Human remains returned to Statia 30 years after they were sent to the Netherlands

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The remains of nine indigenous people shipped to the Netherlands after an archaeological dig over 30 years ago have been repatriated to Statia.

The bone fragments, along with other artefacts, were unearthed during the 1984-89 excavation at the F.D Roosevelt Airport by archaeologist Aad Versteeg as part of a research project by the Archaeological Centre of the Leiden State University in the Netherlands and the Archaeological-Anthropological Institute of the Netherlands Antilles on Cura?ao. The project investigated several archaeological sites in the Windward islands of the Netherlands Antilles, particular in Saba and Statia, to gain an insight into the way of life and patterns of organisation of the indigenous inhabitants of the islands in the pre-Columbian period.

Almost all the excavated material, including artefacts that dated back to the fifth century, was shipped to the Netherlands. The research results were published in the 1992 publication “The Archaeology of Sint Eustatius. The Golden Rock.”

Now, after a near year-long process, which included discussions between the authorities in Statia and the Netherlands, the human remains are back on the island. The Statia Cultural Heritage Implementation Committee will consult residents on burial, said Nasha Radjouki, the programme manager for culture with the Statia Government.

“It’s imperative that we involve the Statian community as we consider how and where to rebury these human remains in a respectful way,” Radjouki emphasised. “The Statian community must know that there is more to their history than just what has been written, and be involved in the new narrative.”

The transfer agreement for the return of the remains was signed last month by Government Commissioner Alida Francis, in the presence of Island Commissioners Derrick Simmons and Glenville Schmidt, Radjouki, and members of the St. Eustatius Center for Archaeological Research, a non-governmental organisation involved in the study of all aspects of the rich and diverse archaeological heritage of the island.

“The discovery more than 30 years ago, and the eventual return of the remains of the indigenous people, helps us to recognise that in addition to the enslaved Africans, we also had an indigenous community who had their own burial grounds,” said Francis. “Our story is much broader and richer than even we thought, and it’s up to us to tell this story.”

The return of human remains is the first phase of a wider repatriation project being undertaken by the Department of Culture. The rest of the artefacts – boxes of ceramic, lithia, coral, shell food remains and artefacts – will be returned in the third quarter of this year. Following this, the process will begin to have William and Mary College, a US public research university, to return a collection of Statian artefacts currently in its possession.

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Jamaican doctors and teachers accept wage offer

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Teachers have accepted the government’s latest wage offer ending industrial action that had led to protest action last week and a resumption of classes on Monday.

In addition, doctors have also voted to accept the offer made by the government.

Last week, Finance and the Public Service Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke announced that J$4.3 billion had been allocated in the budget for this fiscal year to settle wage agreements with some of the major public sector groups, which ends on March 31.

Clarke said the Andrew Holness government has allocated J$10.2 billion for rank-and-file police officers, with an additional one billion for District Constables and J$600 million for members of the Police Officers Association, totalling J$11.8 billion.

The total amount allocated for junior doctors is J$6.4 billion.

“We want the doctors to receive the amounts in March 2023. We want to be in a position for these amounts to leave the Consolidated Fund in March 2023. These amounts alone total J$30 billion, and this size of payment cannot be accommodated in the upcoming fiscal year,” Clarke said.

The sum for teachers is approximately J$12 billion.

On Sunday, the teachers associated with the Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA) voted to accept the wage offer after they had initially rejected the wage offer under the government’s public sector compensation review programme.

President of the Jamaica Medical Doctors’ Association (JMDA), Dr Mindi Fitz-Henley, said 95 per cent of those present on Sunday voted during a special meeting of the JMDA elected to accept the offer.

“The JMDA met with its membership this evening, and the outcome of the vote is that 95 per cent of persons voted to accept the new compensation package from the Ministry of Finance,” Fitz-Henley said, adding that the wage offer will protect and allow future generations of doctors to properly be hired in posts.

“It is important to note that with this offer, we get all of our doctors currently employed in a contract into a post and we also protect the future generation of doctors to come by, ensuring that they also have to be hired into a post,” she added.

On Friday, March 10, Ministry of the Finance and the Public Service sent a new wage offer to members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, hours after the leadership of the groups representing the cops denied that they had rejected a proposed pay package from the Government.

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AMCHAM advocates for continuation of Duty-Free Imports from Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

The American Chamber of Commerce of Jamaica (AMCHAM Jamaica), participated in federal hearings before the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) in Washington DC last Thursday, as the USITC begins their periodic review of the duty-free access of goods from Jamaica and the region to the United States.

AMCHAM Jamaica CEO, Jodi-Ann Quarrie, represented the Chamber at the hearings on March 9, 2023, where she gave oral testimony defending Jamaica’s use of the duty-free regime. She also answered questions about potential impediments for Jamaican businesses as the USITC reviews the economic impact of the Caribbean Basin Economic Recovery Act (CBERA) and related programmes, more commonly known in Jamaica as the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI). These programmes allow for duty-free imports from designated countries including Jamaica.

After the hearings, Quarrie said, “We must ensure that a clear market for Jamaican goods in the United States continues to be maintained. We value this platform to express our perspectives and share valuable insights with the USITC regarding the economic impact of the programmes on Jamaica and the Caribbean region.”

Among the issues discussed were regulatory costs, the difficulty in securing inspections, the insecurity concerning the iterative process of U.S. trade law renewals, female participation in the labor force, and the impact of the Jamaican diaspora.

President of AMCHAM Jamaica, Ann-Dawn Young Sang, emphasized the importance of representing the Jamaican business community in these hearings. “The revenues from exports to the US constitute a large part of Jamaica’s foreign exchange earnings. It is therefore crucial that the members of the Chamber are able to be represented and that solutions are put forward for the improvement of the CBI program. Because of our close working relationship with the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington DC, AMCHAM Jamaica is sensitive to the need to continue this partnership between the United States and Jamaica to build strong economies, strengthen ties, and to contribute to the recovery of Jamaican businesses post-Covid.”

AMCHAM Jamaica was the only Jamaican representative at the hearings. Other participants included Zulfikar Ally, Minister Counselor of the Embassy of the Republic of Guyana, and Industry association representatives from Haiti, and Antigua and Barbuda among others.

The decision on the future of the CBI will take into consideration how Jamaica has utilized the programme, and the report on the findings of the USITC is expected to be completed in September 2023. AMCHAM Jamaica will continue to advocate for the continuation of the regime in the best interests of the Jamaican business community.

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Confirmed: Global floods, droughts worsening with warming

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

The intensity of extreme drought and rainfall has “sharply” increased over the past 20 years, according to a study published Monday in the journal Nature Water. These aren’t merely tough weather events, they are leading to extremes such as crop failure, infrastructure damage, even humanitarian crises and conflict.

The big picture on water comes from data from a pair of satellites known as GRACE, or Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, that were used to measure changes in Earth’s water storage — the sum of all the water on and in the land, including groundwater, surface water, ice, and snow.

“It’s incredible that we can now monitor the pulse of continental water from outer space,” said Park Williams, a bioclimatologist at the University of California, Los Angeles who was not involved with the study.

“I have a feeling when future generations look back and try to determine when humanity really began understanding the planet as a whole, this will be one of the studies highlighted,” he said.

The researchers say the data confirms that both frequency and intensity of rainfall and droughts are increasing due to burning fossil fuels and other human activity that releases greenhouse gases.

“I was surprised to see how well correlated the global intensity was with global mean temperatures,” said Matthew Rodell, study author and deputy director of Earth sciences for hydrosphere, biosphere, and geophysics at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

The strong link between these climate extremes and rising global average temperatures means continued global warming will mean more drought and rainstorms that are worse by many measures — more frequent, more severe, longer and larger.

Researchers looked at 1,056 events from 2002-2021 using a novel algorithm that identifies where the land is much wetter or drier than normal.

That showed the most extreme rains keep happening in sub-Saharan Africa, at least through December 2021, the end of the data. The rainfall extremes also took place in central and eastern North America from 2018-2021, and Australia during 2011-2012.

The most intense droughts were a record-breaking one in northeastern South America from 2015-2016; an event in the Cerrado region of Brazil that began in 2019 and continues; and the ongoing drought in the American Southwest that has caused dangerously low water levels in two of the biggest US reservoirs, Lake Mead and Lake Powell. Those remain low despite heavy rains this year.

Drought events outnumbered heavy rain events by 10 per cent. Their geographic extents and how long they lasted were similar.

A warmer atmosphere increases the rate at which water evaporates during dry periods. It also holds more water vapour, which fuels heavy rainfall events.

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Altree Developments introduces Vie L’Ven Resort and Residences In Sint Maarten

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News Americas, TORONTO, Canada, March 14, 2023: Altree Developments announces a new luxury resort development comprising a five-star hotel and approximately 253 residential residences.

Vie L’Ven, is set to arrive soon on the shores of Cay Bay in Sint Maarten. With a prime location and unparalleled amenities, Vie L’Ven promises an experience unlike any other. Every detail of this development has been crafted to provide residents with the ultimate luxury living, from its lush coastal landscape to its pristine interiors.

The resort residences will consist of 253 fully furnished suites, available in a range of layouts, including one, two, and three-bedroom homes ranging from 600 sq. ft. to 6,000 sq. ft. Each suite is thoughtfully designed by Munge Studio with the option to add a private plunge pool.

Additionally, all residences can access top-notch amenities and services, including discounts on superb hotel facilities, amenities, and food services.

“In French, ‘Vie’ means ‘full of life,’ while in Dutch, ‘leven’ means ‘to live’ – this duality inspired the branding of our new development, Vie L’Ven. We aimed to infuse this energetic spirit into every aspect of the project, from the stunning architecture to the unmatched amenities,” says Zev Mandelbaum, founder and CEO of Altree Developments. “Vie L’Ven represents the start of our mission to create an unforgettable experience for our guests, and we can’t wait to share our vision with the world.”

Altree Developments has collaborated with world-class architects, interior designers, and hospitality industry experts to bring Vie L’Ven to life, including HKS Architects, one of the world’s most renowned hospitality architectural firms designing both the built structure and landscape design. Studio Munge is an internationally celebrated and award-winning interior designer whose talents will be brought to public spaces and interior finishes. The design team is supported by a team of local architects and engineers to tailor the resort to the Island’s unique style.

Vie L’Ven architecture and interior inspiration:

The architects and designers behind Vie L’Ven have drawn inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Sint Maarten, which is steeped in both Dutch and French influences. This duality is reflected in the resort’s architecture and interior design, which seamlessly blend both styles to create a unique and captivating aesthetic.

“Every suite and amenity throughout the resort is infused with this signature style, from the elegantly appointed interiors to the stunning outdoor spaces,” says Alessandro Munge, founder and design director of Studio Munge. “The result is a harmonious and sophisticated retreat that celebrates the island’s history and culture, offering guests a modern and luxurious experience.”

Notable features include:

Exquisite five-star hotel

World-class restaurants

Numerous swimming pools

Beach bar

Private villas

Beautifully designed pier looking out into Cay Bay

Spa and fitness facilities

Concierge services

With its prime location on the island, Vie L’Ven is poised to become the premier condominium hotel resort in the Caribbean.

Site construction for the sales office is underway, and interested parties can register for more information about the development on the Vie L’Ven website.

For more information, visit, or visit us on social @vie.lven.

About Altree Developments:

Altree Developments stems from a long lineage of multi-generational experience in the development field. Led by Zev Mandelbaum, Altree is a leading development company focused on acquiring and developing strategic residential and commercial lands in the Greater Toronto Area and the United States. With a diverse portfolio of mixed-use projects ranging from ultra-luxury condominiums to master-planned communities, major projects are located in sought-after communities such as Forest Hill, Highland Creek, and Jersey City, North Manhattan. Our vision is to deliver prime residential locations with long-term value and growth potential. For more information, visit

Valiant Producer Responds To Kabaka Pyramid Condemning ‘Rasta’ Song

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Kabaka Pyramid is not a fan of Valiant’s new song, “Rasta.”

The Grammy-winning reggae singer has never been shy about expressing his feelings in his music or on social media. Over the weekend, Kabaka Pyramid shared his thoughts on Valiant’s new song “Rasta,” which the young dancehall star released a music video for with an actual Rastafarian singing some of the lyrics. “Man a live like Rasta, no beef no passa,” the artist sings.

Kabaka Pyramid says the song is taking Rastafarianism for a joke. “When we seh we wah inspire di next generation, dis is NOT what we meant,” the singer tweeted. “Rasta a joke ting a Jamaica now apparently. Aright.”

It didn’t take long for the song’s producer, Countree Hype, to respond to Pyramid’s tweet triggering other reactions from fans.

“Its Simple Grammy Kid No Beef no Passa is making references to Some Rasta Who Believe in peace and unity But The Other Parts Of The Song Is Clearly not for Rasta,” Countree Hype tweeted. “Look how many things me see Rasta a do ? And Unuh nah talk on that ,we respect you G but this never have to post maybe a you PR post it still anyway blessing No Beef! No Passa!”

Kabaka Pyramid also responds to another tweet from Preki, who stated that “Valiant get the rasta artiste dem cross which is expected.” The tweet also seemingly suggests that the new crop of Rastafarian artists are soft or not as hardcore as the older generation, like Sizzla Kalonji, Capleton, or even Bob Marley. Kabaka was not in agreement with the tweet and swiftly pushed back.

“U a real disappointment bredda,” the singer clap back. “U a dash roun words like “militancy” an “commercial” wid no sense of reality. I muss bun out everything i see publicly an then do have no career to feed my people dem. What militant mean? Me fi a shoot ppl an not do music videos or win Grammys?”

ZJ Sparks shared screenshots of the comments on her Instagram, which triggered a heated debate among fans. Konshens also dropped a comment weighing in on the post.

Konshens responds to Kabaka Pyramid calling out Valiant

“Naah, respectfully I dont think being a Jamaican means u have a responsibility to preserve rasta integrity, especially if u nuh believe inna rasta faith,” Konshens wrote. “Actual rastas been doing alot more to [poop emoji] pan rasta culture than any gimmick valiant can pull. Mi nuh like dah loud up yah fi di singer.”

Interestingly, Kabaka Pyramid also commented on the post.

“When a man wid actual talent haffi sing bout Dunce an Sciance fi get anybody attention, dat tell u more bout SOCIETY dan di artist himself,” Kabaka wrote. “Unnu need fi check unnu mental health. Di DJ dem weh get him conscious song dem, unnu play dem? Me neva hear bout him, why is that?? A my fault mi neva hear bout him? Look how much conscious artist a try a ting an nah get heard. An di one artist weh stay conscious right tru an neva run down commercial song unnu a diss ya now. Mi love unnu same way. An me a gwaan shell dem show ya pon tour.”

Some fans also called him out for what they call alignment with Koffee, who recently received criticism for her collaboration with Sam Smith.

NBA YoungBoy and Lil Durk’s Baby Mother India Royale Clash On Twitter

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

India Royale might not want anything to do with Lil Durk, but she is not letting anyone disparage her or the father of her child, especially not NBA YoungBoy.

Lil Durk has been trying his best to get the attention of India Royale, who broke up with him for reasons unknown to the public. He has been especially trying to get her attention since her birthday two days ago and has been hopping on her live video since Monday leading to her followers trolling him on social media.

It seems that Durk’s arch-nemesis NBA YoungBoy felt he could also jump in and take a jab at India. “Lol damn I know how it be when that h*e turn to a demon,” YoungBoy wrote on his burner account on Twitter.

India also fired off several tweets directed at YoungBoy. “Don’t speak on me b*tch. I let you slide the first time,” India tweeted. She also let YB know she was not playing with her daughter, Willow’s dad. “That’s still my BD. Ion play about him. Y’all can chill. Fr,” another Tweet said.

India Royale, who stood up with Lil Durk as they fired back at armed intruders at their home in 2021, also had other words for YoungBoy, who is well-known for speaking about his gang connections in music. “Ppl think because they was dirty and in the hood they automatically gang. You wasn’t toting no guns, you was food deprived.”

She also directed her tweets at YB, writing, “I’m talking about dent head.” She added, “That lil boy need to find somebody to play with. You was just a dirty lil bad kid. You ain’t like that Fr.”

While some fans felt that YB might have been speaking about the ongoing break-up situation between Chrisean Rock and Blueface, YB confirmed he was addressing India Royale with a response he felt was for her. “[laughing emoji] B*tch I know 1 thing you ain’t gone muthaf**king play with me,” he captioned a screenshot of his song “DentHead” from his project Realer 2.

India also popped up on Instagram with another response writing, “that lil boy need to find somebody to play with. You was just a dirty lil bad kid. You ain’t like that Fr.”

On Twitter, she also reacted to a fan who told her to stay out of YoungBoy and Lil Durk’s beef. “I was. Don’t speak on me,” she said.

Meanwhile, India’s tweets have gone viral, and many reacted, including fellow Chicago rapper 600 Breezy, who laughed, “called his lil ass dent head [crying with laugh emoji] I love Chicago.”

The Baton Roge rapper previously took a few jabs at India on his 2022 song “I Hate YoungBoy.”

Lil Durk has not reacted to NBA YoungBoy coming for India Royale.

Kiprich Lost J$7.6 Million In Cash and Jewelry In Airbnb Robbery

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste KipRich is reeling in losses after a robbery in which thieves broke into his Airbnb and stole cash and millions of dollars worth of

Boosie Likens Tory Lanez Conviction To Tupac and Mike Tyson Trial

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Baton Rouge rapper Boosie Badazz is commenting for the first time on the Tory Lanez trial for the shooting assault of fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion and says even though he remained quiet during the trial, he knew Tory would be found guilty.

In a new interview with Vlad TV, the rapper said he deliberately did not comment on the trial as he didn’t want to stir up any sentiment among fans of both rappers.

During the two years since the matter took place, fans of Lanez and Megan have been ardent in their beliefs as to whom they believed. The Houston rapper, in particular, received much backlash from insensitive comments, even from fellow celebrities who went from outrightly disbelieving her to downplaying the effect of what Lanez had done to her.

However, Boosie says he wasn’t surprised by the verdict.

“I didn’t want my interviews to stir which way but I knew he would be found guilty. You never saw a man and a woman go to something and that man wins,” Boosie says.

The rapper went on to rat off a few names of other male celebrities like Tupac Shakur and Mike Tyson, whom he seemed to insinuate always lost cases because of their sex rather than because they are truly guilty of the egregious acts of violence they commit against women.

“You’ve never…domestic violence, I’ve never seen nobody win in court when it’s a woman against a man. I’ve never, Mike Tyson, Tupac, it goes on and on, bro I didn’t want to say this but I’ve never seen when something like that happens that a man comes out victorious on a woman but I’ve been wanting to say this four interviews ago,” Boosie said.

He added that he also discussed the case with his aunt, who told him that it didn’t matter if Lanez was guilty or innocent once he was a man; the scales were tipped against him.

Vlad, on the other hand, also shared that over the last two years, he knew Lanez would go to jail because he spoke to people who were close to the situation, and he knew for a fact that Lanez had shot the “Wap” rapper.

The talk show host added that Lanez also messaged him privately, calling him “the feds,” and “opps.”because he felt that Vlad’s comments would sway the public from siding with him.

FAO, CAF strengthen work on agri-food systems as an opportunity for investment and sustainable development

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

FAO’s Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean, Mario Lubetkin, held a working meeting last Wednesday with the President of the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), Sergio D?az-Granados, to review a common work agenda to strengthen and identify opportunities for cooperation and the mobilization of investments to accelerate the transformation of agri-food systems.

The strengthening of the partnership between FAO and CAF in Latin America and the Caribbean will make it possible to join efforts and establish complementary actions, considering the technical and operational capacities of both institutions through the design, financing, and implementation of projects and technical assistance programs that contribute to responding to the current challenges of eradicating poverty and hunger and reducing inequalities in the region.

“For FAO, it is essential to strengthening multisectoral alliances that allow us to complement and make our efforts more efficient and that investments can generate greater impact and profound transformations in agri-food systems for the benefit of people and the planet,” said Mario Lubetkin, FAO Assistant Director-General and Regional Representative for Latin America and the Caribbean.

FAO’s meeting with CAF is part of the work of the United Nations organization to promote a multilateral agenda with different countries and entities in the region to address the fight against hunger and malnutrition, in addition to responding to the challenges arising from the consequences of climate change.

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