Le Club Colonial mène toujours…

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FOOTBALL. RéGIONAL 1 – groupe b – 7E JOURNéE

Steeven Cadol est pris dans la tenaille pierrotine constituée par Enrick Reuperné et Jacky Berdix, mais c’est bien le New Club qui l’emporte. • MM.

La phase aller des poules n’a pas livré un verdict complet, puisque trois matches restent à jouer pour la boucler. Si le Club Colonial a pris de l’avance, derrière les prétendants à la phase des play-offs semblent nombreux. 

Il n’y a pas eu de round d’observation à
Louis-Achille, jeudi. Dès la 8e minute Grégory Charles servi par
Loëticia ouvre le score. Il ajuste Fladin, le portier franciscain,
du plat du pied droit en demi volée,1-0. Le score en restera là,
jusqu’au coup de sifflet final.

Le Club Colonial préserve son invincibilité, alors
que le Club Franciscain en est à 3 défaites en sept
rencontres. Dominique Jean qui marmonne, au coup de sifflet
final, dans sa barbe : ” bien joué Charles ” en lançant un regard
complice à son homologue petit-bourgeois, c’est tout un

Le New Club a ouvert le score, très tôt, par


Female hotel worker who died from crash identified Loop Jamaica

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Loop News

40 minutes ago

A screengrab from a video of the crash scene.

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The female hotel worker who died from injuries that were sustained in a vehicular crash on the Flanker main road in St James on Sunday morning, has been identified.

The deceased is 57-year-old Andrea Barnett-Ferguson, a housekeeper of Farm Heights, St James.

Reports from the Coral Gardens police are that about 8:55 am, Ferguson was travelling in a Toyota Coaster bus when the driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle, which then went over the median and into the path of oncoming traffic, where it collided with another Toyota Coaster bus that was travelling in the opposite direction.

Barnett-Ferguson and the drivers of the motor buses were all taken to the hospital, where Barnett-Ferguson was pronounced dead.

The driver of the bus that Bennett-Ferguson was travelling in is said to be in serious condition, while the other driver’s condition is stable.

There are no reports of any other passengers in the buses.

The investigation continues.

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Lovell says investors should be made to contribute to water system fund

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Point Fortin residents shocked over woman’s murder

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Sandra Despot –

RESIDENTS of Point Fortin are in shock after a 56-year-old woman was found murdered at her home on Saturday evening.

Reports said Sandra Despot was found dead, covered in a bedsheet at her Hollywood Junction, Fanny Village home around 6.30 pm.

Her hands were reportedly tied in front of her and her body had marks of violence. She was only wearing underwear.

Her common law husband told police he left his wife at home around 6.30 am and upon returning home in the evening, found her dead in the living room.

Police said one of the bedrooms in the house appeared to have been ransacked.

Councillor for Hollywood and deputy Point Fortin mayor Leslie Chang Fong told Newsday it is a tragic incident but also a shocking one as “A crime of that nature is not a common occurrence down here.

“It has stunned everybody and I can assure you that all of the residents – not just in the electoral district of Hollywood – but in Point Fortin are also shocked and stunned.”

He said Despot’s home is just footsteps away from his office.

“I could easily walk across and, before I reach the alphabet letter E, be by her doorstep.

“She has always been a quiet, smiling, pleasant lady…one who just goes about her business.”

He said the Hollywood community is small so most people know each other.

Point Fortin Mayor Saleema McCree Thomas said she cannot say it was a murder until the police complete investigations, but she said waking up to the news was “heartwrenching.

“I would have said on many occasions that Point Fortin has minimal criminal activities and this happening in our borough would have shaken up a lot of our residents.

“It’s so unfortunate that with all these criminal elements that are taking place, it has hit us home so closely.”


Top cop condemns policeman’s shooting –MANHUNT IN TOBAGO

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Kyle Lashley –

A MANHUNT involving teams of police and soldiers was underway in Tobago on Sunday for the killers of Special Reserve Policeman Kyle Lashley who was gunned down on Saturday evening.

This was confirmed by acting Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob who has vowed to use all resources available to arrest the killers in the swiftest possible time. Lashley is Tobago’s tenth murder victim for this year.

According to police, 26-year-old Lashley, who worked at the Crown Point Police Station, was with friends at around 7.10 pm, at Providence Road, Les Coteaux when a black Kia Cerato stopped alongside them and two gunmen exited.

One of the men reportedly snatched Lashley’s gold chain and then fired several shots at him. The men got back into the car which sped off.

Officers of the Moriah Police Station responded and took Lashley to the Scarborough General Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

In a press release on Sunday, Jacob said, “all resources of the TTPS and national security will be brought to bear in the investigations into the killing of the young officer and the island will be scoured until the perpetrators are brought to justice.”

Jacob said a contingent of officers from the Inter-Agency Task Force as well as the Defence Force are in Tobago to help.

He extended condolences on behalf of the TTPS to Lashley’s family and co-workers.

Newsday visited Les Coteaux on Sunday but everyone in the community refused to speak. In Bamboo Hill, Les Coteaux where Lashley lived, his relatives and neighbours remained tight-lipped. A man who was walking along the road hurried away when approached by this reporter. At a shop near to where Lashley was killed, no one wanted to speak.

Police Social and Welfare Association (PSWA) head Insp Gideon Dickson said the crime situation was very troubling.

“We are concerned with the state of murders at this point in time. We would continue to work alongside with the CoP, in terms of assisting with strategies to help curb what is taking place,” Dickson said.

He had a message for Lashley’s killers.

“Please note the police service would not sit idly by and let justice not have its way.”

Dickson said the reality is that Tobago is a small-knit community and he is certain someone would have seen something.

“So we are calling on the public to come forward. If the person who would have perpetrated the act is aware that it was a police officer, it shows there has been a change in the attitude and they have no regard for whether you are law enforcement or not. The public can help us bring these people to justice according to law.”

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine described the latest murder on the island as, “a grave concern to me, this administration and Tobago as a whole.”

He said crime-prevention discussions were held recently between himself and Minority Leader Kelvon Morris, and a date was set for resumption of talks and planning for a whole-of-Tobago approach to dealing with crime.

“While all the facts surrounding this latest crime isn’t at my disposal, it will certainly be something we will discuss at Tobago’s Security Council meeting this coming Friday.

“I also note, that there is a significant jump in violent crimes across the entire country. This should push communities to act. Solving crime has to go beyond purchasing more cars for the police or better fire-power. There must be a whole-of-community approach,” Augustine said.

He promised a roll-out of strategies to tackle crime, even though the THA has no legal remit for national security.

Assemblyman for the area Zorisha Hackett said, “I didn’t sleep well last night. My heart hurts because I need to save my district.”

Tobago Business Chamber chairman Martin George expressed “great concern and consternation at the rising spate of murders in Tobago.”

He added, “We are now almost at the rate of one per month. We of the Tobago Business Chamber are willing to work with the THA and TTPS to ensure a comprehensive, concrete plan is in place to secure all Tobagonians.”


Memorial Day parade returns

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Prime Minister Keith Rowley lays a wreath at the cenotaph in Memorial Park. – Photo by Roger Jacob

LIMITED to wreath-laying for the past two years owing to the covid19 pandemic, the 2022 Memorial Day event saw the return of the military parade.

Members of the public gathered around Memorial Park on Frederick Street in Port of Spain as those who served and fell in World Wars I and II were remembered and honoured.

The event kicked off with the military parade which featured members of the TT Regiment, Coast Guard, Air Guard, Defence Force, police service, fire service, prison service, cadet force and Red Cross.

Officers and the Memorial Day Parade 2022

They began marching from the Queen’s Park Savannah and ended at the park.

President Paula-Mae Weekes was the first to lay a ceremonial wreath at the cenotaph, followed by the Prime Minister, Chief Justice Ivor Archie and National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds.

Officials of the armed and unarmed forces also laid wreaths, along with mayors and diplomats.

Hinds greeted and took photos with members of the public after the ceremony.

National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds poses for photos with some children near Memorial Park on Sunday. – Photo by Roger Jacob


Floodwaters sweep Claxton Bay man to his death

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DROWNED: Driver’s Permit of Ramnath Minwah. –

THE screams of Ramnath Minwah’s wife and children shattered the quiet community of St John’s Trace in Claxton Bay around 6.30 pm on Saturday, when they saw him fall into a swollen river and get swept away by the strong currents.

Minwah’s family and neighbours rushed to rescue him, but it was not until almost an hour later, that the man who spent his life as a boat captain, was found unresponsive, his arms wrapped around a tree.

Fire services, police officers and ambulance attendants who arrived on the scene, later retrieved the body from the floodwaters.

Distraught relatives said Minwah was a strong swimmer, but age and illness as well as strong currents conspired to pull him under and to his death.

“If he was not old and sick, the waters would never have taken him. He was a top swimmer back in the day. He was a seaman, the captain of a boat. He worked all around the world,” said Dolly Minwah, his wife of over five decades.

She said that shortly after 6 pm, Minwah, 76, a father of six, grandfather of 16 and great-grandfather of four, left home to purchase cigarettes.

“He went by his nephew, one house away from ours and the nephew went and bought the cigarettes for him.”

On returning with the cigarettes, she said, Minwah’s nephew observed that the river on the opposite side of their home was swollen. He told his uncle to stay until the water receded.

“My husband said he wanted to come home before the waters got higher,” she said.

“As he left his nephew’s home, a car was parked in the middle of the road and my husband just stepped to his left to go around it and in so doing, slipped and fell into the river.

“My daughters and granddaughter saw him fall in and started bawling. Everybody came out immediately and started to search.”

Granddaughter Janelle Pirmal, 22, witnessed the moment her grandfather fell into river.

A screengrab taken from a video shows a flood-swollen river near the front gate of the Minwah family home in St John’s Trace, Claxton Bay where Ramnath Minwah was swept away to his death on Saturday evening. –

“We tried to save him, but it was pitch dark. There was nothing for him to hold on to and he was swept away. People used torches, head lights, car lights to search.”

Holding her head with one hand and wiping away tears with the other, Dolly said this could have been avoided if the help they had been clamouring for was heeded.

“When we came to live here this was a drain, there was no river. We bought this property, I ent no squatter. I have a deed for this property.” She said over the years, soil erosion narrowed the road and widened the drain until it became a river.

“It is not the first time someone fell into that river. For years I have been going to the councillor and the MP to complain about the erosion. Everytime it rains, the water took more and more of the road.

“I spoke to MP David Lee, chairman of the Couva/Tabaquite/Talparo Regional Corporation, Henry Awong and councillor Nadia. They all came, saw the situation but nothing was done. They said it would be too costly to repair.

“So, is the cost to stop the erosion and fix the problem worth more than the life of my husband,” she asked.

Dolly said that frustrated by the floods, only a day before the tragedy, she recalled telling her husband she felt like packing up and leaving the community.

This is the second tragic incident in which someone had been swept away and drowned due to flooding.

On Wednesday October 5, Lopinot farmer Theresa Lynch was swept away in the flood-swollen Surrey River, Lopinot as she and her brother were trying to make their way to their garden. Her body was found in the Caroni River near Trincity two days later.