Popcaan Announces ‘Great Is He’ European Tour

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Dancehall star Popcaan has officially announced his ‘Great Is He’ European tour, set to get underway in Salle Pleyel, Paris, on Saturday, May 6.

The tour will see Popcaan performing his latest album (after which the tour is named) and will make stops in Dublin, Glasgow, Bristol, Tilburg, Brussels, Zurich, Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, and Madrid.

Those stops mean his fans in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and France will get a chance to see the Unruly Boss at his best.

Popcaan’s Great Is He, which followed his 2020 album Fixtape, debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Reggae Albums chart. The 17-track project, Popcaan’s fifth entry on Billboard’s weekly Reggae Albums chart, picked up 3,200 units in sales and streaming during its first week of release in the US.

The album featured few heavy hitters to include OVO label boss Drake on We Caa Done and Afrobeats superstar Burna Boy on Aboboyaa.

Regardless of the numbers, the multiple times MOBO Award winner has never been one to shortchange his fans, and he seems just as excited about delivering for them on tour.

Popcaan posted the schedule to his Instagram page on Tuesday, March 14, with the caption: “Great is he Tour kicking off!! Rd time #GiHE #live jah jah god”, garnering feedback from a portion of his over three million fans.

Sat May 06 2023 – PARIS, SALLE PLEYEL (France)Mon May 08 2023 – DUBLIN, 3Olympia TheatreTue May 09 2023 – GLASGOW, O2 Academy GlasgowWed May 10 2023 – BRISTOL, O2 Academy BristolFri May 12 2023 – TILBURG, 013 Poppodium (Netherlands)Sat May 13 2023 – BRUSSELS, La Madeleine (Belgium)Tue May 16 2023 – ZURICH, Komplex 457 (Switzerland)Thu May 18 2023 – STOCKHOLM, Berns (Sweden)Sat May 20 2023 – OSLO, Sentrum Scene (Norway)Sun May 21 2023 – COPENHAGEN, Vega (Denmark)Tue May 23 2023 – BERLIN, Columbiahalle (Germany)Wed May 24 2023 – FRANKFURT, Zoom (Germany)Thu May 25 2023 – MADRID, La Riviera (Spain)

Comments ranged from excitement, confusion as to why the singer hadn’t announced a London stop, to those offering congratulations to the 34-year-old artist on the career-affirming move.

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University Student’s Demand That Valiant Be Blocked From UWI Carnival Causes Fiery Debate

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Valiant is again the subject of a fiery debate in Jamaica, this after a letter to the Editor from a university student was carried in The Gleaner, voicing objection to the Dunce Cheque singer performing at this weekend’s UWI Mona Carnival, on the basis that his songs “promote scamming, violence and drugs”.

The letter from the submitter, who gave her name as “Sarah, a UWI student,” bore the headline “Why is dancehall artiste Valiant at UWI carnival?” and was published on Monday.

“I am writing this letter because I am troubled about recent plans to have Valiant, a dancehall artiste whose songs promotes scamming, violence and drugs, to perform on the University of the West Indies, (UWI) Mona carnival 2023.   I am saddened and concerned that my university would choose to partner with an artiste like Valiant, whose songs are not even permitted on Jamaican radio,” Sarah had noted in her letter.

In furthering her case Sarah pointed out that she was confident the UWI “would not readily invite an artiste who glorifies rape or child molestation, which are widespread negative features of our society”, and similarly should shun Valiant.

“We would never justify songs with this type of detestable content with the assertion that “music is just a reflection of life”. What we sing about matters, and what our youth are entertained by matters,” she argued in the letter.

According to the student, the University ought not to hypocritically promote artistes “who glorify antisocial and illegal behaviour like scamming, which destroys real people simply”, simply because they are popular.

She said it was a “glaring contradiction that a university would elevate an artiste who promotes being “dunce” and choosing a life of scamming, as seen in Valiant’s song, Dunce Cheque, and that “inviting Valiant and supporting his music is a line the UWI should not cross” arguing that it goes against the ethos of the institution.

“It is hard to take the work of the University seriously when, in class, we are taught about ethics but events like these are inconsistent with such an ethical standard. A university is a place to discover truth and promote the flourishing of society,” she had asserted.

However, while a few persons supported Sarah’s comments, many Jamaicans rose to the defence of the University and its Guild of Students, which is promoting the Carnival. 

Some sought to remind the author that Carnival was long known for promoting acts of debauchery, while noting that her outrage is selective, and is also an attack on Dancehall.

“Don’t forget the gyrating n carrying on in Soca with same sex to help promote unsolicited ideology of sodom…so hypocritical!!!!” one commenter said, to which another joined in: “Ina di middle a Constant Spring rd a dry hump ina soso g-string wid di 2 batty peg dem outa door”.

“I will never understand the double standard of the Jamaican society, we tend to bash and discriminate against our own dancehall music so much but glorify soca like it’s the best thing since slice bread.  The same ppl who want to turn up their nose on a young lady in her shorts going to a dancehall party is the same one in the skimpiest costume in broad daylight during road march,” another woman said.

Another commenter pointed out that it was ridiculous for anyone to think Valiant would be able to influence university students, already highly educated to be “dunces”.

“unnu so unreal. If you’d listen to his catalogue you’d get a grip. And also isn’t the fact that they are enrolled in the institution and not choosing that route of life proof that they may not be as impressionable as you think?” jadetori rebuked.

Another commenter lustxena ripped into the author whom she accused of being hypocritical, since Carnival was not a virtuous event but one of lewdness and semi-nudity.

“Valiant is an ARTiste. Thus the root word is art. It is the intent for him to display his art which lies in his is lyrical prowess. As a Jamaican, UWI graduate and j’ouvert lover. I don’t recall there being any scientific equation, psychology theory nor legal problem to be solved during Carnival. Further, he is not being hired as a lecturer, is he?  Correct me if I’m wrong, but what I know happens at Carnival is people gyrating to lewd music and enjoying themselves,”  she stated.

“If the scantily clad females and gyrating does not offend your sensibilities I fail to see why the artiste’s song about Dunce cheque offends you so much. The Jamaican in many of us is able to appreciate the ART that he produces and not internalize it as though we are studying for an EXAM. If you don’t have a problem with Carnival you cannot have a problem with Valiant and if you do STAY HOME,” she reprimanded.

Other commenters pointed out that as a university, the UWI is a place where all views contend, and where nobody’s art or speech is shunned.

“Because UWI provides a space for free speech and expression. Also carnival is entertainment. I may not agree with all his lyrics but he is a good performer. I’m not going to bash you for your opinion as we should be having thought provoking dialogue,” brown_sania said.

Another commenter ashikabii, said Valiant’s entire catalogue was not only about nefarious activities and that the Red Hills native has been an advocate for education and youth development.

“He’s an entertainer, not the morality police. They sing about life’s uncomfortable truths but that doesn’t mean you need to follow in their footsteps. Just in the same way these soca artiste aren’t morality police when they sing and perform lewd and provocatively in next to nothing (again it’s entertainment),” she argued.

“As usual, this is just a another attempt to promote divisiveness based on classism (soca provocateur overload is okay for uwi carnival but dancehall, not so much),” she added. 

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Shenseea Says She’ll Never Ditch Jamaican Accent, But New Music Will Be ‘Dancehall That Americans Can Understand’

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Jamaican singer Shenseea recently responded to naysayers who believed she was ditching her authentic Jamaican accent. 

“Somebody seh mi nuh have an accent nuh more. How?” she asked during a recent Instagram Live session. The Be Good singer promised that she’d never disassociate from her native tongue.

“Mi accent can neva leff. Born an’ raise inna Jamaica from mi yiy deh a mi knee—weh yuh mean? Dis nah guh nuh weh.”

Born in Mandeville, Manchester, the now 26-year-old star explained that any noticeable change in her accent was merely a skill that she, like most Caribbean immigrants, developed to get by in the United States. “But you know, mi deh foreign now suh mi haffi twang. Yaad gyal haffi know how fi twang when yuh come a foreign, yuh know?” she reasoned.

Shenseea, who released her debut album Alpha last year, has also said that her new music will be created to appeal to her American audience.

“I’m about to shoot my very first single from my second studio album real soon. I’m pretty excited about that. I think it’s gonna be amazing,” she said backstage during an interview with Billboard at the recently concluded Rolling Loud California.

She added that fans can expect “Dancehall that Americans can definitely love and understand.”

Shenseeea (Instagram/@Shenseea)

Last February, Billboard Magazine’s Patricia Meschino had urged the singer not to “dumb down” her capabilities to satisfy American palates.

“Shenseea, you know she has such a unique identity within this American music landscape, so why on earth would you want to give that up, renounce that, diminish that, to be just an imitation of something that is already out there in abundance?” Meschino said during the US Embassy’s Black History/Reggae Month Star-Spangled Sit Down.

“Some female deejays within the American landscape getting attention, but right now, she is getting the most attention.  So I would just love to see her capitalize on who she is, embellish who she is and where she comes from and make the best music she can as who she is,” the journalist added at the time.

During the recent Instagram Live, Shenseea said she had a stockpile of new music waiting to be released, but some viewers were adamant about what they expected for the singer’s first single in five months.

“Do you guys want it to be a Dancehall song? I mean…as I said, I’ve been making so much music. I have a lot. So, you let me know. Do you want my next song to be a Dancehall song?” to which the majority responded in the affirmative. 

The Trending Gyal singer then agreed with one fan who said they would be OK with “anything as long as it sounds good.”

Shenseea’s most recent releases were Bye Bye on Dunw3ll’s Playstation Riddim, and Rain with Skillibeng.

Alpha, released on March 11, 2022, via Rich Immigrants/Interscope Records, was an amalgamation of various sounds, including collaborations with Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Megan Thee Stallion, Tyga, Offset, and 21 Savage.

The 14-track album debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Reggae Album chart.

It then sold 63,000 units in 2022, making it the second-best-selling album from a Jamaican artist to be released that year.

As for more international collabs, Shenseea hinted to Billboard that a third collaboration with rapper Kanye West might be in the works.

“It would be amazing. I absolutely love Kanye from even before I met him so…I’m not gonna spill too much.”

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Valiant Chalks Up Recent Criticism Of His Music To “Bad Mind”

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Dancehall artist Valiant has seemingly responded to recent criticism of his music, chalking it all up to a case of “bad mind.”

The March 5 release of his song Rasta, which likens his non-confrontational approach to having no “beef and passa” — the way Rastafarians do — struck a nerve with fellow artist Kabaka Pyramid.

The 2023 Grammy award winner, who told the Recording Academy that he hoped this year’s Reggae Grammy nominees would inspire more positivity in Jamaican music, took to Twitter (on March 12) to share his view that the song was offensive and that it made a mockery of the Rastafarian faith.

“When we seh we wah inspire di next generation, dis is NOT what we meant. Rasta a joke ting a Jamaica now apparently. Aright,” he wrote.

On Tuesday, Valiant appeared on Instagram Live to vent his frustrations about seasoned artists in the industry, who are “bad mind” towards their younger counterparts, and he vowed never to become one of them.

“Mi just deh yah ah meds, like mi just grateful fi everything wah gwan and ting but more while yuh siddung and like yuh overthink, you just overthink,” Valiant began.

“Mi hope when mi start achieve some bigger tings and the support still deh deh…mi nuh get badmind fi nuh younger generation or mi heart [doesn’t] get dutty and seh some tings fi try tear dung di Dancehall weh we a try build,” he continued.

On Sunday, Kabaka had also pointed out that despite Valiant’s immense talent, he has had to resort to gimmickry in order to get his big musical break.

“When a man wid actual talent haffi sing bout Dunce an’ Siance fi get anybody attention, dat tell u more bout SOCIETY dan di artist himself,” Kabaka wrote in a comment.

“Unnu need fi check unnu mental health.  Di dj dem weh get him conscious song dem, unnu play dem? Me neva hear bout him, why is that?? A my fault mi neva hear bout him? Look how much conscious artist a try a ting an nah get heard.  An di one artist weh stay conscious right tru an neva run down commercial song unnu a diss ya now. Mi love unnu same way. An me a gwaan shell dem show ya pon tour .”

Kabaka Pyramid

Instead of responding directly to the criticism, Valiant said he’d take the high road and promote unity in Jamaican music.

“We ah try create unity in a di ting and di ting work bro … we fi positive. You have some people weh you look up to ah try tear down yuh mindset. Dat make you feel like get corrupt,” he said on the Live session.

The St. Mary deejay also urged the young talents coming up in the industry to continue pushing their music despite what others think.

“Mi just hope seh the new generation weh a come up and a do the music just stay focus same way bro, cause the cake big for everybody fi eat a piece a food,” he added.

Valiant, whose real name is Raheem Bowes, rose to prominence in October 2022 after being captured on camera engaging in a conversation at one of his music video shoots, where he glibly uttered the words “kotch e hat, a lie.”

The clip went viral, resulting in many music fans seeking him out after discovering he was a recording artist.  

In December, he took the top five positions on YouTube’s Jamaica Music Charts with the controversial Dunce Cheque, St. Mary, Siance, North Carolina, and C.A.L. (Cut all Losses).

According to Valiant, those songs, which include one or more references to lotto scamming/fraud, MDMA (molly), obeah (spell casting), moderate gunplay, and/or explicit sexual activity, are simply what the masses in the Caribbean want to hear.

However, earlier this week, the artist also became the focus of a letter to the Editor in The Gleaner titled, “Why is dancehall artiste Valiant at UWI carnival?”

The letter, written by a University of the West Indies (UWI) student, was an objection to the deejay performing at the UWI Mona Carnival on the basis that his songs “promote scamming, violence and drugs.”

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Koffee ‘Fine Now’ After Altercation On An American Airlines Flight

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Grammy winner Koffee was released on Thursday afternoon after being questioned by US immigration authorities regarding her alleged involvement in an altercation during an American Airlines flight, from the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston to Miami, earlier in the day.

“She is now fine,” Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport Olivia Grange told DancehallMag.

Another source said that Koffee had “been released after being interviewed and was out of the airport and on her way to Texas.”

According to Radio Jamaica, Koffee, whose given name is Mikayla Simpson, allegedly attempted to use the restroom in first class, despite being seated in economy and was denied entry by a flight attendant. 

There was an ensuing altercation between the Pull Up artist and the flight attendant, which resulted in the plane’s pilot having to “circle” as the purser and other flight attendants attempted to quash the “situation with Koffee.”

TVJ’s E-Prime also reported eyewitnesses as saying that Koffee, while acting in a boisterous manner, had refused to take her seat in keeping with flight regulations.  

The report stated that due to the confrontation, the flight landed later than scheduled at the Miami International Airport at 2:10 p.m., two hours after it left Palisadoes.

While passengers aboard the flight were allowed to disembark the airplane, Koffee was reportedly summoned for an interview by authorities at the airport. 

Jamaicans gathered on social media to voice their opinions on the matter.

Many of them claimed Koffee was in the wrong, and was “rising and boasting,” based on the initial reports.

“You can’t force entry into the first class cabin when you are seated in economy. There is a reason why you pay more to travel first class,” one woman declared, while one man jeeringly noted: “The moral of the store is, if you want to use the first class restroom, buy a first class ticket…she figet she was in economy ”.

Other commenters rose to Koffee’s defense, claiming that she does not appear to be someone who would behave boisterous or foppish.

“Nothing going to judge yet maybe she had to go real bad and the other was being use ,just maybe,” one woman said.

“I don’t know Koffee personally but from I have been following her from the beginning I never see her as a person who would display this attitude, I was not there so I will want to hear what she have to say if she says anything because she do not chat, chat about everything. An incident happen we do not know the circumstances but we ready to bring her personal life into it and most of us don’t know anything about the young woman. CHILL PEOPLE,” firestock_joyce added.

Others berated commenters for rushing to conclusions about Koffee, pointing out that nobody has heard her side of the story.

“The headline says one thing, and the comments are putting knife in koffee without the full story social media, social media. awww and not one of these comments said that they were on the flight. You all love jump before you all can walk,” latty32 said.

“With the poor journalism reputation, I would not pass any judgment on koffee until she do a official interview to tell her side of the story. But some are just so trigger happy without a gun,” dice_1876 said.

Others decried the denial of passengers from using the bathroom in first class even if it is the closest one to them, claiming it was unreasonable.

“Dem always a do this sh*t….if u seated close to first class and the bathroom is right there …them telling u to use the one way down in the middle a the plane…..kmt,” one man said.

Koffee (Photo By Destinee Condison)

The Toast singer is expected back in Florida this weekend where she will grace the stage at the Reggae Rise Up Festival with Damian Marley, Arise Roots and others at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg on March 18th.

Koffee earned the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 2020 for her Rapture EP, becoming the first woman and the youngest person to take home that award.

Her debut Gifted was the best-selling album by a Jamaican artist, to be released in 2022. It was nominated for Best Reggae Album at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

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Spice: “I Never Said I Was Pregnant”

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Queen of Dancehall Spice is back with her first single of 2023, God A Bless, following a major health scare late last year, and a viral Instagram post earlier this week, in which she appeared to be pregnant.

Given her history of over-the-top marketing stunts, fans who doubted the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s third pregnancy turned out to be right, as she confirmed on Friday, in an Instgram Live Q&A session, that the post was meant to be a symbolic one.

After explaining that she battled sepsis and hernia challenges, Spice shared: “I am honoured to be given a second chance at life. Fast forward to the photo I posted where I appeared pregnant, I never said I was (pregnant). I said God has been good to me and that photo is just me celebrating my second chance at life.”

The new song and music video are a seemingly dramatic retelling of the health scare, directed by BlingBlang.

Notably, the song samples Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit, ‘I Will Survive’.


Spice further explained that the stunt was not done to offend anyone.

“So, if it did,” she said, “I apologize. I know there are people who can’t have kids, have had miscarriages. It [the photo] was just done to celebrate my new life.”

The Grammy-nominated singer divulged her inspirations for this latest deeply personal project. 

“I died in October 2022 and God literally gave me a second chance at life, so this pregnancy signifies my rebirth” she told Complex. “The release of this song is called ‘God A Bless Me’ because it’s really a blessing what I overcame and I’m so grateful to God to still be alive.” 

Spice’s last project since her medically-induced hiatus was her Emancipated album, released via the singer’s own label, Spice Official Entertainment. She had expressed via her Instagram page how proud she was of the project, given each track’s potential to be a single.

Her debut album 10 was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

Watch ‘God A Bless’ above.

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Spice Opens Up About Near-Death Experience In Dominican Republic

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


After several months, Queen of Dancehall and Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta star Spice got candid about the health scare that she experienced in the Dominican Republic following cosmetic surgery late last year.

The 40-year-old entertainer broke her silence during a 90-minute live on Friday morning, explaining that she initially went to the country to correct fibrosis—a condition she had developed in her abdomen after not following the recommended post-cosmetic procedures.

Unbeknownst to her, this was the beginning of what would become a series of surgeries to get her back in good health.

“As you all know, because it’s no secret, I’ve had procedures done before; I did liposuction and I had a tummy tuck done…I was suffering from something called fibrosis and fibrosis is something that you get lumps on your belly. So, because of my past surgeries that I did before, I had something called fibrosis and it’s when you don’t get your lymphatic massages done,” she began while showing a photo of the lumps that were in her belly.

“It started to affect me when it started showing up in my outfits…and so the lumps started to get painful. Suh sometime when unuh see people pon Instagram and because dem can use app fi smooth out, doesn’t mean that everything is OK.”

Spice said she opted for Dominician Republic for some privacy. “I decided to go to DR because I felt like I was more popular in America and because of the same thing that happens when things hit the internet, I was trying to avoid that,” she explained. “So, of course, I go to DR because it’s a Spanish speaking country.”

“I wanted to consult and find out what was really wrong with me why my stomach was looking like that, why I was feeling pain, why I was getting lumps on my stomach. That was what I was going through. When I was in DR, as you know, when you get a breast implant it only has ten year lifespan. I got my implant changed and when I got my implants changed, I was consulting about my stomach and they did a mild procedure ‘cause you know it’s fibrosis so it was a very mild procedure and I was told to stay back for a couple days. I was there on vacation—I was doing fine. My ticket was booked to go back to Jamaica. I was doing well as far as I thought,” she said. 

While enjoying her vacation, the Send It Up singer’s friends became concerned when she started vomiting and alerted her surgeon to conduct a checkup. It was at that time that she found out that there was a hernia in her side.

“When they did the procedure to the breast, they had no reason to do scans to the side so he didn’t see that I had a hernia,” she recalled. 

Spice then relayed that the surgeon called an ambulance to transfer her to another hospital in the country to conduct an MRI. The results, in her words, showed that her intestines were protruding through the hernia, which resulted in its eruption. 

“Thank God I had the hernia because it erupted outside of my muscle wall. So if I didn’t have the hernia which is that space in the muscle, the intestine would’ve erupted inside of me” she said. “When it erupted, it started to poison my body, and it sent me into a sepsis shock and the sepsis is the poisoning that kills a lot of people that’s why I’m just so grateful to be here.”

She further said that the raptured hernia caused a domino effect of ailments within her body.

“The sepsis started attacking my lungs and it started attacking some of the organs in my body. The sepsis literally start to eat my skin…my skin start to deteriorate…it literally start to rotten out my entire stomach,” Spice lamented, showing a graphic image of the wound that was on her belly.

Following that revelation, she said surgeons cut open her chest to perform corrective surgery on her intestines. That was, however, not enough, according to the singer, who was fighting tears while explaining. 

When she returned to the United States, medical professionals performed another surgery. 

“I did another surgery immediately when I got here. They had tried to staple me up and when I came to America they open me back up; they put me back in surgery because I was infected with the sepsis so bad. They wanted to kinda clean me up so I did another surgery again,” she said.

There was a faint light at the end of the tunnel for the Go Down Deh singer in December, after being hospitalized for two months. She treated her relatives to lavish gifts, but what the world didn’t know is that she was far from recovery. 

“After they let me out of the hospital, I was home for Christmas. You saw me wrapping my kids’ Christmas gifts and presents even with that wound open. I was so determined to let them have a good time. So, when you saw me in Christmas, yes, I still did have a scar under my clothes,” Spice admitted.

As for her noticeable weight loss, this was due to an eating restriction for several months. 

“I wasn’t eating which is why I see most of you saying I got my face done…I didn’t go to the DR to do a BBL. That was not true. I went into the hospital as 200 pounds and when I came out of the hospital I was 165 pounds. I lost 35 pounds because I wasn’t allowed to eat. They used to feed me through my neck and that’s how I lost weight,” Spice explained. 

She said her fourth surgery was due to a condition called cholecystitis which required her gallbladder being removed. 

Spice, whose vibrant on-stage routines included jumping off speaker boxes, splits and somersaults onto fans, is gearing up for a series of live performances across Cayman Island, Bermuda, Jamaica, and New York.

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Wiz Khalifa’s Bob Marley Tattoo Gets Attention As Fans Ruthlessly Roast His Feet

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Wiz Khalifa’s Bob Marley tattoo is going viral, but not for the reasons you think. While the legendary Reggae singer has been a go-to for tattoo-lovers in Hip-Hop and many other spaces, his appearance on Wiz Khalifa’s seemingly pedicure-deprived left foot has left fans trolling the Black and Yellow artist, while mourning Bob’s “fate.”

The photo, which captures Wiz taking a mostly full-bodied shot while sitting down, was posted to the Hip Hop star’s Twitter page.

And though the rapper seems to have been focused on a massage he was getting at home, captioning the series of photos “Sessions at my house are super fun”, fans zoomed into one of the photos to reveal what appeared to be ashy and relatively disfigured toes.

One Twitter user, after observing the picture in question, retweeted it with the caption: “Even Bob Marley wondering why his toes look the way they do”.

And other users piled on.

“Errthang was looking good until those feet caught my attention like –”, followed by a series of laughing emojis, declared Twitter user Caira.

Tweeted another: “Boy you got too much money for your feet to look like that.”

“Ah BOB that on his foot?” one user asked.

Others left comments questioning why Bob Marley looked as though he was in pain, while there were others who simply pointed out that just needed a pedicure to fix things up.

There were those, however, who felt like it was all disrespectful to Bob.

According to one user, “Why TF would he disrespect Bob Marley like this?”.

Another comment read: “Bob Marley must be pissed right now.”

Some fans rushed to rapper’s defense, reminding social media that he trains as an MMA artist, and that training may be responsible for his toes being the way they are.

Though Wiz’s Bob Marley tattoo is catching a few strays online, he is far from the only star or artist to have a Bob Marley tattoo, and likely won’t be the last.

Recently, Future honored the legend by tattooing Bob’s face on his right leg. Meanwhile American actor, Mark Wahlberg – who frequently associates with rappers such as Snoop Dogg, among others, was also known to have a Bob Marley tattoo, which was ultimately removed for personal reasons.

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Macka Diamond Defends Koffee Flying In Economy

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The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Dancehall deejay Macka Diamond is over the subsector of the internet that is more preoccupied with Grammy-winning artist Koffee flying coach than her well-being following an alleged altercation on an American Airlines flight on Thursday

Macka is standing with the Raptureartist who reportedly, while en route from Kingston to Miami, wanted to use the bathroom in first class despite being seated in economy. This allegedly caused an altercation with a flight attendant, resulting in the pilot having to circle as staff diffused the matter. Consequently, the flight landed later than scheduled.

“Sometimes mi disappointed inna mi own Jamaican people dem because mi a watch one thing pon di net with Koffee and unno waan tell me seh out of all the situations, unno haffi pick out seh she a travel inna economy? Something wrong with traveling in economy?” Macka asked in a video post.


She added context by saying that not every artist, regardless of stature, will fly first class, and that it’s more important for performers to get to their bookings on time.

“If one artist book fi one show and first class sold out, weh unno think a go happen?” she posed. “We haffi travel a di back of the plane, di side, anywhere, so, which part unno did want she travel? Inna the hood? The cockpit? Where? Mi nuh understand.”

She continued, “Anywhere yuh stand up pon the plane, the plane a go reach a di same place. Nobody at the back nah go nowhere different from who inna first class. Sometimes mi nuh even like the first class because the first row inna first class, mi so tall my foot uncomfortable bad.”

Deejay Macka Diamond

While entertainment Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange has since said that Koffee is “now fine” and was able to proceed to her final destination in the States after being questioned by US immigration authorities, Koffee hasn’t publicly addressed the matter.

In that regard, Macka suggested that people exercise more compassion, tying in her own experience of airline-bathroom drama. 

“Why unno cya seh she did really pee up herself or number two up herself and she haffi run? Cause dat happen to me already. Mi a tek plane and me haffi run go inna the bathroom and mi hear the plane bout fi tek off and the pilot almost stop the plane and mi go through that already. We all go through things and the flight attendant come to me all sort of something, seh dem a go stop the plane and dem a go tek mi off but maybe she tek it a different level, we nuh know.”

Macka Diamond

Koffee performed in Texas on Friday night at Rolling Stone’s Future of Music concert which also featured Chloe, Coco Jones and Coco & Clair Clair. 

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Mr. Vegas, VP Records End US Copyright Lawsuit

Black Immigrant Daily News

The content originally appeared on: DanceHallMag


Mr. Vegas and Reggae label VP Records have agreed to end a lawsuit over the Dancehall star’s claims of copyright infringement, breach of contract, unfair competition, and unjust enrichment, according to court records filed Thursday (March 16).

The parties said in a New York District Court that they agreed to dismiss Vegas’ lawsuit with prejudice, which means it cannot be filed again.

A well-placed source — knowledgeable about the matter but not authorized to speak publicly — told DancehallMag that the dispute had been “amicably resolved before a magistrate judge.” 

They did not provide details of the settlement, but the Certain Law artist had sought unspecified damages on the four claims, as well as punitive damages and attorney fees and costs.

Vegas, whose real name is Clifford Smith, had accused VP of, among other things, infringing on his copyrights and failing to pay over royalties due to him for several of his biggest hits, including Heads High (1997) and its Kill ‘Em Wid it Re-mix (1998), Sucky Ducky (1998), Hot Wuk (2006), and Gallis (2009).

The suit, which was first filed in November 2020, also involved four songs from Sean Paul’s debut album Stage One (2000), namely Haffi Get De Gal Ya (Hot Gal Today)Tiger Bone, and the skit Nicky, all of which featured Mr. Vegas, and Check It Deeply, which was produced by Mr. Vegas.  He claimed that he never received royalties for his contributions to the album.

Vegas was represented by attorney Colleen Ni Chairmhaic.

In response to the lawsuit, VP argued against infringement, claiming, among other things, that they either owned or had licensed the right to sell and market the songs from Jamaican producers such as Danny Browne (Heads High), Shaun “DJ Chrome” Chablal (Gallis), and Steely and Clevie (Hot Gal Today). 

Vegas had also accused VP of breach of a contract between himself and Greensleeves Records, under which Heads High and its remix appeared on his 20-track Heads High album, released in 1998.  VP Records later acquired Greensleeves in 2008.

He alleged that prior to the acquisition, Greensleeves paid and accounted for the royalties for the two versions of Heads High. “However, since the Acquisition, the Greensleeves’ royalty statements no longer include royalties for the Records,” the complaint noted.

VP, represented by attorney Daniel J. Aaron, argued they were not a party to that contract.

Mr. Vegas’ last major hit record was Bruk It Down, released in 2012.

His Billboard-charting songs include Pull Up, which peaked at No. 98 on the Hot 100, and Hot Gal Today with Sean Paul, Hot Wuk, Heads High, and Bruk It Down, which all entered the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Airplay charts.

In Jamaica and the Caribbean, the artist has a string of hits to his credit, including Nike AirI am Blessed, Tek Heh Yuself, Party Tun Up, Daggering, Sucky Ducky, Big Things A Gwaan, She’s A Ho, Hot Gal Nuh Fight Ova Man, Taxi Fare with Mr. Lexx, and Bad Man Nah Flee with Beenie Man.

According to the Jamaica Star, he recently signed with French independent label Play Two, a subsidiary of TF1 group.  

Bright Future with Nigerian singer Yemi Alade was released via Play Two on March 10.

Mr. Vegas also recently graduated from the Florida International University (FIU) with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Anthropology, with a minor in Hospitality Management.

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