Un piéton grièvement blessé par un véhicule à La Jaille

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Mardi 9 Août 2022 – 17h06

Bris de glace – Shutterstock

 Hier (8 août) en milieu de soirée, un véhicule a fait plusieurs tonneaux après avoir fauché un piétion sur la route nationale 1 à Baie-Mahault.

Les secours ont été alertés hier soir (8 août) peu après 21h30, sur la Route Nationale 1 à la Jaille dans le sens Basse-Terre/Pointe-à-Pitre.Un véhicule a fait plusieurs tonneaux après avoir percuté un piéton.Selon nos informations, le piéton, un homme de 40 ans serait grièvement blessé et polytraumatisé. Ce dernier a été immédiatement transféré au Chu. Les trois ocupants du véhicule, deux jeunes âgés de 19 à 23 ans ont légèrement été blessés.La circulation a été interrompue et a nécessité l’intervention de 10 sapeurs pompiers, un véhicule de désincarcération, 2 ambulances.

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British track coach banned for life for sexual misconduct Loop Jamaica

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LONDON (AP) — The coach who helped British track and field star Jessica Ennis-Hill to Olympic and world titles was effectively banned for life Tuesday for misconduct including “sexually physical behaviour” with unidentified athletes over a 15-year period.

Tony Minichiello was found guilty by a tribunal of four charges that amounted to “gross breaches of trust,” the UK Athletics governing body said.

Minichiello’s misconduct against athletes included unwanted touching, “inappropriate sexual references and gestures” and “aggressive behaviour, bullying and emotional abuse.”

“They constitute gross breaches of trust by Mr. Minichiello which have had severe consequences for the mental health and mental well-being of the athletes under his charge,” UK Athletics said.

UK Athletics thanked and praised athletes who gave evidence against the British coach, without naming them. It was unclear if Ennis-Hill had been a witness.

“I cannot fully express my disappointment with this decision and with UK.Athletics’ unfair handling of this process,” Minichiello said in a statement. “I have been a coach for over 30 years and while I have been robust and demanding, I have not behaved inappropriately towards any of my athletes as very many of them would confirm.”

Minichiello made his reputation guiding heptathlon star Ennis-Hill to three world titles from 2009 to 2015, and Olympic gold and silver medals.

Ennis-Hill’s gold-medal performance at her home 2012 London Games was completed on the so-called “Super Saturday” at the Olympic Stadium that became part of British sporting lore. She took silver when defending her title at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games.

Though the coach could not be sanctioned by track and field authorities because his license expired during the prosecution, he was effectively expelled by the sport.

“Therefore, UKA has decided that it will not entertain any future application made by Mr. Minichiello for a UKA coach license in perpetuity,” the British track body said.


Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy Capacity Building Series on the Social Protection Act of 2020

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Ministry of Social Transformation, Human Resource Development and the Blue Economy Capacity Building Series on the Social Protection Act of 2020

Episode two of the Capacity Building Series gives an indept insight into the contributory, non-contributory and the involvement of shock responses within Social Protection. Social Protection is an investment in individuals and families that helps them to survive and thrive. The programmes developed by the Ministry of Social Transformation were created to combat vulnerabilities that occur at any stage of life. These programmes include:

Maternity benefits
School meals
Free education and training
Cash support for vulnerable families
Small business development
Pensioner support
Home placement and repairs

Minister responsible, Hon. Dean Jonas noted that “Catastrophic events and most recently the COVID-19 Pandmeic has further reiterated that anyone can become vulnerable and need social protection. ”




UPP – No Philosophy – No Policies – No Plans – NO HOPE

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

In my last letter, I had, among things, pointed out that the UPP had failed to attract a group of persons with intellect and political acumen and savvy, as political adversaries, capable of creating a strategic plan and policies which voters could find attractive; and perhaps begin to consider the UPP as a serious and viable political opposition. This would have moved it away from the policies of just cussing and hatred of Gaston Browne and political pandering by its policies of giving away everything including the proverbial “kitchen sink”.

I then decided to take a break and conserve my energy to observe and get ready to comment on the political landscape and campaign when the ABLP commenced its campaign by cranking up what its supporters refer to as “the Big Red Machine”, which I figured would be after the carnival festivities.

I have, however, had to change my mind when my attention was drawn to an advertisement by the UPP, that it was launching a publication of an 80-page report that it touted “would present its record of achievements while in office 2004-2014, and which would highlight the philosophy and extensive record of accomplishments in 2004-2014”.

The idea that the UPP hierarchy or “strategist” could think that this was a great idea is mind boggling and clearly shows its political naivete as a party, and the asinity of its political leaders and its neophyte candidates.

Editor, lest your readers think that my criticism is harsh, let me support my opinion with some relevant political facts. A Party seeking to be elected into office, must, in addition to presenting candidates of quality, also put forward policies and plans that they intend to implement if elected; and these plans must be set out with clarity, must make sense, be realistic, and capable of being implemented. Wild eyed promises and cutting all taxes are not plans and policies that are believable and are an insult to the intelligence of the Antiguan and Barbudan electorate.

That being said, I found myself struggling to understand, the whole point of the “report of major achievements 2004-2014”, until it finally dawned on me. The fact is that the UPP has no plans and policies on which to be elected. Its political strategy is “to demonize the government in general and the Prime Minister in particular. At best fully it hopes that it can be elected because of the shortage of water, which is mainly due to a ten-year-old drought, and which is now being addressed and would have already been solved were it not for the Covid pandemic. It also has failed to comprehend that the vast majority of the electorate are also not “anti-vaxxers”. The UPP, being stung by criticism that it has no policies or plans and a third eleven team, now says to the voters, “we did it before and we can do it again.”

So as an act of desperation, the UPP rolls out what it considers to be the great work done by its predecessors in its ten years in office. I have not yet been able to read “this manifesto in review”, but I think that most voters, other than the party base, have a pretty good idea what it contains, starting with school meals and school uniforms, but nothing about collapsing the economy and engaging the IMF.

My dear Harold, Giselle and company, parties are voted into power based on their plans and economic policies, and these plans and policies are contained in a document called a Manifesto. No one gives a damn or is interested in your party’s selective views of its predecessor’s terms in 2004-2014.

I suspect many of your readers like myself, are bewildered at the UPP’s decision to publish this “rear view mirror manifesto”.  In fact, I view this as an act of desperation, which notwithstanding its idle boast that it will form the next government, has realized that the issues which it thought would sweep the party into power, have all but disappeared.

The Covid pandemic which it thought would bring down the government, has, in fact, proved to be a resounding success story for the ABLP government and has been praised by PAHO and the WHO. Further, a big UPP supporter, who is a leading businessman, actually told me that he praised the Lord that Gaston Browne was Prime Minister during the pandemic as the country would have died under his party’s leadership.
The hard anti-vaccination campaign of the UPP has been rejected by the vast majority of the populace of which 64% elected to be vaccinated, which led to the control of the corona virus. This together with the State of Emergency and its protocols, helped to contain the spread of the virus. This enabled the government to reopen the country and reboot the economy many months before other Caribbean countries. The proof of the pudding is in the eating and our people were once again able to gather, to play mas, to party and to have fun in their thousands for carnival.
The issue of roads is long off the table. And water will soon follow. In fact, the government’s programme to solve the water issue was only delayed due to the Covid pandemic.
All that is left in the opposition’s arsenal are unsupported allegations of corruption carried on Facebook by UPP activists and supporters here and in the diaspora, with support from Observer and Newsco, nightly rants in the Snake Pit by the obnoxious Dane Knight and a series of “powder puff interviews” by Shawn Nicholas, the party’s General Secretary, and which are not capturing the electorate, let alone support.

Added to the above the UPP cannot be oblivious to the constant criticisms and skepticism by a majority of non UPP voters that they have failed to put forward the plans and policies upon which the public should vote; and, if elected does not have a team, capable of governing the country. Indeed, as far as I know, the UPP has not, even at this late stage, been able to name its shadow cabinet, and thus the idea of a “rear view manifesto” was born.

And so, the UPP has hit upon the idea to publish this document. I, personally, cannot fathom how the leaders of the UPP would think that this is a smart idea. Firstly, the UPP in its former configuration campaigned and touted these same achievements in the election of 2014 and WERE REJECTED. Again, they campaigned on these same self-professed achievements in 2018 and they WERE REJECTED AGAIN AND HUMILIATED at the polls.

How in God’s name can anyone with a modicum of political savvy think that this makes political sense? Further does the UPP not understand the fact that a stronger UPP with a much better team was soundly defeated in 2014 and 2018. How then will this 3rd 11 team fare?

Dear Harold et al: Voters cast their vote based on sensible and workable plans and policies, not for pie in the sky plans, policies and perceived past achievements.





Statement of Solidarity with Cuba from Local Graduates

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room
Cuban Flag

Antiguan and Barbudan Graduates from Cuban Universities

07th August, 2022

E. Maria Esther Fiffe Cabreja

Cuban Ambassador to Antigua and Barbuda

Blue Waters Drive,

St John’s

Dear Madame:

Please read below our statement of solidarity with the Cuban people in this moment of human tragedy and extraordinary challenge.


Those of us in Antigua and Barbuda, who have studied in Cuba, as beneficiaries of the phenomenal generosity and unequaled internationalism of the Cuban revolution, are deeply saddened by the recent tragic events in your country.

We can only imagine the pain and the grief, and express our solidarity with you, as we find it so unfair that fate has chosen to be so unkind to so charitable a people, already suffering from the long sustained cruelty imposed by a powerful external force.

Though we know that you are an extremely resilient people, we do hope that in this moment of tragedy and extraordinary technical challenge, not only will those to whom you have extended generosity respond in kind, but that those who have subjected you to criminal deprivation and undeserved hostility, might find it in their hearts to relent and let justice prevail.

Long live the Cuban people and their revolution.



327 new covid19 cases, 0 deaths

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Image courtesy CDC

The Ministry of Health reported no additional covid19 deaths on Tuesday, meaning the death toll remains at 4,070. This information was contained in the ministry’s covid19 update issued on Tuesday.

The ministry said there were 327 new covid19 cases.

There are 178 patients hospitalised with covid19.

The ministry also said that as of August 9, 715,736 people have been fully vaccinated and 684,264 are either partially vaccinated or not vaccinated at all.


Police seize 13 guns nationwide

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Photo courtesy TTPS

The police have found 13 guns in a series of anti-crime exercises nationwide over the past few days.

A police statement on Tuesday said officers seized nine guns between Friday and Sunday.

On Monday, police in several divisions seized four more guns and arrested six people.

Between 3 am and 9 am, on August 8, officers from the North Central Division Task Force, Area West, went to Valsayn Trace, St Joseph and searched a basketball court.

They found a Beretta pistol and some cocaine at the base of the basketball ring.

The statement said the police arrested two St Joseph residents, 26 and 22, for various offences.

ACP Samaroo, Snr Supt Ramphall, and Supt Powder led the exercise, which ASP Ramharrack and Insp Highly co-ordinated.

It also included members of the Multi-Optional Policing Section, the Inter-Agency Task Force, the Guard and Emergency Branch, the North Central Task Force, Area East, Northern Division Task Force, Area North, Tunapuna Warrant Staff, the Tunapuna CID, and the Canine Branch.

An exercise in the Southern Division on Monday between 4 am and 8 am led to the arrest of a 28-year-old man from San Fernando.

Photo courtesy TTPS

The police were on patrol in Friendship Village, where they saw the man putting something under a car. Police found an Uzi gun, a magazine and three rounds of ammunition.

During an exercise in the Central Division on Monday at around 7 am police found a revolver and four rounds of ammunition at Diamond Road, Claxton Bay.

The same officers later arrested a 30-year-old man from the district for having a quantity of marijuana.

In the North Eastern Division, officers carried out “an intelligence-led surveillance exercise” on Monday between 3 pm and 6 pm in Malick.

They went to Ninth Street, Malick, where they intercepted a car with two male occupants.

When they searched the car they found a pistol with a magazine containing seven rounds of ammunition.

They arrested two men, 22 and 24, from the district. The 24-year-old had been under sustained surveillance “for some time,” the statement said. He is wanted in connection with shooting and robbery offences in the North Eastern, Northern and Central Divisions.

Acting Snr Supt Maharaj, acting Supt Ramjohn and ASP Pariman led the exercise, which Insp Bharath co-ordinated. Acting Sgt Belilum supervised the exercise, which included NED Intelligence Unit and Task Force officers.


THA plans gala among independence events

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


An aerial view of Scarborough, Tobago. – Jeff Mayers

​​A gala event is being planned by the Assembly Legislature of the THA, under the patronage of presiding officer Abby Taylor, for the 60th anniversary of independence.

A source at the secretariat said the event, scheduled for August 29, will be held at the Shaw Park Complex in the lead-up to further celebrations.

Public attendance has been limited to 60 people, and those interested can apply for invitations through the link https://www.tobagolegislature.org/tpg

The source said invitations will be issued to 60 people who “are citizens of TT and in possession of a valid national ID card, drivers permit or passport.”

He said only one person per invitation is permitted, while the deadline for submission is August 19.

“Winners are subject to a security background check before invitation is issued. Invitations will be issued in the name of the winner only and is non-transferable.”

Employees of the Assembly Legislature and their immediate families are not eligible to enter.

The other details, he said, are being fine-tuned.

THA Chief Secretary Farley Augustine could not be reached to ask him about other plans for the celebrations, as calls and messages to his cellphone went unanswered.


Murdered Las Cuevas couple to have separate cremations

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Hollis Valdez and Shereen Bailey-Valdez

THE Las Cuevas couple who rekindled their relationship less than a month before they were murdered will be separated in death, after relatives decided to hold separate funerals for them.

The couple – Hollis Valdez, 40 and his wife Shereen Bailey-Valdez, 41 – were murdered at their home at Rincon Road, Las Cuevas on July 29.

They were found on the floor of their bedroom at about 7.45 am. They had been shot a total of seven times – Bailey-Valdez three times and her husband four times.

Three days after the murders, the decomposing body of Franklin Abel Clement, the man suspected of killing them, was found in the Rincon forest. His autopsy is expected to be done on Wednesday.

Valdez will be cremated on Wednesday afternoon and his wife on Friday morning.Valdez’s cremation will be at 1.30 pm in Arima and Bailey-Valdez will be cremated at midday on Friday at the Port of Spain Crematorium.

Those close to the couple said it was growing animosity between their relatives that resulted in the separate final farewells, which will mean their teenage daughter will have to attend two funerals for her parents two days apart.


Saint Lucia’s Men’s 4x100m Relay Team Finishes 5th in Commonwealth Games Final – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Saint Lucia’s Men’s 4x100m Relay Team placed fifth in the Men’s 4x100m Final on Sunday at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

The quartet of Delan Edward, Lenyn Leonce, Michael Joseph and Stephan Charles clocked 40.17s, just ahead of sixth-placers The Gambia (40.18s).

The top three placers in Sunday’s Final were England (38.35s), Trinidad and Tobago (38.70s) and Nigeria (38.81s). Guyana placed fourth with 40.05s, while Singapore placed seventh (40.24s) and Kenya did not finish.

This was the first time that Saint Lucia fielded a Men’s 4x100m Relay Team at the Commonwealth Games.

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On Saturday, the Saint Lucian Relay Team ran a record-breaking 39.96s in the Men’s 4x100m Relay – Round 1 Heat 2, finishing fourth, smashing the previous National Record, which stood at 40.96s.

Speaking after Sunday’s Men’s 4x100m Relay Final, Team Captain, Lenyn Leonce, said: “It was a good race. Again, we had struggles with the baton for the second to the third exchange; it’s just something that we have to work on, but my teammates and I are satisfied. We’ve made it to the Final and placed fifth in the Final and we just have to work from there.”

Meanwhile Athletics Team Coach, Makeba Alcide, said: “I am really proud of the guys. We finished fifth overall with 40.17s, which is not the National Record they wanted to go for. They ran the National Record in the Semifinals, but had fifth place at the Commonwealth Games (Final). That’s huge for us. We could have done a lot better, but we’re thankful for the fifth place. I mean, our hand-offs, we still need to do a lot of work (and) the guys need to continue with the chemistry they have. They’re a young group of guys, so we’re just hoping they can stay together and will continue to get more experience in the 4x100m.”

Also on Saturday evening, pole vaulter Micky Ferdinand made an early exit in the Men’s Pole Vault Final after failing to make a mark in his initial attempts.

Despite his best hopes for a medal on the day, Ferdinand later expressed that he had trouble using the poles. He also noted that lack of adequate practice at the tournament due to circumstances beyond his control was another factor in his performance. However, he plans to rebound better in future competitions.

Sunday’s posting by the Men’s 4x100m Relay Team capped off an outstanding overall performance by Team Saint Lucia at the Commonwealth Games. Thirteen athletes represented the island in Birmingham, with sprint star Julien Alfred winning a silver medal in the Women’s 100m Final on August 3.

Alfred led for more than half the race and finished second in a time of 11.01 seconds, edged out by Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah, a five-time Olympic gold medalist and the fastest woman alive in the 100m, who clocked 10.95 seconds. England’s Daryll Neita picked up the bronze with a time of 11.07 seconds.

Team Saint Lucia’s Chef de Mission, Joyce Huxley, said: “What a great finish to the Games for Team Saint Lucia! While the relay team comprising Michael, Delan, Lenyn and Stephan was very happy with their eighth place in the Prelims on Saturday, they were even more delighted with their incredible fifth place finish in Sunday’s final. Each of the relay team members had already performed well, reaching semifinals in their individual events, and were able to work together for this historic result on the final day of competition.”

She added: “The highlight of the Games has, of course, been Julien Alfred’s silver medal in the Women’s 100m, a remarkable performance at the end of a long and intense season of competition for this rising star in the Athletics arena. But we have also witnessed strong performance in Swimming, Table Tennis and Boxing.

“This event has been an amazing experience for all concerned. The logistics have been challenging, with the athletes and officials spread over two Athlete Villages located almost an hour apart, but the army of cheerful volunteers and official Games personnel have ensured that everything went as smoothly as possible — in accommodation services, catering, transport, venues, gyms, medical clinics, and sports facilities. The team members have been very comfortable in their residences, and had a wide range of options for well-prepared meals at various locations throughout the Villages. With basic needs and training venues taken care of, the athletes were able to focus on their training and events.

“It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of this amazing team of athletes and officials here in Birmingham. Everyone has been very positive and upbeat, the athletes have been totally focused on performing at their best, and every one of them is leaving Birmingham with firm goals in mind for the future, we can expect even more from these athletes over the next few years.”

Source: Commonwealth Games (Saint Lucia) Headline photo:  The Saint Lucia Men’s 4x100m Relay Team of Delan Edwin, Michael Joseph, Lenyn Leonce and Stephan Charles placed fifth in the Final on Sunday at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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