Theatervoorstelling ‘Ik zeg toch sorry’ eind van de maand op de planken

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PARAMARIBO — Theatergroep Aluin en Raymi Sambo Maakt toeren vanaf eind van de maand door Nederland met de theatervoorstelling ‘Ik

Newsmaker: Valiant efforts to get teen survivor of house fire overseas Loop Jamaica

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This week’s development as Newsmaker of the Week just ended are the valiant efforts to have 13-year-old Adrianna Laing, the sole survivor of a house fire in Westmoreland a week ago, airlifted to the United States for life-saving treatment.

The latest development in relation to her progress is that she has responded well to her first surgery at Joseph M Still Burn Centre in Austell, Georgia in the United States.

Hours before the start of the new school year, the nation was left reeling at the devastating news that three young brothers had died in a house fire at their home in Springfield, Westmoreland on Sunday night. Their eldest sister, Adrianna, survived and was rushed to hospital locally.

The deceased were identified as Jayden and Jorden Laing, both seven years old, and eight-year-old Adrianno Laing. All three were students at Sheffield Primary School.

Reports from the Savanna-la-Mar police were that about 9:40 pm on Sunday, the children were at home with their father, Adrian Laing, when a candle was lit because of a power outage in the area.

It is reported that the father was some way from the dwelling when he realised that the house was engulfed in flames. Efforts were made to rescue the children, but only Adrianna was saved by a man who was passing by the burning house.

Firefighters have reportedly indicated that they are probing whether a candle was, in fact, lit, as their preliminary probe may be indicating otherwise. A representative of the fire department did not elaborate on that suggestion during a television interview, citing the ongoing investigation into the matter.

During her back-to-school tour on Monday, Minister of Education and Youth, Fayval Williams, expressed condolences to the Laing family on the loss of the three young children.

In relation to Adrianna, Williams said: “We’re praying and hoping that she will recover fully from all of this, and we are saying to the parents… we are with you; we’re here supporting you.”

The father of the children has been overwhelmed with grief since the development, as at the time of first hearing of the fire, he did not believe that it was at his home, “because the children dem did over them family next door,” he told reporters.

“I never know that dem come back to the house… Current did gone inna the area, so it look like dem light candle or something,” said Laing, giving a different account than the police report on the incident.

By Wednesday, it became evident that Adrianna who had been transferred to the University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), needed to be airlifted to the United States, as no burn unit is available in Jamaica.

The three young brothers who perished in last Sunday’s fire in Springfield, Westmoreland.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Laing called on corporate Jamaica and other individuals residing in the diaspora, to assist with getting his daughter to be treated at the Joseph M. Still Burn Centre.

It was disclosed that US$39,872.50 (approximately J$5,641,888) was required for an air ambulance to transport her from Jamaica to the United States.

“I am just calling on corporate Jamaica to get on board… I’m begging,” Laing pleaded at the time.

He added: “I have lost three of my boys and my daughter is the only surviving pickney that can lift me back up.”

Laing, a radio disc jockey and single father, said Adrianna’s mother was of little help, and the mother of the three deceased boys has been missing for a year.

The local-based Sanmerna Foundation played an integral role in assisting to get Adrianna accepted at the burn centre in the United States. They also rallied in getting a passport done for her in quick time.

Project Manager at the foundation, Stephen Josephs, spearheaded those efforts, along with Managing Director Robert White.

By Thursday afternoon, news came that Adrianna was being airlifted out of Jamaica to the burn unit in Georgia, United States.

Several persons and companies, including Devon House and Jamaica’s Consul General in Miami, Oliver Mair, are among those who played roles in securing the required funds for the air ambulance service.

Jamaicans, in their own spiritual ways, expressed their optimism relative to the latest development concerning Adrianna.

“May God be with her as she goes to Atlanta, Georgia to do (her) surgery. I pray for her father that God will give him the strength to pull through,” wrote Hyacinth Haynes, a Facebook user.

Shared Joan Johns: “The Lord is on the case. We leave her in ur hand, Lord, and thanks to all our Jamaican people and others around the globe who made it possible for her to go to the USA. We r (are) praying darling.”

Verona O’Hara stated: “Thank you Jesus. Lord lay your gentle hands on her… Cover the Dr. Amen.”

Other social media users welcomed the unified effort to airlift Adrianna from Jamaica.

“I just wish the youths in Jamaica could dig deep within themselves and realise how powerful we are as a nation if we only unite,” shared Jermaine Johnson.

In responding to Johnson’s comments, Mertella Mullings said: “Jermaine Johnson, that’s a wish we all waiting for to be united. We all praying for healing for this little angel here.”

Theresa Terr Terr said: “One thing with Jamaicans, whether here or abroad… Dem ago come through when the time is right.”

Meanwhile, there were calls by some social media users for a comprehensive probe by the police and firefighters into the house fire.

“Get well soon girl (Adrianna Laing), and tell us what really happened, because that fire not normal. Police need to probe the case well, trust me,” commented Michelle Harvey.

“Three innocent boys gone just like that. RIP. Waiting for the police/fire people to tell us what really go down. Speedy recovery Adrianna,” stated Robert Green, a Facebook user.

Antigua suffers a shortage of construction workers to build thousands of affordable homes

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Asot Michael responds to Cabinet on increased voter registration in St. Peter

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The cornerstone of every democracy is the independence of the process used to select a government. Governments must not and must not be seen to interfere with that process.

The announcement by the Cabinet that it will launch an investigation into voter registration in the Constituency of St Peter’s is an indictment on the independence of that cornerstone of our Democracy. It attacks the integrity of the Electoral Commission and its officers, as well as the Supervisor of Elections. It seeks in part, if not in whole, to usurp their functions that are enshrined in our laws.

What it suggests is an unconstitutional strategy to manipulate the results of the next general election in the constituency of St. Peter. It appears as yet, an attack on the right to vote designed to undermine the candidacy of the sitting Representative through selective suppression of voter registration.

It is no function of the Cabinet to investigate voter registration. That is the sole purview of the Electoral Commission. If any candidate or resident wishes to challenge the registration of any person within a Constituency, express provisions are laid out in the Representation of Peoples Act. This is the process of “Claims and Objections” and is well established and known to all.

All would be aware that the success of the National Housing programs has brought significant growth to the population of the St. Peter’s Constituency.

Government would better and rightfully employ its resources in providing acceptable roads, equipped clinics and schools in that consistency, rather than meddling in the electoral process.

It’s determination to undermine the candidacy of Asot Michael is not only unlawful but morally reprehensible.

We call upon the Attorney General to rise to the occasion and prevent this     unlawful “launch [of] an investigation” using the resources of the State for personal political gain.

The Hon Asot Michael will continue to encourage/mobilize citizens to get registered and thereby prepare themselves to participate in free and fair elections. The matter of validity of registration and/or transfer of registration is strictly a matter for the Electoral Commission, the Supervisor of Elections and the various election officers engaged by law to conduct the voter registration function. The MP for the St Peters constituency remains confident that the election officials will fulfill their functions according to law notwithstanding the intimidatory tactics emanating from the Cabinet.

The Honorable Asot Michael further notes that contrary to subsisting Court Orders, that the certain Members of the ABLP have removed his access to Scrutineers in his constituency.  Scrutineers are election officers with specific responsibilities in the voter registration process to ensure validity of the address qualification of persons applying to be registered. They report to the Party not the Government.

It is a character of this Country’s current Leadership that it continues to flaunt and disregard the Laws of our Land. Our Constitution and our election law ensure that the Electoral Commission shall, in the exercise of its functions, act impartially and independently of any political or governmental influence and shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority.

This proposed Cabinet investigation into voter registration is yet another example of this sinister behavior that if left unchecked threatens to erode into a culture of lawlessness.

The citizens of Antigua and Barbuda should stand resolutely against this abuse of power and this shameful conduct of the Cabinet.


Live updates: Biden accepts invitation for queen’s funeral Loop Jamaica

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WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden has formally accepted an invitation to attend the state funeral service for Queen Elizabeth II.

The White House said Sunday that the president will be accompanied by First Lady Jill Biden. The service will be held on Sept. 19.

Earlier in the day, Biden remembered the words of comfort that the late monarch had provided to the United States following the Sept. 11 attacks more than two decades ago.

“Grief is the price we pay for love,” said Biden, quoting part of the Queen’s message to America during remarks on the 21st anniversary of the attacks.

Speaking at a commemoration at the Pentagon, Biden said the queen’s words remain as poignant as they did 21 years ago but the weight of loss also remains heavy.

“On this day, the price feels so great,” Biden said.


DONCASTER, England — British horse racing has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II as the late monarch’s favourite sport returned after a pause following her death.

Two minutes of silence were held at Doncaster on Sunday. A video was then played on the big screens of the queen at various races through the years, along with some of her greatest triumphs as a racehorse owner.

Horseracing was the big sporting fascination of the queen, who became one of the biggest faces of the sport both in Britain and globally and had more than 1,800 winners.

“No one person ever has, or ever will, do so much for so long for horse racing, than did her majesty the queen,” narrator Brough Scott, a former jockey turned TV presenter, said during the video. “The sport worldwide will forever be in her debt.”

It was followed by a long ovation from the jockeys and officials who lined up for the tribute ceremony.


EDINBURGH, Scotland — Queen Elizabeth II’s flag-draped coffin has arrived at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, the British monarchy’s residence in the Scottish capital city of Edinburgh.

The arrival followed a slow, sombre and regal procession through the Scottish countryside on Sunday. Mourners had packed city streets and lined rural roads to take part in a historic goodbye to the monarch who reigned for 70 years.

The hearse drove past piles of bouquets and other tributes as it led a seven-car cortege from Balmoral, where the queen died Thursday at age 96, for a six-hour trip through Scottish towns to the palace in Edinburgh. The late queen’s coffin was draped in the Royal Standard for Scotland and topped with a wreath made of flowers from the estate, including sweet peas, one of the queen’s favourites.

Members of the Royal Regiment of Scotland carried the coffin past the queen’s only daughter, Princess Anne, and into the throne room. It will remain there until Monday afternoon so residence staff can pay their last respects.

King Charles III and his Queen Consort Camilla will travel to Edinburgh on Monday to take the coffin to St. Giles Cathedral on the city’s Royal Mile. The coffin will remain there for 24 hours before being flown to London on Tuesday.


A young Bosnian girl is remembering Queen Elizabeth II for her love of dogs and her kindness.

Asya Isovic, 12, says she will never forget the day she found a letter waiting for her at home in Sarajevo that was sent on the queen’s behalf.

Isovic had made a card decorated with a drawing of a Queen’s Guard with three corgi dogs and mailed it to the Queen along with “some poems and a couple of more things”.

She did not expect a reply, but one signed by the queen’s lady-in-waiting had arrived. The letter said the Queen “was touched by your thoughtfulness and really appreciates the time and care taken to create your card and gifts.”

Isovic said she hoped the royal family will find a way to cope with the loss. She also hoped that King Charles III “will take care of the (late Queen’s) corgis”.


LONDON — King Charles III’s son William, the new Prince of Wales, has told the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, he will serve the country “with humility and great respect”.

William was given the title when his father, the previous Prince of Wales, ascended to the throne f

William told Drakeford that he and his wife Catherine have a “deep affection for Wales, having made their first family home in Anglesey, including during the earliest months of Prince George’s life.”

He said the couple would travel to Wales “very soon” and want “to do their part to support the aspirations of the Welsh people and to shine a spotlight on both the challenges and opportunities in front of them.”


BEIJING — Chinese President Xi Jinping has sent a message of congratulation to Britain’s King Charles III on his accession to the throne, the official Xinhua News Agency reported Sunday.

“I am willing to work with King Charles III to enhance mutual understanding and friendship … and strengthen communication on global issues, so as to benefit the two countries,” Xinhua quoted Xi as saying.

The Chinese president also commemorated the 50th anniversary of formal diplomatic relations. The message comes amid strained relations over trade, human rights and China’s crackdown on the democratic opposition in the former British colony of Hong Kong.


King Charles III has been formally proclaimed the monarch in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The moves Sunday in the rest of the United Kingdom came a day after the same proclamation was made in London at a pomp-filled accession ceremony steeped in ancient tradition and political symbolism.

In Belfast, bells chimed and a bugler played before the proclamation was read. It was followed by a 21-gun salute and a military band playing the anthem, “God Save the King.” In Wales, a regimental mascot goat accompanied the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Welsh regiment at the ceremony at Cardiff Castle.

Earlier, proclamations were held in other parts of the Commonwealth — the group of former British Empire colonies — including Australia and New Zealand.

LISTEN: Antigua considers a national holiday to mourn passing of Queen Elizabeth ll

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Football matches in the Premier League, English Football League or in Scotland or Northern Ireland have been postponed until Tuesday, while all games in the Women’s Super League, Women’s Championship and Women’s FA Cup have also been put on hold. A number of horse racing, golf, and boxing fixtures have also been called off.

Five-star Barbados Royals stay perfect in CPL

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Barbados Royals batsman Quinton de Kock in action in the Hero CPL. Photo courtesy Barbados Royals

BARBADOS Royals maintained their perfect start to the 2022 Hero Caribbean Premier League T20 tournament with their fifth straight victory on Sunday.

Royals defeated Jamaica Tallawahs by eight wickets with one ball to spare at the Daren Sammy National Cricket Stadium in Gros Islet, St Lucia.

Tallawahs posted 156/8 in 20 overs with captain Rovman Powell cracking 52 off 31 deliveries, an innings which included five fours and three sixes.

Raymon Reifer and Amir Jangoo contributed to the total, scoring 41 and 30 respectively.

Left-arm fast bowler Obed McCoy showed his class for the Royals with 3/24 in four overs and fellow pacer Jason Holder took 2/24 in four overs.

In response, opener Quinton de Kock (64 not out off 53 balls) steered the Royals to 157/2 in 19.5 overs. The left-hander struck seven fours.

Corbin Bosch continued his prolific form with 56 off 49 balls (three fours, two sixes).

Summarised Scores:

JAMAICA TALLAWAHS 156/8 (20 overs) – Rovman Powell 52, Raymon Reifer 41, Amir Jangoo 30; Obed McCoy 3/24, Jason Holder 2/24 vs BARBADOS ROYALS 157/2 (19.5 overs) – Quinton de Kock 64 not out, Corbin Bosch 56. Royals won by eight wickets

SVN remains among top l% CSEC schools

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Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN)

…but performance dips marginally

The Saraswati Vidya Niketan (SVN) has reported a drop in their pass rate for this year’s Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) results when compared to last year, from 94.2 per cent to 92.1 per cent.

At SVN, 78 students consisting of 29 males, and 49 females registered and appeared for the examinations in 20 subjects. In a statement, the institution’s figures revealed that the matriculation rate also plummeted from 88.89 per cent in 2021 to 80.05 per cent in 2022.

“While the performance in some areas is stable and in others improved, of major concern to us are the five subjects that have shown declines ranging from four to six per cent in Geography, Mathematics, and Principles of Accounts, and from 20 to 22 per cent in Spanish and Caribbean History. We obviously will have to look at ways to address the weak performance in these areas,” SVN related.

Some 28 students all over Guyana out of a total of 10,368 who registered for the examination managed to secure 14 subjects and more. Eleven, including Guyana’s two top performers, are from Anna Regina Multilateral School. This was followed by Queen’s College with 9 students and SVN with four.

These persons were Bhagmattie Surendranauth with 16 Grade Ones, Niashree Madho with 16 Grade Ones, Arana Singh with 15 Grade Ones and Mohamed Sultan with 15 Grade Ones.

SVN’s subject performance at CSEC reflects 100 per cent in Agricultural Science, 100 per cent in Biology, 100 per cent in Biology, 76.4 per cent in Caribbean History, 96 per cent in Chemistry, 96 per cent in Economics, 100 per cent in EDPM, 98 per cent in English Language, 92 per cent in English Literature, 81 per cent in Geography, 100 percent in Human and Social Biology, 100 per cent in Information Technology, 98 per cent in Integrated Science, 82 per cent in Mathematics, 100 per cent in Office Administration, 96 per cent in Physics, 84 per cent in Principles of Accounts, 100 per cent in Principles of Business, 97 per cent in Social Studies, and 61 per cent in Spanish.

Sameera Williams: Overcoming a life-changing setback and clinching QC at NGSA

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Sameera Williams

By Rupa Seenaraine

An aspiring High Court Judge and an avid reader, 11-year-old Sameera Williams on Friday learnt that she had secured a place at Queen’s College, after excelling at the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examinations of 2022.

A vividly shocked expression appeared on her face when the proverbial beans were spilled by Education Minister Priya Manickchand at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre (ACCC) on Friday. Sameera has secured 508 marks at the NGSA, and has landed herself a place at this prestigious national institution of learning.

What, however, was uncovered was an awe-inspiring story of how Sameera managed to overcome a monumental setback this year in order to sit the exams. Little Sameera hails from Georgetown, and attended the Winfer Gardens Primary School. Earlier, in February, she was taking karate classes at the YMCA at Thomas Lands, but while on the road with her sister, she was tragically involved in an accident.

Sharing this experience with this publication on Saturday, her mother Bibi Shalima Ibrahim explained that her daughter had severe head injuries, and had to be hospitalised. For two months, she was away from the physical classroom, and that was a critical time in her preparation for the secondary entrance examination.

“She was crossing the road when it happened. Because of the shock, she was critical for a few days, and they were even thinking about surgery. It was the worst possible thing that could have happened. She just got a small injury on her back, but her head injury was serious. That is why I’m thanking God that she recovered well,” her mother explained.

She added, “After the accident, she couldn’t have done late studying. What I would advise any parent is to don’t wait until the last moment to prepare. She was away from school five months before the examination. The doctor said that since it was a serious head injury, she could not be stressed, so I never pushed her after. There were also no late studies.”

After this incident, Shalima relayed, the doctors were concerned for her daughter. In recovery, there was no pressure, but she allowed Sameera to operate on the level at which she was comfortable.

Sameera with her mother, Bibi Shalima Ibrahim, (centre) and Education Minister Priya Manickchand on Friday

Leading up to the examinations, the Education Ministry had offered to place Sameera amid concerns over her health and the challenges of missing contact time in her class.

Education Minister Priya Manickchand commented, “I offered her mother that she doesn’t have to write the exam, we will place her, and Sameera chose to write the exam.”

“For me, I didn’t care how she did. Just writing that exam placed her in a position of winning, because she showed how interested she was in education,” Minister Manickchand has said.

Fast-forward to this week, the proud mother, Shalima, said she is overjoyed at this outcome. When asked how this feat was achieved, she explained that preparation for the examination started since the Grade Three level.

“I felt very thankful and grateful after what we went through. Overall, I knew she would have done great. She was preparing since Grade Three, and because her other two sisters got the Bishops’ High and Queen’s College, she knew she would be preparing for Queen’s,” her mother has said.

“After the incident, she didn’t remember it for maybe after a month. Little by little, everything came back. She loved reading. What is important was her rest and food. From the teachers and so on, I got the support,” Shalima expressed.

Williams is the youngest of three daughters. She is a member of the National School of Dance, and is an aspiring High Court Judge. She also likes to write, as it allows her to express herself.

In an interview with this publication, top performer Sameera Williams shared, “It was just so shocking. I felt a shock go through me, but it was a shock of happiness. All my hard work paid off, and I felt so happy…

“I want to be a High Court Judge because I like fairness and honesty. I try to be as honest as I can, and this just matches with my policies.”

Aspiring biochemist Ramoll Baboolall overwhelmed at performance

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Romoll Baboolall

– says he wrote 27 subjects in order to gain a scholarship to further his studies

It was not a stroll in the park for Region Two’s top Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) performer, and possibly top for the Caribbean, Romoll Baboolall. It entailed burning the midnight oil, attending several lessons, and mainly staying focused.

Hailing from Hampton Court Village on the Essequibo Coast in Region 2, the young man is the son of Anna Regina Secondary School teacher Chaitwattie Narain. He has one sibling, a sister, and his father died when he was two years old.

As a result, his mother worked endlessly, teaching him basic vocabulary and phonics at an early age, making him the only child at his nursery school who could have read the ‘Pat and Roy’ book series from cover to cover with great ease.

“As my time progressed at the elementary institution, my mom and teachers realised my love for education, and, as a result, I was encouraged to stay focused on my studies,” the young man told this publication in an interview.

Ramoll, his sister (left) and mother (right) with Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand

In 2012, he was placed at C.V. Nunes Primary School, where he commenced his primary education. He was always a top performer in his class, with an average percentage ranging from 94 to 98. He proudly said, “with this, I was always excited to take home my report card.”

At his primary school, his love for co-curricular grew rapidly. These included debating competitions, and athletic sports and cultural events, among others.

In 2017, he wrote the National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) with high expectations. In fact, he secured the top spot in the region, and came within the top one percent in the country. At the time, he was awarded a place at the prestigious Queen’s College, but opted to attend the Anna Regina Secondary School.

“Four years before I wrote the exam, CV Nunes Primary wasn’t on the map, and when I wrote the examination, I was the student who brought the school fame and glory. I continued to be consistent with my performance, gaining an average percentage in the 90s and positions between 1 and 2,” he explained.

This resulted in his being invited to the school’s prize-giving ceremony every year, since he would come in the top five. Even though he was a top performer, his commitment to his studies did not deter him from participating in any social and school activities.

As time progressed, he knew that preparing for CSEC would take a lot out of his time, and, more so, knew he had to scale back on certain social activities.

After intense discussions and debates with his mother, it was decided that he would be writing 27 subjects at the general proficiency level. This meant that he had to put his foot on the accelerator and get serious. There were lots of sacrifices he had to make, but without a doubt, they were worth it.

The young lad with his mother and businessman Azruddin Mohamed

On Monday, September 12, 2022, his anxiety grew as he sat among his schoolmates and those from other schools across the country. They all congregated in the auditorium of the Anna Regina Multilateral School praying for the time when the announcement of the results would be made by Education Minister Priya Manickchand.

The announcement of the results declared that the disciplined and anxious young man had copped 24 grade ones and three grade twos. He was extremely ecstatic and overwhelmingly full of joy and excitement. It was then that it came home that he and his schoolmate shared the spot for the most grade one passes.

Baboolall recalled that while writing the examination, he was emotionally shaken following the tragic news of his grandfather’s passing. This did not make him lose focus, and with a broken heart, he managed to cope with the news and went full steam ahead.

“I am very happy and enthusiastic that I am the first student on the Essequibo Coast to write so many subjects and make my country proud, as well as my mom, who was working tirelessly with me… My mom is the person who made me who I am, without her I won’t have been here writing so many subjects and passing,” he has declared, and added that he always wanted to study at a well-known University out of Guyana, but because of finance, his mom and he set the aim to write as many subjects offered at CSEC so that he can receive a scholarship to study for his future career.

“Achieving the first position in the country has made me satisfied and overjoyed. My main aim was to make my mother proud, and I have certainly achieved that,” he added.

Now that he has completed his secondary education, he would now depart to further his study in the field of Biology to become a biochemist with the aim of excelling as well.

Following his success, many persons have congratulated him, including his proud mother, teachers, community leaders, schoolmates, and businessman Azruddin Mohamed.

Mohamed later met with the young man and rewarded him for his exemplary performance. The businessman also offered to offset his expense to further his studies in the event he does not get a scholarship from the Government of Guyana.