New Airline Routes Open Up Exciting Possibilities For Caribbean Travelers

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. April 17, 20223: The Caribbean has long been a popular destination for tourists from around the world, thanks to its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and year-round sunshine. Now, travelers have even more reasons to visit, as a number of new airline routes have recently been added to the region. These routes not only make it easier to reach your favorite Caribbean destinations, but also open up exciting new possibilities for travel. Here are just a few of the new airline routes that you should know about.

American Airlines – New Routes to the Bahamas

American Airlines has recently added several new routes to the Bahamas, including flights to Nassau from Charlotte, Chicago, and Philadelphia. They have also added new routes to Exuma, Long Island, and Eleuthera. These new routes provide more options for travelers looking to explore the beauty of the Bahamas beyond the popular tourist destinations.

JetBlue – New Flights to Barbados and Saint Lucia

JetBlue has expanded its service to the Caribbean with new flights to Barbados and Saint Lucia. They now offer non-stop service to these destinations from New York, Boston, and Fort Lauderdale. These new flights make it easier than ever to escape to the sunny shores of the Caribbean.

Southwest Airlines – New Flights to Puerto Rico

Southwest Airlines has added several new routes to Puerto Rico, including flights from Chicago, Dallas, and Houston to San Juan. This makes it easier for travelers from the Midwest and Texas to reach this popular Caribbean destination.

Delta Airlines – New Flights to Grenada

Delta Airlines has added a new flight to Grenada from New York, providing a convenient option for travelers looking to visit this beautiful island. With its stunning beaches and unique culture, Grenada is a must-visit destination for any Caribbean traveler.

These are just a few of the new airline routes that have been added to the Caribbean in recent months. With more airlines and routes than ever before, it’s easier than ever to explore this tropical paradise. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an adventurous escape, the Caribbean has something to offer everyone. So, book your flights, pack your bags, and get ready to explore all that this beautiful region has to offer.

Exciting New Investment Opportunity In Saint Lucia

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News Americas, CASTRIES, St. Lucia, Mon. April 17, 2023: Investors seeking a new opportunity for investment in the Caribbean can now take advantage of Saint Lucia’s National Action Bonds (NAB). Introduced following approvals from the CBI Board and the Deputy Prime Minister, the NAB provides investors with the only refundable option available amongst the Caribbean nations offering Citizenship by Investment programs.

With a minimum investment of $300,000, regardless of family size, the NAB is available to both single applicants and families. It is a non-interest-bearing bond that requires investors to hold the investment for a minimum of five years, after which the funds are refunded to the investor.

Previously, the Government Bonds investment option provided a minimum investment amount of $500,000. The NAB offers a similar investment option for applicants, with the added benefit of being refundable.

The NAB is ideal for large families seeking to secure a brighter future in Saint Lucia. Investors can include any number of qualifying dependents on their application, which makes this a perfect opportunity for those with large families.

The NAB offers a unique opportunity for investors to support sustainable development and climate action in Saint Lucia, while also receiving a refund of their investment after the five-year holding period. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting new investment opportunity!

Dominican Republic to Receive €13 Million Investment from the European Union

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News Americas, SANTO DOMINGO, DR, Mon. April 17, 2023: The European Union (EU) has announced a new investment of €13 million in the Dominican Republic, in an effort to support the country’s economic and social development.

The investment will be focused on promoting sustainable agriculture and rural development, with the aim of improving the livelihoods of farmers and their families in the country. It will also help to strengthen the Dominican Republic’s position as a leading exporter of agricultural products to the EU market.

The investment was announced by Jutta Urpilainen, the EU Commissioner for International Partnerships, during a visit to the Dominican Republic. Urpilainen praised the country’s efforts to promote sustainable development, and emphasized the EU’s commitment to supporting its progress.

“By investing in sustainable agriculture and rural development in the Dominican Republic, we are not only supporting the livelihoods of farmers and their families, but also contributing to the country’s overall economic growth and social development,” Urpilainen said.

The investment will be implemented through the EU’s Agricultural Competitiveness Program, which aims to promote sustainable agriculture and rural development in countries across Latin America and the Caribbean.

The program has already supported a number of initiatives in the Dominican Republic, including the establishment of a national system for traceability and certification of organic products, and the promotion of sustainable production practices in cocoa farming.

The announcement of this new investment comes as the Dominican Republic continues to recover from the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The EU’s support will provide a much-needed boost to the country’s agriculture sector, which has been hard-hit by the crisis.

Overall, the EU’s investment in sustainable agriculture and rural development in the Dominican Republic is a positive step forward for the country’s economic and social development, and highlights the importance of international partnerships in promoting sustainable growth and progress.