Guyana Denounces Maduro’s Law Claiming Guyana’s Territory

News Americas, GEORGETOWN, GUYANA, Weds., April 4, 2024: Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s decision to enact a law claiming sovereignty over two-thirds of Guyana sparked intense backlash from Guyana’s government on Thursday.

While the text of the law wasn’t immediately disclosed, Guyana’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned the move, labeling it a violation of international law. The law targets Guyana’s western Essequibo region.

Meanwhile, Maduro accused the US of setting up a base in Guyana’s Essequibo territory.

“We have information proving that in the territory of Guyana Essequibo, temporarily administered by Guyana, secret military bases of the (US) Southern Command… a body of the CIA, have been installed,” Maduro said.

He said the bases are an “aggression” against the people of southern and eastern Venezuela and were built “to prepare for an escalation against Venezuela.”

Maduro‘s provocative remarks came as parliament held a ceremony commemorating a recent law laying out the defense of Guyana Essequibo, four months after a controversial, non-binding referendum overwhelmingly approved the creation of a Venezuelan province in the disputed region, sparking fears of a military conflict.

He also claimed that his counterpart, President Irfaan Ali, “does not govern Guyana” and that “Guyana is governed by the Southern Command, the CIA and ExxonMobil.”

FLASH BACK – This handout picture released by the Venezuelan Presidency shows Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro (R)shakes hand with Guyana’s President Irfaan Ali(L) during a meeting in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines on December 14, 2023. The presidents of Venezuela and Guyana arrived Thursday morning on the Caribbean archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines for a meeting aimed at easing tensions over the territorial dispute around the Essequibo, which has long pitted their two countries. CREDIT “AFP PHOTO / VENEZUELAN PRESIDENCY / MARCELO GARCIA

Maduro organized a referendum in early December, asserting Venezuela’s right to the oil- and mineral-rich area, alleging it was unlawfully taken during border delineation over a century ago. Maduro hailed the signing ceremony on Wednesday as a significant moment.

“The decision of December 3 has now become the Law of the Republic,” Maduro tweeted, emphasizing Venezuela’s commitment to defend its territory.

In response, Guyana’s government emphasized the importance of resorting to the International Court of Justice to settle territorial disputes, expressing readiness to engage in the legal process.

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The Business Of Sports – 30 Years Of Team Jamaica Bickle

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. April 4, 2024: As we approach another exciting edition of the Penn Relays, we delve into the intersection of sports and social welfare, a mission championed by Irwine Clare, Sr., OD, the visionary founder and current chairman of Team Jamaica Bickle.

The genesis of this venture can be traced back to a dinner held for the athletes after one of the games. It was during this gathering that the late Ben Francis proposed the idea of providing food for the athletes during the competition. From this discussion emerged the concept of Team Jamaica Bickle.

Join us on this episode of the #HardToBeat podcast as we sit down with Mr. Clare to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Team Jamaica Bickle, a labor of love that has profoundly impacted the lives of Caribbean athletes. Over the past three decades, thousands of athletes have been supported at the Penn Relays, thanks to a diverse coalition of corporate sponsors, local businesses, and dedicated volunteers.

 =What initially began in a parking lot at Penn State University has since grown into a substantial operation, with numerous entities rallying behind the cause.

As demand for assistance surged, additional organizations lent their support. Among them were the Jamaica Tourist Board, Victoria Mutual Building Society, GraceKennedy, Union of Jamaican Alumni Associations (UJAA), National Association of Jamaican and Supportive Organizations (NAJSO), Digicel, Dennis Shipping, Trans Continental Shipping, Lomax Foundation, and others.

Irwine Clare, Sr., OD, founder and chairman of Team Jamaica Bickle on the podcast #HardToBeat

The organization’s core mission remains steadfast: to prioritize the welfare of the athletes. What initially centred on providing meals, transportation, and accommodation has expanded to encompass medical services and other forms of support.

Team Jamaica Bickle has even implemented a school defibrillator program, supplying defibrillators to schools in Jamaica —a vital resource that has proven invaluable in emergencies.

Additionally, the organization offers counselling services to schools, with G.C. Foster College being a significant beneficiary, receiving over US$150,000 in support over the years. While initially focused on Jamaican athletes, Team Jamaica Bickle’s services have broadened to include student athletes from other Caribbean nations attending the Penn Relays.

Moreover, the organization has evolved into a platform for promoting Jamaican culture, hosting various events attended by Caribbean and American officials.

On April 14th, Team Jamaica Bickle will hold its annual benefit gala luncheon in Long Island to raise funds for its ongoing endeavors. Tower Isle Patties will be honored during the event for its steadfast support of Jamaican student athletes at the Penn Relays over the years. The group returns to the annual Penn Relays to provide service to this year’s athletes on April 25-27th.  

“We believe in the welfare of Caribbean athletes,” remarks Clare, emphasizing the collective effort behind the organization’s success. “It’s not just a Jamaican endeavor; it’s a unified effort encompassing various Caribbean nations.”

Discover the inspiring journey of Team Jamaica Bickle, from its humble beginnings to its current role as a provider of essential services such as meals, accommodations, transportation, healthcare, and insurance for athletes participating in the Penn Relays.

From adversity to achievement, Team Jamaica Bickle commemorates its milestone anniversary with a commitment to excellence. Join us in supporting their upcoming fundraiser and contributing to their noble cause at

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