Tina Knowles-Lawson Defends Beyoncé From Critics Of ‘Renaissance’ Album

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Tina Knowles-Lawson issued a strong defense of her daughter Beyonce amid criticism over her new album, Renaissance.

According to Lawson, Beyonce is the hardest working person she knows and has witness first hand her grind over the last two years to put together this album. The music icon has been getting flack from all corners of the music spectrum including from fellow singer Kelis over a sample she did not know was coming.

“I’ve watched for over two years all of the constant hard work, the sacrifice sometimes of time with her family, the all night sessions, working while sick, weekends and then nurturing three kids,” Tina Knowles wrote. “She minds her own business and does not speak badly of anyone, never puts anyone down, Is always loyal and kind. Takes care of her bussiness don’t mess with nobody. So I am proud of you.”

Meanwhile, the Lemonade artist on Friday shared her gratitude to her fans for waiting patiently for the official release of her seventh studio album Renaissance even though leaks of the album were available online and across social media platforms.

The album was officially released on Friday, and the artist wasted no time commending her dedicated ‘BeyHive’ for being faithful and loyal as they waited for the official release from the artist to support her.

On her Instagram account, she shared a message expressing her deep gratitude for fans who waited on the project. It’s been six years since Beyoncé released a solo album.

“So, the album leaked, and you all actually waited until the proper release time so you all can enjoy it together. I’ve never seen anything like it,” she said as she publicly acknowledged the leak for the first time.

“I can’t thank y’all enough for your love and protection. I appreciate you for calling out anyone that was trying to sneak into the club early,” the artist continued. Beyoncé also added to her fans, “I love you deep.”

In the meantime, fans online reacted with mixed reviews, but many of the artist’s loyal fans raved about the album calling it Album of the Year.

“I hope artists are taking note from Beyoncé, hoping they’re scraping whatever it is they had and going to the drawing board,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Beyoncé is literally the only celebrity that grabs my attention in the way she does. Everyone else I’m just like oooo nice new album how fun, but nobody could take up my entire weekend!” another person.

“Beyoncé is in a category, class and race all by herself. #RENAISSANCE,” another person said.


En images : Rony a réalisé son tour de France aérien

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Rony Culé, 19 ans, a été le seul Martiniquais à participer au Tour aérien de France des jeunes pilotes du 16 au 31 juillet. Le jeune pilote nous raconte son expérience unique. 

Titulaire d’une licence de pilote privé et membre de l’aéroclub Horizon Caraïbes de Martinique, Rony Culé a eu le privilège de prendre part du 16 au 31 juillet dernier au Tour aérien de France des jeunes pilotes. Le jeune homme de 19 ans était le seul Martiniquais parmi les 45 pilotes sélectionnés, âgés de 18 à 24 ans, titulaires de la licence de pilote privé ou de la licence de pilote privé aéronef léger (son portrait Jénès Nou à relire ici).

Cet événement biannuel, sous la forme d’une…

France-Antilles Martinique

935 mots – 09.08.2022


Nelly Clowns Irv Gotti During Ashanti’s Surprise Performance

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Nelly didn’t missed the opportunity to take a dig at Irv Gotti.

The rapper and Ashanti hit the stage to perform their hit single “Body On Me” at the Oakland Arena in California on Friday night, and fans think their appearance together was to send a message to Irv Gotti. Nelly and Ashanti have not been particularly close since their breakup, and even their appearance at Fat Joe and Ja Rule’s Verzuz last year was a bit awkward for the couple.

However, it seems that the former couple is cordial as they performed “Body On Me,” showing off their old chemistry. The song was released in 2008 and features Akon (who was not present for the performance).

While the couple seemed to enjoy performing together, fans think that the couple’s appearance is to troll Irv Gotti, who said this week on Drink Champs that he was “hurt” when he found out that Ashanti was dating Nelly. The Murder Inc boss said he was in love with Ashanti as he insinuated that the two of them were involved in some kind of tryst, although he was married at the time.

Ashanti and Irv Gotti have not been on good terms, especially since she asked for the masters of her music. He has refused to hand them over despite making millions off of her, and he is also unhappy that she is seeking to record over her music so she can have full ownership.

Ashanti and Nelly dated for more than ten years before breaking up in 2014.

On Twitter, fans reacted to the former couple being on stage together.

“I know Irv somewhere fighting air seeing Nelly and Ashanti perform together,” one person wrote.

“Is this and the thing about him seeing Nelly and Ashanti together all from one interview or is this dude obsessed and talking about her all the time? I really need him to move on and seek therapy,” another person said.

“So Nelly and Ashanti performed together at his recent show. country grammar wins again lol somebody check on irv,” another person said.

In the meantime, Irv’s Drink Champs interview appears to be a venting session instead of therapy, as he gets angry when talking about Ashanti’s music and her effort’s to re-record her album.

According to him, Ashanti wants to cheat him out of the monies he earns from royalties from her music. Based on what Gotti says, it’s clear that although he claims to have worked on her music, he and Ashanti do not share the royalties as he has all of the ownership.

“Lucy and Grange weren’t in the studio with you making those records, I made those Ashanti records, oh I made those records,” he tells Nore. “Like She wrote them but she wrote them with the help of me telling her what to write,” he said.

Irv goes on to say that he ‘helped’ to make the records, and he tries to explain why he has 100% ownership of the records, although if he helped, it would be fair business practice to ensure that all the persons who helped earn from the records.

“I don’t lie. I helped make those records so I own them. I never sign my artists to 360 deals, I never said give me some of your show money… I never did that, I feel I was always very good to my artist,” he said.

However, Ja Rule, who was on the show with Irv Gotti, interjects to remind him to be fair as 360 deals never existed at the time, which contradicts Gotti’s statement about being good to artists.

“Let me make this statement, artists have ways of getting money, Rule makes a lot of money from shows, Ashanti makes a lot of money doing shows so what’s left for the guys doing the records, how do I make money? How I make money out of this is the masters so how am I supposed to feel when you remove that aspect, you really saying you don’t want sonny, JJ and Angie, my beautiful kids, you don’t want them to eat,” he says.

Although Gotti says if Ashanti gets to re-record her label, it would take away money from his children, elsewhere in the interview, he boasts about funding a $250 million documentary on Murder Inc as he again becomes obsessively angry at Ashanti for refusing to be a part of the documentary.

Ashanti is seeking to re-record her album under the cover laws, but Gotti says she would need the stems of the tracks to do that, and he is not going to give them to her.

“Ashanti I’m not falling for the banana in the tailpipe. This is where it’s going. She’s been performing for 20 years and she’s never asked for her stems. This is what happened, she went in the studio and tried to re-do ‘baby, baby, baby.’ She probably went in the studio, tried to and fell drastically short with people saying that don’t stand like what they did. So you want me to give you my stems of your whole album now after 20 years, you say you need it for shows, you want to take my stems and now you will be able to remake your f*****g album,” he says, raising his voice.

“When she’s on the shows and she says she will ‘spritz it up and jazz it up’, Ashanti you cannot spritz it or or jazz it up, the minute you spritzy it up and jazz it up it’s not a cover now it has to come back to me to clear it… If you change anything, it reverts back to the writers to clear it, let me just give you the answer right now, NO!” he shouts.

“NO!” so it’s up to you and whatever bullshit players and musicians you have to recreate the magic…” Gotti says.

Ashanti has not responded to Gotti’s interview. She had previously stated her album was to drop in February of this year, but that time has passed with no explanation, although Irv Gotti’s statements reveal the real reason Ashanti’s album hasn’t been ready.


Empleado de Educación cuya residencia y oficina fueron allanadas será separado de sus labores

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

El gobernador Pedro Rafael Pierluisi Urrutia informó el miércoles, que el gerente de la División de Institutos Técnicos del Área Vocacional del Departamento de Educación (DE), Kelvin Pagán, cuya residencia y oficina fueron allanadas por las autoridades federales, será suspendido.

La información también fue confirmada en RADIO ISLA por el secretario de la agencia, Eliezer Ramos. Según Ramos, Pagán fue separado de sus labores en lo que transcurre la investigación y tiene una presunción de inocencia. 

Cuestionado sobre su parecer en torno a que han sido varias las instancias en que el Departamento de Educación ha sido intervenido por las autoridades federales, el gobernador contestó: “Sí, pero fíjate, no hemos tenido ningún señalamiento de importancia en ese departamento por lo menos, en el año y siete meses que llevamos a cargo, esta es la primera vez que tenemos una situación como esta”.

Noticia relacionada: Secretario de Educación confirma autoridades allanaron oficina gerente de Educación Técnica

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Konya 2021: Taekwondoka’s Arnhem en Snip verliezen

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The content originally appeared on: De Ware Tijd Online

PARAMARIBO — De vijfde Islamic Solidarity Games zitten erop voor Jamal Arnhem en Jorano Snip. De Surinaamse taekwondoka’s verloren woensdag


Tour cycliste de la Guadeloupe: Trois victoires d’étapes pour Florian Rapiteau !

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The content originally appeared on: Guadeloupe FranceAntilles

Tour cycliste de la Guadeloupe

Mercredi 10 Août 2022 – 14h02

Florian Rapiteau et Kylian Sennicourt ont été à plusieurs fois à l’avant de la course et ça a fini par payer. – C.C

Les arrivées d’étapes se suivent et se ressemblent car c’est une nouvelle fois Florian Rapiteau de Laval Cycling 53 qui a remporté la victoire aujourd’hui à Palmiste Gourbeyre. 

La montagne n’était pas son élément selon lui. Pourtant Florian Rapiteau s’est imposé dans l’indigeste montée de Palmiste (Gourbeyre) lors de cette 5e étape.  Il a réussi à se mettre dans la roue de Kylian Senicourt (Première Tech) dans la montée de Dolé. Le baroudeur lavallois a encore bien joué son coup en laissant le Canadien faire tout le travail dans l’ultime dénivelé de cette étape de montagne pour le contrer dans la montée de Palmiste. 3e victoire de Rapiteau sur ce Tour. 

Le maillot jaune Tom Donnenwirth a été en perdition dans cette étape de montagne tant redoutée. C’est Alexys Brunel qui récupère le maillot de leader du général. Il aura maîtrisé cette étape de bout en bout.

Plus de détails et d’informations dans votre édition du 11 août

Résultat provisoire 6e étape

1. Florian Rapiteau (Laval)

2. Kylian Sennicourt (Pre. Tech) 

3. Stéfan Bennett (Eurocycling) à 56s

4. Alexys Brunel (USL) à 1m06

5. Reguero (Centre Caraïbe)

6. Celestin Guillon (Laval)

7. Axel Taillandier (Excelsior)

8. Axel Carnier (Martinique)

9. Boris Carène (CCD) à 3min

10. Ivan Centrone (Geofco)

Sur le même sujet

  Tour Cycliste de Guadeloupe: Florian …


OKPS’S CLASS OF 2022 GRADUATES, August 9, 2022, Read more

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The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

OKPS Class of 2022

The Orealia Kelly Primary School, “Home of the Pink Panthers”, held its graduation ceremony for the Class of 2022 on Tuesday, 21st June. Forty-nine six-graders, comprising 24 boys and 25 girls, walked down the aisles of the Mount Fortune Seventh-day Adventist Church and took their seats as honourees. The graduation’s theme was “Facing the Future with Many Colours”.

One of the guaduands, Nicalleah Millington, led the Class in the singing of the National Song, and Mr. John Millington offered the prayer of thanksgiving and invocation.

The Principal, Ms. Marcia Brooks, then delivered her address in which she stressed that the ceremony marked the culmination of hard work, actualisation of goals and successes achieved. In part, she expressed: “Many of us in the faculty are experiencing mixed feelings as we send forty-nine of our students to learn in a new environment. We are saddened to see them go, but happy to know they have completed this phase of their education.”

Turning to the graduands, she stated: “I urge you to reflect on your theme: “‘Facing the Future with Many Colors’”. She noted that the theme was a collective effort, crafted by the graduands themselves.

L’Qree Hodge


Zada Reid


The moderator, Teacher Shanelle Hodge-Charles, commended the graduands for being diligent enough to succeed through the challenges of a Covid era, and the limitations that came with online learning. She congratulated them for a job well done.

Another graduand, Ruel Florent, performed an admirable rendition of Travis Greene’s “He Made a Way”. This was followed by the keynote speaker’s address delivered by Ms. Melissa Harrigan. Throughout her commendations, she set out to boost the graduand’s confidence: “You should be eager to face the future,” she told them. She sought to promote their courage by advising them to hold on to five qualities that will help them face their future with flying colors in a world that is so terrifying.

Mr. John

Ms. Marcia Brooks

Keynote Speaker,
Ms Melissa Harrigan

Teacher Shanelle Hodge-Charles

First, she admonished them to be brave: “You must have that courage to take risks, to explore and embrace opportunities,” she said. Next she encouraged them to be enthusiastic: “Get excited and have fun along the way as you embrace those opportunities that come your way.” Thirdly, she challenged them to be strong: “As you journey through your future you will meet some days of failure and hardship, but don’t be discouraged by your setbacks.”

“Fourthly, be flexible,” she implored them. “At times things won’t go according to your plan. You might be required to put away your original project and try something new. The fifth and most important line of advice is to be yourself. We live in a world where people are pretentious. Some people use social media as a life guide, and they hide behind their posts that are far from reality – but you, just be yourself…there is only one ‘you’ in this world.”

Along with their certificates, outstanding graduands received several awards. These included Academic Awards, the Delta Petroleum Award, the Pink Panther Award, the ICT Award, the Sports Committee Award –and a new award, namely, the Cricket Award, provided by local cricket personality, Jahmar Hamiliton.

Zada Reid was the school’s 2022 Valedictorian. In her speech she noted that graduation day was the beginning of a new chapter in school life. She said: “We are filled with mixed emotions today as we leave our primary school, but now is a time to begin to work towards finishing something that we can be proud of.

“Graduation is a time of reflection. It’s a time to reminisce about how far we have come. Thanks to our hardworking and committed teachers who went beyond their call of duty to ensure that we enter our future with flying colours – a 93% overall pass in our CPEA exams.”

Recognising God’s help during the pandemic, and the contributions made by all their supporters, she stated: “I would like to thank all the parents, teachers and family members who provided us with guidance and support during the Covid pandemic. For some of us, the challenges were far greater but, by the grace of God, we overcame them.”

She boasted about her Mom as her number one fan, who taught her all the basics as she made her way to preschool. “She ensured that I was respectful and had all that I needed. She always helped, loved, encouraged and supported me 100%. Indeed she is my number one fan.”

Gratitude was in order for a retired teacher of the school, Teacher Patricia Adams, who wrote the theme song, “Flying Colours”, which was sung following the Valedictorian’s address. An author of many culture-based books, Teacher Patsy had written many theme songs that accompanied graduations of the past. She was presented with a beautiful bouquet as a token of the school’s appreciation.

Finally, the Vote of Thanks was given by Salutatorian, L’Qree Hodge, after which Deputy Principal, Teacher Shirlene Hodge, formally presented the graduating Class of 2022 to the audience.



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The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

VPS Class of 2022

VPS Class of 2022

On the morning of Wednesday, 22nd June, the ballroom of the Royale Caribbean Hotel was the venue for the graduation ceremony of the Class of 2022 of The Valley Primary School, the “Home of the Golden Horses”. It was the second in a series of primary school gradations scheduled to take place throughout the course of this week and next week.

The Valley Primary prided itself in celebrating the academic achievements of forty-nine graduands – 23 girls and 26 boys. With their theme “We’ll Rise Until We Touch the Sky”, the graduating class marched into the well decorated room to Belle Mariano’s song, “I am on the Rise”.

Two of the graduands led their peers in the singing of the National Song – and a fervent prayer was offered by Pastor David Christmas.

The keynote address was delivered by Mr. Joshua Gumbs, Graduate Music Teacher. He used the opportunity to make an appeal to parents to seek to reinstate the moral values and ethical principles that our society was founded upon:

“Just like you graduands, I too was a child,” he reflected. “I grew up in a family where values were taught and imbedded in me as a child. I grew up in a home that feared God more than man. Today, however, for many parents, while you play and stray and go out on your independent way your children are left wanton.”

“We are living in an Anguilla that is crying for help,” he said, “and that cry is not silent anymore. We have people in our society with the blood of souls on their hands. We have girls birthing girls, and boys mentoring boys on how to be men – the wrong way. As a Caribbean people, we once prided ourselves as a unified body, but it appears like we have now adopted the New Age way of living and lost our sense of accountability.

Alissa Hodge

Tsehai Carty

“Today, as children grow up, many parents seem to lose what their first intention as parents was, which was to train and nurture our children. But parents have the responsibility for not only bringing these children into the world, but being responsible for them as they walk through life.”

The customary certificates were presented to each graduand, and there was a wide array of awards presented to student who performed exceptionally well. These awards included the Delta Petroleum Award, the Honourable Shellya Rogers-Webster Award, the Gloria Kelsick/Family Award, the Liberty Credit Union Award, the Carty’s Family Award, the NBA Sports and Social Club Award, the Rochelle Reed/Family Award, the Persistence Award and the Hello Tourist Project Award.

Pastor David Christmas

Mr. Joshua

Teacher Jeneva Hughes introduced the Valedictorian, Alissa Hodge. Alissa is an astute academic and an avid sport enthusiast, who was not shy to speak positively of her own accomplishments. She was quite vocal about rising and conquering the world. By comparison, she made reference to her sister, Alanis, who had attained the status of Valedictorian in 2020.

Alissa alluded to Joel Olstein who said: “Make up your mind, that no matter what comes your way, no matter how difficult, no matter how unfair, you will do more than simply survive. You will thrive…

“I am sure that all of us graduands are grateful and relieved to have reached this milestone. Two years ago, my sister Alanis, stood before the Class of 2020 as Valedictorian. And she advised them to keep their eyes on their goals. Today, I, the more outspoken sister, stand before the Class of 2022 to encourage us, as Olstein did, that if we make up our minds to reach any goal, we will thrive.

“Certainly we have had our share of happy times and fond memories at The Valley Primary School…In Grade Five, when I represented The VPS Golden Horses, in the Primary Schools Bicycle Race, I did not just win, but I was able to set a new primary school cycling record…Then there was a competition to determine who would get the highest test scores. I was able to win not one, not two, not three, but four medals representing VPS at the National Level.

“So, how do we thrive in spite of our difficulties and unfair challenges? The answer is that we must be mentally strong. Over the past seven years of primary school, we have learnt how to be mentally strong – how to embrace change and welcome challenges; how to be unafraid to speak up; and how to celebrate other’s successes.

“Many of us have been developing these three characteristics over the last seven years. These practices have put us in a good position to thrive and not just survive. Our theme says: ‘We Will Rise Until we Touch the Sky’. But I say further, we will rise until we conquer the world.”

“Finally, there is today,” she said. “It is the best day to have this wonderful ceremony. I thank everyone who planned and prepared this to make it such a lovely event for us.”

All the graduands sang the song “I Rise”, directed by Music Teacher Shermel Archibald.

The Class of 2022’s Salutatorian was Tsehai Carty who did a great job of delivering The Vote of Thanks in her own unique style.


GST – UKG Recommended, AUF Conceived, APM Birthed, AXA Shafted, August 9, 2022, Read more

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The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Over the past year and a half, there has been much talk in Anguilla about who is responsible for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) – Anguilla’s newest fumbling political football.The Anguilla Progressive Movement (APM) political structure and its supporters say that the GST is the child of the Anguilla United Front (AUF), and the AUF is saying that it is the APM’s doing.

People line up on the side-lines in support of their political party, wanting to blame the other side for GST. APM supporters and politicians are blaming the AUF for introducing the GST, the AUF politicians and supporters are levelling criticism at the APM for saying they would not agree to any GST but yet, they have put it into law and have brought it on the people of Anguilla at a time that will destroy Anguilla.

Government’s AUF Opposition is voicing displeasure with the timing of GST, noting that in the current climate it is not right to roll out GST.During the recovery from Hurricane Irma and the onslaught of COVID-19, the AUF administration got down on its knees asking the British Government for assistance. In response to that cry for help, the British Government agreed to give the AUF administration just under EC$100 million tied to a commitment from the AUF that the government would introduce GST just after the 2020 general election.The APM stated all during that period that GST is a bad tax and if their party got elected, they would not impose it on the people of Anguilla, but rather, they would find another source of funds to deal with the challenges facing Anguilla at the time.Fast forward…

A few months after being elected to office, the same APM members who gave Anguillians the assurance – prior to election – that GST would be implemented “over our dead bodies”, quickly collapsed into the arms of the British Government and have since been saying that “GST is a good broad-based tax for Anguilla”.Ironically, the AUF, who signed on to the agreement with the British Government, are now highly critical of the GST roll out, stopping just short of calling it bad tax.

What is interesting is that neither the AUF nor the APM is talking about alternatives to GST as a way to confront the challenges facing Anguilla. How about cost reduction? Can someone from either party speak to that? How about creatively expanding or diversifying the economy? Can someone from either party speak to that? How about creatively finding ways to keep more money in our economy as opposed to spending it on our dependence on imports? Can someone from either party speak to that? How about creatively finding ways to lower the cost of living for everybody in Anguilla – including the Government? Can someone from either party, please, just speak truth to these issues?Well, GST is coming to Anguilla in exactly SEVEN days and the big question for all of us still remains: Who is really responsible for the introduction of GST in Anguilla, and does it really matter?We have concluded that the only way to know for sure, is to conduct a DNA test. Somewhere in the not-to-distant future, this will be done. If GST turns out to be a good tax, I am sure that the APM will want to own it and the AUF will want to own it. However, if it turns out to be a bad tax, they will both want to run far away from it. Anguilla – as MOM – will still be shafted and left to “nurture and take care of it.

—-Contributed without editing by The Anguillian—-


Over 200 students to benefit from free health fair this weekend Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

More than 200 children are set to benefit from a free back-to-school health fair being staged by the Justices of the Peace of Jamaica Kingston Association in downtown, Kingston this Saturday.

The health fair will begin at 9am at the Kingston bookshop located at 80 King Street. A team of health professionals, including medical doctors, a dental surgeon and a dental nurse, community health aides and various categories of nurses will be present to provide medical care to students from early childhood to tertiary level.

Justices of the Peace of Jamaica Kingston Association President, Dr Mark Gonzales, said members have been working in different communities in Kingston, so they are aware of the plight of parents as they prepare for the start of the new school year.

“There is a great need for free health services. The cost of living has gone up and we know that some people really cannot afford to go to private doctors to receive care. We believe it is our civic duty as Justices of the Peace to offer this kind of service to our constituents,” he said.

The Lions Club has been partnering with the group since the inception of the project and continues to do so, while the Kiwanis Club recently came on board. The Ministry of Health and Kingston Bookshop have also partnered with the Justices of the Peace to ensure that this Saturday’s back-to-school health fair is a success.

Among the services to be offered are blood pressure checks, dental exam, eye screening, HIV testing and COVID-19 vaccination. Those wanting a medical report to take to school, are advised to take their immunization cards and the school’s medical form.

“We would like to ensure that the students have the required vaccines and that their immunization cards are up to date. We are aware that this is mandatory for some schools, and so we really want to offer our students this service,” said Dr Gonzales.

He said the health fair is made possible because of the generous support of their partners, especially the medical team.

“These are doctors and nurses who are committed. We know that especially during COVID, they were overworked, never-the-less, they have offered themselves to serve our children, and for that we are very grateful,” he said.