Woman cut from vehicle in 3 way crash on Hellshire main road Loop Jamaica

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Crash along Hellshire main road

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Police and a team of emergency workers are still on Helshire main road, St Catherine at the scene of a three-way vehicle crash that has caused a major traffic pile-up.

Reports are that a woman had to be cut from one of the damaged vehicles at the scene. She has since been rushed to the hospital along with her child for treatment.

Full details as to what caused the crash are not clear at this time but motorists who are traveling in the area are warned to proceed with caution.

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Jamaica on alert for cough syrups blamed for 66 child deaths Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Ministry of Health & Wellness says it has taken note of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) alert over four cough and cold syrups made by Maiden Pharmaceuticals in India, warning they could be linked to the deaths of 66 children in the Gambia.

“Our records indicate that neither the manufacturer nor the product is registered with the Ministry of Health & Wellness and, therefore, the possibility of the product entering Jamaica is remote,” Minister of Health & Wellness, Dr Christopher Tufton, said in a release Friday.

“Additionally, our pharmacovigilance system has already alerted the Standards & Regulation Division of the ministry and our Import Permit Department is monitoring all donations and personal imports to further reduce the risk of the product entering the country,” Dr Tufton added.

According to the medical product alert issued by WHO on Wednesday, the four products are Promethazine Oral Solution, Kofexmalin Baby Cough Syrup, Makoff Baby Cough Syrup, and Magrip N Cold Syrup.

“To date, the stated manufacturer has not provided guarantees to the WHO on the safety and quality of these products,” the alert said, adding that laboratory analysis of samples of the products “confirms that they contain unacceptable amounts of diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol as contaminants.”


High-Grade Jamaican Leaf lights up industry with US$175k investment Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

High-Grade Jamaican Leaf is a new player in the local tobacco market, and the company is seeking to cash in globally on the growing preference for hand-rolled or handmade cigarettes.

Handmade cigarettes are relatively less expensive compared to Factory-made (FM) cigarettes, and this trend has been driving the demand for Roll-Your-Own (RYO) tobacco products across the world.

That is why the principals of the company, siblings Brandon Cargill and Krystal Cargill, have invested over US$175,000 in developing a distinctly Jamaican brand.

“High-Grade Jamaican Leaf only uses the finest hand-selected premium tobacco that is packaged in Jamaica. Our leaf is dark brown and produces a very intense smooth flavour, one of the only tobacco brands that have a wide range product line,” Brandon said.

“We currently do not offer any marijuana strains. Just tobacco products and non-tobacco accessories,” Cargill said.

Some of the product lines include tobacco wraps, honey leaf cones, doob tubes, metal rolling trays, pocket ashtrays and the brand’s signature High-Grade Jamaican Leaf Pre-Crushed Grabba.

“Our products are amazing,” an effervescent Brandon said.

The product is distributed currently throughout the Caribbean and United States. The company currently employs 10 persons with planned expansion for 2023.

“We currently have 10 in-house staff members with planned expansion for 2023. We employ the best personnel in the market, source fine quality tobacco, choose reputable business partners and serve the best customers out there,” he said.

Jobs in the expansion operation will range from entry-level positions in production, sales, and distribution to upper-level management positions in processing, manufacturing, and supply channel logistics.

“We actively work to enrich local Jamaican communities by providing good services, jobs, and foreign exchange through the roll-your-own (RYO) market,” Brandon said.

Cannabis is an industry with a growing user base as states and countries move to legalise, particularly for medical needs. But it’s also becoming increasingly competitive to operate in, and consolidation is beginning to take shape.

“Our market-share aim for the next two years is three per cent and continuing to scale up operations to increase opportunities for greater profitability and expand our footprint in the roll-your-own market by continuous improvement for product innovation, building and solidifying customer loyalty, deploying effective advertising, and pricing products efficiently for customers. We could not be more passionate about this company and are dedicated to doing everything the right way,” stated Krystal.

“It is extremely important to us to treat cannabis with the reverence it deserves.”

Krystal believes that brand awareness is the biggest challenge facing High-Grade Jamaican Leaf to this end, the company is currently working with local talent in Jamaica to build recognizability in the marketplace.

“We are trying to be market leaders in everything we do from our packaging to our marketing strategies. I believe the industry needs to move beyond simplistic branding strategies like the leaf and that companies should see themselves as lifestyle brands and not simply tobacco products, and that’s what we are at High-Grade Jamaican Leaf, a lifestyle brand,” Cargill said.

Cargill’s own personal experiences informed his decision to get involved in the industry.

“High-Grade Jamaican Leaf was born from my earlier experience with smoking cigars and strong interest in the rich history behind tobacco rooted in Jamaican culture. I quickly took a liking to cigars but noticed there was a lack of quality when it came to Roll Your Own tobacco and tobacco paired with cannabis,” he said.

He observed that most RYO tobacco companies used a low-quality leaf that offered a less-than-stellar experience. He moved quickly to remedy this problem.

“High-Grade Jamaican Leaf was created to consistently provide premium tobacco and tobacco products by using hand-selected high-quality dark tobacco for a noticeable, different premium user experience,” he concluded.


Court ruling could leave security guards without jobs Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Financial analyst Dennis Chung is suggesting that the recent ruling by the Revenue Court, which effectively means security guards are now entitled to the benefits afforded to persons categorized as employees, could work against them as companies seek to straddle the increased cost of providing the service.

The increased costs could see security firms cutting staff as their clients adopt technological solutions to satisfy their security needs instead of manpower, according to Chung said.

“I think effectively, it is going to work more against the security guards themselves than the actual companies because they will find something else that has a greater return on capital,” Chung reasoned.

The Jamaica Society for Industrial Security (JSIS) has signalled that the cost of private security services could jump by at least 50 per cent following the recent landmark ruling by the high court that security guards are to be treated as employees and not contract workers.

“People are going to be faced with a decision for their companies. If their clients are not willing to take on the added cost, then there will be no reason to employ someone,” the financial analyst suggested.

The court ruled that security guards engaged by Marksman Limited are employees and not contract workers and that the company should begin paying its portion of National Housing Trust (NHT) statutory contributions immediately.

The NHT challenged the private security firms in court following their refusal to accept the Trust’s declaration that the security guards they engaged are employees and not contract workers.

“I am not surprised about the ruling because the labour laws do say that if someone is continuously on a contract, then effectively you treat them like an employee. So all the statutory payments are to be made,” Chung said.”

The employee benefits such as paid vacation and sick leave, which the companies are now expected to adhere to, will likely see some companies cutting jobs, he said.

“Depending on how much the costs go up, you may find that they may be cutting back on the number of people they employ,” he said.

“It’s the same argument with the minimum wage when people say it should be increased. But how many people will lose their jobs? That is the balancing act that the government has to make … because it is based on affordability,” Chung added.

“Remember that money always follows capital, and people will always find ways to organize themselves and make money. It could be as simple as saying: ‘this is not a profitable industry anymore, let me sell out and go somewhere else,” he reasoned.

By Tameka Gordon


Imagining a future like our past-Anthony Smith – Response to crime in Antigua

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Imagining a future like our past-Anthony Smith – Response to crime in Antigua – open letter.

By Anthony Smith, Jr.

I remember when it was common practice to leave your key under the mat, or even under a stone in your yard. No hassle, no fuss. Whoever came home first would simply get the key and open the door.

I remember when we often left a window closest to the front door partially open. Whoever came home first would put their hand through the window in the direction of the door. They would simply turn the key that had been left in the lock and open.

The worst-case scenario was to leave the key with your neighbour.  We didn’t cut keys for everyone in the house. Wow! What a time that was.  Do you remember such a time?

I’m not a fan of the phrase “the good old days;” but if we are going to be honest, gone are those “good old days.”

In those days, we were free.  Of course, we were not careless or ignorant to the possibility of crimes taking place. We were, indeed, careful, but not panicked. Certainly, we didn’t have to be in this constant state of military alert as if we were the police or security officer.

These massive steel security bars were not part of our reality. As a matter of fact, we were shocked to see them in other countries when we travelled.  But we now have to build large concrete walls for our properties and install high-tech security systems.

These are very expensive undertakings for the citizens of our beautiful Antigua and Barbuda and have caused us to become prisoners in our own homes.  Meanwhile, our political leaders live in luxury and safety at the expense of the citizenry, leaving us to fend for ourselves.

How many “Breaking News” headlines must we read in the papers or watch on ABS-TV before this government gets serious about crime detection, prevention and solution? When will the government give the Police Force the necessary, sorely needed resources and training?

We may not have the resources of a Scotland Yard, but we can do better. “For de people sake,” we must do better. The surge in crime is too much for us.  It is too much for the homeowner, the businessperson, the little children and the elderly.

It is obvious that the ALP Parliamentarians are protected in their fancy mansions, isolated and insulated in their bubble.  But in the meantime, and until we get a government that cares about us, we, the citizens, must do the best we can.

And so, since we don’t have caring leadership in the present administration, let us come together.  Let us partner with the Police and other stakeholders.  This may involve community policing, neighbourhood watches, and other forms of people-organizing.  It may even mean pooling resources to employ a security patrol in our various villages.

All Saints West, I know you can benefit from something like this. We have been abandoned by this government. They have left us out in the cold, while at the same time hoarding all of the blankets.

So let’s organize; let’s keep an eye out and maintain vigilance; but, more so, let us elect a more caring and compassionate government to see about our affairs.  A government that is more innovative and will partner with the Police to protect the people of this land.

We need a government that will invest in the development of the Police.  Such development goes beyond firearms and use of force. It is comprehensive and includes – but is not limited to – training in technology, psychology, statistics and trends, among other things.

Maybe then, we will all be able to say, “I remember when;” not only as something good from the past, but as a reality for generations going forward.



Maraval gun dealer on $800,000 bail for guns, explosives found in home

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Brent Thomas, 61, of Nutmeg Avenue, Haleland Park, Maraval was charged with three counts of possession of firearms possession and four counts of possession of explosives.
He was granted $800,000 bail with surety on Friday.

A 61-year-old Maraval man appeared before a Port of Spain magistrate on Friday to face charges of the possession of prohibited explosives and guns.

A police media release reported that Brent Thomas was charged with three counts of possession of prohibited weapons (automatic firearms) and four counts of possession of prohibited weapons (explosives), after investigators received advice from Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions George Busby.

Thomas appeared before magistrate Maureen Baboolal-Gafoor in the Port of Spain Magistrates Court and was granted $800,000 bail with surety.

He is expected to return to court on October 7.

The investigation began when officers of the Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) began an audit at the business of a firearms dealer in Aranguez.

During the audit they noted several irregularities and searched the dealer’s home, where they found four explosive devices and three prohibited guns.

ASP Birch of the PSB later received seven arrest warrants for Thomas, who went to Barbados. Authorities there detained him on October 5 and handed him over to Birch,who travelled to Barbados.

The exercise that led to Thomas’s arrest was led by W/Snr Supt Suzette Martin and acting Cpl Joefield.


Charles-Farray memorial service on Monday

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Janine Charles-Farray. –

The memorial service for Janine Charles-Farray will be held on Monday at the All Saints Anglican Church, Queen’s Park West. The service will begin at 2.30 pm, with tributes and a musical prelude featuring the Lydians and friends, beginning at 1 pm.

Charles-Farray died on October 1 at 39.

In a release, Charles-Farray’s friend and colleague Rachael Collymore said all those attending are asked to enter the church bythe west door to facilitate a registration process during which names, phone numbers and temperature checks will be accomplished.

Triston Wallace, of the TT Performing Arts Network, of which Charles-Farray was a founder, said non-performers present are encouraged to wear masks in the church in order to prevent the spread of covid19 and to protect the elderly and vulnerable who will be there to pay their last respects.

Collymore said parking will be available at the front and back of the rectory, on the church grounds, using the entrance on Marli Street, on the adjacent streets and in and around the Queen’s Park Savannah. Parking will not be available in the hall car park.

She said Charles-Farray’s mother and the family thanked everyone for their expressions of support and especially for their prayers. She asked for people to continue to pray for them.

The family requested no flowers, as Charles-Farray will be cremated on Tuesday.


[Updated] Adverse weather, riverine flood alerts lifted

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


The South Oropouche river in Pluck Road –

BOTH the adverse weather yellow alert and the riverine flooding orange alert were discontinued by the Met Services on Friday.

The adverse weather alert discontinuation was contained in a media release shortly before noon and the riverine alert was lifted at 3.35 pm.

The adverse weather alert was issued on Tuesday morning and took effect from 5 am on Wednesday, when heavy rain and strong winds started affecting Tobago and east Trinidad, resulting in flooding and landslides.

In the latest release, the Met Office said, “The potential for impactful weather over TT is significantly reduced.”

It said there is a chance of isolated thunderstorms, but additional rainfall is unlikely to hinder further runoff.

“Landslips and landslides are still possible as soils remain saturated.”

On the discontinuance of the riverine flood alert, the Met Office said all major river courses were well within their banks as of Friday and the threat of further riverine flooding had decreased considerably.

Some locations remain waterlogged, but this should improve with time.

The riverine alert came into effect on Thursday, first as a yellow, then an orange level. Orange indicates a high risk to public safety, livelihood and property.

The public was advised to continue to assess their surroundings before venturing out, and to monitor weather conditions and updates from official sources via www.metoffice.gov.tt and www.odpm.gov.tt

The weather system, or Invest 91L, as it was known, which caused major flooding and landslides, has since intensified, first into Tropical Depression 13 and then Tropical Storm Julia.

As of Friday, the storm was 150 miles north-northeast of Barranquilla, Colombia and 505 miles east of Isla de Providencia, Colombia. It is expected to strengthen further into a hurricane.


$15,000 Bail For Stanley Felix – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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On Friday, October 7, 2022, Officers attached to the Major Crime Unit, spearheaded an operation at La Clery, Castries, where a suspect was apprehended.

Consequently, Stanley Felix of La Clery, Castries, was formally charged with the offence of Perverting the Course of Justice, Contrary to Section 376 of the Criminal Code of Saint Lucia.

He was escorted before the First District Court where he was granted bail in the sum of fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000.00) cash or suitable surety.

He was also assigned reporting conditions and travel restrictions.

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SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force

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NBC’s Special Report- Friday October 7th 2022

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The content originally appeared on: NBC SVG

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Indian Heritage Foundation is commemorating Indian Heritage Day today.

Yolande Richards has more in today’s Special Report.