Get Ready For ICC Men’s T20 World Cup In Lauderhill, Florida

News Americas, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, Jan. 30, 2024: The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024 is set to captivate cricket fans again in Broward county Florida.

The tournament will be hosted across three venues in the USA, including at the Broward County Stadium in Lauderhill, Florida, and six in the Caribbean, promising a thrilling 29-day cricket extravaganza. Lauderhill will come alive with the first match on June 11th with Nepal facing Sri Lanka while the USA takes on Ireland on June 14th.  On June 15th, India will face Canada while Pakistan faces Ireland on June 16th.

FLASHBACK – The West Indies team lost their second T-20 match up at the Central Broward Stadium in Lauderhill, Fl.

With ten of the 20 participating teams kicking off their campaigns in the USA, cricket enthusiasts can expect 16 exciting clashes in Lauderhill, Dallas, and New York. One of the most highly anticipated matches of the tournament, India vs. Pakistan, is scheduled to take place at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium in Long Island on June 9th.

In the Caribbean, 41 matches will unfold across six different islands, leading up to the semi-finals in Trinidad and Tobago and Guyana. The grand finale will be held in Barbados on June 29, promising an exhilarating conclusion to the tournament.

The event features four groups, each comprising five teams. The top two teams from each group will progress to the Super Eight phase, followed by the knockout semi-finals and the ultimate title showdown.

Group A boasts co-hosts USA, arch-rivals India and Pakistan, Canada making their tournament debut, and European side Ireland.

Group B features the past two Men’s T20 World Cup winners, England and Australia, who will face off against Namibia, Scotland, and Oman.

Group C sees the West Indies joined by New Zealand, Afghanistan, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea.

Group D showcases South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Netherlands, and Nepal.

The tournament kicks off on June 1 with the co-hosts USA taking on neighbours Canada in Dallas. Meanwhile, fellow hosts West Indies will challenge Papua New Guinea in Guyana on the tournament’s second day.

Cricket fans around the world can look forward to a thrilling competition, with teams battling for T20 cricket supremacy across the USA and the Caribbean.

For the full fixture list of the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup 2024, refer to the provided schedule below:

Dates         Matches    Groups      Venues

June 1        USA vs Canada  Group A    Dallas

June 2        West Indies vs Papua New Guinea         Group C    Guyana

June 2        Namibia vs Oman        Group B    Barbados

June 3        Sri Lanka vs South Africa    Group D    New York

June 3        Afghanistan vs Uganda         Group C    Guyana

June 4        England vs Scotland   Group B    Barbados

June 4        Netherlands vs Nepal  Group D    Dallas

June 5        India vs Ireland  Group A    New York

June 5        Papua New Guinea vs Uganda      Group C    Guyana

June 5        Australia vs Oman       Group B    Barbados

June 6        USA vs Pakistan          Group A    Dallas

June 6        Namibia vs Scotland   Group B    Barbados

June 7        Canada vs Ireland        Group A    New York

June 7        New Zealand vs Afghanistan         Group C    Guyana

June 7        Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh      Group D    Dallas

June 8        Netherlands vs South Africa          Group D    New York

June 8        Australia vs England   Group B    Barbados

June 8        West Indies vs Uganda         Group C    Guyana

June 9        India vs Pakistan         Group A    New York

June 9        Oman vs Scotland       Group B    Antigua and Barbuda

June 10      South Africa vs Bangladesh Group D    New York

June 11      Pakistan vs Canada      Group A    New York

June 11      Sri Lanka vs Nepal      Group D    Lauderhill

June 11      Australia vs Namibia   Group B    Antigua and Barbuda

June 12      z        Group A    New York

June 12      West Indies vs New Zealand         Group C    Trinidad and Tobago

June 13      England vs Oman        Group B    Antigua and Barbuda

June 13      Bangladesh vs Netherlands  Group D    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

June 13      Afghanistan vs Papua New Guinea        Group C    Trinidad and Tobago

June 14      USA vs Ireland   Group A    Lauderhill

June 14      South Africa vs Nepal Group D    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

June 14      New Zealand vs Uganda       Group C    Trinidad and Tobago

June 15      India vs Canada  Group A    Lauderhill

June 15      Namibia vs England    Group B    Antigua and Barbuda

June 15      Australia vs Scotland  Group B    Saint Lucia

June 16      Pakistan vs Ireland      Group A    Lauderhill

June 16      Bangladesh vs Nepal   Group D    Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

June 16      Sri Lanka vs Netherlands     Group D    Saint Lucia

June 17      New Zealand vs Papua New Guinea       Group C    Trinidad and Tobago

June 17      West Indies vs Afghanistan  Group C    Saint Lucia

June 19      A2 vs D1   Group 2     Antigua and Barbuda

June 19      B1 vs C2   Group 2     Saint Lucia

June 20      C1 vs A1   Group 1     Barbados

June 20      B2 vs D2   Group 1     Antigua and Barbuda

June 21      B1 vs D1   Group 2     Saint Lucia

June 21      A2 vs C2   Group 2     Barbados

June 22      A1 vs D2   Group 1     Antigua and Barbuda

June 22      C1 vs B2   Group 1     Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

June 23      A2 vs B1   Group 2     Barbados

June 23      C2 vs D1   Group 2     Antigua and Barbuda

June 24      B2 vs A1   Group 1     Saint Lucia

June 24      C1 vs D1   Group 1     Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

June 26      TBD Semi-final 1        Guyana

June 27      TBD Semi-final 2        Trinidad and Tobago

June 29      TBD Final Barbados.

iOS 17.3 Brings In The Unity Wallpaper To Mark Black History Month

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Jan. 29, 2024: As per the latest reports, the iOS 17.3 update was rolled out on Monday this week. It’s quite impactful and astonishing at the same time since it’s already the third update rolled out with the release of the latest iPhone 15. But what’s in it? For starters, it has brought the ‘Unity Wallpaper’ to celebrate Black History Month.

Unity Wallpaper

With the latest update, users can get the Unity wallpaper that celebrates Black History Month. The artwork itself is super-amazing and brings a great touch to the aesthetics. The Pan African wallpaper represents the Black culture as well as presents a surreal display.


Users can get this wallpaper for iPhones, iPad, and Mac and even for Apple watch. Another amazing thing is that it comes with the perfect resolution for all devices with its portrait orientation. You can easily get the new wallpaper from the Apple’s Unity section, and show your support.

What Else Did iPhone Users Get with 17.3?

In addition, users can also use the device to stream to the TV directly in selected hotels. Linked devices to the user’s Apple ID will get AppleCare and warranty information too. Plus, there has been an improvement in the crash detection feature present in iPhone 14 and 15.

Updated Security Features

Apple is renowned for its security features and we can all agree that it’s true. It’s one of the reasons why the fans of Blackberry switched to the iPhone when it got its security compromised. But thankfully, the 17.3 update brings some robust security features too.

It has added the ‘stolen device protection’ feature, offering an additional layer of security to the users. With this update, users can prevent thieves from accessing sensitive information. This will be done by the addition of Touch ID or Face ID requirements for such resources such as iCloud keychain, Apple Card, etc.

Moreover, the feature will also cause an hour delay as well as add an additional two biometric scans, making it difficult for any unauthorized person to operate the device. The update was highly focused on providing security to the users in case of theft.

Thieves would later acquire passwords and lock the users out of the Apple accounts while accessing financial accounts, emails, and other sensitive information. Most importantly, if any user finds out the passcode and steals the device, the added protective feature will keep them at bay from accessing sensitive information.

Collaborative Playlists

Apple Music players will now be able to collaborate with others using the playlist. From inviting friends to add more songs to the playlist to sending emojis on them, users can do much more than just listen to music.

If you’re into streaming music without any hassle, then get a smooth internet connection such as Comcast Internet to enjoy the experience with your pals uninterruptedly.

The good thing is that this update was initially introduced in the beta for the 17.2 update; however, it was officially rolled out in this one.