. There are so many brutal slayings that it is difficult to keep count. The victims are of all ages and of all groups in society.”

He repeated a call for the assignment of more crime-fighting resources to these areas, including a police post, CCTV cameras, and regular police patrols.

Seecheran also called for the police to improve their intelligence-gathering and surveillance. He also advocated for the reactivation of the police youth group and other creative solutions.

“The indifference by the government to this worsening emergency has led to widespread fear and is affecting people’s accustomed lifestyles and business operations.

“The Minister of National Security, Fitzgerald Hinds, has only offered explanations, excuses and guarantees. Still, the homicides take place.

“I strongly urge the government to appreciate the current catastrophe in the communities of Caroni East and surrounding districts and to respond with the urgency and seriousness that the circumstances warrant.”

Griffith asks Jacob: Why did you tap my cellphones?

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Gary Griffith. File photo/Sureash Cholai

FORMER police commissioner Gary Griffith sent a pre-action protocol letter to acting Commissioner of Police Mc Donald Jacob on Tuesday for allegedly tapping both hisand his wife’s cellphones.

Griffith spoke at a media conference on Tuesday at the Flament Street, Port of Spain headquarters of the National Transformation Alliance (NTA), which he leads.

He was accompanied by his attorney Larry Lalla, who said tapping Griffith’s phones is illegal, as he has never committed any crimes to justify such an act.

In the letter, dated October 18, Lalla said action is being taken because Jacob exercised his powers under Section 6 of the Interception of Communication Act to initiate the phone tap. As well as threatening to sue Jacob, the letter also said Lalla would take action against the Attorney General, challenging the constitutionality of that section of the law.

It said, “For the immediate purposes of this missive we must put you on notice and frontally allege that your said interception of communication on Mr Griffith’s phones was done and authorised by you unlawfully, irrationally and in breach of your duty.”

Lalla alleged that the phone-tapping was done without any police report of criminality, without any preliminary investigation into Griffith, without the approval of a judge and without any justifiable reason to suspect Griffith committed any criminal offence.

During the media conference, Griffith said as national security adviser he did not envisage the law being used to monitor political opponents of the government. The law was brought to Parliament in 2010 by the People’s Partnership and lays down who may tap phones and under what circumstances.

He said this was done after a previous prime minister allegedly authorised the tapping of cellphones belonging to his political opponents. Griffith said the legislation allowed for any of three people to authorise wire-tapping: the Police Commissioner, director of the Strategic Services Agency (SSA) or the Chief of Defence Staff.

He said there are two instances where phones can be tapped: one without a warrant, where the only justification is that there is some “intelligence” that allows it, and the other through a warrant. He intends to have the former removed so that all wiretaps are done solely on the basis of a warrant.

The letter added that since Jacob is a candidate for the post of police commissioner, as is Griffith, the wiretapping is biased and a conflict of interest and therefore should be considered null and void.

At the media conference Griffith said he is calling out Jacob to provide whatever information he has to corroborate why his cellphones are tapped. He said Jacob should have recused himself and presented his intelligence to any of the other two authorised people to facilitate the tapping.

“Tell the public what you have on Gary Griffith to justify that you can invade my privacy, because I can tell you, and again I am telling the country, today is me, tomorrow it could be you. We cannot continue this ‘democratic dictatorship.’”

Asked if during his 37 months as head of the police service he had ever tapped someone’s phone solely on the basis of intelligence, Griffith said no.

“You must have probable cause. You can’t just say, ‘I don’t like Jensen,’ or I just use the word ‘intelligence.’ As Commissioner of Police, the power that is given, if you give an ignorant person power, they will abuse it.”

Griffith denied that Jacob’s “coming clean” on why his phone was being tapped constitutes tipping-off, which under the Proceeds of Crime Act is a criminal offence. He said given that he committed no crimes, tapping his cellphones tantamount to an intrusion on his right to privacy.

Griffith said he was told about his cellphones being tapped some time within the last month. He emphasised that the person who informed him was not “tipping him off” and thereby breaking the law. Griffith said the interception started in May, around the time he launched his political party, and questioned the coincidence.

Newsday called Jacob, who is in the UK on official duties, but all calls went unanswered.

4 cops under close arrest for slaughtering cow involved in accident

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

The Guyana Police Force is currently probing an incident that occurred during the wee hours of today in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) involving four police officers ranks and a Force-issued motor vehicle.

Between 00:30hrs and 01:30hrs along the Number 19 Public Road in Corentyne, the motor pickup in question, PAB 3148 was on an anti-crime patrol. The ranks in the vehicle at the time were a Corporal and three Constables.

Reports are that the cops proceeded to respond to a report of “alleged damage” involving a minibus owned by Aziz Goolmohamed and a cow.

When the patrol arrived, Goolmohamed said he had already spoken to a traffic rank who visited the scene and took the necessary information.

He said he was advised by the said traffic rank to cut off the skin of the cow where the ‘brand’ was, and to report to Central Police Station in New Amsterdam to give a statement, after which the traffic rank left.

However, when the patrol arrived at the scene shortly after, several persons also arrived at the scene and, together, they started to slaughter the cow.

Goolmohamed said he observed one of the police ranks with a cutlass cutting the cow while the other ranks were in the police vehicle. The rank’s action was captured on video by one of Goolmohamed’s relative.

Goolmohamed said he did not ask any question of the persons since the police were present.  He then proceeded to the Central Police Station with the piece of skin with the brand as instructed by the traffic rank.

On completion at the station, he returned to the scene where he observed that only the guts of the cow were on the parapet and no one was around.

Just around that time, Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus and other ranks were passing when they observed Goolmohamed on the road and as such, they stopped to find out what had transpired.

After learning of the accident and the ranks’ action, the Commander called for the ranks to report immediately to the location.

However, the patrol ranks reportedly got into an accident while returning to the scene, ironically colliding with a cow as well.

On arrival at that location, the ranks were found in possession of a piece of carcass with skin in the vehicle tray.

When questioned, the Corporal stated that he was taking the carcass to lodge as exhibit of the earlier accident. The ranks were all placed under close arrest at Central Police Station.

Investigations are continuing.

4-day bank closure among other disruptions to GBTI services from Oct 25-31

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

A four-day closure for all Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) branches countrywide is among a number of planned disruptions to the bank’s services as it embarks on major upgrades to its systems.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Shawn Gurcharran says the upgrades will result in a new and better online banking platform, faster in-house processes, and improved user interface at the automated teller machines (ATMs). This publication understands that, among the upgrades, the bank also plans to increase its ATM daily limits and introduce waived charges.

Gurcharran emphasised that while these disruptions will be an inconvenience to its customers, the end result will bring many positives.

The disruptions begin on October 25 where all branches will be opened until 2:30pm; this will last until October 26 where only the Diamond and Parika branches will operate.

Then on October 27, all branches will be closed at midday. From October 28 to 31, all GBTI branches countrywide will be closed.

Also on October 27, direct banking services, ATMs, and Kaieteur Classic Card usage will be unavailable from 2pm.

The Strengthening Health System Resilience Project Loan Authorization Bill has been passed

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

The Vincentian public will soon see major reforms in the healthcare sector with the passage of the Strengthening Health System Resilience Project Loan Authorization Bill.

The Bill which was passed in Parliament yesterday, was tabled by Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Camillo Gonsalves.

He says this Bill seeks to authorize the Government to secure a loan to assist in financing the Health System Resilience Project.

Minister Gonsalves says the Government will continue to invest in healthcare to enhance the services provided.

Parliament has been suspended until Tuesday October 25th at 9am


Taiwan Invests In Saint Lucia’s New Youth Economy – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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The newly enacted Youth Economy Programme, the brainchild of Prime Minister Hon. Philip J. Pierre, has attracted support and acclaim from Saint Lucia’s close ally and diplomatic partner the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Hon. Pierre’s Youth Economy Programme affords Saint Lucia’s young aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners an exclusive and streamlined facility to acquire grant and loan financing to start or expand their micro-business ventures.

The Prime Minister and his Cabinet are pleased to announce that the Government of Taiwan has decided to invest in Saint Lucia’s Youth Economy.

The Taiwanese Ambassador to Saint Lucia, H.E Peter Chia-yen Chen personally handed over a cheque valued at XCD137,000 to the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Economic Development during a brief ceremony on October 17, 2022.

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The Pierre Administration has allocated more than XCD 10 million in the 2022/23 Budget towards the Youth Economy Programme. The legislation establishing the Youth Economy was passed in the House of Parliament in July of this year.

The implementation of Hon. Pierre’s Youth Economy will help create a more conducive economic environment that promotes entrepreneurship and facilitates business development and growth in Saint Lucia, primarily amongst the nation’s youth.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister. Headline photo courtesy Office of the Prime Minister

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National Mediation Committee to host a week of activities

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

The National Mediation Committee is hosting a week of activities to bring awareness of the benefits of mediation

Its dubbed National Mediation Week and the activities began with a Church Service on Sunday, other activities include Radio and Television Programs and a Legal aid Clinic.

Member of the Committee, Lawyer Rene Baptiste says one of the highlights of the week will be a Mock Mediation session on Thursday.


Work ongoing to integrate mental health patients into the community

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

A project for the integration of mental health patients into the community is currently ongoing at the Mental Health Rehabilitation Centre.

That is according to Dr. Claire Castairs, a fellow in Global Health who is working in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Health Education England.

She said the response towards the project has been commendable.


Dr. Castairs said work is ongoing to ensure that mental health patients are given the best care so they can to return to their families in the safest manner.

That was Dr. Claire Castairs, a fellow in global health who is working in partnership with the Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre on a project to reduce stigma and help integrate mental health care into the community.


SURINAME-LABOUR-Work stoppage at Suriname goldmine after sale was announced

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