Custom Brokers Bryan Mathew and Foston George charged with several fraud related offences

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On Monday the police arrested and jointly charged 47yr-old Rowan Bryan Mathew of Judges Hill Estates and 46yr-old Foston George of Pares Village with:

1.Three Counts of Cheating the Public Revenue.

2. Four Counts of Obtaining by False Pretence.

3. Three Counts of Conspiracy to Defraud.

4. Three Counts of Making a False Declaration.

5. Six Counts of Electronic Forgery.

6. Three Counts of Fraudulent Conversion.

7. Three Counts of Disposing of Proceeds of Crime

The above mentioned offences were allegedly committed between January and August 2018.

Both men were further charged jointly with One count each of: Cheating the Public Revenue, Conspiracy to Defraud, Making a False Declaration, Obtaining by False Pretence, Disposing of Proceeds of Crime, Fraudulent Conversion and two counts each of Electronic Forgery.

These offences were allegedly committed between 15 and 19 December 2017 in St. Johns



Trinis come 2nd in Shell AI Hackathon 2022 university edition

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Shankar Ramharack (left) and Johnny Tiu (right). –

TWO students of UWI, St Augustine, both from Trinidad and Tobago, placed second in the university edition of the 2022 Shell AI Hackathon for Sustainable and Affordable Energy.

This year, the challenge was titled the Electric Vehicle Charging Network Challenge.

The problem statement asked competitors to “optimally place electric vehicle charging stations so that the configuration remains robust to demographic changes.”

The objective, Shell said, is to minimise the overall cost, which has three components: cost of customer dissatisfaction, cost of demand mismatch and cost of infrastructure.

Noting that the mobility sector accounts for “around 18 per cent of the carbon dioxide emissions,” Shell said, “A considerable market share of electric vehicles running on clean power is key to mobility decarbonisation.

“We need accelerated technology and infrastructure development to support electric vehicle market growth.”

There were over 4,000 registrations across the individual, university and start-up editions of the competition.

Placing first in the university edition was Team MOMA of Texas A&M University, comprising chemical engineering PhD students Mohammad Lameh and Marcello Di Martino.

Placing second was team J3T of UWI, St Augustine, which included team lead Johnny Tiu and Shankar Ramharack.

At the time, Tiu,was doing his master’s in mechanical engineering and Ramharack is now a final-year electrical and computer engineering student.

Johnny Tiu. –

Speaking to Newsday, Tiu said after submitting his thesis for his master’s degree, he picked up a Google data analytics course”to hopefully expand my career opportunities.

“I was searching for interesting projects to apply data science to engineering, and when I was scrolling through LinkedIn, I just found someone sharing the hackathon, so I decided it would be a fun challenge to take on.”

He brought Ramharack on to the team. They were both mentored by Prof Patrick Hosein of UWI’s Department of Computing & Information Technology. Hosein is also the director of TTLAB

“We had a couple (of) brainstorming meetings to thoroughly understand the problem,” said Tiu, adding that both he and Ramharack have an engineering background, along with a strong coding and mathematics background, which greatly assisted.

But even with those backgrounds, they both had to learn a coding language which was new to them – Julia – while also using MATLAB and Python.

Shankar Ramharack –

Ramharack told Newsday the experience was “fast-paced and enriching,” adding that it gave him “deeper insight into the applications of operations research in the design and development of electric vehicle infrastructure within areas of dynamic demographics.

“I also realised how much work is needed for us as a nation to move toward a electric-vehicle-integrated society, as the challenges in this competition posses many local parallels.”

Tiu agreed it was fast-paced, but said it was also “fun, humbling and enlightening to see the approaches the other teams used.”

He said it “feels amazing” to have placed second in a competition with so many participants.

Ruling on ex-UTT provost’s wrongful dismissal lawsuit in January

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Dr Fazal Ali.

Former provost and acting president of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) Dr Fazal Ali will know the outcome of his lawsuit against the university for wrongful dismissal in January.

In May 2015, Ali was given a new three-year contract, but shortly after a new board was appointed after the general election in September that year, his performance was reviewed. He was fired from the university on September 21, 2017.

Ali said he was advised that the board of governors had formed the view that he “misconducted himself by mismanaging the academic business of the university and failed to act in its best interest.”

On Monday, Ali testified at his four-hour-long trial before Justice Frank Seepersad. Also testifying for the university was its corporate secretary Dorwin Manzano.

At the end of the hearing, Seepersad gave attorneys for Ali and the university until January 9, 2023, to file submissions. He said he will give his ruling on January 23.

Ali, a former Teaching Service Commission chairman, first joined the UTT in May 2012. As provost, he oversaw the academic community, curriculum content, exams and student discipline. A month later, he was asked to act as president of the UTT and did so for a year. His contract was extended for another three years, starting May 14, 2015.

Ali said on January 30, 2016, a newspaper reporter contacted him for comment on his suspension, although at the time, he said he knew nothing about it.

He said he called the then-president Prof Dyer Narinesingh, and was told “it was true” and he could go to the O’Meara campus to collect his etter of suspension.

Ali also said he received a call from the corporate secretary telling him the board was distressed because he had spoken with the newspaper reporter.

He said his suspension was reported on January 31, 2016, causing him “a great deal of professional and personal embarrassment and loss of reputation in the academic and national community.”

Ali said he received letters from the university indicating he had been put on administrative leave to facilitate an audit and in June 2016, the president told him certain matters relating to his performance had been brought to the board’s attention. These included the recruitment of three people; the failure to renew the contracts of two others; and personal security arrangements. He said his attorney provided the university with detailed responses but on November 14, 2016, he was told three disciplinary charges were being laid against him. These involved the separation of the two lecturers and the recruitment of an assistant vice president.

Ali said from December 2016-June 2017, he appeared before the tribunal, led by former VP of the Industrial Court Gregory Baker, and by September 21, 2017, he was dismissed.

In his lawsuit, Ali claimed the university’s board acted unfairly and unreasonably when it dismissed him on the basis of his alleged failure to act in its best interest in terms of human-resource management during his tenure.

He contended it was never his decision not to renew the contracts of the two lecturers, because it was not in his purview to advise the board, and that he had a minor role in not renewing the contracts, as that fell within the remit of its vice president of human resources and the previous board.

Ali said he was merely asked whether the absence of the two would affect the university’s ongoing academic programmes and that his opinion was consistent with that of several other senior staff members.

Denying any misconduct on his part, Ali said the allegations against him did not justify his dismissal, nor was it in accordance with good industrial-relations practices.

In his testimony, Ali said he was shocked when he received the call from the reporter. He also spoke of his reaction when he received the letter of suspension,

“Here I had a letter telling me I was guilty of something I had nothing to do with at all.”

Manzano disagreed with a suggestion that the alleged conduct warranted Ali’s dismissal and said the decision to fire him was based on the findings of the tribunal.

Through his claim, Ali is seeking almost $800,000 in compensation, which represents the salary and benefits he would have received for the remaining eight months of his contract.

At the time of his termination, Ali’s monthly remuneration package included a salary of $55,000, a $10,000 vehicle allowance and an $11,000 housing allowance.

Ali is being represented by Senior Counsel Russell Martineau and Fyard Hosein and attorneys Anjali Maharaj and Aadam Hosein. Stephen Singh represented UTT.

Scrap-iron dealers to ask India, China for help to lift export ban

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Allan Ferguson, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Scrap Iron Dealers Association speaking at a press conference held at Lodge road, Claxton Bay, while member Razia Rea Mohammed looks on – Lincoln Holder

The TT Scrap Iron Dealers Association (TTSIDA) intends to write to the governments of India and China to ask for help to get the Trinidad and Tobago government to lift the ban on the export of old and scrap iron.

The association’s head Allan Ferguson said, “I guarantee you they would help. We will get responses from them because I know what I know. Many materials leave this country to go to China, and many Chinese are doing business here.

“A lot of people are losing money every day. A lot of people are suffering. I am taking this issue all over the world.”

He spoke on Monday at a media conference at Lodge Road in Claxton Bay about TTSIDA’s plans for reopening the industry.

From August 12, the Government imposed a six-month ban on the export of old and scrap iron to deal with the rampant theft and vandalism of state and private assets nationwide.

Besides writing to the two foreign governments, Ferguson said the association plans to meet with the heads of religious organisations for their help.

“They too, should be able to help us. We need all the support we can get. I would meet with them every day if I have to do it to make sure they understand what is going on. We would show them proof.”

The Government promised to review the industry and draft a regulatory framework within three months of the ban, then approach the Cabinet again with the proposed legislation to monitor and reduce the illegal trade in scrap iron and metal.

Ferguson charged that the Government has not communicated with him or anyone in the association to give feedback in the past three months.

He believes the Government is not interested in fixing the industry. Instead, he accused it of trying to take over the industry from poor people who are trying to make ends meet.

Ferguson also threatened legal action if the industry remained closed.

He added, “If by next week it is not opened, we are taking this government to court. Enough is enough.”

He also accused officials of tapping his phone and listening to all his conversations. Ferguson said the listeners would hear him “talking nice” to his wife and friends.

“As long as I have life, they will not be able to take this industry from us. I will do all necessary to ensure this industry is opened back. So go ahead and tap my phone. All that I tell my brothers and sisters is to stay away from crime, stay away from evil,” he said. “Not one day would they hear me telling my wife that I will buss her face when she reaches home.”

He also sent a message to the people he believes are tapping his phone.

“Allyuh do not know how to treat allyuh wife and how to deal with women, so I am glad you tap my phone. I have nothing to hide. If you monitor your wife’s phones, you may get a heart attack.”

Ferguson called on people in the industry to stay strong and be patient, as help was coming.

He also called on TT to co-operate with the association’s plight.

Also at the meeting were TTSIDA’s vice president Erros Seejattan, and Razia Rea Mohammed, who chaired the press conference.

Netherlands eke out 2-0 win over Senegal in FIFA World Cup Group A

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Senegal’s Iliman Ndiaye, below, and Memphis Depay of the Netherlands battle for the ball during the World Cup, group A match at the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar, on Monday. (AP PHOTO) –

Netherlands left it late to eke out a 2-0 win in their FIFA World Cup opener against Senegal in match three at Al Thumama Stadium in Qatar on Monday.

The African champions showed fight throughout, but a well-timed header from winger Cody Gakpo in the 84th minute and a late strike from Davy Klaassen in the 99th minute secured a crucial three points for the Dutchmen in Group A.

Senegal were the more physical and attacking team, but were unable to capitalise on any of their chances.

Davy Klaassen of the Netherlands, left, socres his side’s second goal during the World Cup, group A match against Senegal at the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha, Qatar, on Monday. (AP Photo) –

After the first round of Group A matches, Netherlands (three points) top the standings, owing to a higher goal difference than Sunday’s opening-match winners Ecuador (three points).

Ecuador defeated hosts Qatar 2-0 in the first match of the quadrennial tourney, while Monday morning’s Group B opener saw England thrash Iran 6-2.

Group B action continues at 3pm with USA up against Wales.

SLFS Rescues Two People Trapped In Vehicle After Dennery Road Accident – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Emergency personnel from the Saint Lucia Fire Service (SLFS) rescued two people trapped in a vehicle after it collided with another in Grande Riviere, Dennery, on Saturday.

SLFS Communications Officer Stacy Joseph disclosed that the officers at the Dennery Fire Station responded to a call relating to a collision between two vehicles.

Joseph said the responders found two individuals, identified as the driver and a passenger, trapped in one of the vehicles.

She explained that emergency personnel used extrication tools to remove the two victims who had sustained various injuries.

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The SLFS crew immobilised the patients, transferred them to an ambulance and transported them to the OKEU Hospital for further medical attention.

“The driver and sole occupant of the other vehicle was found standing nearby,” Joseph said.

She said he declined medical assistance.

Headline photo: Screen grab from social media video

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20 fully funded Moroccan scholarships to be made available to Vincentian students next year

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves says up to twenty fully funded Moroccan scholarships can be expected next year.

The Prime Minister says the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Morocco are discussing ways to improve the relationship between the two countries

He says Morocco has previously offered partial scholarships for Vincentian students but such scholarships are still expensive.


The Excise Tax Amendment Bill has been passed

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

Parliament today passed the Excise Tax Amendment Bill, which is intended to bring the country’s taxation in line with those of the Caribbean Community CARICOM.

In tabling the Bill, Minister of Finance Camillo Gonsalves said the new legislation will seek to amend the Excise Tax Act from January 1st, 2023.

Minister Gonsalves said CARICOM Member States are at varying stages of implementing this version of the system.


Attorney General, Grenville Williams representing SVG at the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is being represented at the Commonwealth Law Ministers Meeting in Mauritius.

Attorney General, Grenville Williams is attending the meeting which is taking place from November 22nd to 25th.

The meeting will be hosted by the Attorney General’s Office Mauritius and will convene under the theme: ‘Strengthening International Cooperation through the Rule of Law and the Protection of Human Rights’

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves highlighted the importance of the meeting, while speaking in Parliament this morning.


SVG continues to see an increase in cruise arrivals

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

St. Vincent and the Grenadines continues to implement measures to accommodate a record 44 percent increase in cruise arrivals to Port Kingstown.

Minister of Tourism, Carlos James says one of the larger cruise vessels accommodating more than five thousand passengers will be coming here on December 16th, 2022,

He says this means that there will likely be a disruption in the public transportation system as more vehicles will be needed to transport tourists.

Minister James says in addition to this increase in tourists by sea, more weekly international flights are scheduled at the Argyle International Airport.