SURINAME-ENERGY-State-owned energy company records significant revenue in 2022

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Meek Mill Roughed Up In Ghana and Had His iPhone Stolen

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Meek Mill has recovered his cell phone, and a pickpocket thief has been apprehended for snatching his phone while the rapper bored through a thick crowd of people in Ghana.

The rapper shared a series of Instagram posts on Friday showing him fighting off fans grabbing and mobbing him while in the African nation. The rapper is in Ghana to perform for the Afro Nation concert in Ghana on Thursday night.

It seems that the rapper was leaving the show when a large throng of fans tried to grab onto him. He later shared videos of himself leaving the event on dirt bikes.

“They roughed me [the f**k] up but the love overpowered it,” Meek Mill captioned the video footage below. “Almost went from dreams to nightmares quick. Lol.”

Meek Mill/Instagram

He also shared he lost his phone in the crowd. “They pickpocketed me for my phone,” he said in another Instagram Story. “[Shaking my head]. Bring that jawn back if you got it.”

In another post, he hilariously shared, “first time I had to tuck my chains, I couldn’t breatheee.” Shortly after Meek shared news about his phone, Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale asked that the artist’s phone be returned.

In a tweet, he wrote, “Streetz, if you know you have Meek Mill’s phone, please return if that’s true. You can’t do that to a real hustler. By [tomorrow] morning, return a.m. Meek inspires all of us on the street a lot,” Shatta said.

In the meantime, the rapper updated fans that he had retrieved his phone. “I want to say thank you guys for getting this phone back to my life, man, y’all didn’t let them hack me, right commander?” Meek asked a police officer in a video he shared.

Saint Lucia updates its Citizenship by Investment regulations to remain competitive in the investment migration industry

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News Americas, Castries, St. Lucia, Dec. 30, 2022: Saint Lucia has amended the regulations of its Citizenship by Investment Programme to remain increasingly competitive and ensure that the Caribbean country fulfils its mandate of growing demand for its investment products for the ultimate benefit of the people of Saint Lucia. 

As one of the youngest Citizenship by Investment products in the market, Saint Lucia has made bold strides in offering an alternative investment option in the Caribbean’s most developed and diverse economies. 

The country’s Citizenship by Investment Unit has taken a comprehensive review of its Citizenship by Investment offerings following approvals from the Citizenship by Investment Board and Honourable Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Tourism, Investment, Creative Industries, Culture and Information, Ernest Hilaire. The below amendments to the existing regulations will take effect from 1 January 2023. 

Developers applying for approved real estate under the Citizenship by Investment Programme or enterprise projects will now have to pay due diligence and background check fee of US$7,500. 

The replacement fee for a lost or damaged certificate will increase from US$100 to US$500. 

Investors who have been a citizen of Saint Lucia for 12 months or less that are looking to include a newborn dependent through the country’s National Economic Fund will now have to pay a fee of US$5000, this has increased from US$500. 

There is also an introduction of a new Bond Offer for investors purchasing non-interest-bearing Government Bonds with the following qualifying investment sums: 

Category of applicant Bond purchase sum Bond holding period Applicant and all qualifying dependents of any number US$300,000 5-year holding bond Administrative fee (regardless of the number of dependants) US$50,000  

To qualify for second citizenship through the real estate option, investors will have to invest a minimum of US$200,000, a reduction from US$300,000. 

Saint Lucia is emerging as one of the fastest-growing economies in the Caribbean region and the nation is well-known for offering various investment and business opportunities for people looking for options to plan their wealth and diversify their portfolios. 

The country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is a perfect choice as it offers ideal business opportunities to investors who do not want to be bound by border limitations. 

The Caribbean country is recognized for providing a second home not just to investors but to their families too. The nation has been lauded for its advanced and modernized infrastructure. Saint Lucia has one of the most resilient, modernized education and healthcare systems in the region, which makes it ideal for investors and their families. 

The Citizenship by Investment Programme of this Caribbean country attracts Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for the nation which is used for advancing various projects such as the development of infrastructure, advancement of real estate, business expansion and job innovation. 

The CBI Index 2022, published by PWM Magazine of Financial Times, reported that CBI is assuring the small island nation of Saint Lucia has become independent, developed and prosperous in the true sense. The report also recognized the programme for its “Ease of Processing” and “Due Diligence” Pillars. This year, Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme climbed a spot and gained the third position. 

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Unit makes sure that citizenship is given to credible applicants of good standing while their dependants over the age of sixteen are also subject to multi-layered due diligence checks, in order to qualify for alternative citizenship. Saint Lucia asks for detailed information from the applicants to understand the funding source of the investors who want citizenship. 

On this due diligence aspect, Minister Ernest Hilaire recently addressed concerns and fears related to Saint Lucia’s CBI Programme. He gave assurance that the government of Saint Lucia and its CBI Unit perform a strict and rigid due diligence process. Hilaire explained that the due diligence process is a multi-layered procedure noting, “Due diligence is performed by our Unit on all applicants, this is then followed by another due diligence check by the banks. This is then followed by due diligence checks by international intelligence units who also do on-the-ground assessments.” 

He also noted that the Government and Unit have been planning to review the country’s CBI programme, making it more attractive as well as competitive. Minister Hilaire announced that these updates would maintain the country’s rigorous but seamless vetting process. 

While the programme is the newest in the region, launched in 2016, the Government has made sure to set the bar very high – the programme has been regarded as one of the most advanced, secure as well as transparent programmes. 

Through the National Economic Fund, this prestigious programme has helped the nation to develop important public infrastructure. The funds from the programme have been directly contributing to advancing the standard of living of Saint Lucians. 

Alternative citizenship in the Caribbean nation is emerging as a platform to alleviate and tackle the risk of uncertainty and unpredictability in future. There is no other better plan than investing in building a new home at a place which offers ample opportunities and, most importantly, peace out of the hustle and bustle of big cities.

YSL Co-Founder Tick Becomes 8th Plea Deal, To Testify In Young Thug Trial

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A plea deal by Trontavious Stephens might be very damaging for Atlanta rapper Young Thug as Stephens acknowledged in court that he was a co-founder of YSL and that the organization is a gang.

On Thursday, the court was to hear from three YSL associates who had accepted plea deals, but after arriving at court, two of the three- Tenquarius Mender, also called Nard and Derontae Bebee both declined the plea deals.

After confirming that they were not willing to accept the deals, judge Ural Glanville warned the men that if convicted, they would get the maximum sentence. Tenquarius is reportedly facing 50 years in jail if convicted.

The third YSL associate, Trontavious Stephens, accepted the deal and revealed shocking evidence that is likely to be used in the upcoming trial about Young Thug’s alleged leadership of the YSL gang.

According to Law & Crime reporter Cathy Russon, Trontavious, who also goes by the names Tick and Slug, accepted a plea deal for two counts on racketeering charges and was sentenced to 10 years with two years served and the remaining eight years on probation.

Stephens affirmed to prosecutors that YSL was a gang made up of three or more associates and that he was one of the founding members of YSL.

“Do you understand the factual acknowledgments that you acknowledge, that one is that Young Slime Life is an organization made up of three or more members or associates who share common identifiers that include but are not limited to colours, hand signals and terminologies, who have committed crimes to increase their notoriety, street credibility, and reputation of YSL, is that one of your acknowledgements?” the prosecutor Adriane Love asked Stephens to which he calmly responded, “yes.”

“You are one of the founding members of Young Slime Life?” she asked.

“Yes,” Stephens replied.

“Do you acknowledge that you committed an aggravated assault as alleged in count one of this indictment by brandishing a gun at an undercover police officer that was surveilling a vehicle that was hijacked from a woman?”

“Yes,” Stephens said.

Stephens also acknowledged that after he was arrested in 2014 for another incident, he had admitted he was part of a gang called “Rock Crew,” and that crew later changed its name to YSL.

“That group was no longer going by that name and now goes by Young Slime Life… did you also in that same conversation advise law enforcement that YSL originally stand for Young Slime Life but the group began calling itself Young Successful Lifestyle after Jeffery Williams aka Young Thug signed a record deal,” the prosecutor to which Stephens said “yes.”

In the meantime, Stephens has agreed to testify at trial, but unlike his counterparts, he is not allowed to assert his right against self-incrimination (Fifth Amendment rights).

Meanwhile, the prosecution also shared evidence against Stephens, particularly one song by Young Thug, “You,” where the rapper raps about robbing women- “she getting robbed by Tick,” confirming that the rapper spoke about the gang’s crimes in his music.

There is also more incriminating evidence in the form of text messages shared between Young Thug and Stephens.

In one text, Young Thug asked, “Y’all ain’t beat him up or shot him yet?” and then added, “Y’all getting soft,” in another text.

Further on in his proffer, the prosecutor revealed that Stephens identified two gas stations where YSL associates sell drugs.

In the meantime, the bombshell plea deal comes ahead of the jury selection scheduled for January 4, 2023, followed by the trial beginning on January 9, 2023.

Gunna is among the first YSL associates to take a plea deal and has since been released from prison.

BELIZE-SUGAR-Government welcomes interim agreement to start new crop sugar season

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GRENADA-TOURISM-Grenada records significant growth in visitor arrivals during last three months

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CARIBBEAN-BUSINESS – More than 20 start-up businesses to benefit from Greenpreneurs Incubator Programme

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TRINIDAD-ENERGY-Government denies it is preparing to reject bids from international oil companies

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Diddy Shares More Photos Of His Adorable Daughter Baby Love Combs

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Diddy is enjoying some personal time with his youngest daughter, whom he welcomed back in October 2022, with cyber specialist Dana Tran. On Tuesday, he shared several photos of the baby for the first time as fans saw him up close in daddy mode and got an eyeful of the little one.

“Baby Love,” Diddy captioned the two photos shared on his Twitter account.

In one photo, he can be seen holding the little girl who sleeps on his shoulder. The baby is wearing a pink jumpsuit with a matching bow on her head, while Diddy, who is wearing a white t-shirt, is seen from behind.

In another photo, the baby is wide-eyed and awake as she lies in a car seat. The photo captures several minute details about the little girl, such as her ear piercing and her head full of dark hair.

The baby Love Sean Combs was first announced earlier this month by Diddy in a shock announcement as the mother was unknown and not seen before with Diddy, who appears to be in a public relationship with City Girls rapper Yung Miami.

It’s unclear the circumstances of the child’s birth and the woman’s actual relationship with Diddy. However, the rapper has shared that his family, including his children and mother, were very happy to welcome the baby to the Combs clan.

In the meantime, fans also reacted to the photo shared by Diddy.

“Very Beautiful Baby s/n aren’t you supposed to wait until the baby has at least 6mth shots to get ear piercing or have things changed since my oldest is 19,” one person asked.

Diddy, whose real name is Sean John Combs, has had six children with three different women. His first child, Justin Combs, was born in 1993. Justin is a model and actor and has appeared in campaigns for brands like Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana.

Diddy’s second child, Christian, was born in 1998 and is also a model and a rapper. The hip hop mogul’s twin daughters, D’Lila and Jessie, were born in 2006. The music exec also has a 16-year-old daughter with Sarah Chapman name Chance.

Diddy has also helped raise and support his stepson, Quincy Brown, who is an actor and model. Quincy Brown’s mother is Diddy’s late ex Kim Porter, and his father is Al B. Sure.

Angela Simmons Deletes Instagram After Rumored Split With Yo Gotti

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Less than a month after Growing Up Hip Hop star Angela Simmons and CMG rapper Yo Gotti hinted at a possible relationship; it appears that the couple has split.

Yo Gotti famously said that Simmons was his crush in 2016, and six years later, it seems that he succeeded in capturing her attention as a newly single Simmons returned to the dating scene after her ex-fiance Sutton Tennyson was killed.

Angela Simmons has been spotted several times this year with Yo Gotti, even once meeting his mother, and in October, the pair were seen in Dubai and later Paris on a romantic vacation.

The sighting caused fans to speculate that the pair was in a relationship, but it seems that all might not be well, as Simmons deactivated her Instagram account after Christmas. There are reports that Gotti apparently spent the holidays with another woman he sees- a nurse named Brandy.

Angela Simmons and Yo Gotti

Brandy is a 31-year-old nurse, and she has had quite a large following since she was first linked to Yo Gotti. There are reports that the Memphis rapper has been “tricking” on her, but the nurse has not confirmed or denied that she and Gotti are an item.

Last month, Brandy seemingly reacted to the reports that Gotti and Angela were dating after romantic photos from their Paris vacation were shared online, and many complimented Gotti for being persistent in his pursuit of Angela.

“Lol,” she had written in a post on Instagram stories but later deleted the post after some blogs reposted the comment.

In the meantime, some persons reacted to Angela deactivating her Instagram, with many bashing Gotti.

Angela Simmons IG

“You know what they say. The worst thing to do is give a person a chance who has wanted you for so long,” one person said.

“He really could have just left her alone, fr,” another said.

“He waited all that time to get to her, then still playing with her. But honestly, these women accept situation-ships with these men and expect them not to do them. If they never establish a relationship how mad can you really be???” a third added.