DJ Akademiks Says Lil Baby Battling Demons In Responding To Diss Track

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

DJ Akademiks continues to speak about Lil Baby, who dissed him last month on his new album, It’s Only Me.

Speaking with Vlad TV, the hip hop podcaster bashes Lil Baby and even claims that the rapper has a learning disability. Just last month, Lil Baby dropped several lyrical disses for Akademiks after the Instagram personality called his album “mid” earlier this year. In his album, ‘There’s Only Me’ released last month, the rapper disses Akademiks net worth.

On the song “From Now On,” featuring Future Lil Baby raps, “Akademiks know he ain’t as rich as me!!!”

In the song “Top Priority,” he also rapped, “Akademiks N****s think they can’t get touched/Ion be on computers much, CED turnt me on to YouTube.”

In the interview, DJ Akademiks releases his own diss directed at Lil Baby, noting that the rapper can’t win against him, a journalist.

“My new nickname for baby is ‘Short Bus Baby’. He’s clearly not that smart, bro. no one with half a brain would even think to discuss me and Lil Baby. It sounds stupid to say financially,” he said.

“He has one of those Tourettes moments every now and then, you see him in the corner he’s just punching the air, he’s just flipping the water bottle, He’s battling the percs and a lot of demons and I get that. The first one though, I felt like he was a little bit wild, when a rapper starts to threaten, I’ve said this to every rapper in the game, you will never win versus the media,” he added.

DJ Akademiks continued, “When the media drives a narrative, the media gives the tint your career is viewed in, your personality is viewed in. I know a lot of rappers who don’t get certain types of looks or they’re not seen as favorably by the audiences is because what? they are asshole to journalists.”

Last month, Akademiks went on an extensive rant where he claimed that he was ready to testify against Lil Baby if a racketeering case is dropped on his 4PF crew.

Boosie Badazz Claps Back At Gabrielle Union Questioning If He Is Gay

Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Boosie Badazz wasted no time in responding to Gabrielle Union who questions if he is gay in resurfaced clip.

Boosie Badazz is not happy that Gabrielle Union called him out for constantly speaking about her gay stepchild, Zaya Wade. Boosie has been speaking on Dwyane Wade’s child Zaya who is born male but is seeking to transition as a woman

“So far so good, sorry Boosie,” Gabrielle says making a point on a recent interview.

Gabrielle Union-Wade then addresses Boosie whose regular talking points include his anti-gay rants about Lil Nas X being gay and influencing young men and Zaya Wade who has been transitioning as a woman.

“You’ve got a lot of dick on your mind. throwing that out there. It’s like Zaya and Little Nas live in his head rent-free in his head. it’s like sir, It’s something you want to go ahead and tell us? We can be your sanctuary,” she says while the show host Jemele Hill offers that there is a safe space for him to come out as gay.

Boosie Badazz has been called out in the past for being homophobic and targeting Lil Nas X with his homophobia as well as speaking about Gabrielle and Dwyane Wade’s allowing Zaya to express herself as a woman. It seems that Boosie got wind of the comments by Gabrielle and as expected went off on Twitter at the actress, calling her husband gay and insulting her as a “white girl”.

“Lol the whole world know I love women n the world know your husband love dick. I hope u don’t think blacks look at yall like a power couple. They dont. I had refused to talk about yall in interviews n hear you gogo bang him with that dildo n wait on a script u lil white girl,” Boosie wrote in a tweet.

“Woman u better leave me alone ??how dare u a challenge a ghetto heros manhood, u wrong smh I dont have the time for this, im tryin to have peace n my life n stay alive,” Boosie added.

Back in 2020, Boosie Badazz claimed that he was “offended” by Zaya Wade coming out as gay. In a post Instagram directed at Wade, he vehemently asked not to allow the surgery to remove his penis.

He has also continually spoken about Zaya and misgendered her chosen pronoun.

This is the first time that the Unions have addressed Boosie and rightfully so, the child has been under immense scrutiny due to a court battle by her mother to stop her sexual transition from male to female.