Raheem Sterling Unveils New Jamaica Heritage Inspired Clarks Collection

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Chelsea footballer Raheem Sterling has released his heritage-inspired footwear Clarks shoe collection that pays homage to Jamaica.

The collection dropped on Wednesday as the recently appointed global ambassador for Clarks brings his signature love for the Clarks brand to his fans. The new shoes, which come in several hues, bring together the signature Wallabee Boot and Desert Trek into one new and innovative design and is the first collection by Sterling with the beloved shoe brand.

Sterling is known for his love for the iconic brand, which has a huge presence in Jamaican culture as music fans especially love the iconic Clarks shoes. Sterling as well has shared his love for the shoes, which have been featured in reggae and dancehall music lyrics over the last 40 years.

This is not the first collaboration between Clarks and Sterling they have collaborated before. The famous footballer is Jamaican and moved to Wembley, England as a child.

He previously shared his love for the Wallabees, which increased his athletic abilities as a child on the playground.

According to Clarks, the new collaboration pays homage to Sterling’s birthplace, Jamaica.

Photos of the Clarks were shared on Wednesday, with Top Boy’s Kadeem Ramsay posing as the male model and DJ Becca Dudley as the female model. The photos also feature Sterling and the shoes with an embossed motif ‘1692’ that references the famous 1692 Port Royal earthquake event that sunk the city, which served as Jamaica’s capital. The event is nowadays associated with what remains of Port Royal, the home of Sterling.

Jamaica’s national motto, ‘Out of Many – One People,’ is also inscribed inside the shoe.

The colors of the shoe range from neutral tones of navy blues, clean whites and ecru. There are also darker shades of grey, black, and khaki, all paying homage to the natural beauty of Jamaica.

Sterling spoke about his love for Clarks shoes since he was a boy at the launch of the collection recently.

“In school, I wanted to keep up with the kids wearing fresh kicks so I was selling frozen slush after class to make money to buy my first pair of Wallabees,” he said.

“Fast forward and now to be the first Jamaican with my own Clarks collection is an honour. When I heard I could build this line I was buzzing, it’s a brand I’ve loved from a young age so to have this opportunity is really special,” he added.

“As a nod to the special connection between Clarks and Jamaica I wanted to do something that was for the island, for Jamaica itself. On the heel you see my brand 1692 which is the year Kingston was founded and hidden inside the shoe is the motto of Jamaica, out of many one people,” he added.

The collection is only available online in the UK and EU and exclusively through Clarks UK website.

Ne-Yo On Vybz Kartel & Spice “Romping Shop” Clearance: “The Streets Cleared It”

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Ne-Yo says that problems encountered by Vybz Kartel and Spice for the sample of his song “Miss Independent” on their biggest hit, “Romping Shop,” had nothing to do with him.

In an interview on Drink Champs, Ne-Yo says that he was not the one who refused to clear the song as he claims that he was not aware the song was sampled, and he didn’t have an issue with it anyways.

Thirteen years ago, Vybz Kartel and Spice dropped what is now one of the biggest songs in dancehall, “Romping Shop.” The song sampled “Miss Independent” but caused major controversy for all of the artists involved.

Miss Independent was a widely successful track for Ne-Yo as it became his first No. 1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100, topping the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart. The song spent almost a dozen weeks on various charts and is now a platinum-selling record.

However, after “Romping Shop” was released, Vybz Kartel received a cease-and-desist letter threatening legal action from EMI Music Publishing. A letter from EMI was widely publicized, signaling that the era of dancehall artists sampling hip hop and R&B tracks without permission was over due to the incorporation of technology.

The letter demanded that “Romping Shop” could not be released and that the artist was to destroy all of the recordings of the infringing track and that the song will be removed from all internet sites.

This led to Vybz Kartel changing the riddim on the song and re-releasing it as he did not seek permission to sample the track in the first place. More than a decade later, “Romping Shop” is as successful as “Miss Independent,” which has 424 million views on YouTube.

In his interview with Drink Champs, Ne-Yo says that he had nothing to do with the Jamaican artists being told to change the riddim on the track. The artist said he was ready to approve the clearance as he knew about Vybz Kartel’s popularity back then.

“I didn’t not clear it…the streets cleared it right away which made it virtually impossible to not clear it, even if I was thinking about not clearing it which by the way I was never thinking about not clearing it,” he said to N.O.R.E.

Ne-Yo added that before seeing the popularity of “Romping Shop” rise as it debuted on the Billboard Hot 100, he was told about Vybz Kartel, and the knowledge that he had sampled “Miss Independent” without permission had come by surprise to him.

“Before the song was presented to me, the concept of Vybz Kartel and who he was was presented to me. Like, this is ‘that dude’ oh, and by the way, he did this with your song. It was presented to me like that. So I’m like, so, what are we talking about right now? Of course, it’s fine. Why would I have a problem with this?” he told the hosts.

Ne-Yo added that “Romping Shop” inevitably helped to raise the profile of his own track.

“To this day, I can’t be over there and perform Miss Independent without giving props to what the f**k he did. You created a whole other vibe and that’s just off of the sh*t that I was tryna do. I gotta give you love for that,” he said.

The artist added that, in his opinion, sampling is essential to teach the younger generation to make better music or experience an era they could otherwise not grow up in.

“You gotta realise, it’s generations coming behind you …and if you decide to not let nobody f**k with what you did because it’s what you did and you gon’ have this pride about it, then them generations don’t get it. Them generations don’t get to experience it, they don’t get to enjoy it.”

“Romping Shop” is by far one of the most controversial and sexually explicit tracks by Vybz Kartel. The artist became known for his raunchy music, which also saw pushback from society concerning the lyrics of the music.

The song was banned by the Broadcasting Commission of Jamaica from radio and TV as it violated the rules for publishing music. This led to the artist creating a “clean” version of the song.

Offset Teases Baby Keem-Produced First Single Off His Upcoming Solo Album

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Offset has announced that he is dropping his first solo album amid rumors that the Migos rap group is no more.

The group members have avoided answering the question about whether the group is no more and they have each announced separate projects, with Quavo and Takeoff going off on their own as a two-man band and Offset continuing solo.

On Monday, Offset announced that he was releasing the first track “54321,” from the album on Friday. The track is produced by Baby Keem for his upcoming single.

“I got my single “54321” dropping on Friday… I’m coming aggressive, shout out my boy Keem he produced the beat, he sent me the beat one night, and I heard it and I was like ‘oh yeah I gotta go crazy on this,” the rapper said in an Instagram Live.

Offset also spoke about his upcoming album as he shared what fans can expect from the strictly rap project.

“The album full of hits, full of smashes, y’all gon see how I’m coming, I’m coming, crazy like…I ain’t come to play no games, I got sh*t for the girls too like…you gotta have that soft spot for the ladies on this album cause I feel the ladies is going crazy anyway and like you getting the support from the women you gonna go next level,” he said.

The rapper has not released more details on the name of the album or when it will be released, but he has been throwing hints to fans for the last few months as he dropped several videos of him listening to his new music.

Meanwhile, Quavo and Takeoff have been releasing music on their own as the duo Unc & Phew.

The rappers recently addressed their new working dynamic in an interview with Rap Radar Podcast, where they speak about operating on the same level as Migos.

“The chemistry is the same, and the recording is the same,” Quavo said. “We always normally record by ourselves because we’re so crazy on just dropping new s**t on each other,” he said.

Migos’ label Quality Control has not addressed the rumors that the group has split, nor has any of the members officially spoken about the group’s position.

Young Thug: D.A. Says Witnesses Getting Death Threats In YSL Rico Case

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The Fulton County District Attorney’s office has revealed that a witness in the Young Thug racketeering case is receiving death threats to his person and his family and children.

Earlier this week, a document has been circulating claiming that a person familiar with Young Thug has cut a deal with prosecutors to rat out the rapper in exchange for a lighter sentence from an ongoing case he is serving.

The document has been circulating on social media, not only revealing the witness’ name but also sharing a photograph of him. It’s unclear who shared the document, but the District Attorney’s office said the leak of that document placed the life of the witness at risk for harm.

On Tuesday (Aug 16), the D.A’s office said the leak resulted in the witness and their family members receiving death threats.

Fulton County, Ga. District Attorney Fani Willis and Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel both expressed concern about the leak as it revealed that the witness is a known “YSL affiliate.”

“YSL enthusiasts and/or actual gang members are threatening someone they believe is cooperating with the State,” Willis told WSB-TV. “And not only that person, but their very small children,” she said.

The document that has been leaked has been confirmed to be a document shared in discovery between the prosecution and the defense.

Discovery is required by law based on the principle of fairness as the prosecution is required to declare the evidence it has against a defendant, so he has a fair chance to prepare his defense. Thug’s racketeering trial is set for January of 2023, and discovery is one of the first processes to get the parties ready for trial.

In the meantime, the D.A’s office is investigating to find the source of the leak. Thug’s attorney said the leak is detrimental to the case and could result in harm to witnesses.

“This is putting people at risk and it’s poisoning the jury pool,” Steel said in an interview with WSB-TV. “Please stop immediately. Whomever is placing items of discovery online is not doing anybody a favour. It is totally inappropriate to try to try this case on social media. This will be tried fairly and justly in Fulton County Superior Court.”

The District Attorney also said steps have been taken to protect the witness.

“We are going to have to do things to make sure that the witnesses are safe,” she added. “We need people to understand that they can cooperate, they can do the right thing, and the State will be here to protect them.”

In the meantime, Young Thug and fellow rapper Gunna are remanded to jail as they were denied bail by the sitting judge, who was told by the prosecution that the men pose a danger to the witnesses if released. At the time, the prosecution said that some YSL gang members have offered to be witnesses in the trial.

The rappers are among 28 other defendants who are on trial for violating Georgia’s racketeering act. Prosecutors say that the group is a gang and Young Thug is the leader, while Gunna operates in a “commander” role.

Thug is also facing separate charges for a cache of firearms found in his house during a police raid in May.

Omarion Details Raz-B Triggered By J Boog, Speak On Mental Health

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Omarion has released a new book in which he speaks about an incident where fellow member J-Boog taunted Raz-B over Raz’s previous allegations that their manager Chris Stokes had raped him.

Omarion’s book is an audiobook called ‘Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy,’ and chapter 3 will be released on September 13, 2022, which shows an emotional moment by Raz-B after J-Boog mocks his sexual assault allegations.

In a snippet teasing the audiobook chapter, the former B2K rapper talks about the moment when he realizes that Raz is hurting.

“You can tell when someone’s energy, they’re agitated, they are moving around, he wasn’t focused, he’s saying things and I’m like ‘yo what’s good’,” Omarion says.

A woman comes on the screen as she explains the artist’s behavior.

“We find out that what triggered him, what agitated him, Boog wore a t-shirt that said, ‘I don’t feel safe,’ that was clearly a reference to what Raz had said in New York,” the woman said, after which a clip comes up of Raz-B explaining his decision to pull out of the 2019 Millennium Tour.

“Raz B is officially off the tour, I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around,” Raz says in the video.

Omarion, however, questions Boog’s decision to wear the shirt.

“I wasn’t picking up that Boog was f***ng with his head, why the fuck would you wear a shirt like that,” Omarion asked as the group was seen hugging and consoling Raz-B as he cried.

On his Instagram account, Omarion talks about being there to support others in their healing.

“Mental health is not a destination, but rather a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you going. Just because no one else can heal or do your work for you, doesn’t mean you can, should or need to do it alone. In my new book “Unbothered: The Power of Choosing Joy,” I share some personal tools that have helped me stay balanced in challenging moments. It’s amazing how some people find it so easy to twist & turn a story to shed a negative light on others just to play victim. The truth always comes out in the end. No matter how hard anyone tries to hide it. Lies are just a temporary delay to the inevitable. Wishing everyone who struggles mentally or physically- strength and support,” Omarion wrote.

B2K members have been at odds over many things, but one of the more serious allegations coming from Raz-B about the group’s time together when they were kids was that their manager Chris Stokes and lead singer, Marques Houston, allegedly raped him and other artists in the group.

Chris Stokes, who was accused of making the boys perform sex acts on each other, had denied that he raped Raz-B in an Instagram DM. the other members of the group, including Houston, have been silent on the allegations.

Previous allegations by former member Quindon Tarver allege that Stokes molested Marques from an early age and Marquesin turn, allegedly raped Quindon when he was 13.

Stokes is said to have been the mastermind as he coached Marques on the rape. Quindon also alleged that says Stokes made him and the other boys take showers together and allegedly forced him and Marques to kiss each other.

Raz and Quindon have also alleged that Marques was a sexual predator, going after other boys.

In a video released more than 10 years ago, Raz alleged that Chris first molested him when he was 11 years old, and Marques also raped when for the first time when he was just 13 years old.

The singer also alleged that Stoke’s business partner Taz raped him on his 14th birthday and that he and J-Boog were allegedly forced to perform oral sex on each other.

Raz previously made damning allegations that other members of the group were also sexually assaulted, including Lil Fizz, who was allegedly raped by Marques when he was around 12.

Marques Houston has also remained silent in all the allegations, while Stokes, who now produces movies for Netflix, has never responded to the fresh allegations.

Trey Songz: Woman Says Lawyer Offered Her $200K To Lie About Sexual Assault

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The attorney who filed a $20 million sexual assault lawsuit against Trey Songz in February is accused of offering to bribe a witness to lie about the incident.

The witness in the case dropped a bombshell accusation against Florida attorney Ariel Mitchell. The lawyer is accused of attempting to bribe a witness with up to $200,000 to force a $1 million settlement for sexual assault accusations against Trey Songz.

Trey Songz has been the subject of several sexual assault accusations at the time when Mitchell’s lawsuit was filed, and some are still ongoing.

In a twist that could see Mitchell disbarred or even imprisoned, a woman who is a witness in the case claims that she was approached by the attorney to lie that an assault took place. In return, she would be paid up to $200,000 once a settlement is agreed.

The alleged victim, Jauhara Jeffries, sued Songz for sexually assaulting her at a 2017 New Year’s Eve party in Miami in February 2022.

On Friday, attorneys for Trey Songz filed a motion in a Miami court accusing Ariel E. Mitchell, an attorney for Jeffries, of professional impropriety in that she offered a woman money to act as a witness in the case and lie in support of the alleged victim.

“Plaintiff and Ms Mitchell have engaged in serious misconduct, and it warrants a serious sanction,” the motion filed by attorneys Jeffrey A. Neiman and Derick Vollrath representing Songz said.

The woman who was approached is Mariah Thielen, who says she met with Jeffries’ attorney, Ariel Mitchell, last year at a Miami bar. The woman said that Mitchell reeked of weed and she carried a gun.

Thielen is named in the lawsuit filed by Jeffries. The documents say that Thielen was with Jeffries on the night of the alleged assault. However, while she does not say what happened, Thielen says that Mitchell offered her money to lie about what happened and claim that she was an eyewitness to the sexual assault.

“Ms Mitchell also informed me that if I changed my testimony to corroborate [Plaintiff’s] version of events and testified on [Plaintiff’s] behalf, that she would pay me between $100,000 and $200,000, depending on the case’s ultimate settlement amount, if any,” the witness said in the filing on Tuesday.

Thielen says that Mitchell further tried to convince her to also lie that the singer had sexually assaulted her as well in a big to paint him as “the next R. Kelly.” At the time,

The women were at a Miami nightclub during a New Year’s Eve celebration in 2017. Jeffries claims that while dancing on a couch wearing a “dress with a high slit up the back,” Songz inserted his fingers into her private parts.

Jeffries has, however, cracked as she says the plan was to force Trey Songz into a settlement, but she turned the offer down.

In the meantime, Mitchell has denied that she tampered with the witness as she disclosed that the allegations were also investigated by the Florida Bar Association, according to TMZ.

“We’re highly confident and certain the court will find the witness committed perjury. Parties are still awaiting the judges’ further instructions on how to proceed given the witness’s inconsistent testimony during the hearing.”

Mitchell also threatened to file a suit for defamation if the attorneys did not withdraw the claims.

In the meantime, Mitchell was the attorney who reportedly represented a client who claimed that Chris Brown sexually assaulted her earlier this year. The lawsuit was later dropped after the singer shared text messages proving that sex between the parties was consensual.

50 Cent Says He And Floyd Mayweather Squash Decade Old Beef

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50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather seem to have squashed their long-running beef as the rapper shared that Mayweather will be attending his upcoming event, Tycoon Houston Comedy Music Fest.

The event is hosted by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson’s G-Unity Foundation to raise funds for charity. In a post shared on Sunday, 50 Cent said that the former boxing champion will be coming through.

“Yeah Champ said he gonna pull up on me for Tycoon so you know we gonna go crazy. Big bags coming out TMT floydmayweather BOOM,” the rapper shared.

Tycoon Houston is being held at the Toyota Center on August 25. The event’s website says that 50 Cent has added several must-see comedians, including B-Simone, Karlous Miller, Michael Blackson, Bill Bellamy, DC Young Fly, Jess Hilarious, Gary Owen, Lil Duval, and D’Lai.

The event will also feature a closing performance by 50 Cent and surprise “guest friends.”

The proceeds from the event will go towards the G-Unity Foundation and the G-Unity Business Lab with the Houston Independent School District.

In the meantime, Floyd Mayweather and 50 Cent’s beef go back for years till 2014, 50 Cent made a fake “ALS Ice Bucket” video where he challenged Mayweather but instead read a single page from a Harry Potter book.

Mayweather also responded, resulting in a back and forth between them. In one instance, Mayweather, who is known for flaunting his money and outlandish watches, shared a graph showing 50 Cent’s declining music sales from 15 million to 200,000 between the releases of ‘Great Rich Or Die Tryin’ and ‘Animal Ambition.’

In 2019, the beef was re-ignited, with 50 Cent appearing to squash the beef but leaving a low blow as he took a dig at Mayweather’s reported illiteracy.

“Tell Floyd I said he won he is the greatest of all time. and nobody I mean nobody can ever take that away from him what he’s done with his life is amazing. I’m done with all of the back and forth. Now Can Someone Please Read This To Champ. #POSTIVE VIBES,” a petty 50 Cent wrote.

The ‘King of Soca’ – The Biography – Is Here

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News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Aug. 15, 2022: It’s been 40 years already since Trinidad and Tobago’s soca star, Machel Montano, has been making music. Come September 9th, the ‘King of Soca,’ a biography of Montano, will be unveiled in New York City by his mother, Elizabeth ‘Lady’ Montano.

As “the ultimate insider,” Lady Montano reveals the making of the soca icon in her debut publication as Machel Montano gears up to celebrate his 40th anniversary in the music industry.

A first-time author, businesswoman and king maker, ‘Lady’ Montano covers the evolution of Machel – the man and artist – over four decades in her very own EESM Publishers imprint. From her extraordinary vantage point, the mother of the Soca king details the characteristics and stories of the various eras of Machel’s artistry as she shares the highs and lows of her son’s journey against the back drop of the soca legend’s ever-evolving interior world shaping his outer expression.

The book is based on Lady’s 2018 MPhil dissertation titled “The making of Monk Monte: Creativity and Commodification in Trinidad and Tobago Popular Culture”. At first, Lady Montano said she was tempted to build on it for a PhD but decided against the academic route when she understood that her intention was to make it accessible to everyone.

First-time author, businesswoman and king maker, ‘Lady’ Montano covers the evolution of Machel – the man and artist – over four decades in her very own EESM Publishers imprint.

An educator by training, she views storytelling as a vital part of knowledge sharing, which she deems essential to growth and development. The King of Soca therefore embodies a comprehensive record of the 40-year history of the 47-year-old Machel which, according to his former ‘momager,’ is not well known, and much less so among T&T’s youth.

Forty years in any industry is no small feat, but it is a particularly remarkable milestone in the music business, and more so in the context of the Caribbean and Trinidad and Tobago, specifically. Quite apart from Lady Montano’s unquestionable attentiveness to legacy-building, there is, for her, a sense of urgency in sharing the first 40 years of Machel’s story now. She sees this 40th year marking “the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one; one that is still taking form.”

“Celebrating 40 years in music is unbelievable for me and to have a book chronicling this journey was something I didn’t imagine in my wildest dreams”, says Machel about the book’s 2022 release. In recognition of Lady’s unique place in this project he adds, “I am honored that it’s happening and truly excited for this story to be told by the one person who knows me best. My mother and I have been so closely connected on every twist and turn of this remarkable ride that I know her account will be quite vivid and be an inspiration to all. Thank you my ‘Lady,’ – the best mother, manager and friend.”

A very young Machel Montano performing at The FANN Club in Brooklyn, NY in 1987. (Hayden Roger Celestin image)

Even with the solid foundation of her 2018 thesis, it has taken Lady Montano two years to bring the work to fruition. Commenting on the process, she said: “I started writing the book itself in 2020, at the start of the pandemic when everything was shut down and I was in Toco – (a remote, sparsely populated area on Trinidad’s northeast coast.) I thought I would finish it quickly because it was all in my head and I simply had to adapt my master’s dissertation, however, once it ceased to be an academic project, the possibilities for what I could include were now suddenly endless.”

The Montano matriarch’s enduring desire to document her son’s story is manifested in her compulsive collection of Machel memorabilia, which in 2015, constituted a full exhibition at the historic Boissiere House in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago’s capital city. She admits to her relentless pursuit to preserve evidence of all aspects of his life since what she describes as “his miracle birth” in 1974, and more so from 1982 when he officially entered the entertainment arena.

Her vision for the project was clear: “I was always able to see what the book would be like. I was disappointed when I could not include all the pictures, anecdotes, imagery and other special things I wanted in my dissertation. So, seeing the book actually taking shape really created a renewed vision of what it would be like. I’m really thankful to the various teams working with me to bring my words to life.”

Lady Montano believes this biography will resonate with anyone interested in knowing more about Machel. “I am very conscious of Machel’s continuous transformation and the extent to which he has opened my mind about inclusion,” she says. “So, while it is said that you must work with a set target audience, or a specific niche or population in mind for your product, I am satisfied that this work will deliver an authentic, revelatory, impactful account of my son’s life in music to anyone open to receiving it.”

The initial launch of the King of Soca biography took place in Trinidad on July 26th, 2022 while the New York City launch will be held in Brooklyn on September 9th as part of a number of initiatives planned to commemorate Machel Montano’s 40th year in music.

Jada Kingdom, Her BF Nas EBK Attends Her Grandmother’s Funeral In Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jada Kingdom is mourning the loss of her grandmother Jean Rowe.

The dancehall artist shared on Saturday that she attended the funeral of her grandmother, and she also shared photos of her family along with her boyfriend, Nas EBK, who was present to support her. Jada Kingdom was seen wearing a green feather-decorated skirt and a leather crop top along with matching leather boots. In one photo, she hugs her grandfather, and she’s also seen posing with her mother and three brothers, as well as other members of her family.

There’s also a photo of her and Nas EBK as the New York rapper smiles while hugging Jada. “Life a fukry… sleep peacefully my beautifully Gmommy, I love you forever!” the artiste said.

Jada Kingdom also shared several photos and videos of her enjoying quality time with her family out and about in Jamaica, where she grew up. The artist, who is a native of Bullbay, St. Thomas, also shared several snapshots of her and Nas EBK exploring Kingston with her family members.

The artist also had words for critics who had an issue with her outfit for her grandmother’s funeral.

“Anybody weh have something fi say about mi grandmother funeral, go s**k the duttiest, stinkest balls a road,” the artist vented as she said that others were criticizing her that she was in a “fashion show” rather than a funeral. The artist added that she was tired of critics coming for her.

In the meantime, the artist has been busy promoting her latest song, “GPP,” which was released this week. The song is produced by artist Di Genius and has 422K views on YouTube.

The artist shared that she also recently released the video for “GPP,” which sees her role-playing the iconic Miss Cleo. In the video, Miss Cleo is seen advising a woman who calls into her show asking for advice in dealing with an ex who won’t let go.

In the meantime, Jada shared that she was to perform at Sum Fest in St. Vincent on Friday, but she couldn’t make the show. Instead, she will be performing live on Sunday, August 14.

Bounty Killer Sues British Publisher To Recover JM$60 Million In Royalties

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Dancehall artiste Bounty Killer is suing a British publisher in the High Court of Justice in London, United Kingdom, for millions of dollars the publisher collected on behalf of the artist in the UK from 2002 to 2021.

The dancehall legend is suing Othman Mukhlis, and his company Jamdown Limited and a third company owned by Mukhlis named Abood Music Limited, which he appointed to collect royalties on behalf of the deejay. According to the artist’s lawsuit, around 2001, Mukhlis contacted Bounty Killer, whose real name is Rodney Price, to collect agreed-upon royalties on his behalf in exchange for a percentage of the royalties.

The lawsuit claims that Mukhlis falsely misrepresented Bounty Killer and convinced him that it would be better if he were to collect the artist’s publishing royalties in the UK as withholding tax would take a significant sum- 30 percent of the monies he earns.

This information is implied to have induced Bounty into signing the agreement for Mukhlis to collect public performance royalties from the Phonographic Performance Limited (PPS) and the Performing Performing Rights Society (PRS) in exchange for a 15% collection fee of the overall sums collected.

However, Bounty Killer claims that Mukhlis’ companies Jamdown and Abood, over the period, collected more than £325,000 (J$60 million) in unpaid royalties from PPS and PRS.

That sum might also be more as Mukhlis also collected the publisher’s share of royalties on behalf of the King of Kingston artist.

According to the lawsuit, Mukhlis also collected the publisher’s share of royalties in which he would retain 10% of overall sums as agreed by Bounty Killer. Mukhlis registered Abood as the publisher for Mr. Price with PRS and later outsourced the collection with Perfect Songs Limited, but there has not been any account of monies for this set of royalties.

“Pending further investigations and the provision of further information, Mr Price does not know how much Abood and/or PSL, acting on behalf of Abood, have collected from PRS in respect of the publisher’s share of works written and/or co-written by Mr Price which are registered with PRS.”

The artiste also claims that Mukhlis has fraudulently collected the label share of the royalties in respect of the masters. The masters are not owned by Bounty Killer, and the artist has not named the owner.

“Further and additionally, in or around late 2001 Mr Mukhlis also registered Abood with PPL to collect the label share in respect of the master recordings of works performed by Mr Price. Mr Price does not own those rights so could not authorise Mr Mukhlis or Abood to collect them whether on his behalf or at all. At some point thereafter, Abood also outsourced collection of the label share to PSL,” the lawsuit said.

It’s unclear who owns the masters to Bounty’s songs and whether legal action is being taken by the label against Mukhlis in respect of the label’s share of master royalties.

Bounty Killer’s lawsuit says that in 2020, Mukhlis “acknowledged that sums were due to Mr Price,” but only transferred him the sum of £8,477.

As for what Bounty Killer is seeking from the court, the artiste claims royalties owed since 2002 and interest over the last 20 years. The artist has also asked the court to declare that all sums collected by Mr. Mukhlis, Jamdown, and/or Abood belong to him and are held in trust for him by Mr. Mukhlis, Jamdown, and/or Abood.

Bounty Killer is also seeking to rescind the contract he has with Mukhlis and his companies due to the fraudulent or negligent misrepresentation made by Mukhlis pertaining to the withholding tax.

The lawsuit was filed on June 14, 2022.

The artist has not publicly spoken about the lawsuit, but it is reported that his former manager had discovered the anomalies in his royalties.