12 mois de sursis requis contre l’auteur des menaces contre Christine Kelly

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Jeudi 29 Septembre 2022 – 11h52

Christine Kelly, présidente de l’association K d’urgence, et George Pau-Langevin, ministre des Outre-mers, ont évoqué hier, à l’occasion de la Journée du droit des femmes, la situation de ces jeunes mamans élevant seules leur ou leurs enfants. – DR

En novembre 2021, un homme avait menacé de mort par email, la présentatrice Christine Kelly qui avait porté plainte. Douze mois de prison avec sursis et une amende de 1.000 euros ont été requis hier au tribunal judiciaire de Paris.

Il encourrait jusqu’à deux ans d’emprisonnement et 30.000 euros d’amende. Finalement, douze mois de prison avec sursis et une amende de 1000 euros ont été requis hier (28 septembre) au tribunal judiciaire de Paris à l’encontre d’un homme comparaissant pour cyberharcèlement à l’encontre de la journaliste Christine Kelly.

Des menaces par email et téléphone

Absent à l’audience et non représenté, Patrick K., un ingénieur informaticien d’origine camerounaise se présentant comme «écrivain», avait écrit, en novembre 2021, un mail suivi de plusieurs messages sur la ligne privée de Christine Kelly en la menaçant de «l’échafaud médiatique». Selon la procureure, les propos de cet homme à l’encontre de la journaliste étaient «virulents, insultants, dénigrants et humiliants».

Des faits reconnus

Christine Kelly, absente à l’audience, a été «gravement traumatisée», ont indiqué ses avocats Arash Derambarsh et Besma Maghrebi. Elle vit depuis sous protection policière. Lors de ses auditions, l’homme a «reconnu les faits a minima» avec un «manque de conscience d’avoir commis un délit», a souligné la procureure.

L’enquête a révélé que celui-ci avait payé un site spécialisé pour se procurer le numéro de téléphone privé de la journaliste. «C’est un traqueur dangereux», animé par «une volonté de nuire», a estimé Besma Maghrebi. Dans son réquisitoire, la procureure a également demandé que le prévenu, s’il est condamné, fasse l’objet d’une «interdiction de contact avec sa victime pendant cinq ans» et suive un «stage de citoyenneté» pour le sensibiliser à la haine en ligne. La décision est attendue le 5 octobre.

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EndRapeCulture JA, Watooka Films partner for Cin?Sips Film Festival Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Many women can attest to the exhaustive measures they employ in their daily lives just to reduce their chances of experiencing sexual harassment or becoming targets of sexual assault.

To highlight this, regional production house Watooka Films has partnered with local advocacy group EndRapeCulture JA for the inaugural staging of its upcoming Cin?Sips film festival, which aims to raise awareness about the extent of gender-based violence and women’s issues in Jamaica.

Promising ‘an evening of cocktails and film’, the event that will be held today at the Senior Common Room on the University of the West Indies, Mona campus will feature Watooka Films’ latest creative work in the horror genre titled ‘Nice Lady’.

It will show alongside three other locally produced short films that also aim to educate the public on rape culture, misogyny, sexual harassment and sexual violence.

Watooka Films’ founder and director Kaiel Eytle said, “My inspiration to do this film – and now this film festival – came when a brave friend of mine chose to come forward on social media to share her real-life story. Through that story and others since I learned about the trauma that comes with the harassment that women face in our society daily. We wanted to showcase this in the movie so that persons can truly understand how it feels for women.”

EndRapeCulture JA is one of the newest anti-sexual violence non-government organisations (NGOs) in Jamaica that utilises public education and behaviour-change programmes to effect major change in attitudes and policies locally. Shanique Palmer, its founder, said, “I believe real change can only be accomplished through intensive collaboration at every level. So, this partnership will be the first of many. And it’s important because sexual violence has to end. We, women, are tired of it.”

The NGO’s mission started in early 2021 after Palmer committed to posting daily educational posts on her personal Instagram page that educated her followers about sexual violence under the hashtag #endrapecultureja. Also inspired because of an experience she had, she decided to do so when the notorious disappearance of Khanice Jackson began to gain traction on social media that year when it was widely believed that she was raped before she was murdered until investigations confirmed otherwise.

What resulted soon after Palmer’s posts was surprising to her, however. She explained, “In response, you would not believe the outpouring that I got and continue to get in my inbox from women who are survivors of rape. These are friends, acquaintances, and even strangers… all in my inbox just pretty much venting and telling me their stories of assault and abuse. Many of them are currently battling depression and constant thoughts of suicide. But they show up every day looking normal and you’d never know.”

‘Nice Lady’ tells a story about an ancient spirit that ‘preys on the souls of women and possesses men in the darkest part of their hearts’. The urban supernatural horror follows the female lead character Ally, played by popular actress and former entertainment TV personality Pepita Little, as she becomes the target for the evil Kanaima. The film also stars renowned actor Cornelius Grant.

Eytle, the Guyanese-Jamaican director and writer of the film, said, “In some indigenous tribes, they believe in the Kanaima – an evil spirit that is used as a method of terror and violence. Normally, it’s invited into the host through ritual.” The film received critical praise and favourable reviews when it premiered earlier this year at Jamaica’s premiere film festival GATFFEST, having been partially funded by the Jamaica Social Investment Fund.

Speaking to the future, Palmer plans to deliver a tech-based solution at various education levels and in the workplace as she feels it will help target the root of the problem. She said, “We have a strong rape culture in Jamaica and it’s because of a lot of misogynistic behaviours from men don’t get called out. And, sexual misconduct continues to happen since a lot of males don’t understand the basic concept of consent as they were never taught that in sex-ed classes or by their parents. That’s why we’re placing great focus on education and awareness.”

Considering the future, Eytle said that he is still raising funds to take ‘Nice Lady’ to a number of international film festivals as the visibility and credibility garnered could potentially lead to even more significant opportunities to make a full-length feature. He said, “This would delve further into the mystery and terror of the Kanaima and, more so, tackling the wider issue of gender-based violence.”


RGD resumes printing of free birth certificates Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Registrar General’s Department (RGD) has resumed the printing of free birth certificates, following the replenishment of its security paper stock.

A week ago, the agency had to suspend the printing of the first free birth certificate and limited the maximum number of copies for which persons could apply and pay.

This was due to supply chain logistical challenges sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the production and shipment of the security paper used to print the certificates.

The suspension, which was supposed to end on September 30, came to a halt when the agency received its new shipment of paper on Tuesday, September 26.

The RGD’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Charlton McFarlane, explained that “we have replenished our stock of security paper, and starting today we will be resuming our standard service levels for customers”.

“Up to the time of arrival of the paper on Tuesday, we had paper left in our vaults. We would have made projections for two weeks and the paper we had would have lasted for the suspension period,” Mr. McFarlane said.

“The only real inconvenience was that they were not able to get the number of copies they needed at the time of application,” he added.

McFarlane pointed out that while there were customers who were disappointed during the suspension period, the RGD was still able to print and issue birth certificates with the paper that was in stock.

The CEO said that the RGD’s staff members were patient in explaining the challenges to its customers, adding that “we would have put things in place to ensure that they don’t end up spending more when they come back to apply for additional copies once it was linked to their original application during the week that the suspension was in effect”.

Mr. McFarlane pointed out that if a customer applied for two copies of a birth certificate during the suspension period, which would cost $4,000.00, for example, and was only allowed to pay for one copy at a cost of $2,500.00, they could visit the RGD and pay the additional $1,500.00 to get the second copy.

He told JIS News that, going forward, the agency has taken the decision to increase its buffer stock.

“We normally order [stock] on a yearly basis when we do the standard contract and we order an amount that is a function of what we expect our demand to be, plus a buffer for overflow. Now we are adding more to our buffer stock,” the CEO said.


Adam Stewart Discusses Next Generation Of Caribbean Hospitality At Skift Global Forum In New York City

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

NEW YORK, NY, –Bringing the Caribbean to the main stage at one of travel’s most influential annual events, Adam Stewart, Executive Chairman of Sandals Resorts International, was invited to speak to an audience of nearly 1000 industry leaders about the brand’s mission to create the region’s next generation of hospitality leaders.

“Tourism is a global economic driver and by far the largest contributor to local economies in beneficial and sustainable ways,” said Stewart. “It’s important for regional companies to look inward for talent. . We’re committed to developing people locally from the island countries where we operate to build world-class employees. Creating opportunity through education is fundamental to our organization and the successful future of the Caribbean, as it is to all people seeking a better life for themselves and their families. We are proud to play a part in developing and flourishing hospitality talent in the Caribbean.”

Stewart also imparted the importance of strong linkages with a wide range of stakeholders from the region’s entire ecosystem, from farmers and fishers to entertainers and taxi drivers –- all to ensure beneficial economic connectivity within the local communities and the importance for organizations to have the opportunity to buy locally. He shared the work of Sandals’ internal team development engine, The Sandals Corporate University and imparted plans for the Gordon “Butch” Stewart International School of Hospitality and Tourism, a collegiate institution in conjunction with UWI and FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality.

Set to open in Montego Bay,Jamaica, the world-class institution will help prepare the next generation of tourism professionals regionally and internationally.

SKIFT Global Forum is produced by SKIFT, the leading news source for international travel executives. Monitoring the ever-evolving transformation into the future of travel, SKIFT’s award-winning team of journalists provides pivotal media insights on key travel sectors – with marketers, strategists and technologists top of mind. Joining Executive Chairman Adam Stewart as a speaker at this year’s conference are some of travel’s most innovative and distinguished leaders including Expedia’s Chairman, Barry Diller; Airbnb Co-Founder and CEO, Brian Chesky; JetBlue’s President and COO, Joanna Geraghty; Marriott International CEO, Anthony Capiano and more. For more information, visit: https://skift.com and https://live.skift.com/skift-global-forum-2022/

Sandals Resorts International

Founded in 1981 by the late Gordon “Butch” Stewart, Sandals Resorts International (SRI) is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica and is responsible for resort development, service standards, skills training and day-to-day operations for some of travel’s most visible brands including Sandals® Resorts and Beaches® Resorts. For more information, visit Sandals Resorts International.



Amcham CEO: Need to look at work in post-pandemic world

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Amcham CEO Nirad Tewarie

AMERICAN Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) CEO Nirad Tewarie has said there is a need to examine what type of work models best suit individuals and organisations in a post-covid19 pandemic world.

He made this observation when he spoke at an Amcham Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) conference at Cara Suites Hotel, Claxton Bay on Thursday. The meeting is one of the precursor events to AMCHAM’s HSSE Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, Port of Spain from November 1-3.

“As we transition into what we hope is a post-pandemic world, we have seen an increase in the organisational risks to the traditional models.”

Tewarie said, “There has also been a significant boost in digitalisation in the corporate environment, and we have also witnessed an increase in productivity with employees working from home or other locations.”

He noted positive effects these developments have on organisations, “as employees have reported feeling less stressed getting to work – having avoided long hours of traffic – and feeling more comfortable working in a familiar, safe, and convenient environment.”

But Tewarie also acknowledged there was some truth to what the Prime Minister said after the 2022/2023 budget presentation in Parliament on Monday, about no established protocols for public-sector employees working from home before or during the pandemic.

In contrast to the public sector, he continued, Amcham and other private-sector organisations “have embraced flexi-workplace policies.”

Consideration of the type of work models used by different organisations to increase productivity in a post-pandemic world could involve embracing more such policies.

Against this background and ongoing collective bargaining negotiations for public-sector workers, Tewarie said, “There is probably an opportunity to explore opportunities for remote work for some types of jobs in the public sector.

“The processes and systems that would enable remote work in the public sector would also likely improve the ease with which citizens interact with the state.”

But there are downsides to organisations using policies under which some of their employees work from home.

While acknowledging concerns of employees about their work environment being safe (because of covid19) and those of employers about creating a safe working environment for employees and customers, Tewarie identified a major flaw in any work-from-home approach.

“How do we access what is going on with our employees when they are working remotely?”

Tewarie underscored that the importance of ensuring a proper work-life balance underpins any type of work-from-home arrangement.

“How do you achieve this, when work from home has resulted in a blurring of the lines between work and home time, and when the office calls are coming in later or earlier?

He said these are important questions that “today’s leaders must answer as we adjust to this new world of work.”

Attorney Catherine Ramnarine, partner at M Hamel Smith and Company, said, “There are no laws that specifically govern remote workers in TT.”

But she added that whether employees work in their organisation’s offices or in a remote location, they are “generally subject to the same rights and protections that apply to all employees.”

DigitalEra CEO Vitra Gopee said employees working in remote locations, including from home, are very vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks.

She observed that many remote working conditions may lack secure wi-fi connections; employees working remotely may choose to use unsafe or public networks; remote employees could be distracted from their work by things which turn into cybersecurity threats; and remote employees are more likely to use their own devices instead of any provided by their organisations to do their work.

Gopee suggested a need for proper education for employees about working from remote locations.


St Joseph Lab the 1st to be certified to the revised national laboratory standard

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana
Deputy CEO, Ms Deborah Ramsey signs Terms and Conditions of the Certification

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) Certification Services Department on Thursday, September 29, 2022 recertified the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Laboratory after it demonstrated conformance to the requirements of the revised Guyana Standard (GYS 170:2021) – General requirements for the operation of a laboratory. This certification marks the first of the Laboratories in Guyana to conform to the requirements of this updated standard.

The certificate, which is valid for two years, along with a plaque was handed over to the laboratory by Ms. Rosmarie Liliah, Technical Officer within the GNBS Certification Services Department, during a brief ceremony at the Lab’s Parade Street, Georgetown location. Receiving the certificate on behalf of the establishment was Ms. Deborah Ramsay, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital.

In addressing those at the ceremony, Ms. Ramsay firstly expressed gratitude on behalf of the medical institution to the GNBS for recertification to the new edition of the Laboratory standard. The Deputy CEO stated that the certification comes at a time when the hospital is celebrating its 77th anniversary. She acknowledged the efforts of the Laboratory Team in ensuring standards are maintained and added that the certification along with the overall ISO 15189 certification the Hospital received in 2021 will be able to address crucial aspects in the lab, including risks.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nolan Hawke, Quality Manager of the Laboratory stated that implementing standards requires teamwork and good leadership. He added, “I am happy that the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Laboratory was able to step over to the revised standard which includes pieces of the ISO 9001, ISO 15198 and the ISO 17025 international standards.” The Quality Manager encouraged other labs to not be timid about adopting the requirements of the revised standard because it will help to improve the overall national health care system.

On behalf of the GNBS, Technical Officer, Ms. Rosmarie Liliah congratulated the Lab for being the first to be certified to the revised National standard. She advised that impromptu audits will be conducted by the Bureau to ensure that conformance to the requirements is maintained.

The scope of the certification covers, hematology, serology, biochemistry and microbiology, immunology, parasitology/urology and Elisa/PCR.

Through its Laboratory Certification Programme, the GNBS monitors the operations of laboratories involved in testing, measurement and/or calibration activities to ensure that they are satisfying the criteria for certification and the requirements outlined in the National Standard.

Laboratories, which conform to the requirements of this standard, are provided with formal recognition to attest that they have implemented an effective laboratory management system, which aids their provision of accurate and reliable results to patients, medical practitioners, and other requiring medical results.


Vlucht Surinam Airways wijkt uit naar Brussel vanwege dichte mist

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The content originally appeared on: De Ware Tijd Online

PARAMARIBO — De vlucht PY994 van Surinam Airways die woensdag vanuit Paramaribo vertrok richting Amsterdam heeft vanwege weersomstandigheden niet kunnen landen op luchthaven Schiphol. Voor de landing bleek dat vanwege dichte mist de verdere landingsprocedure niet zou kunnen worden ingezet en dat er moest worden uitgeweken naar de luchthaven van Brussel in België, staat in […]


L’eau de la rivière Beaugendre rendue potable à Vieux-Habitants

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The content originally appeared on: Guadeloupe FranceAntilles


Sur réquisition préfectorale, une unité de production d’eau potable tourne actuellement à plein régime sur l’une des berges de la rivière Beaugendre et ce jusqu’à mercredi prochain.

L’unité de potabilisation temporairement installée à la rivière de Beaugendre permet de pomper une eau brute  qui est ensuite filtrée pour lui enlever tous les éléments pathogènes éventuels (microbes, virus, bactéries notamment). La seconde étape consiste à la passer dans un filtre à charbon pour compléter le traitement. Puis l’eau passe de nouveau dans la machine, pour une chloration standard en fonction du volume passant. « Cette chloration permet de conserver l’eau potable plusieurs…

France-Antilles Guadeloupe

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Ministry of Agriculture Making Strides to Improve Agro-processing and Exports Through Multilateral Partnerships

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The content originally appeared on: ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

BASSETERRE, St. Kitts, September 27, 2022 (SKNIS): The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Marine Resources and Cooperatives continues to work assiduously to strengthen food security within the Federation. On September 26, 2022, Minister of Agriculture et al the Hon. Samal Duggins was present at the handing over ceremony of a Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer to the St. Kitts and Nevis Bureau of Standards.

“This piece of equipment will bring St. Kitts and Nevis closer to the point of being able to establish our export market where we can penetrate on a high level, even higher than we have done before. As I looked at our import bill prior to now, I must admit it was quite depressing to recognize that we spend over $130 million importing food into our Liamigua. And understand what that means, the land of fertile soil spends $138 million importing food, which represents 85 percent of what we consume. So, 85 percent or more of what we consume is imported. We must recognize now that there must be a shift, a shift in mindset, a shift in behavior and a shift in budget. We must put our people to work, not just in farming but in agro-processing and put that wonderful produce out in the world to consume,” said Minister Duggins.

The Minister of Agriculture also indicated that CARICOM leaders have made the ‘25 by 2022’ goal for regional food security a major aspect of their domestic governance agendas, with the agriculture sector geared to drive regional growth.

According to the Director of Projects at the Caribbean Development Bank, Mr. Daniel Best, the donation of the Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer was made through the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Cariforum European Union sponsored Strengthening the National Quality Infrastructure: Training and Equipment for Conformity Assessment Project.

“This new initiative is one of two projects in St. Kitts and Nevis that seeks to strengthen national quality infrastructure and trade facilitation with support from the 11th European Development Fund Economic Partnership Agreement and CARICOM Single Market and Economy standby facility for capacity building… we are grateful for national partners, particularly the St. Kitts and Nevis Bureau of Standards, the Ministry of International Trade, Industry, Commerce and Consumer Affairs for their commitment to the success of this project. I would also like to express appreciation to the European Union for its commitment to delivering impactful projects that improve the ability of CARIFORUM member states to improve the trade of their goods,” said Director Best.

The gas chromatograph mass spectrometer (GC/MS) has been developed to separate and analyze mixtures with high sensitivity, and as a result, is used in a wide range of fields, such as measurement of dioxin, organic compounds in drinking water, and concentrations of drugs in blood, as well as a tool for developing new pharmaceutical products.


OECS Contingent Visits St.Kitts and Nevis

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The content originally appeared on: ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation

Basseterre: St. Kitts, Tuesday, September 27, 2022:​ Education officials and key stakeholders across the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis will engage in a series of meeting with members of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) on Thursday, September 29.

The purpose of the visit is to assist with the implementation of the OECS Program for Educational Advancement and Relevant Learning (PEARL) Project, so as facilitate the achievement of the OECS Education Sector Strategy (OESS). The visiting contingent will meet with Program Directors, Project Managers, and Senior Technical Specialists as they chart the way forward to a successful implementation of PEARL in the Federation. 

One component of the OECS Pearl project is the Special Education Needs Survey (SEN) which was launched in the Federation on Monday, September 26 and ends Monday, October 31