Nicolas de Bouillane de Lacoste getipt als nieuwe Franse ambassadeur

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door Euritha Tjan A Way PARAMARIBO — Nicolas de Bouillane de Lacoste is getipt als de nieuwe ambassadeur van Frankrijk

Employee pre-screening, ongoing screening & why it is important Loop Cayman Islands

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Some Cayman companies must record information on their files about their clients to comply with national and international obligations associated with our anti-money laundering regime. This includes clients’ passports (to identify them), utility bills (to verify their address) and evidence of source of wealth (to ensure that client funds are not connected to terrorist financing, money laundering or other criminal activities). What is not talked about much, however, is how much effort these companies make to know their employees prior to hiring and on an ongoing basis.

Why checks should be done

For companies that are not doing pre-screening exercises for potential employees and are therefore not completing a detailed risk assessment to understand risks posed by a specific employee, they are leaving themselves open to unknown threats. Some these dangers (and checks that should be done) include the following:

Danger: Liability exposure for the company

By way of illustration, let’s say you’re running a hospital. You may want to ensure that the doctors performing procedures are properly qualified before you hire them. Otherwise, a patient could file a lawsuit claiming negligence and that an unqualified person performed procedures on them. This could result in hefty damages against the hospital.

In this case, examples of checks that you can do are direct verification with licensing bodies locally and overseas to ascertain that the person is properly licensed (and if revoked, reasons for revocation), direct verification with universities that the applicant claims to have attended (some applicants create fake certificates online), searches of court databases in the country where the applicant is originating and where they spent parts of their career (court searches are available online in Cayman for example and case lists are published by the courts weekly), name checks (including any aliases), obtain police clearance certificates (if available) from the applicant’s country of origin and locally.

(As a useful tool, guidance to obtain overseas criminal records for potential employees can be located on the following link: )

Danger: Security risk

If an adequate risk assessment is not made and a bad actor slips through and gets hired, this could pose a security risk for your company, depending on the seniority of the hire. For example, imagine a senior hire being given important passwords or access to restricted areas or confidential information. That person then shares the passwords with outsiders or allows unauthorized persons to enter restricted areas or breaches confidentiality. Any of these scenarios may result in employees or clients being put in harm’s way or the competition obtaining business secrets that can be used to gain an edge or destroy your business or a client.

Danger: Loss of reputation

The occurrence of any of the foregoing can lead to significant embarrassment for your corporation and a loss of trust and confidence in you and your business. Once your reputation is shot, it is hard to regain it or build back clients.

Screening should be ongoing

Once you complete this pre-screening and decide to hire someone, it is important that ongoing screening be completed.

British Standard 785 of the Centre for Protection of the National Infrastructure in the UK, for example, says that “The Standard sets the minimum screening period at three years, with no unverified gaps greater than 31 days” and “full screening should be completed no later than 12 weeks after employment has commenced (for checks totaling five years), or 16 weeks (where the checks are for longer than 5 years).”

Such ongoing screening may include monitoring of employee’s comments on social media (sharing non-public information publicly or negative remarks about the business or clients), drug testing (depending on the nature of the job) and checking criminal records for any new crimes committed.

Each company to decide its own approach

Notwithstanding the suggestions for pre-screening and ongoing screening, it is ultimately up to the company to decide if they will do the exercises and, if they do, how often and how they will be completed.

In addition, each company should disclose to potential and existing employees that such screening may be done. And regardless of the approach, the company must ensure that it remains in compliance with the Data Protection Act and the constitution when managing employee personal data during the screening process.

‘Skinny Man’ one of two being sought for abduction, robbery, rape Loop Jamaica

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Loop News

1 hrs ago

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A high-level police probe is ongoing to locate two suspects behind the abduction of a taxi operator and the rape of a female passenger in the downtown Kingston area last week.

The police say one of the suspect has only been identified by his alias, ‘Skinny Man’.

The reports on the incident are that on Tuesday, August 23 at about 9:30 pm, the taxi driver and a woman were inside the public passenger vehicle (PPV) on Ocean Boulevard in downtown Kingston when they were accosted by men with guns.

The two individuals were then robbed of personal items, including cash.

The gunmen took the cabbie and passenger to an area along nearby Water Lane, where the taxi operator was tied up.

The woman was then raped and the man was stabbed in his neck by the gunmen.

The taxi operator remains hospitalised, while the woman received treatment at hospital after the ordeal.

‘Skinny Man’ and the other suspect are believed to have been behind a number of crimes that have been committed in the Corporate Area.

Investigations are ongoing into the developments.

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Tropical Disturbance AL91 is now likely to become a Depression or Storm, Residents are urged to monitor this system closely & be prepared

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Tropical Disturbance_AL91 is now likely to become a Depression or Storm.

Given its location & potential track, a tropical cyclone alert is in effect.

Residents are urged to monitor this system closely & be prepared to implement their hurricane plans, if called upon to do so.

Tropical Weather Outlook

NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL

800 AM EDT Sun Aug 28 2022

For the North Atlantic…Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico:

Central Tropical Atlantic:

A broad and elongated area of low pressure is located over the  central tropical Atlantic Ocean.  Although the associated shower  and thunderstorm activity has increased somewhat since yesterday,

it currently lacks organization.

Environmental conditions are  expected to be generally conducive for gradual development, and a

tropical depression is likely to form later this week while moving  toward the west and then west-northwest at around 10 mph, toward the  waters east of the Leeward Islands.

* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…30 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days…high…70 percent.

Central Atlantic:

A small low pressure system located about 600 miles east of Bermuda continues to produce occasional, disorganized shower activity.   Strong upper-level winds and dry air are expected to limit  significant development of this system while it meanders over the  central Atlantic during the next few days, and the low is likely to  dissipate by midweek.

* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…10 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days…low…10 percent.

Northwestern Caribbean Sea:

A trough of low pressure could develop over the northwestern  Caribbean Sea during the middle part of this week.  Environmental  conditions could support some slow development of the system

thereafter while it moves generally west-northwestward over the  northwestern Caribbean Sea and toward the Yucatan Peninsula of


* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…near 0 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days…low…20 percent.

Eastern Tropical Atlantic:

A tropical wave is forecast to move off the west coast of Africa  Monday or Monday night. Some gradual development of the system is  possible after that time while it moves generally westward across

the far eastern tropical Atlantic.

* Formation chance through 48 hours…low…near 0 percent.

* Formation chance through 5 days…low…20 percent.

Forecaster Berg


Ex-lay minister and husband who shot her laid to rest in Moruga

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Mourners at the funeral for Carltus “Sankar” Mudie, 80, and his 82-year-old wife Sylda Mudie St Vincent Ferrer RC Church, Gran Chemin, Moruga on Saturday. Photo by Marvin Hamilton

Scores of people attended the funeral for Sylda and Carltus “Sankar” Mudie at the St Vincent Ferrer RC Church, Gran Chemin, Moruga, on Saturday.

Sylda Mudie, 82, was murdered by her husband Carltus, 80, on August 10. He chopped and shot her multiple times at their Edward Trace, Basse Terre Village, Moruga home before also chopping their 55-year-old son Derek.

Police who arrived on the scene met Carltus holding the shotgun and ordered him to drop it, but he refused and aimed it at the officers who shot him. He died at hospital the following day.

Amanda, a heartbroken friend of Sylda, said she only saw the ex-lay minister of the church last month while out on her usual errands in Princes Town.

“I have known them all my life and she was always a jolly person. When she’s passing, she’ll always say ‘Hi’ to everyone. This day is really sad to be here right now under these circumstances, but God alone knows.”

A neighbour of the Mudies, Keston Bridgelal, said he doesn’t believe Carltus willfully murdered Sylda because it’s out of character for him.

“To me, they were very friendly. He wasn’t my family, but he treated me like family. He didn’t have many friends, but he always treated me like his own. Anything he had, he brought it for us.”

Bridgelal said the funeral and the entire situation just felt unreal because of the couple he knew.

Family members, dressed in blue, surrounded the coffins before the burial and their pained cries echoed throughout the church and onto the street.

Berbice sugar workers down tools after NDIA stops funding cleaning of canals

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The workers protesting

Field workers attached to the Albion, Rose Hall and Port Mourant Sugar Estates downed tools for the past few days due to the lack of funds to pay them for clearing the canals.

Venting their concerns, the workers took to the streets on Friday during which they requested to be returned to clearing the canals which fall under the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority.

The 92 workers from the various estates were on Wednesday told that they would have to take up other jobs in cultivation since the National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) will no longer be providing funds for the cleaning of canals.

One of the workers, Winston Dey, who has been working as a recleaner for the past 11 years at the Albion Estate, related that at some point in time, they will have to return to the canals where they are paid a day’s pay to clean 300 rods.

Dey along with others was reassigned to planting cane and weeding.

“It is very hard because we have to do hand weeding work, we have to chop bush and different kinds of work, so we are asking for them to give us back our recleaning work. Right now it is hard for us.”

Sugar workers at the protest

As recleaners, they clean canals to that the punts can traverse freely to transport fertilisers to the fields and also to transport canes to the factory.

“What they told us is that they don’t have money to pay us as recleaners. They did not say anything about when the recleaning work leaves back what will become of it,” Dey added.Another worker, Khemraj Jaikarran of the Rose Hall Estate recalled being told that he and the others would have to work as weeders.

“They say the decision came from higher management and they can’t do nothing about it. They came and reach the Agri Manager and the Human Resource Officer and told us that the only alternative work they have for us is to do weed and relief, cut cane, plant cane, and clean punts,” he stated while urging the relevant authorities to intervene.

However, General and Agriculture Workers Union (GAWU) Berbice representative, Harvey Tambron during the protest explained that he received a telephone call from the field officer at Rose Hall estate on Wednesday informing him that management had stopped the recleaners from performing their normal duties.

He said he met with workers and was told that there were no consultations on the issue. Tamdron further related that a superintendent of works was present at the meeting.

GAWU Berbice representative Harvey Tambron

“I asked the superintendent if it was true that the cleaners that recleaners were being given different work to do and he said yes. I asked him if there was any consultation or engagement with the workers and he said no. I called the Chief Industrial Relations Manager at the Georgetown office and he told me that there was an engagement. So I told him that I have the superintendent here and he said that there was no engagement.”

This publication understands that the NDIA had stopped refunding monies paid to recleaners to GuySuCo.

“This left us in shock because obviously management should have been able to know beforehand that the funds are being depleted and there will be no money to pay these workers,” Tambron said.

The Union had promised to make every effort to ensure that the issue is addressed in a timely manner. However, after several meetings between the Union and government officials, the Estate Manager on Thursday maintained that the situation remained the same.

“The estate needs to have the canals clean because we have the rompers go in there which service is the cane harvesters, we have a fertiliser, plants go in through the canals so the fertilising gang will be affected as well as the planting gang. So the canals are a very important part of the estate’s daily operations. If it’s every single day these canals are being used. Everything seems to be pointing to the Chief Executive Officer. Several managers told the workers that the decision came from the top, pointing to the Chief Executive Officer,” Tambron added.

Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha reportedly intervened and it was expected that the matter would have been resolved on Friday but nothing has been done.

Mount Sinai team assesses Guyana’s capabilities for Oncology Centre of Excellence

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A High-Level Team from Mount Sinai Health Systems touring the GPHC in July (Filed Photo)

A team of experts from Mount Sinai visited Guyana to assess the country’s current resources in oncology, amid plans to establish an Oncology Centre of Excellence.

The Oncology Centre for Excellence has been dubbed a pivotal project in enhancing cancer care not just for Guyana but the wider Caribbean. In July, the Government and officials from Mount Sinai discussed this initiative, which will be executed through a public-private partnership.

Health Minister, Dr Frank Anthony recently stated that the team would have assessed the current resources in the health system before a decision is taken to develop the facility.

“We have a team that came in because two of the projects that we’re working on is the Oncology Centre of Excellence that we want to build. The team came in with very skilled, high-level experts in oncology…They assessed what we currently have and they have been looking at what we will need to put in so that we can start working on developing that centre.”

Last week, another team from Mount Sinai was in Guyana in keeping with the agreement that was signed in July – the National Health Care Initiative – a three-component plan that focuses on enhancing the country’s primary healthcare services, improving patient care and management at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Health Minister Dr Frank Anthony

The current project is to upgrade the Georgetown Public Hospital and over the next months, changes will be seen at the facility and in the operational conduct.

“We’re working on several fronts in the health sector. One area of work is to improve conditions at the Georgetown Hospital and to put a lot of systems in place. We have a team from Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital that is working directly with the management of the Georgetown Hospital,” the Health Minister posited.

The idea is to replicate these changes at other regional hospitals. Meanwhile, a team is expected next week to advance talks concerning the establishment of a Cardiovascular Centre of Excellence.

The group of professionals has already reviewed the implementation of electronic medical records, assessed the current workforce and training programmes; and strengthened the various systems in the Ministry.

After assessing the current setting, recommendations are to be made for the necessary upgrades.

“We have agreed that we will be focusing on diabetes because that is one of the non-communicable diseases that has been affecting a lot of Guyanese. We want to build out a very strong system for treating diabetes and we feel that once we can get that going, then it would help to prevent some of the other chronic diseases,” Dr Anthony added.

Pump station being constructed at Adventure to drain BBP, Cookrite Savannah

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Construction of the pump station at Adventure has commenced

A new pump station is being constructed at Adventure to provide faster drainage to a section of the Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

The pump will also provide drainage for Cookrite Savannah, which is constantly being flooded thus affecting both animals and crops. In 2021, the Agriculture Ministry announced that $80 million would be spent on the construction of a drainage pump station at Adventure.

This, the Ministry had stated, would preserve approximately 5000 acres of rice cultivation by preventing flooding, and enhancing residents’ livelihoods.

Work has started on the new pump station at Adventure. Region Six Chairman David Armogan explained that as soon as the pump is completed, it should be able to avert any major flooding in the Lesbeholden area, which is one of the four polders making up Black Bush.

With the pump being installed at the head of Adventure, it will complement the koker that is already there.

“Once that pump is completed, we should be able to avert flooding, especially in the Lesbeholden area. Then you know we are putting down an additional pump through the Ministry of Agriculture at Number 43 Village and one at Eversham as well. The whole idea is not only Black Bush we are dealing with, we are dealing with the Cookrite Savannah as well. We have a lot of cattle there and we have rice. So, once these pumps become available, we can assist those people in the Cookrite Savannah by bringing water through Black Bush Polder and passing it through the drainage system there,” Armogan said.

There is no system to get water out of Cookrite Savannah other than through Black Bush Polder.

“We tried to do it through the 52 area but people are complaining that we are flooding them and so we had to revert to the old system of passing the water through Black Bush Polder,” the Regional Chairman added.

Cuatro policías heridos y un menor detenido en tercera protesta contra LUMA Energy

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La Policía detuvo en la noche del sábado a un menor de 16 años luego de un incidente en el que cuatro policías resultaron heridos en la tercera protesta contra LUMA Energy.

Según las autoridades, un grupo de manifestantes lanzaron piedras y adoquines contra los agentes. Dos de ellos fueron transportados en ambulancia para recibir ayuda médica, luego de que fueran golpeados en el rostro y piernas.

El menor 16 años detenido cruzó el perímetro y se abalanzó contra los agentes. Este se resistió al arresto y su acción provocó un disturbio. La Policía contactó a los padres del menor para que llegaran al lugar donde se encontraba detenido.

En la protesta de la noche del jueves, fueron 5 policías heridos y cuatro personas arrestadas.

Encuentran un cuerpo, que podría ser de la periodista mexicana desaparecida Cándida Vázquez

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

Un cuerpo fue encontrado este sábado en un canal de navegación de la localidad mexicana de Mazatlán, Sinaloa, y podría tratarse de la periodista Cándida Cristal Vázquez, desaparecida desde el pasado 21 de julio.

Si bien el gobernador del estado, Rubén Rocha Moya, confirmó que se trataba de la reportera, la Fiscalía local señaló que ese extremo aún está por confirmarse debido a que todavía se deben realizar pruebas genéticas.

Por su parte, el alcalde de Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, declaró que “todo indica que es ella”, pero que esperaran a las evaluaciones de los especialistas para corroborar su identidad.

Según medios locales, el cuerpo fue hallado dentro de una bolsa en un canal de una urbanización privada y con indicios de violencia: tenía las manos y pies atados a piedras y una soga en el cuello.

Los padres, en un principio, confirmaron que los restos eran de su hija. Sin embargo, posteriormente su madre, a través de sus redes sociales, puso en duda la identidad, ya que se encontraron tatuajes en el cadáver.

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