A$AP Rocky Teases Metro Boomin Collab Album & Amazon Music Performance

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Amazon Music Live is teasing surprises on the upcoming A$AP Rocky performance on Thursday night.

The Platinum-selling artist will perform live after Amazon’s Thursday night football as the American football season heats up with just two months to go, and some of the biggest teams go head to head to the semi-finals.

On Thursday, Amazon Prime shared that the artist will be performing several of his hit songs, and he has a few surprises. Some fans are speculating that the surprise might be his rumored wife and mother of his child, Rihanna making a guest appearance, or maybe it has to do with his forthcoming album announcement.

Thursday night’s event is going to be hosted by 2 Chainz on Prime Video right after the Las Vegas Raiders vs. Los Angeles Rams game that plays off at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

On Thursday, Rocky shared a countdown for his performance on Amazon Music. The artist recently released the music video for his latest track, “Shittin’ Me.” Rocky has been steadily releasing music over the last couple of weeks.

He was recently featured on Metro Boomin’s latest album, Heroes & Villains on the track “Feel the Fiyaaaah,” which featured late rapper Takeoff.

Speaking about Metro Boomin, Rocky recently disclosed that his next album will be very close to a collaborative effort with the super producer.

“I’m gonna put it to you like this: This next album needs to be just called Flacko Boomin, you hear me?” he said in a GQ magazine while making note of his colleague the late A$AP Yam’s influence on his relationship with the Atlanta producer.

He continued, “Yams linked me and Metro in 2012. This is before he’s working with a lot of people in Atlanta. He was still in college. A$AP Yams told me Metro was gonna be Metro. He was like, ‘This is the kid I’m telling you.’ So, Yams wanted this.”


New Classic From The Legend Beres Hammond

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. Dec. 7, 2022: Beres Hammond, the Lover’s Rock icon with the quintessential voice that fans worldwide hold above all others in the genre, has delivered a new instant classic ballad for fans in time for the holidays.

“I Need Your Love,” conveys the sentiment of love from a man to his special lady, Beres’ flawless performance holds true to his signature vocals and poetic ability to tell beautiful stories of love.  The artist’s newest single holds him in lustre as one of Jamaica’s greatest practicing singer / songwriters.

Produced by Beres Hammond and Tony Phillips for Harmony House Records, the song was recorded in the UK at Stingray Studio) as well as in Jamaica at Harmony House Studio.

“I Need Your Love” was released on November 25th, 2022, on all streaming platforms.  In 2020, Beres released the poignant single “Call To Duty,” which calls for the protection of children, as well as “God is Love,” featuring Popcaan, (2021), and “Mih Deya Again,” featuring Wickerman, (2022).


Head of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit, Mc Claude Emmanuel, woos investors at Private Wealth Forum in Florida

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News Americas, Castries, Saint Lucia, Dec. 08, 2022: The head of Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Unit, Mc Claude Emmanuel, was in the United States of America recently for the 7th Annual Private Wealth Florida Forum.

The invitation-only event is attended by private wealth and institutional investors, including wealth managers, corporate pensions, public pensions, insurance funds, endowments, foundations, sovereign wealth funds, health care organizations and private bankers. The event aims to bring together the investment management community for peer driven thought leadership experiences that provide a platform for education, business development and networking. 

Emmanuel was speaking to wealth managers on why Saint Lucia should form part of their basket of offshore investment options.

As one of the youngest citizenship by investment offerings on the market, Saint Lucia certainly competes with the best in terms of what it has to offer investors.

There are currently four main ways investors can gain a coveted Saint Lucia citizenship, with the main one being through the National Economic Fund. This Fund was established to drive foreign direct investment to nation building projects such as increasing and improving infrastructure in country. Through this Fund, highways, bridges, schools and hospitals have been upgraded and built.

For a minimum investment of US$100 000.00 for a single applicant, US investors can become part of the Caribbeans biggest success stories.

“Saint Lucia has a strong economy and our currency, the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, is pegged against the United States Dollar – at a rate of US$1.00 being the equivalent of EC$2.70 – and has been so for the last 70 years,” stated Emmanuel.

According to Moody’s Analytics, the island nation has been able to attract foreign business and investment, especially in its offshore banking and tourism industries. Tourism is Saint Lucia’s main source of jobs and income – accounting for 65 percent of GDP – and the island’s main source of foreign exchange earnings. The manufacturing sector is the most diverse in the Eastern Caribbean area.

In this context, the Eastern Caribbean nation of Saint Lucia has emerged as a new favourite for investors. This is due to its growing economy, stable business environment and tax regime which supports the growth and development of its businesses, investors, and citizens.

“We have a strong tourism product, being rated the number one honeymoon destination in world for the last 10 years. Saint Lucia is also home to major hospitality brands like Hilton and Marriott and our shores attract over one million tourists from the USA, Canada and Europe every year,” added Emmanuel.

Saint Lucia’s colourful heritage is ingrained in the culture of the island and celebrated by locals and visitors alike. With a history spanning hundreds of years and including stories of pirates, colonies, and battles, it’s enough to pique anyone’s interest.

Each part of the island has distinct features to be experienced and enjoyed. The island’s volcanic origin is the reason for its lush vegetation, soothing mud pools and iconic Sulphur Springs.

When asked why Saint Lucia should be favourable to asset managers and applicants, Emmanuel responded that country has a favourable tax regime, stable economy and its policies make it easy for entrepreneurs to do business, not to mention the favourable Caribbean weather conditions.

Saint Lucia is also very well-connected to the rest of the world with international flights to the United States, Canada, and Europe. The low cost of living coupled with the high quality of life makes it the ideal place to live. The Caribbean way of life has a universal appeal that simply cannot be matched.

“During the Covid-19 pandemic, we had a surge of applications from north Americans who want to be able to work from anywhere – we commonly see people with their laptops on the beach, in hotel lobbies and villas – that’s one of the strong selling points for US citizens looking to invest in Saint Lucia.”

Those looking to get away from the pressures and humdrum of city life will be well suited to invest in the country.

The country also has a favourable tax regime, American investors do not need to pay inheritance tax, worldwide income tax, or capital gains tax – making it an ideal destination for wealth planning.

Looking at which nationalities have favoured getting second citizenship from Saint Lucia, Emmanuel said “In terms of applicants, China continues to be number one and as of 2021, US applicants have taken the second spot – particularly applicants from the states of New York, Philadelphia, Florida and a small number from Las Vegas. In Canada, a lot of applicants come from Toronto.”

Emmanuel also added that the two major reasons for Americans looking to gain second citizenship from Saint Lucia are safety and tax planning.

“Many US citizens are looking for safety. Americans travel extensively and their passport can be seen as a target due to ongoing geopolitical conflict, especially in regions like the Middle East and Eastern Europe. What they do when travelling to these regions is use our passport and keep their American passport in their back pocket. The second major reason for investing in our citizenship by investment programme is to tap into our favourable tax system, which continues to be a drawcard. Saint Lucia offers a lot of offshore financial solutions.”


Starr Dawkins Clears The Air On Jahshii Relationship

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Starr Dawkins got some things off her chest about her rumored relationship with dancehall star Jahshii.

The Jamaican American artist was seen recently getting steamy with rising star Jahshii on social media leading to fans concluding that they are dating. However, Dawkins says that she and the artist’s chemistry is nothing more than acting for the screen and for their recent track “4Life,” which was released recently.

Last week, Starr Dawkins went viral after claiming that her ex-boyfriend Lincoln 3Dot was unknowingly her cousin, and they were sexually involved for years before they found out. She has recently been working on a music career and recently collaborated with Jahshii.

Videos and photos shared online showed the two artists gyrating and rubbing on each other, with Jahshii also grabbing her butt at one point. The artists also wore matching Dior outfits, but their convincing energy led fans to assume they were together.

In an interview on The Fix, Starr said nothing happened to Jahshii and that he was such a gentleman she planned to gift him a Rolex for her feature.

Starr Dawkins/Instagram

“He did charge for the feature, he did not act like we needed to have sex in order to give me the song, the video was last minute and he was so cooperative, his hair was not done and because he did not want to be late and wants us to get the shots, he said f**k it I’ll be on time for you,” Starr said as she revealed that her shoot ended at 3 am and Jahshii left to get on a flight at 5 am for a show abroad.

The Cookie Wash owner revealed that she has worked with other producers and artists whom she paid for songs that have not cleared.

“Jahshii to me is a real G. I love Jahshii. Jahshii can do no wrong. If y’all got a problem with Jahshii, y’all got a problem with me,” she added.

Starr also clarified that her song with Masicka did not work out as planned, but she said that she wasn’t dissing Masicka and that the artist had not made any sexual advances to her as she cleared up speculations raised by the show’s hosts.

In the meantime, Starr Dawkins also addressed speculations online that the Spanish town deejay performed oral on her. The artist/entrepreneur revealed that in her conversations with the “Bigger Picture” deejay, the artist said that he was not a fan or nor does he perform oral sex.

For the ladies, Starr also confirmed that deejay’s “rifle” was huge as she explained that Jahshii’s size eliminated him as a prospect in his life. Since the rumors started about Jahshii and Starr Dawkins the “Cream of the Crop” artist has not confirmed or denied the link.


Lil Uzi Vert and JT Tattoo Each Other Names After Rolls-Royce Birthday Gift

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Lil Uzi Vert and JT are sharing each other’s names in matching tattoos days after the couple celebrated her birthday in pomp and style.

In a post shared on Instagram, JT shared a photo of her hand and her rapper boyfriend’s hand. On Lil Uzi Vert’s hand by the thumb area is her name ‘JT’ while she has his name ‘UZI’ on her wrist at the top of the hand. She shared the photo with heart and smiling face emojis. In other posts, JT also shared a sweet photo of her hugging Lil Uzi. The video had the passionate soundtrack by Monica, “Why I Love You So Much”, playing.

Love is in the air for the two artists who were recently seen together on her 30th birthday. The “Final Fantasy” artist recently splurged on his girlfriend with a brand new Rolls-Royce Cullinan for her birthday gift. A new Rolls-Royce Cullinan cost around $350

Back in August, JT had also gifted Lil Uzi Vert a Mercedes-Benz V-Class and a BMW G 310 R Sport motorcycle for his 27th birthday.

At the time, the artist penned a sweet note about her gift.

“My girlfriend got me a maybach van and it’s fire she listen 2 all my conversations lol I was like damn why you do that she was like because I love you. I was like no you don’t she was like yes I do. I was like no you don’t she was like yes I do Jatavia Johnson a mess,” he wrote on Twitter.

The couple has been dating since 2019, and they have had their ups and downs. It appears they had a lover’s quarrel last month and may have even broken up, as JT tweeted that she was single. Many fans had speculated that she and Lil Uzi Vert were not on good terms.


JT also shared a sweet message for for boo on her Instagram Story. “Love you so much,” she wrote. “I mean so much thank you baby nobody never loved me this much not even my dad I’m crying I love you.”

It seems that their tattoo promises to each other clear the air.


Toni-Ann Singh Calls Popcaan ‘A Visionary A Legend A DIVINE Talent’

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Toni-Ann Singh isn’t just collaborating with her boyfriend, Popcaan, but she is also singing him sweet praises.

The former Miss World recently dropped her debut single “Next To Me,” a song with Popcaan that officially marks her entrance into the music scene. Toni-Ann Singh previously showcased her talent during her Miss World pageant when she covered Whitney Houston’s classic “I Have Nothing,” showing off her vocals and range. Her new song with Popcaan is a natural trajectory of what’s next for the beauty queen.

In a sweet message posted on her Instagram on Wednesday, Singh thanked Popcaan, whose real name is Andre Sutherland. She also thanked her production team and fans, who are overwhelmingly supporting the single.

“‘You know Popcaan? I’m where he’s from,’ I’d say proudly for yeeeears because I knew what you were,” Singh wrote. “An alchemist. A visionary. A Legend. A DIVINE talent, and a PROUD St.Thomas man. You made me feel represented, to the World. I would need that more than I even knew then. What you have created out of so little, is unimaginable. I can only imagine it, because only four miles stood between us and I vowed one day I would do it too. You have spun gold out of sugar cane, and cut diamonds out of river stones. To say I am inspired by you is an understatement. To work with you is a DREAM.”

Toni-Ann Singh also honored Popcaan and said working with him is a dream come through.

“I honor you. For what you are and for what you’ve yet to become,” she added. “For the foundation you have laid for so many, myself included. For creating and sharing a moment like this with and for me, and our home. For making time to teach me, even if I don’t like to listen sometimes For so much love and care, I am eternally grateful, Andrae.”

Popcaan’s sister Unruly Squid hopped into the comments to write, “You are making me cry [heart emoji].”

Both Popcaan and Toni-Ann Singh are from the parish of St. Thomas in Jamaica, which makes their love story all the more delightful. The two first popped up on the radar as a new couple in June when they jetted together to Grenada, where the dancehall star had a show. Since then, they have been inseparable and regularly popped up on Instagram together, cooking or just hanging out.

Meanwhile, Popcaan is currently working on his new album, Great Is He, due sometime early next year. His new song with Toni-Ann Singh, “Next To Me,” will be featured on the project. The OVO deejay is also gearing up for a big performance with Afrobeats star Burna Boy in Kingston next weekend.