How Will The Call To Return-To-Office Impact Digital Nomads In The Caribbean Islands

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 2, 2022: Although remote work dominates workplace trends, surveys show that about 50% of companies will require their workers to return to the office full-time next year.

Among the numerous employees affected by this change are digital nomads who prefer to work away from traditional offices. But as more companies implement this regulation, digital nomads will have to make the necessary adjustments to accommodate both their work and their desired lifestyle. So how are digital nomads, particularly those in the Caribbean, going to deal with this transition?

What Does This Mean For Digital Nomads?

Even if some people are slowly willing to return to their office, most of the surveyed remote workers still want flexible work arrangements. In fact, an article by Paul Davidson revealed that 73% of fully remote workers said they would probably find another remote or hybrid job if their companies didn’t offer a compromised flexible work setup. However, this might be a problem for some individuals because the number of organizations providing remote work arrangements is declining. In the same report by Davidson, they also explained how companies are becoming less concerned that they will not fill jobs if they lose people because of the return-to-work policies. Because of this, digital nomads currently staying in the Caribbean will have to decide between abandoning their remote work lifestyle or quitting their jobs.

Moreover, the looming economic slowdown is another problem that digital nomads will have to face. In an article on the liabilities of remote work, experts shared that the era of remote work might come to an end soon. This is because a survey among US hiring managers indicated that 60% of employers said that remote workers are more likely to be the first group of employees to be laid off in the case of unfavorable market conditions. But since there’s still a global skills shortage and more job openings than eligible candidates, authorities believe that most employers will eventually have to make concessions. It just shows that there’s a possibility that companies will allow remote work arrangements to keep business operations steady and growing amid the economic downturn.

No matter where individuals prefer to work, whether at home or in the Caribbean, employees should be retained at all costs, especially if they have the skills and competencies to accomplish their tasks.

Digital Nomads Are Boosting The Tourism Industry

Besides helping corporate businesses survive, digital nomads are also boosting the tourism industry with their lifestyle, particularly the ones traveling to the Caribbean Islands. Indeed, our previous report explained that digital nomads have significantly helped the region increase its tourism economy. This is partly due to the Barbados Welcome Stamp project in Barbados, where remote workers from around the world can get a one-year visa to relocate and work on the island. Since this encouraged digital nomads to come to the island, other regions from the Caribbean like Bermuda, Antigua and Barbuda, and Anguilla have also launched their own programs of offering visas to remote working digital nomads.

Even if the idea of working on the island surrounded by nature and the ocean waves sounds appealing, this type of lifestyle will be affected once companies strictly implement a back-to-office setup. However, this doesn’t completely mean that digital nomadism will become obsolete. As workplace trends continue to change, favoring flexible work arrangements, working on the beautiful island of the Caribbean is still possible.

BAHAMAS-FINANCE-PM says FTX former CEO questioned by local authorities

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Shenseea Says ‘Bob Marley Bigger Than Michael Jackson’ Igniting Debate

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Shenseea ignited a heated debate after tweeting “Bob Marley is bigger than Michael Jackson.”

The dancehall singjay knows how to stir the pot and get her fans going, and she’s done it again with the controversial comparison of who is the bigger artist in the form of Bob Marley or Michael Jackson. Shenseea made the statement on Twitter on Thursday, which has now gone viral. The statement saw many Americans opposing the view, while some Jamaicans agreed with her.

Bob Marley is a legendary reggae artist who is well-known for his music of peace and love and who continues to influence generations of people when it comes to Rastafarianism and reggae music. The artist’s music was made in an era where he challenged the status quo, including the Apartheid conditions in South Africa, and his music continues to be regarded in the same light as the Marley legacy continued by his children ensures that the artist’s music lives on.

On the contrary, Michael Jackson often referred to as the ‘King of Pop,’ is also a very popular artist known around the world for his infectious music and dance. The artist continues to influence the younger generation who push his music and style in the likes of Chris Brown and others, and this year, his third and biggest studio album, Thriller, turns 40 years old, something fans have been raving about in memory of the certified hitmaker.

Shenseea’s statement elicited great debate as many of her fans made points to either disagree or agree with her.

Shenseea / Twitter

“Bob Marley’s status is ‘Legendary.’ Michael Jackson is the ‘King of Pop.’ 100 years from now people will still be listening to Bob’s music because their lyrics will always be relevant. Can’t say the same about MJ. It’s 40 years since Bob’s passing and he’s still current all over,” one fan wrote.

“Michael jackson’s music will definitely be alive 100 years from now as well because there are people who still listen to him. his music is timeless,” another fan offered to counteract another fan.

It seems that some fans also had jokes’ with one fan leveling the argument by posting a screenshot that revealed that both of the artists were 5 feet 7 inches tall each, so none was “bigger” than the other.

“Influence is Measured in Different Ways. There’s a Hair Style Called ‘Bob Marley,’ There’s No Such Hair Style as ‘Michael Jackson’ There’s a Day Called ‘Marley Night,’ No Such Day as ‘Jackson Night’ I Can Also Tell You That Marley’s Best Track is More Popular Than MJ Best Track,” another fan said.

Bob Marley / 56 Hope Rd

“She said bigger. Not more famous. Bob had two public attempts on his life simply because his influence. MJ never had to weather that storm. Nobody was starting riots with the police because of MJ. Nobody was throwing teargas at MJ concerts bcuz his music was affecting the govt,” another fan wrote.

It seems that many of Shenseea’s fans agreed with her. The dancehall star has not commented on the topic since sending out the tweet late Thursday evening, but some supporters of Michael Jackson think she might be a bit biased towards Bob Marley since they are both Jamaicans.

Both MJ and Bob are two of the most impactful musicians in history, and despite their early deaths, both are still having a lasting impact on the world through their music. But one may argue that Bob Marley’s universal message of peace, love, and unity resonates with people on every continent of the world. The reggae legend’s music of uplifting was also a refuge for a lot of people during the global pandemic, as evident in the massive increase in streaming of songs like “One Love” and “Redemption Song.”

Michael Jackson might’ve sold more records than Bob Marley, but the Jamaican legend vastly outshines the King of Pop in impact and influence.

Perhaps a Bob Marley and Michael Jackson Verzuz can settle the debate.

CARIBBEAN-BUSINESS-Regional rum producers oppose tariff protection for extra-regionally produced bottles

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GUYANA-ENERGY-Guyana signs first sale agreement on carbon credits

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TRINIDAD-FINANCE-Central Bank relinquishes “emergency control” over CLICO

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Caribbean Travel News

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Dec. 2, 2022: Here are the top stories making Caribbean travel news in 60 seconds for this week ending Dec. 2, 2022:

The US and Canada Are warning All Nationals to avoid all travel to Haiti .

Americans and Canadians are also being warned to reconsider travel to Trinidad and Tobago due to crime there, including kidnapping and terrorism.

The US is also warning Americans to exercise caution if travelling to Cuba.

Canada meanwhile is warning Canadians to exercise a high degree of caution if travelling to Jamaica and due to crime in those countries.

This comes as The World Travel Awards recently named Jamaica the ‘World’s Leading Cruise Destination’ ‘World’s Leading Family Destination’ and ‘World’s Leading Wedding Destination’ at its awards in Oman.

Caribbean Airlines has increased serice from Port of Spain, Trinidad to Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport (MBIA.) The Monday and Friday CAL service will depart Grenada at 8:15 pm and offer connectivity to the red eye flight to New York. The Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday flight service departs MBIA at 11:20 am and arrives in Port of Spain at noon, offering convenient connections to the Toronto flight service.

Look out for UNICO 18°77° Hotel In Montego Bay, Jamaica. The all-inclusive, adults-only resort will have 451 rooms when it opens. It broke ground recently but no opening dates have been given so far

Dominica has been named as one of the top destinations to unwind by Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel collection.

Sandals Resorts Has Some Amazing 2023 travel deals You can’t afford to miss this holiday. They include deals at its Sandals Emerald Bay in The Bahamas, Sandals Royal Barbados and Sandals Ochi in Jamaica. Check it out at

And The Reef Cannabis Dispensary of Detroit and Muskegon Heights’ “Reefopoly” will give away $100,00 in cash prizes, a lifetime supply of Cannabis, plus a Caribbean trip for two, and thousands of other instant prizes – including basement grow kits and more!
Game players will visit and follow the simple steps to sign up.

BARBADOS-CURRENCY-New banknotes go into circulation next week

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The Top 10 Caribbean Countries For Foreign Direct Investments

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By NAN Business Editor

News Americas, GEORGETOWN, Guyana, Fri. Dec. 2, 2022: The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) has released its annual data on Foreign Direct Investment in the Caribbean and Latin America for 2021. The combined regions saw a 40.7 growth more than in 2020, but this growth was not enough to achieve the levels seen prior to the pandemic.

In the Caribbean, Guyana was the country that exhibited the greatest growth in inflows, surpassing the Dominican Republic, which in prior years had been the leading recipient of investments in that subregion. So what are the countries in the Caribbean that benefited from inward FDI last year? Here’s the top 10 from high to low.

CountryFDI in USDGuyana4,453,000,000Dominican Republic3,102,000,000The Bahamas1,185,000,000Jamaica320,000,000Barbados237,000,000Grenada144,000,000Belize125,000,000Antigua & Barbuda104,000,000Saint Vincent and the Grenadines65,000,000Saint Lucia47,000,000  

 St. Kitts received just USD 40 million in FD investment in 2021.


Trinidad and Tobago reported a drop off of 777.6 million USD in investments in 2021 while Suriname reported a drop by 132.7 million. Haiti saw no investments in 2020 or 2021. In 2019 Haiti had secured USD 56 million in FD investments.