Isolement dreigt weer voor Batalibagebied door deplorabele weg

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door Samuel Wens BOVEN-SURINAME —  Dorpen in het Batalibagebied, bij het stuwmeer in het district Brokopondo, dreigen weer in een

L’épidémie de Covid-19 poursuit sa baisse avec 1290 nouveaux cas

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Le nombre de nouveaux cas de coronavirus est en baisse entre le 25 et le 31 juillet par rapport à la semaine précédente, selon le bilan hebdomadaire de l’Agence Régionale de Santé de ce mardi 02 août.

Les indicateurs du Covid-19 sont à nouveau en baisse cette semaine (pour la septième semaine consécutive), avec 1290 nouveaux cas de coronavirus (contre 1710 nouveaux cas la semaine précédente).


Ce qui porte à 215 140 le nombre de personnes contaminées depuis le début de l’épidémie, contre 213 810 la semaine précédente.

Le nombre de tests diminue légèrement avec 12 675 tests contre 12 802 il y a 7 jours.

Le taux d’incidence reste en dessous des 500 nouveaux cas, avec 368 nouveaux cas pour 100 000 habitants. Il était de 488 la semaine dernière. Il reste supérieur au seuil d’alerte (50 pour 100 000) depuis 48 semaines.

Pour la septième fois depuis 14 semaines, le taux de positivité diminue, avec 10,2%. Il était de 13,4% la semaine dernière. Il est au-dessus du seuil d’alerte (10%).


Une situation favorable

Le nombre d’hospitalisations reste en baisse cette semaine : 22 contre 25 il y a une semaine, dont 2 en soins critiques (contre 4 la semaine dernière).

8 nouveaux décès du coronavirus sont à déplorer, avec 1017 morts depuis le début de l’épidémie. 

À ce stade, selon l’ARS, 144 373 personnes de 12 ans et plus disposent d’un schéma vaccinal complet (46,6%) et 91 573 ont reçu une dose de rappel (1er rappel), soit 29,6% de la population.

« En Martinique, la situation épidémiologique de la Covid-19 était encore favorable en semaine 2022-30. Pour une activité de dépistage stable, les taux d’incidence et de positivité perdaient respectivement 26 % et 3,3 points de pourcentage par rapport à leurs valeurs en semaine 2022-29. Les classes d’âge de 30 à 39 ans et 40 à 49 ans enregistraient un taux d’incidence similaire et le plus élevé.

La situation en milieu hospitalier était également favorable avec une diminution des passages aux urgences adultes et des nouvelles entrées tous services confondus. Cependant, les passages aux urgences pédiatriques étaient stables. »

Students shine at spoken-word event at SAPA

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Miracle Carr is presented with the first prize by Nyan Gadsby-Dolly at spoken word event at SAPA on June 22. – Photo courtesy Israel Ramjohn

Ten primary school students were recognised in the National Energy Corporation of TT Ltd’s Renewable Minds Poetry/Spoken word Creative Showcase at the Southern Academy for the Performing Arts (SAPA).

The event was held two Fridays ago through the combined sponsorship of National Energy, NGC, Phoenix Park Gas Processors Ltd, and the La Brea Industrial Development Company Ltd (LABIDCO).

The ten students were the top poets in a competition held during April and June in which 120 students from 50 schools competed and shared original poems and spoken-word pieces about renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The competition was held on and invited primary-school students to learn about renewable energy and energy efficiency.

At the event, Minister of Education Nyan Gadsby-Dolly said it was important to integrate arts and science when raising awareness about climate change.

“Appropriate educational content on climate should be promoted at all levels of the education system,” she said. “To this end we are very happy to work with the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries and National Energy to include renewable energy and energy efficiency in the primary school curriculum.”

Also speaking at the event, National Energy president Dr Vernon Paltoo commended the children and the programme itself.

“The competition not only sought to educate our primary school students about climate change, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency, but also exposed them to the solutions geared toward attaining a bright and sustainable future for themselves.”

State withdraws appeal on media house raid

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Appeal Court judge Nolan Bereaux FILE PHOTO –

THE State has withdrawn its appeal of a judge’s ruling that police search of a media house by the police Financial Investigations Bureau (FIB) was illegal and unconstitutional.

Justice of Appeal Nolan Bereaux granted permission to the Attorney General, the Commissioner of Police and the head of the FIB, Supt Wendell Lucas, to withdraw the appeal of Justice Frank Seepersad’s ruling in January 2021.

Seepersad held that the two search warrants the police obtained in search of information which could lead them to a journalist’s source were “plainly irregular,” unlawful and unconstitutional, as they disproportionally infringed on the media house’s right to freedom of the press.

The warrants were executed on March 11, 2020, after the publication of an investigative piece on ACP Irwin Hackshaw’s being flagged by local banks between 2014 and 2017.

The police seized several devices from Express editor in chief Omatie Lyder’s office at Independence Square, Port of Spain. At the time, Hackshaw was acting commissioner of police.

After the court’s ruling, the Media Association (MATT) said the judgment was a win for “public interest, a win for every journalist in the country and every media house, a win for whistleblowers and a big win for democracy.”

MATT, which was included in the proceedings before the judge and allowed to make submissions as an interested party, said the court’s ruling, in these uncertain times, was “anchored in certainty about protecting the institution of a free press and protecting citizens of TT.”

The association said in January 2021,“The judge’s ruling is informed by current global thinking. It offers tangible guidance to the police and the legislature on reforming processes to protect individual citizens and the flow of information in society.

“MATT feels confident that the constitutional right to a free press is safe in the bosom of our court.”

Seepersad’s ruling set clear guidance on executing search warrants on media houses.

“The police should adopt an approach which is guided by fundamental principles of fairness and natural justice, and it should be acknowledged that there exists a need to strike a balance between the interest of law enforcement, on the one hand, and the interest of privacy and proprietary protection, on the other,” Seepersad said.

As he called for legislative reform, he said search warrants which involve the “unearthing of source information” should be issued by judges of the Supreme Court, to mitigate the “chilling impact which the search of a media house can have on society.”

“Parliament may therefore wish to urgently consider the enactment of an amendment to Section 5 of the Indictable Offences (Preliminary Enquiry) Act.

“Until such time as the suggested legislative amendments are undertaken, the police should only approach magistrates, if they ­intend to ­obtain a search warrant to search a ­media house,” Seepersad said in his ruling.

The warrants were approved by justices of the peace.

Seepersad said the warrants reflected that the offence being investigated was the indictable offence of “tipping off,” but he pointed out that under the Proceeds of Crime Act. tipping off was not indictable but a summary offence.

He also said the warrants said they were being used for gathering evidence contrary to section 24 of the act.

But he pointed out, “No such offence ­exists by virtue of Section 24 of the Proceeds of Crime Act.”

He noted the section referred to did not relate to the offence of tipping off, but set out the procedure for the DPP to obtain and modify ­confiscation orders on account of an increase in the value of an offender’s property.

Equity Ministry to Launch Employment Readiness Fair – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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An Employment Readiness Workshop under the theme Prepare for Opportunity, is earmarked for launch on Wednesday, August 3, 2022 at the Stanley Jon Odlum Memorial Secondary School in Marigot.

The one-day initiative is part of the ongoing Campaign Against Violence and efforts at getting the youth from the Castries districts off the streets and into the workplace.

The activity has been endorsed by the Ministry of Equity, Social Justice and Empowerment and will seek to enhance the ‘job search employment experience’ of scores of unemployed persons in the communities within the Castries basin.

Social Transformation Officers Fredora Justin-Alcindor and Antonia Rene-Marius are spearheading the activity. “As organizers, we are both excited and disheartened by the response. Excited on one hand because we have received numerous calls and people were ready to sign up within minutes of posting the activity on social media. A little disheartened on the other hand, because of the deeper need for gainful employment echoed loudly behind the eagerness of individuals ready to sign up for the fair,” states Justin-Alcindor.

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The day’s activities will kick off with a special round table discussion from 10:00 a.m. during which two entrepreneurs will share their story of overcoming adversity and achieving success. This will be followed by group sessions facilitated by professionals from various fields of work.

Participants will also be exposed to resume writing, interview skills training, professional deportment, communication & conflict resolution skills. social media training, emotional intelligence & self-esteem and customer service & telephone etiquette.

Source: Ministry of Equity Social Justice & Empowerment

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Hallan el cuerpo de un hombre flotando en el Río Culebrinas de San Sebastián

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

La Policía informó el martes, el hallazgo del cuerpo de un hombre que fue localizado flotando en aguas del Río Culebrinas de San Sebastián.

Según la Uniformada, el incidente fue reportado a eso de las 11:50 de la mañana por un residente que avistó el mencionado cuerpo cerca del puente por donde transcurre el río.

 El cuerpo fue identificado como Benismar Valentín Ruiz, de 40 años, residente de San Sebastián.   

La escena es trabajada por la agente Marisel Pérez en unión al agente Juan Pérez de Homicidios, personal de Servicios Técnicos y el fiscal de turno.

JetBlue posts Q2 loss as fuel costs offset rising revenue Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

JetBlue Airways lost $188 million in the second quarter, as fuel costs nearly tripled and wiped out a large increase in revenue during the early part of the peak vacation travel season.

The loss reported Tuesday was wider than Wall Street expected. JetBlue was unable to keep pace with bigger rivals, who posted profits for the quarter on full planes and higher fares.

Shares of JetBlue fell 6 per cent in late-morning trading Tuesday.

JetBlue gave the financial update just days after reaching an agreement to buy Spirit Airlines for about $3.8 billion. CEO Robin Hayes said the deal, which JetBlue expects to close by early 2024, will increase his airline’s earnings per share in the first year after closing.

Antitrust regulators are already reviewing the deal, and it is unclear how long that process will take.

“Obviously we’re not in control of the timeline,” Hayes said on a call with analysts. He said Spirit shareholders — who were poised to reject a merger with Frontier Airlines — will likely vote in the next three months.

In the meantime, JetBlue is counting on the addition of flights to London and a partnership with American Airlines in New York and Boston to help it become profitable. The Justice Department is suing to block the deal with American, saying it will reduce competition and hurt consumers.

JetBlue also announced it will speed up the retirement of some smaller planes to save money.

In the second quarter, fuel was JetBlue’s largest expense, surging to $910 million from $336 million a year earlier. Labour costs rose 20 per cent, to $695 million, as the New York-based airline hired more workers to avoid the high number of flight delays and cancellations it suffered in April.

The quarterly loss compared with a profit of $64 million a year earlier, when JetBlue received federal pandemic aid that has since ended.

The adjusted loss, excluding some non-recurring items, was 47 cents per share. Analysts expected a loss of 11 cents per share, according to a FactSet survey.

Revenue soared 63 per cent from a year ago, to $2.45 billion, about in line with expectations.

Cummings: Opportunities for young people in agriculture

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Residents who were awarded level 1 certification in agriculture/horticulture from the National Examination Council (NEC). Photo courtesy the Ministry of Education 

YOUTH Development and National Service Minister Foster Cummings has said more opportunities will be created for young people to get involved in agriculture.

He spoke at the virtual launch of the National Entrepreneurship Development Company’s entrepreneurship week on Tuesday.

“The ministry, has within the past six months, initiated a series of programmes geared toward empowering our youth, retooling and reskilling them to become employable and, more so, employers.”

These programmes include Amplify (a structured music-production training programme for people wishing to start their own or work in a professional studio, operate digital multi-track recorders, or become skilled music producers and arrangers), Allset (to acquire skills to operate heavy equipment) and the Youth Agriculture Homestead Programme (YAHP).

Cummings reminded his audience that YAHP is “a comprehensive agricultural training programme to equip young people with the skills to become successful 21st-century agribusiness.”

He said other opportunities will be made available for young people to get involved in agriculture and possibly become agricultural entrepreneurs.One involves a collaboration between the ministry, the Agriculture Ministry, UWI and the Guyana government.

“We will be embarking on a Youth Agricultural Shade House Project that will support our youth in agriculture to expand their levels of production; increase the capacity of our local agriculture sector; and contribute to reducing our food export bill.”

The ministry is also looking to establish entrepreneurship hubs and a business park to create additional opportunities for young people to develop their entrepreneurial potential.

Cummings said this was part of the ministry’s steadfast commitment to expanding the youth development agenda .

“While this conference targets all entrepreneurs, it aims to assist those who have not yet started a business, help persons to develop their business ideas and offers measures that many of you small business owners can use to scale up for growth.”

Cummings acknowledged the continuing contributions made by Nedco over the last 20 years towards the sustainable development of micro and small enterprises (MSEs).

Cummings said Nedco, now under the remit of his ministry, has taken those contributions to another level.

It now offers “a comprehensive suite of business development services to existing start-ups and persons who are interested in starting a new business.”

These include small-business development loans and entrepreneurial training and business advisory services which are designed to provide direct support to MSEs.

Cummings said MSEs remain integral to the economy’s development and diversification.

He praised the MSEs which were able to survive the challenges posed by the covid19 pandemic, through their hard work and tenacity.

Entertainer Rodell “Rodey” Cumberbatch said in 2015, he decided to use his passion for photography and videography to become an entrpreneur.

“You are your own product.”

Cumberbatch has created a host of characters such as Fleecky, Wettty and Ro’dey, through his company Blumoon Productions, that have entertained people around the world on social media through comedic skits based on relationships.

Cumberbatch said his business model is dynamic and he continues to find ways to grow his audience.

“Comedy is serious business.” He advised young people who want to become entrepreneurs that they will need to take risks to succeed. Cumberbatch said an an entrepreneur plays the roles of boss, employer and employee simultaneously.

Chief Sec: PM, Tobago MPs should push for more domestic flights

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Chief Secretary Farley Augustine at a recent press conference in Bacolet. FILE PHOTO –

Chief Secretary Farley Augustine says the Prime Minister and Tobago MPs Shamfa Cudjoe and Ayanna Webster-Roy should be pushing for longer opening hours at the ANR Robinson airport so that Caribbean Airlines Ltd (CAL) could increase its flights to the island.

The THA, hoteliers and other stakeholders have long been clamouring for CAL to increase its flights to the island, particularly during peak travel periods, such as Easter, the July-August vacation and the upcoming October Carnival.

Augustine has already said the THA is willing to cover the cost of approximately $5.6 million annually to extend the airport’s opening time to 2 am.

In a television interview on Tuesday, Augustine gave an update, saying he spoke to CAL CEO Garvin Madera about two weeks ago.

“There are some issues they are trying to iron out in terms of staffing (and) availability of planes. But I intend to write formally this week seeking an audience, because we have to get back to the pre-covid19,” he said.

Saying he does not intend to attack any of CAL’s managers, Augustine noted: “The THA does not have direct control over CAL. The Cabinet has control over CAL. The Cabinet sets the mandate for CAL.”

He added, “But in that Cabinet, we have at least one member (Cudjoe) who is an MP for Tobago. We have a junior minister (Webster-Roy) but she is not a Cabinet member. We have a prime minister that is also Tobagonian.

“I am saying that the Cabinet has to take responsibility and instruct the Minister of Finance or whomever is the corporation sole with regard to CAL to have this thing done.

“The point is that we should not be arguing or trying to fight with CAL or the CEO. They are not responsible. It is the Cabinet that has to stand up.”

Augustine urged the media to contact the MPs to determine what kind of advocacy, if any, they have been doing to increase the number of flights.

“On our end, I am clearing the way. For heaven’s sake, increase the number of flights.”

Augustine said at his next meeting with CAL, he also intends to push for more flights from New York and other destinations such as Miami, “because we are getting positive and strong feedback.”

He also reiterated the need for direct foreign investment in Tobago, post-covid19.

Saying the issue remains contentious, he said, “Half of the population believes there must be some land-licensing regime and we should prevent foreigners from buying out all of the lands. And there is another half that says just free up the market, because we have not had any significant direct foreign investment.”

Augustine said the Sandals resort project did not qualify as direct foreign investment, “given that the State was going to build the hotel and make all of the investment, with Sandals coming at the back end.”

He said since becoming Secretary of Finance, Trade and the Economy in December, he has seen some proposals from foreign companies interested not only in building hotels but developing the tourism sector.

“But it is the Minister of Finance that must sign off. Is not to say that the Minister of Finance hates Tobago and does not want to sign off on anything for Tobago.

“It might just be out of an abundance of caution. He doesn’t understand the lay of the land, communities in which some of the proposals are being pitched for, and might be hesitant in terms of signing off.”

Augustine believes the country should never have a system that is dependent on a single individual or minister to determine which foreigner could buy land, “because that could easily become corrupt.”

La Penitence man wanted for ‘Fishie’’s murder

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Police have issued a wanted bulletin for the suspect in connection to the murder of 33-year-old mason Rodwell Phillips, called ‘Fishie’ of Broad Street, Charlestown.

Philips was found dead on Monday’s morning along the La Penitence Public Road, Georgetown. A cutlass was found next to the body.

According to Police, the incident occurred sometime between 00:30 to 01:00 hrs this morning. Police said that the scene was processed by investigators where Philips’ body was examined and one chop wound was seen to the center of his chest, one chop wound to his right-side face, one chop wound to his left side back, and one chop wound to his left foot.

Several persons were questioned in the area. CCTV footage to be viewed by police.

The body was pronounced dead by a doctor from EMT Central Fire Station and escorted to the Memorial Gardens Funeral Home awaiting PME. Investigations are in progress.

Dead: Rodwell Philips

At the home of the dead man, his brother Christopher Prudent said that he was at work when he received a telephone call from his sister who related that his brother was dead. “I was at work and couldn’t leave so, they told me that he was chopped about his body,” the brother added.

He added that after he came off from work on Monday morning, he went to the Funeral Home with the expectation of seeing his brother’s body but the facility was closed when he arrived. His mother and other relatives, he related, went back later in the day.

the brother stated that according to reports he received, there were several eyewitnesses to the crime. In fact, the Police related that they had questioned several persons and are yet to review the CCTV footage. “There were lots of eyewitnesses. I was told and the Police were also at the scene sorting out issues.”

He could not say if the man suspect was arrested.

However, the aggrieved brother added that his brother and someone were involved in a heated argument sometime back and this might have led to a scuffle. As such, the brother believes that Phillips’s death is connected to the old grievance.