Regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps on a sunny windowsill Loop Jamaica

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Gardening naturally lends itself to reusing and recycling — just think about compost and last year’s seed trays.

So if there’s a way to reduce trash while saving money on produce, you can count me in. And one of my favourite ways to do both is to regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps.

Instead of throwing away or composting the bottoms (or tops) of vegetables when preparing them, you can grow them into leafy greens and other tasty tidbits right on your windowsill.

Before I go any further, it’s important to point out that these methods aren’t likely to produce plants that will grow well in your garden, so I don’t recommend replacing your seedlings in this manner.

But they are likely to yield a side dish or two, and you can never underestimate the value of a fun project.

General tips: Scraps will grow best in a sunny spot. Use lukewarm water, and replace it every day or two to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Don’t worry if the submerged portion of your cuttings becomes a bit slimy, but if the whole thing starts to turn brown, toss it in the compost pile and start over.

Beet (Photo: iStock)


My favourite thing about beets is that one plant provides two sides dishes – the tuberous root and the tasty greens. Although you can’t regrow a beetroot indoors from a cutting, you can certainly generate more leafy greens: Cut off the top 1 1/2 inches from a beetroot and place it cut-side down in a dish that contains just enough water to keep the sliced end submerged. New leaves will sprout from the top within a few days, and you can start harvesting them in a couple of weeks. (This method also works with parsnips and turnips).

Celery (Photo: iStock)


Cut 3 inches off the bottom of a head of celery, then slice a sliver off the very bottom of the 3-inch segment. Place it right-side up in a shallow container and pour in 2 inches of water. New growth will sprout from the centre in just a few days.

A bunch of fresh escallions (Photo: iStock)

Scallions and Leeks

Trim the entire white portion off the bottom of a leek or scallion stalk, then place it root-side-down in a jar or glass holding an inch of water. If the stalk outgrows the jar, move it to a larger one. New growth will be harvestable in a couple of weeks.

Leaf of green Romaine lettuce (Photo: iStock)

Romaine Lettuce

Cut 3 inches off the bottom of a head of romaine lettuce, then remove its outermost leaves. Place the 3-inch “heart” in a shallow container to which you’ve added one-half inch of water. Within a week, a sprout will emerge from its centre. As it grows, it’s normal for some of the heart’s outer leaves to turn brown. Remove them. When the centre growth is large enough for a salad (or sandwich), trim it off and enjoy – then wait for more to grow.

By Jessica Damiano

Defending champion France arrive in Qatar for World Cup Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

DOHA, Qatar (AP) — Injury-hit France arrived in Qatar on Wednesday to begin the defense of their World Cup title, with coach Didier Deschamps leading the squad off the plane after it landed.

The squad was to take part in stretching exercises before having dinner.

Forward Randal Kolo Muani, who was called up on Wednesday morning to replace the injured Christopher Nkunku, was expected to join the squad on Thursday evening.

Nkunku injured his left knee following a tackle from midfielder Eduardo Camavinga moments before the end of Tuesday evening’s final training session in France.

Deschamps is without injured midfielders Paul Pogba and N’Golo Kante, who helped France win the World Cup four years ago. Central defender Presnel Kimpembe pulled out Monday after failing to sufficiently recover from a six-week layoff following a hamstring injury.

Deschamps has an anxious wait to see if his best central defender, Raphael Varane, is fit to face Australia on Nov. 22 — exactly a month after he limped off for Manchester United with a hamstring injury.

There’s also some doubt about Karim Benzema’s fitness. Since winning the Ballon d’Or last month, Benzema has played fewer than 30 minutes for Real Madrid, coming off the bench in a Champions League game.

France start their title defense against Australia on Nov. 22 at Al Janoub Stadium, then face Denmark before completing their Group D matches against Tunisia on Nov. 30.

No team has successfully defended their World Cup title since Brazil in 1962.

When Les Bleus came into the 2002 tournament as defending champions they went out in the group stage.

Mother of a five-year-old reportedly found dead in her Fort Road home

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

REAL NEWS: A young woman – believed to be from the Fort Road area – reportedly was found dead in her home today, November 16, and investigations have been launched by the Police.

Reports say the woman was found dead, sitting in a chair inside her house.

It is alleged that the deceased was the mother of a five-year-old and an employee of a local supermarket.

This is the second young female to be found dead at home in the area within months. During the summer, flies at the windows of another young woman’s apartment in Lower Gambles alerted neighbours to her death.

That woman, a Jamaican, lived alone and had no relatives here on island, sources said.













Bunting describes PM’s declaration of SOE as ‘political theatre’ Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Opposition Spokesman on National Security, Senator Peter Bunting, has described as “political theatre”, Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ declaration of states of emergency (SOEs) in seven parishes.

“… This is not about law and order. This is not about reducing violent crime. This is about political theatre and political propaganda; the main core competence of this Andrew Holness-led Administration,” declared Bunting on Wednesday.

Holness, at a press conference on Tuesday, cited the increase in murders and gang activities as justification for the security measure across the southern arc of Kingston and St Andrew, St Catherine and Clarendon, and the tri-parish area of Westmoreland, Hanover and St James.

However, Bunting is pushing back against the latest use of the SOEs as a crime-fighting tool, even amid hope expressed by Holness that the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) would support the measure, given that he said some of its own parliamentarians had appealed to him (Holness) for help with crime in their respective constituencies.

“It’s reasonable to conclude that the declarations of the states of emergency across a number of parishes is the prime minister performing political theatre,” insisted Bunting in a video statement that has been shared by the PNP.

He said National Security Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, Dr Horace Chang, in trying to build interest for Sunday’s Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) annual conference, had indicated weeks before that Holness would “announce something”.

At the time, Chang, the JLP General Secretary, had stated that the prime minister would be unveiling the Government’s plan to tackle crime.

Bunting also took a swipe at Chang for his “continued management-by-excuses approach to his portfolio”, arguing that from last weekend the national security minister has been “willing to go back seven years to say that we (the PNP) didn’t fund the police adequately.

Dr Horace Chang

“In fact, he (Chang) copied the defund the police slogan that is popular in the USA,” the senator claimed.

“… But the truth of the matter is, we could all see this building up to try and create some interest in their (the JLP’s) conference.”

Arming himself with purported police statistics, Bunting said since this year, Kingston and St Andrew have been among the few parishes in which significant reductions have been seen in murders and shootings. According to him, murders were down by 17.5 per cent, while shootings decreased by 23 per cent.

“Yet, a state of emergency has been declared in Kingston and St Andrew. So, even by the JLP’s justification of using it to address increase in violent crimes, this doesn’t qualify,” Bunting maintained.

He said, “curiously”, murders in St Elizabeth, Trelanwy and Manchester have increased by more than 70 per cent so far this year, yet SOEs were not declared in any of those parishes.

“The Opposition has long held that the routine use of states of emergency as a tool of policing is unconstitutional. The courts have upheld that view in at least two cases, one of which is now before the Court of Appeal.

“We would have anticipated that the Government, out of respect for the judgments of the court, would not have continued this unconstitutional use,” stated Bunting.

Pushing back at Holness’ hope that the Opposition would support the current SOEs and any extension to be sought by the Government, Bunting said the JLP leader, while in Opposition, purportedly stated: “‘This (crime-fighting) is not a whole-of-society-approach; this is the responsibility of Government. There is a lot that can be done!’”

Seven years later, said the former PNP Member of Parliament (MP), “We still haven’t seen what that ‘lot’ is from the prime minister.

“… And now, he (Holness) is constantly seeking to deflect responsibility from himself – the figure in authority – to the Opposition.”

Bunting charged that the country is now “fed up” with such an approach, pointing to the JLP Administration’s time in office for 11 of the last 15 years.

“Stop trying to blame others, or as former Opposition leader Keith Rowley (in Trinidad and Tobago) said: ‘When a Government is constantly blaming an Opposition for their failure to perform, it’s time to go,” Bunting concluded.

Minister ‘not too concerned’ by US travel warning as Carnival 2023 nears

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Tourism Minister Randall Mitchell speaks to the media at the Brix Hotel, Cascade on Wednesday. – Photo Narissa Fraser

TOURISM Minister Randall Mitchell said he is not “too concerned” that a recent US travel advisory warning people to reconsider visiting this country might negatively affect tourists’ interest in Carnival 2023.

He was responding to questions from the media after a press conference at the Brix Hotel in Cascade on Wednesday morning.

Last Wednesday, the US State Department put TT on its Level III tier, which means travel here should be reconsidered.

The department has four levels of travel advisories – Level I: exercise normal precautions; Level II: exercise increased caution; Level III: reconsider travel; and Level IV: do not travel.

The department said terrorism, kidnapping, murder, robbery, assault, sexual assault and home invasions are common in Trinidad and Tobago and urged those who still choose to visit to be cautious.

Asked by Newsday if, given the crime rate and the advisory, he’s concerned about tourists’ turnout for Carnival 2023, Mitchell said the Carnival season is generally a safe one.

“The Commissioner of Police and the police service, they are one of the major stakeholders in the planning of Carnival.

“So I am not too concerned with respect to that, because they are in the process of planning.”

He said the police and all other members of the protective services must be commended for their performance every Carnival season.

“They generally ensure there’s a very safe Carnival.”

Presbyterians to mark 16 days of activism against GBV

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


From left, Apostle Carlyle Chakersingh of the Faith Centre, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan, Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon, and Barry Rampersad of the Faith Centre smile for a photo at the Rapidfire Kidz Foundation gala at Acheivors Banquet Hall, Duncan Village, San Fernando. – Photo by Ayanna Kinsale

The Presbyterian Church (PCTT) will observe 16 days of activism against gender-based violence (GBV).

The church is seeking to develop strategic ways to prevent and eliminate violence against women and girls,

Unite to End Violence is the theme being observed from November 25-December 10, with a special worship service to be held on November 20 at the Arima Presbyterian Church, starting at 4 pm. The service will also be livestreamed.

PCTT Moderator the Rev Joy Abdul-Mohan said such action will fit into the framework of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

In a message to mark the beginning of the Advent season, Abdul-Mohan said it may be useful to make the Advent themes of hope, peace, joy, and love a reality in the lives of the most vulnerable in the community.

“When we join the rest of the world in marking 16 days of activism against GBV, we would have taken a significant step in walking the talk.”

She said studies show violence occurs in families from all walks of life and is no respecter of persons.

“It also takes place, far more often than we care to admit, among people of all racial, socio-economic, religious and educational backgrounds.

“This makes it imperative that gender-based violence becomes a priority concern for us, not only in the PCTT, but in other religious organisations and civil-society groups.”

Observing the new levels of violence against women in the home and society within recent times and especially during the pandemic, Abdul-Mohan said sadly, women, family members, and other distressed citizens seeking refuge are sometimes subjected to further physical, sexual and mental abuse.

“They are exploited by those who should be protecting them. “

In the interim, she said, “Governments over the years have been unable to adequately treat with this criminal assault against our citizenry.

“We have to guard against the tendency to so assimilate violence that we become desensitised or immune to the shock of these grievous assaults.

“The PCTT, like the rest of the population, is concerned over the increase in violent crimes and unequivocally condemns this state of affairs.”

Abdul-Mohan said while it is welcome that citizens and law enforcement are preparing to assist each other in the fight against the criminal elements in the society, some are not enthusiastic about the demand in certain quarters for arming the population. “Nevertheless, law enforcement must be given all the necessary tools and powers to do the job for which they are trained as they continue to protect and serve the citizenry. “

“There seems to be no plausible reason for these senseless acts of violence, uncontrolled anger and rage sweeping through our nation. May God bless us all as we seek to end violence in all forms,” Abdul-Mohan said.

Point Fortin MP aims to set up scholarship programme

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards

A scholarship programme to help talented students who are without the financial wherewithal is soon to be established at the newly commissioned Fanny Village Government Primary School.

Point Fortin MP Kennedy Richards Jr told Newsday he intends to initiate the programme later this year.

He also intend to restart the Kennedy Richards senior literacy programme, which his late father, a former councillor. initiated several years ago.

In an interview, Richards said the literacy programme was discontinued for several years because of the pandemic and challenges with space, as classes were held in the less than adequate community centre after a fire in 2015.

Now that the $37 million school has been formally commissioned, Richards said he intends to re-engage the principal, staff and students.

“I will be speaking with the principal, Cheryl Richardson-Rojas, to restart the Kennedy Richards Snr Literacy Day. That is something my dad would have started and I would have continued when I was councillor in that area.

“When the school was burnt, that affected it and covid19 basically stopped it.”

He explained the literacy day tested the entire school population in three components: choral speaking, reading aloud and mental maths.

It was not quite a competition, in that nobody lost.

“Everyone got something for participating and it engaged the entire school population, encouraging them to be public speakers.”

Richards said he was touched by a recent video which went viral on social media in which a young man spoke about his inability to read and write. Through the MLAT programme he was encouraged to do so and now, while not perfect, he is improving daily.

“The young man said he made the video to encourage other young men like himself.

“Many young men fall through the cracks, not because they want to, but because of circumstances. A lot of them just go through life and when they reach age 13-14, they are ashamed to let people know they cannot read or write,and they fall through the crack, finding less than acceptable alternatives for their failure.

“We intend to change that with the Literacy Day and catch some of them before they fall by the wayside.”

On the scholarship programme, Richards said it would be awarded to all-round students who excel in sports, academics and different spheres of education.

“We want them to go further faster, to be examples to their school.”

On the commissioning of the school on Monday, which he missed as he returned from a New York flight shortly before the function, Richards said it was not one of the original schools earmarked for completion.

“That school, which was initially started under the EFCL, which had some challenges, was not on the priority list, but the Prime Minister insisted it be completed. I thank the Prime Minister and Minister of Education Dr Nyan Gadsby-Dolly for this development.

“It is a good day for Point Fortin. This is the fourth primary school to be opened in my constituency for the past two years – Chatam Government Primary, Southern Central Anglican and Bonasse/Cedros Anglican.

“This MP is working, although people might say differently.”

Saying he wants to leave a legacy in education, Richards used a road-paving analogy to illustrate his point.

“You could pave a road today and it could mash up within a year. But if you give young people the necessary tools to develop themselves, that would be embedded in them for the rest of their lives. After all, they are the future.”

(Updated) Labourer killed in workplace accident – latest tragedy for Whiteland family

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


The late Gavin Ramoutar, former employee of the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) quarry in Mayo. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

The Ramoutar family of Whiteland, Williamsville, was still trying to come to terms with the recent death of their father when, before dawn on Wednesday, they got wind of an accident at Trinidad Cement Ltd’s (TCL) Quarry in Mayo.

The family’s worst fear was realised when they went to the site and learned that 39-year-old widower Gavin Ramoutar had died.

The father of three lived at Mappapire Road, Whiteland, in Williamsville, and worked as a labourer at the plant. Ramoutar was also known as “Son Son” and “Dickey.”

His father, Anand “Son” Ramoutar, 63, died in June of a heart attack. Ramoutar’s wife Julie died in a car crash in 2019 in the Mayaro district.

Ramoutar’s sister Davika Ramoutar recalled that he left the family’s home around 10.30 pm on Tuesday to start work on the 11 pm shift.

The Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) facility in Mayo was closed on Wednesday morning owing to a freak accident that took the life of Gavin Ramoutar. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

On Wednesday morning, a worker called and told the family he had been involved in an accident at work. Hoping the injuries were not fatal, Davika and other relatives immediately headed to the site at around 6. 30 am.

“When we reached, they told us we had to wait on the doctor. We were hoping he was still alive. We heard it happened after 3 am. His body was still on the compound. I was allowed to see his face,” Davika said.

She said she did not have details of the accident, but heard he came into contact with a machine that fatally injured him.

Davika said Friday marks five months since their father died. Their brother, who lives in the US, was expected to return to Trinidad for a prayer service for Anand.

Davika added that the family, including Ramoutar’s three children, aged four, nine, and 11, was devastated.

It was also a double blow for Ramoutar’s mother, who learned she had cancer exactly a year ago.

“My mother is not doing well. She is fighting a battle with cancer. She is in stage two.

“Garvin was very close to his children. He was a quiet and loving person. He was building his house next door, but stopped work when Dad died,” Davika said.

The home of the late Gavin Ramoutar, former employee of the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) quarry in Mayo, who died owing to a freak accident. The father of three was in the process of rebuilding his home in Mapappire Village, Whiteland. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

She said she spoke with officials from TCL earlier in the day, but did not want to divulge details of the conversation.

TCL has offered condolences to the bereaved family. A statement from Janelle Collins of TCL’s communications department said the company was deeply saddened over the death.

TCL was said to be liaising with the family and “doing everything” to support them during this difficult time.

“An investigation has been launched, and we are fully co-operating with the relevant authorities. There are no further details at this time,” Collins said. “We kindly ask that you respect the highly sensitive nature of this incident for the family of Mr Ramoutar as well as our employees.”

Newsday contacted the Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union’s branch president for the TCL workers, Kevin Arjoon, who was in a meeting and promised to comment later in the day.

Body found under bridge at Brickdam

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Law enforcement officials are currently trying to remove a body which was buried under a bridge in the vicinity of the Schuler and Gomes Optical Services building on Brickdam Road, Georgetown.

Neighbours say for days, they have been smelling a foul odor in the area and thought it was emanating from a dead rat.

Reports are that the business place, in an effort to get rid of the smell, decided to clean the trench in front of their property when the body was discovered under the concrete bridge, which is partially concealed.

Police officers are at the scene and are trying to break the bridge with a sledgehammer.

INews will provide more details as it becomes available.

PAHO Director Highlights Triple Disease Threat As Holidays Approach – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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With an increase in COVID-19 infections in the region, seasonal influenza on the rise, and a spike in cases of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) Director, Carissa F. Etienne, called on countries to implement the tools proven to keep communities safe, including vaccines, surveillance, mask wearing and social distancing, particularly in the run-up to the festive period.

“The rise of a single respiratory infection is a cause for concern. When two or three start impacting a population concurrently, this should put us all on alert,” she said during a media briefing today.

Cases of COVID-19 have increased by 17% in the region over the past week, and deaths increased in South America and Central America. A reduction in testing may be hiding the true number of infections.

“The situation can change quickly,” she warned. “Every time we become complacent with this virus, we run the risk of resurgence. We cannot lower our guard.”

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Meanwhile, cases of influenza in North America are rising and an out-of-season increase in cases in the Southern Cone is also being seen, particularly in Argentina and Uruguay, which is putting unexpected stress on health systems.

RSV infections have also increased significantly, burdening health systems in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Uruguay and the United States, and having a particular impact on children and infants under the age of one.

Dr. Etienne highlighted that the strategies used to limit the spread of COVID-19, including mask-wearing and social distancing, also apply to other respiratory diseases, including RSV, for which there is currently no vaccine.

Countries must also strengthen genomic surveillance of diseases and continue to encourage vaccination against COVID-19 and influenza.

This year, the PAHO Revolving Fund has procured 39.5 million vaccine doses against COVID-19, and 31 million influenza vaccines to Member States.

“We have enough vaccines to keep us all safe. Let’s use them,” urged the Director.

Turning to the additional outbreaks in the Americas, Dr. Etienne reported that the cholera situation in Haiti continues to worsen, with over 700 confirmed cases since early October, 7,000 suspected cases, and 144 deaths.

PAHO continues to support Haiti in providing life-saving care to patients, deploying health workers and facilitating access to fuel for health facilities, but other countries must increase vigilance, the Director urged.

Monkeypox infections have fallen in most of the severely affected countries, and Dr. Etienne called on countries to continue to engage with those who are most at risk, “to drive cases to zero as quickly as possible.”

As far as polio is concerned, the PAHO Director reported no further cases in the region, though vaccination remains “historically low.”

“We must remember that polio spreads silently, and it has no cure or treatment,” she said. “Vaccines are our best tool to prevent this disease.”

As we head into the holiday season and travel to visit family and friends, people must remain vigilant about all these health threats and learn from the lessons of COVID-19, Dr. Etienne said:

“We have the tools at our disposal to limit the impact of severe respiratory diseases, and we must continue to respond to these crises as a region.

“Let’s not take these lessons for granted.”

SOURCE: Pan American Health Organization/SLT

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