(Updated) Labourer killed in workplace accident – latest tragedy for Whiteland family

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


The late Gavin Ramoutar, former employee of the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) quarry in Mayo. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

The Ramoutar family of Whiteland, Williamsville, was still trying to come to terms with the recent death of their father when, before dawn on Wednesday, they got wind of an accident at Trinidad Cement Ltd’s (TCL) Quarry in Mayo.

The family’s worst fear was realised when they went to the site and learned that 39-year-old widower Gavin Ramoutar had died.

The father of three lived at Mappapire Road, Whiteland, in Williamsville, and worked as a labourer at the plant. Ramoutar was also known as “Son Son” and “Dickey.”

His father, Anand “Son” Ramoutar, 63, died in June of a heart attack. Ramoutar’s wife Julie died in a car crash in 2019 in the Mayaro district.

Ramoutar’s sister Davika Ramoutar recalled that he left the family’s home around 10.30 pm on Tuesday to start work on the 11 pm shift.

The Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) facility in Mayo was closed on Wednesday morning owing to a freak accident that took the life of Gavin Ramoutar. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

On Wednesday morning, a worker called and told the family he had been involved in an accident at work. Hoping the injuries were not fatal, Davika and other relatives immediately headed to the site at around 6. 30 am.

“When we reached, they told us we had to wait on the doctor. We were hoping he was still alive. We heard it happened after 3 am. His body was still on the compound. I was allowed to see his face,” Davika said.

She said she did not have details of the accident, but heard he came into contact with a machine that fatally injured him.

Davika said Friday marks five months since their father died. Their brother, who lives in the US, was expected to return to Trinidad for a prayer service for Anand.

Davika added that the family, including Ramoutar’s three children, aged four, nine, and 11, was devastated.

It was also a double blow for Ramoutar’s mother, who learned she had cancer exactly a year ago.

“My mother is not doing well. She is fighting a battle with cancer. She is in stage two.

“Garvin was very close to his children. He was a quiet and loving person. He was building his house next door, but stopped work when Dad died,” Davika said.

The home of the late Gavin Ramoutar, former employee of the Trinidad Cement Limited (TCL) quarry in Mayo, who died owing to a freak accident. The father of three was in the process of rebuilding his home in Mapappire Village, Whiteland. – Photo by Marvin Hamilton

She said she spoke with officials from TCL earlier in the day, but did not want to divulge details of the conversation.

TCL has offered condolences to the bereaved family. A statement from Janelle Collins of TCL’s communications department said the company was deeply saddened over the death.

TCL was said to be liaising with the family and “doing everything” to support them during this difficult time.

“An investigation has been launched, and we are fully co-operating with the relevant authorities. There are no further details at this time,” Collins said. “We kindly ask that you respect the highly sensitive nature of this incident for the family of Mr Ramoutar as well as our employees.”

Newsday contacted the Oilfield Workers’ Trade Union’s branch president for the TCL workers, Kevin Arjoon, who was in a meeting and promised to comment later in the day.


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