Conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction

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March 4, 2023 marked a historic moment for the world’s ocean. After a marathon of intense, sometimes overnight negotiations, Member States of the United Nations agreed on the provisions of a treaty on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (the ocean biodiversity treaty).

With this treaty, a new chapter for equity in the world’s ocean has begun. Almost two decades ago, small island developing states drew the international community’s attention to the governance gap for the ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction and the lack of any comprehensive regime to adequately regulate human activities in those areas. That gap posed a direct or indirect threat to the health of the marine environment including marine biodiversity with knock on impacts for coastal nations and the planet. They also pointed to the inequitable use of these areas which SIDS consider to be the common heritage of humankind. From 2004 to 2015, together with other developing countries and the support of non governmental organizations, the SIDS led efforts to make the case for a new treaty. By 2018, that case was filed and an intergovernmental conference convened with a view to adopt a first ever ocean biodiversity treaty.

From the outset, CARICOM demonstrated its leadership in the process with the region’s representatives serving in different roles from the phases of the Preparatory Committee that determined the elements of the treaty, through to the five sessions of the Intergovernmental Conference that finalized the treaty itself. More importantly, its political leaders demonstrated the highest level of support for the conclusion of an ambitious framework for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction, with a view to enabling equity and effectiveness. In a final statement ahead of the fifth intergovernmental conference, CARICOM Leaders declared their support for:

(a) a fair and equitable benefit sharing regime, including monetary and non-monetary benefits, for marine genetic resources of areas beyond national jurisdiction and digital sequence information on marine genetic resources that ensures all humanity for generations to come will benefit from utilisation of those resources and information;

(b) an inclusive transparent consultative process guided by science for the establishment of area-based management tools, including marine protected areas;

(c) a robust threshold and transparent process for the conduct of environmental impact assessments, with global oversight for activities that may be allowed and an agreed decision-making standard for activities that should not be allowed;

(d) adequate, accessible, sustainable and predictable financing to support implementation of the BBNJ Agreement while delivering capacity-building and the transfer of marine technology to developing countries, in particular for SIDS and be responsive to their needs and priorities;

(e) additional funding arrangements for a liability mechanism;

(f) an effective framework of institutional arrangements that will support the provisions of the Agreement and ensure decision making based on the best available scientific information and incorporate the traditional knowledge of Indigenous peoples and local communities, facilitate effective capacity building and transfer or marine technology, and ensure the required generation of, access to, and use of funding towards the aims of the BBNJ Agreement; and finally;

(g) due recognition of the special circumstances of SIDS as an operational principle of the Agreement.

CARICOM welcomes the conclusion of the intergovernmental conference and the adoption of the ocean biodiversity treaty. It takes note with appreciation that the provisions of the treaty have met the region’s core objectives. Importantly, CARICOM recognizes that this new treaty lays a formidable foundation for the fair, equitable and sustainable use of the ocean and its resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction. CARICOM will begin consideration of the next steps to become a party to the treaty and looks forward to the continued support of the international community in bringing the treaty into force and effect, and promoting its universality.

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Dancehall artiste Unknown Gringo Shot and Killed

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Dancehall artiste Unknown Gringo was reportedly shot and killed in Trelawny in the early hours of Friday morning.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force confirmed the reports that the artist was killed, but few details have been shared. “We are aware that there was a shooting involving a deejay in Trelawny but we have not confirmed the details as yet,” the Jamaica Observer quoted the JCF.

Unknown Gringo, whose real name is Frantz Morris, was born and raised in the volatile community of Flankers in Montego Bay, but his family later moved to Trelawny, where he lived until his death.

The artist’s career was just taking off despite being on the music scene for a few years. Gringo is well known for songs like Tank Up, Brawling Death, Money Machine featuring Chronic Law, Shy featuring Jada Kingdom, “Careful” with Skillibeng, and others.

The artist made his debut at Reggae Sumfest in 2019 but was affected by the pandemic. He continued to work and appeared to have a strong 2022 with songs like “Area Code” that released by his label, Desconocido Music, and was one of the rising stars making his debut at Sting 2022.

Gringo’s provocative music included references to obeah and human sacrifices as well as lottery scamming or “banging e line,” as referred to in his lyrics.

Meanwhile, there are reports online that the artist shot in the vicinity of Rock in Falmouth, Trelawny.

On social media, fans of the artist reacted with shock at his death, with many lamenting the artist dying before he could achieve his dreams.

“France you really gone bro,” one fan wrote.

“Life really f**k up god no. A last night we a chat pon the phone an u a seh it coming like the flu want hold u. An mi tell u fi tek a pill. SMH never know it would be the last time a chat u to. Fly high my friend,” another wrote.

This is a developing story.

Sean Paul, Rvssian & Danny Ocean Bring The Vibe In “No Me Controles” Video

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Sean Paul links up with Rvssian and Danny Ocean for a good vibe in “No Me Controles” visual.

You can always expect a banger from Rvssian, especially when he links with artists like Sean Paul and Danny Ocean. The dancehall/reggaeton banger saw the Jamaican legend spitting bars from the streets of Tivoli Gardens in Kingston, where the Rook-directed video was shot. The cut features a group of men playing domino and some beautiful ladies dolling up for the club later that evening, where the producer and his crew were hanging out.

The nearly three minutes cut starts with a message written in Spanish. “If you love a flower, don’t pick it up. Because if you do, it will die and stop being what you love. So if you love a flower, let it be,” the message reads.

Rvssian, born in Jamaica but now based in California, is one of the most recognized names in music production, currently covering reggae, dancehall, reggaeton, Latin pop, and hip hop. He is known for making some big crossover bangers like “Nostálgico” featuring Chris Brown and Rauw Alejandro, “B11” with Zion Y Lennix, Myke Trowers, and Darell, and “Ponle” with Farruko and J Balvin.

Sean Paul has been active in music for the past three decades and is showing no signs of slowing down. “Me say he first time me get fi buss the cherry / Me get fi understand say yo love is necessary / In a me life so yo know mi woulda never cut left it / Come fi realize yo no deh ya fi the monetary,” Sean Paul rhymes over a tropical beat.

IOC President holds talks with the President, Prime Minister of Barbados

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The future of sports in Barbados, gender disparity in sports, duty-free access to sports equipment, the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and a proposal to make road tennis an Olympic sport were among the topics discussed Thursday when the President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), Thomas Bach, OLY, paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Mia Mottley, at Ilaro Court.

In the meeting, which lasted approximately 30 minutes, Prime Minister Mottley reiterated her Government’s commitment to sports development, noting that steps are being taken to install lights at all the hardcourts and playing fields on the island, to install bleachers at one playing field in each parish, as well as refurbish the National Stadium. Those attending the meeting included Minister of Youth, Sport and Community Empowerment Charles Griffith, Permanent Secretary Yolande Howard, and Director of Sports, National Sports Council, Neil Murrell.

Regarding road tennis, which is indigenous to Barbados, Prime Minister Mottley said that the Government is committed to attracting international appeal for the sport, noting that it has already been introduced to Rwanda.

“It is the perfect sport for poor people and for inner cities… It has the potential in my view to be able to democratize access for ordinary people, in a way that many other sports cannot,” PM Mottley stated as she requested the IOC’s help in taking road tennis to the world.

She added, “Hopefully today would come to be regarded, the 9th of March, as the future of global world tennis”.

In response, President Bach pledged the IOC’s support to develop a strategy to build a federation and make road tennis more international. Meanwhile, commenting on the Prime Minister’s concern about gender disparity, including the pay difference between male and female athletes, and the broadcast quality of female sports like cricket, Bach said the IOC is doing its part to address disparity among athletes.

He revealed that at the Paris 2024 Olympics, there would be full gender parity for the first time. He said there would be the same number of events for male and female athletes. He added they are encouraging the international federations to provide more opportunities for mixed events, allowing smaller National Olympic Committees the best chance to participate. His remarks came as he disclosed that the IOC has been able to appoint equal numbers of men and women to all their commissions. Additionally, Bach indicated that the IOC is willing to use its digital platforms to broadcast more women’s sports to the world.

Following the meeting with the Prime Minister, Bach, who was re-elected as President for a second four-year term in March 2021, also called on the President of Barbados, the Most Honourable Dame Sandra Mason. He had a fruitful discussion with Her Excellency, the BOA’s patron, about sports development in Barbados.

President Bach was accompanied to the meetings by the President of the Barbados Olympic Association, Sandra Osborne, the Secretary General, Erskine Simmons and the President of Panam Sports, Neven Ilic.

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The OECS and the AFD Sign a Strategic Memorandum of Understanding

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

Dr. Didacus Jules, director general of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Charles Trottmann, Head of the Three Oceans department of the Agence Fran?aise de D?veloppement (AFD), and ?tienne Francis, ambassador of France to the Eastern Caribbean states, Barbados and the OECS, met in Gosier, Guadeloupe on Wednesday, to sign a historic memorandum of understanding between the OECS and the AFD.

The OECS is dedicated to economic harmonization, regional integration and cooperation by contributing to the sustainable development of its 11 members, and by facilitating the integration of member states into the global economy and maximizing the benefits of their cooperation and collective action.

The OECS coordinates and harmonizes policies and programs in the region. Priority issues in the region are addressed through cooperation with multilateral and bilateral development partners, such as the AFD, a public financial institution that helps implement French international cooperation policy.

After a first collaboration in the framework of the Recycle OECS Project, financed with 2.5 million euros by AFD on ?uropean delegated funds since the beginning of the year, the two partners agreed to expand their relations in order to implement joint projects and programs where their strategic priorities are aligned.

The objective of this Memorandum is to establish the framework of this cooperation as well as the specific sectors to be prioritized. The selected themes are human development (health and social protection, education, gender equality), preservation of natural capital (climate change, biodiversity or circular economy), and strengthening the role of private actors in regional economic development.

To achieve this goal, the OECS and AFD plan to pool their resources and expertise and share their knowledge and innovative ideas for a more integrated and interconnected Caribbean basin.

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Civil Society: New IPCC report must signal to polluters their time is time up

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Synthesis Report under the Sixth Assessment Cycle will be released on 20 March following negotiations next week by governments on the ‘Summary for Policymakers’.

The report will gather and distill scientific evidence from the IPCC working group reports and special reports published between 2018 and 2022. It will be the last such report from the IPCC in this cycle until further reports are published under the next assessment cycle, which could be only in 2027 or 2028.

Culminating with this Synthesis Report, the science from the IPCC is crucial evidence to governments for this decade on the current state of the climate crisis. It must serve as a warning to polluters that their time is up.

The window of time to keep global temperatures below 1.5?C is fast closing in. Current climate targets put the world on a 2.8?C pathway by 2100. A rapid equitable fossil fuel phase out must be top priority for all governments while scaling up investments in renewables and energy efficiency measures. Wealthy nations must substantially increase their international climate finance based on their fair share.

Past reports under this assessment cycle have underlined the dire situation and stated unequivocally that greenhouse gases – from the reliance on fossil fuels, industrialization and land-use – is driving up emissions and causing unprecedented levels of global heating.Human actions have caused the last decade to be the warmest decade in the last 125,000 years. Sharpening inequities show that the richest 10% of households contribute about 36%-45% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Communities in many vulnerable regions will experience the limits of adaptation even before 1.5?C warming and sea-level rise poses an existential threat to some small islands and low-lying coastal areas. Nearly 3.6 billion people worldwide are now climate vulnerable. than 1.5 degrees – incremental change is by far not enough.” – Manfred Treber, Senior Adviser Climate/Transport, Germanwatch

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Canada’s top general concerned military lacks capacity to lead Haiti mission

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service
Canada’s Chief of the Defence Staff, General Wayne Eyre looks at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during a ceremony at the National Military Cemetery in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada May 13, 2022. REUTERS/Blair Gable

Canada’s top general said he was concerned that his country’s armed forces, already stretched thin by support for Ukraine and NATO, do not have the capacity to lead a possible security mission to Haiti.

Haiti’s government and top United Nations officials have called for an international force to support Haitian police in their struggle against gangs, which have become the de facto authorities in parts of the country.

White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan in January said it was critical to identify a country to take the lead and said Canada had expressed an interest in that role, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not committed to it.

Canada over the past year has spent more than C$1 billion ($724 million) in military assistance to Ukraine. Now Canada is preparing to nearly double its presence in Latvia, which shares a border with Russia and Belarus. Ottawa announced new procurement for the mission on Thursday.

“My concern is just our capacity as we rebuild, as we move to brigade level in Latvia,” Chief of the Defence Staff Wayne Eyre told Reuters in his office in Ottawa on Wednesday. “There’s only so much to go around. … It would be challenging.”

Canada last year budgeted a slight increase in defence spending over five years, but it still spends far less – about 1.3% of annual output – than the North Atlantic Treaty Organization asks, which is 2% of gross domestic product.

The armed forces are struggling with recruiting and donations to Ukraine have cut into some military stocks, Eyre said.

Officials in Ottawa say the United States has lobbied hard for Canada to take on the role, and President Joe Biden may carry that message again when he visits later this month.

Haitian gangs have expanded their territory since the 2021 assassination of President Jovenel Moise. The resulting violence has left much of the country off-limits to the government and led to routine gun battles with police.

Haiti has a long history of foreign military footprints on its soil, including a 1915 U.S. occupation that lasted 20 years, and more recent U.N. and U.S. troop deployments following political turmoil and natural disasters, some of which led to allegations of abuse.

Trudeau has repeatedly said a solution rests in the hands of Haitians, a position Eyre reiterated.

“The solution’s got to come from the host nation itself,” Eyre said. “They have to own the solution.”

Canada has sent armored vehicles to Haitian police, and it has two small ships patrolling the coast. It has also sanctioned several former politicians and gang leaders.

Canada’s military is “actively planning” expanding to brigade strength in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s defense mission in Latvia, called Operation Reassurance, which it leads, Eyre said.

That will mean participation of about 2,000 Canadian soldiers, alongside those from other countries, Eyre said, up from its current deployment of 700 to 1,000.

Canada Defence Minister Anita Anand on Thursday announced plans to purchase portable anti-tank missile systems, counter uncrewed aircraft systems, and air defence systems for the Latvian mission.

($1 = 1.3803 Canadian dollars)

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Haiti police pursue new suspects in presidential slaying

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The content originally appeared on: Caribbean News Service

Authorities in Haiti have identified new suspects in the July 2021 killing of President Jovenel Moise, including a pastor and a well-known gang leader.

Police spokesman Garry Desrosiers said in an interview Friday with Radio Television Caraibes that warrants also have been issued for eight police officers.

None of the new suspects have been arrested, and it wasn’t clear what alleged roles they might have played.

Desrosiers identified the gang leader as Vitel’Homme Innocent, leader of the Kraze Barye gang, which roughly translates to “breaking barriers.” He is also sought by the FBI, which accused him of helping kidnap 17 U.S. missionaries in October 2021.

Desrosiers did not provide further details, and he did not immediately return a message for comment.

Before the new arrest warrants were announced, more than 40 suspects had been detained in the case, including at least 18 Colombian ex-soldiers accused of raiding Moise’s private residence in an attack that injured his wife.

Another 11 suspects are in U.S. custody, including a former Haitian senator and other key players.

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August Alsina Drops New Album “Myself” Featuring Rumored Boyfriend Zu

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

August Alsina is back with a new album titled Myself, and his rumored boyfriend Zu is featured on the project along with Deeno. The R&B singer had been on

Caribbean Travel News And Deals

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. May 10, 2023: Here are the top Caribbean travel news and deals this week in 60 seconds.

Starting Oct. 7, Southwest Airlines will launch seasonal service on Saturdays between Kansas City and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Royal Caribbean International has launched a search for iconic artistry to bring the Caribbean spirit to life on the iconic canvas that is the world’s best family vacation, Icon of the Seas. Caribbean local artists can send their submissions starting today and through April 4 to

The World Travel Awards (WTA) heads to Saint Lucia this August 26th for its Caribbean & The Americas Gala Ceremony 2023 at Sandals Grande St. Lucian.

Get ready for the Second Annual Anguilla Culinary Experience (ACE), from Wednesday, May 3rd through Saturday, May 6th, 2023. The festival brings together talented chefs from Anguilla and around the world with food-loving guests at Anguilla’s world-class resorts, luxury villas and bespoke restaurants.

The countdown is one to the 25th St. Kitts Music Festival from 22-24 June 2023 that will feature talent like Chronixx, Koffee, Govana, Skillibeng, Air Supply, Valiant, Patrice Roberts, Skinny Fabulous, Byron Messiah, and GrandMasters Band.

Come March 16th, interCaribbean Airways will upgauge its aircraft from a 30-seater Embraer 120 plane to the larger and more modern ATR- 42 with 48 seats, on its Grenada to Barbados route.

This week’s deal is Four nights In Jamaica at the Ocean Coral Spring – All Inclusive in the Montego Bay Airport & Trelawny area. Fly from Fort Lauderdale on spirit Airlines between May 7-11th for US $776 per person. Book on HERE

And Fly from Fort Lauderdale, Fl between May 7-10th to the Dominican Republic and stay at the Bahia Principe Grand Bavaro All Inclusive for USD 538 per person. Book on HERE