US Coast Guard offloads more than US$160m in narcotics seized in Caribbean Sea

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

The United States Coast Guard says a crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Spencer offloaded in Port Everglades, Florida about 4,810 kilos of cocaine worth over US$160.3 million.

The drug was seized in the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

Along with the illicit narcotics, the US Coast Guard said eight suspected smugglers who were also apprehended, face prosecution in US federal court by the US Department of Justice.

The US Coast Guard said the offloaded drugs were interdicted during three separate operations in the international waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The crews were from the US Coast Guard Cutter Spencer (WMEC 905), USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) with embarked USCG Law Enforcement Detachment 104, Royal Netherlands Navy Ship HNLMS Holland (P840) with embarked USCG Law Enforcement Detachment 40, and a USCG Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron helicopter.

The US Coast Guard said that, initially, a suspect vessel was “detected and monitored” by US or allied military or law enforcement personnel coordinated by Joint Interagency Task Force-South based in Key West, Florida.

“Once interdiction becomes imminent, the law enforcement phase of the operation begins, and control of the operation shifts to the US Coast Guard throughout the interdiction and apprehension,” it said.

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Alkaline Returns With “All Bout” Ahead Of New Album

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Alkaline returns with a new single, “All Bout.” The Vendetta leader recently put on his modeling cap when he walked the runway for Givenchy and appeared

Chrisean Rock Shuts Down Pregnant Doubters With Baby Bump Photos

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Chrisean Rock seemingly shut down doubters and naysayers, including her boyfriend Blueface, on Saturday as she showed off what appears to be her growing baby bump in a new photoshoot.

The ‘Crazy in Love’ cast member shared several photos of herself in an orange outfit- shorts with no underwear showing off what looks like another Blueface tribute tattoo and an oversized shirt that was unbuttoned to show off her stomach.

In December last year, Chrisean Rock claimed that she was pregnant following break-up rumors between her and Blueface. Many, including Blueface’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, shared her thoughts publicly that she didn’t believe that Zeus reality TV star was pregnant.

Others also questioned whether she was pregnant, especially as Rock has been seen drinking and partying and even lifting heavy weights during her pregnancy. Her stomach appeared to protrude in the undated photos she posted on Saturday without a caption that no doubt left many comments and engagements as some felt they could see the blossoming pregnancy.

An eye-catching tattoo just above her pubic areas also caught the attention of her followers. The tattoo read, “Johnathan’s p*ssy,” adding to the almost half a dozen tattoos she already has of the “Thotiana” rapper.

In the meantime, fans also weighed in as they questioned if she was pregnant. “I believe it when she turn sideways or something. I don’t see a baby bump. I see her poking her stomach out,” one said. Another added, “Y’all want this girl to be pregnant sooo bad.. meanwhile she out here drinking and smoking.. smh.”

Rock and Blueface appear to be in a better place in recent weeks after her initial pregnancy announcement, in which Blueface denied being the father and accused her of being promiscuous.

He also said she had a substance abuse problem. “Alcohol isn’t her problem her mentality is her problem all you people on here making excuses for a lack of self-control an irrational behavior is contributing to the problem #accountability,” Blueface wrote on Twitter.

Blueface also denied that he was aggravating Rock and causing her to fight or have meltdowns.

“When she displays this type of irrational behavior on baddies or blue girls club you guys applaud an cheer but when it’s a different setting an it doesn’t look as good you guys want it to be everybody else fault this is how she carry herself with or without me,” he said.

Chrisean Rock, who also shared she was excited to be pregnant, showed herself on video asking medical personnel whether she would hear one or three heartbeats since she would like to have triplets since that’s how many she aborted in the past.

Bounty Killer Calls Mr. Vegas A ‘Clout Chaser’ Over Police Comments

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

The dancehall legend calls his musical nemesis a clout chaser in his clap back.

Bounty Killer is defending himself against serious allegations by Mr. Vegas that he encourages the killings of law enforcement officers in the country. Jamaica’s crime situation has posed a challenge for police, who say they are underpaid and overworked, but this has not stopped cops from attempting to keep things under control. Unlike other countries, cops are not targeted specifically for carrying out their job.

However, a video of a passionate Bounty Killer unleashing his anger on traffic cops led to Mr. Vegas calling the Prime Minister to investigate the artist for seemingly encouraging harm to officers.

On Saturday, the “Living Dangerously” artist shared a reminder that he is not an enemy of police or law and order and that he is always in support of the efforts of the police.

The artist shared a throwback photo with former National Security Minister Bobby Montague in which he and fellow artist Ninjaman supported the thrust of the ministry and the training of police officers on the island. Killer also called Mr. Vegas a clout chaser for commenting.

“Lonely b**ch did u tag the @jcf_recruitingoffice and show them this six years [ago] and remember u said that I’m a informer for motivating the security forces which even ur own brother is apart of that says a lot about a clout chaser,” the artist said.

Bounty Killer explained that his reaction was to perceived disrespect and harassment and not because he hated security forces.

“I’m a law abiding citizen and I ain’t taking no disrespect or undue harassment from nobody so if I outburst then something had happened simple.”

Bounty Killer and Ninjaman, who is currently incarcerated, unite for an anti-crime initiative in Jamaica in 2017 with then National Security Minister Bobby Montague.

The artist was seen on video this week cursing and directing angry words at cops that stopped him and his entourage on his way to his godson Angel Doolas’ son, Nicholas Douglas’s funeral.

“A dat unuh come fi do prosecute somebody? One likkle simple traffic stop yuh come yah fi prosecute somebody. Okay, a hope when unuh get execute unuh nuh bawl bout prosecute,” Bounty Killer seething with anger, said.

Mr. Vegas, who is currently feuding with the “Dead This Time” artist, reposted the video on his Instagram account and said Bounty was “encouraging the assassination of our lawmen.”

“You can’t f**ing make this up! A suh him powerful?” he added as he tagged Prime Minister Andrew Holness on the post.

Metro Boomin Shares What Young Thug Planning After Release From Jail

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Atlanta super producer Metro Boomin says he spoke to Young Thug recently, and the rapper appears confident he’ll be coming home soon, and he also had a message for his fans and followers.

Metro Boomin appears to be caught in a one-sided feud with DJ Akademiks on social media after the former asked that the embattled blogger not use anything about him for content on his account. DJ Akademiks appeared offended and refused to comply with the request. Following his rant on Twitter, he reposted a Story from Metro where the rapper spoke about talking to his friend, Young Thug, who is presently held at Cobb County jail, and his hope of being released soon.

“Talked to [spider emoji] today and jus kno when he touchdown the whole [world] gon feel it,” Metro posted.

via Metro Boomin IG

Young Thug is presently incarcerated as part of a RICO trial involving him and a dozen others who are accused of committing crimes as a gang and that the rapper’s label, YSL, is a gang, not a music outfit. The trial began at the end of January (2023) and is still in the jury selection stage, with conclusion dates estimated to be months from now.

Despite Thug remaining steadfast in the trial, many of his co-defendants, including his brother Unfoonk and his protege, Gunna, and half a dozen others, all accepted plea deals to corroborate that YSL is a gang. The plea deals, which were all Alford pleas, allowed the defendants to plead guilty without admitting guilt, but many hip-hop fans have viewed the deals as nothing more than an effort to ensnare the big fish- Young Thug.

In the meantime, Metro Boomin and Thugger are close, with the producer sharing regular updates on his conversation with the artist.

While on Streetz is Watchin Radio in January, the producer said he believed that Thug was blessed and strong and he has faith he’ll be fine despite the serious charges he is facing.

“I be talking to him, he’s blessed man,” Metro said. “Anybody know Slime know he got a heart of gold but he got the heart of a warrior at the same time so like, he got his head up. And I pray for him every single day, even since everything first happened, I pray for him every single day.”

Metro Boomin continued, “Man that’s my brother I love him to death, and he done helped me a lot with a lot of stuff that I been going thru this past year. And on my faith, I’m confident that he’s gonna be alright.”

Lil Durk Chastised By Baby Mother After Saying He Wants Another Son

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

A woman who claims that Lil Durk has not acknowledged paternity for her son became angry and went off on the rapper on Saturday after he posted that he