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Meek Mill Roughed Up In Ghana and Had His iPhone Stolen

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Meek Mill has recovered his cell phone, and a pickpocket thief has been apprehended for snatching his phone while the rapper bored through a thick crowd of people in Ghana.

The rapper shared a series of Instagram posts on Friday showing him fighting off fans grabbing and mobbing him while in the African nation. The rapper is in Ghana to perform for the Afro Nation concert in Ghana on Thursday night.

It seems that the rapper was leaving the show when a large throng of fans tried to grab onto him. He later shared videos of himself leaving the event on dirt bikes.

“They roughed me [the f**k] up but the love overpowered it,” Meek Mill captioned the video footage below. “Almost went from dreams to nightmares quick. Lol.”

Meek Mill/Instagram

He also shared he lost his phone in the crowd. “They pickpocketed me for my phone,” he said in another Instagram Story. “[Shaking my head]. Bring that jawn back if you got it.”

In another post, he hilariously shared, “first time I had to tuck my chains, I couldn’t breatheee.” Shortly after Meek shared news about his phone, Ghanaian artist Shatta Wale asked that the artist’s phone be returned.

In a tweet, he wrote, “Streetz, if you know you have Meek Mill’s phone, please return if that’s true. You can’t do that to a real hustler. By [tomorrow] morning, return a.m. Meek inspires all of us on the street a lot,” Shatta said.

In the meantime, the rapper updated fans that he had retrieved his phone. “I want to say thank you guys for getting this phone back to my life, man, y’all didn’t let them hack me, right commander?” Meek asked a police officer in a video he shared.