Des réalisateurs professionnels transmettent leur savoir aux jeunes

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Dans le cadre du concours national « Filme l’avenir », 18 jeunes ont été initiés à la réalisation d’un court métrage aux côtés du réalisateur Gilles Elie-Dit-Cosaque et son équipe. Les volontaires ont réalisé leur propre vidéo sur l’espoir d’un changement positif de la société. 

«Cette opération, qui existe depuis trois ans, est à l’initiative de l’association Les Ami(e)s du Comedy Club, présidée par Jamel Debbouze, indique Gilles Elie-Dit-Cosaque. Ce projet est accompagné entre autres par France Télévision. Il est proposé, à une vingtaine de jeunes par ville candidate, de participer en groupe à l’écriture, la réalisation et le montage d’un court-métrage. La thématique cette année est “Joue-la collectif”. Pour ce faire, les jeunes sont accompagnés par des…

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Samuel Crail remis en liberté sous contrôle judiciaire

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Lundi 8 Août 2022 – 15h43

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 Le “grand frère” Samuel Crail avait été libéré la semaine dernière puis arrêté ce vendredi. Il est de nouveau libre sous contrôle judiciaire.

Libéré mardi dernier (2 août) après plus de six mois d’incarcération, en raison de problèmes de santé suite à une longue grève de la faim,  Samuel Crail était placé sous contrôle judiciaire.

Trois jours après sa remise en liberté, Samuel Crail a été interpellé vendredi soir (5 août) pour des faits de violence avec arme et menace de mort.Il a été libéré hier soir, le temps de l’instruction de l’enquête.

Le grand frère reste également dans l’attente de son jugement pour sa participation présumée lors des émeutes urbaines de novembre et décembre dernier.

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  Samuel Crail de nouveau entendu par …

Couple celebrates 300th dive with Sandals Negril Loop Jamaica

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“Dive partners for life” is exactly how Sandals Negril’s first-time guest Norman Krobath sums up his relationship with his wife Tracy.

The couple, who has spent years travelling around the world, recently undertook their 300th and 150th dive respectively, off the shores of the famous Seven-Mile Negril Beach, while vacationing at Sandals Negril.

The Krobaths have dived in various parts of the world including Egypt, Belize and Mexico, in addition to Sandals Negril, they have also dived while at Sandals Grande St Lucian and Sandals Grenada.

For Norman, scuba diving is not just a passion that has strengthened the bond between him and his wife but has also given them the opportunity to explore the vast wonders of the ocean.

Diving for almost 20 years, Norman noted that this recreational sport was always something he was interested in, as he saw it as a life-changing to have opportunity to see a part of the world that just a small percentage of people get to experience.

Adding that some of the best dives they have done have been with Sandals Resorts, they both shared that the Sandals Negril watersports team has been truly exceptional and every dive with them has been memorable.

For her part, Tracy who has only been diving for about seven years, was in a jubilant mood to mark her 150th dive milestone and was effusive in her praises for the resort’s team.

“Though I am still a bit scared of the water, I must admit that I did about 50 dives before I actually knew how to swim, so I’d encourage people to take a leap at it. The team can teach you how to maintain breath control before taking you out to the water to dive. The watersports team here at Sandals Negril and especially scuba instructor, Sangha Spencer, was really great at connecting and giving us the perfect diving experience,” Tracy shared.

The Krobaths enjoy travelling the world for diving and have shared that Sandals Negril offered a great diving experience. (Photos: Contributed)

The Krobaths shared that diving has heightened their love for the ocean and the creatures that inhabit it. They also note that this has also increased their drive to see to its protection.

“Diving gives you an appreciation for the environment that you live in and many people globally source food from the sea, so it is important to know what your reefs look like in order to effectively practice safe fishing and to maintain a healthy marine environment,” Norman shared.

When asked what his ultimate milestone is for diving, Norman simply stated that he plans to dive until he can’t anymore.

He also shared that diving with the great whites (sharks) is also very high on his bucket list.

A bucket list item they got to tick off in Negril was them both seeing dolphins on their dives, which was breathtaking.

Committed to passing on his diving skills, Norman has been sharing his knowledge with his nephews, friends and anyone they meet.

The couple also shared that they have met a lot of people through diving, adding they have become friends with other guests at Sandals Negril who they will be diving with next year during their trip to Sandals Royal Curacao, Sandals’ newest resort.

Currently a dive master, Norman shares that he is not counting out on being a dive instructor once he retires.

Scuba diving is a part of the extensive and award-winning watersports activities at all Sandals resorts with an exceptional group of PADI Certified watersports team members offering more than 33,000 dives each year and over 10,000 visitors taking their first underwater breath through a Sandals diving programme.

PADI has named Sandals Resort as one of the Top 5 Dive Operations in the Western Hemisphere.

The resort offers certification lessons, and it is evident that the Krobaths are lovers of the ocean and value the incredible dive experiences they have had while vacationing at various Sandals Resorts across the Caribbean.

Jamaica’s tourism industry nearing full recovery from COVID fallout Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Jamaica’s tourism sector has almost fully recovered from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which had threatened the survival of the industry.

The revelation was made by Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett during a meeting with members of a special delegation from the Republic of Namibia, led by the African nation’s Minister in the Presidency, Christine Hoebes, on August 5, 2022.

“The good news is that Jamaica has now recovered 90 per cent from the COVID-19 pandemic in the tourism sector,” Bartlett said.

He added: “Our recovery in terms of arrivals this year is likely to be well over three million, and we are also expecting our earnings will be just about $100 million, or so, below our best earnings in 2019 of $3.7 billion.”

Bartlett also highlighted that Jamaica’s main source markets are also rebounding strongly from the pandemic.

In giving a breakdown, he noted that the UK is the only market where “we are pacing ahead of 2019” figures, noting that, compared to pre-COVID numbers, “we are six per cent ahead in the UK market.”

The discussion with members of the delegation followed a meeting of the Jamaica/Namibia Joint Committee earlier last week, at which agreements were signed in several areas, including tourism, logistics, urban development, and Diaspora cooperation.

Bartlett said: “The US has come back very strongly, and while Canada is lagging behind a little, progress is being made.”

He also noted that based on Jamaica’s tourism recovery, “we can give some help and support in terms of Namibia’s own recovery programme”.

Bartlett outlined that under the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which covers tourism, both countries will be collaborating in areas such as marketing, human capital development, sustainability, and resilience building.

Minister Bartlett noted that, this will entail working with officials in Namibia to facilitate the establishment of a satellite centre of the Jamaica-based Global Tourism Resilience and Crisis Management Centre in the coming months.

In response, Minister Hoebes said she is happy for, and looking forward to, the collaboration with Jamaica on all fronts, especially that of tourism and human capital development.

She noted that “this will strengthen the collaboration between the two countries”, adding that “the agreement will put Namibia in a better place” regarding cruise tourism, especially from the port in Montego Bay, Jamaica to the port in Walvis Bay, Namibia.

She expressed that her country is also looking forward to emulating that which “attracts tourists to Jamaica and keep them coming back”.

2,586 casos nuevos por COVID-19 según informe del DS

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El informe de COVID-19 del Departamento de Salud (DS) reportó el lunes, sobre 615 casos positivos confirmados, 1,971 casos probables y sin muertes.

El monitoreo cubre el periodo del 23 de julio de 2022 al 6 de agosto de 2022.

La tasa de positividad está a 34.47 por ciento.

Hay 338 adultos hospitalizados y de ellos, 42 están en intensivo. Mientras, 48 menores están hospitalizados y ninguno está en intensivo. 21 adultos están en ventilador y ningún menor.

Las personas con vacunas al día son 1,010,869 personas.

El total de muertes atribuidas es de 4,812.

Muere la actriz y cantante Olivia Newton-John a los 73 años

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La actriz, Olivia Newton-John quien saltó a a la fama tras protagonizar  la película “Grease”, falleció en en la mañana de hoy lunes, 8 de agosto, informó su esposo a través de las redes sociales de la artista.

Su deceso fue a raíz de su padecimiento de cáncer, el cual sufría  desde hace varios años.

La australiana tenía 73 años y fue una de las actrices más populares de la década de los 70.

Foto: Suministrada

Irv Gotti Called Out, Says He Banged Ashanti Before Recording ‘Happy’

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Irv Gotti catches more heat after sharing he and Ashanti relationship inspired her hit single “Happy.”

Irv Gotti is claiming Ashanti’s hit song “Happy,” released in 2002, was written right after he and the singer had sex. The two are no longer on speaking terms after Ashanti signaled in 2019 that she wanted complete control of her masters, and she has made efforts to re-record her albums produced by Murder Inc. after Gotti refused to hand them over.

In his Drink Champs interview, Irv Gotti says he and Ashanti were romantically involved and that their ‘relationship’ “helped” her career as he shared a story he says will be explored in his Murder Inc. documentary.

According to him, he was the one who came up with the lyrics for the track. “It helped her,” Irv says when asked if his alleged fling with Ashanti affected their business relationship.

“We just finished sleeping together, or whatever, I’m taking a shower. I’m in the shower, you know, a n****a be creative after [sex] … I think of the whole track in the shower,” Irv says as he sings the melodies of the song.

Irv Gotti said after showering, he goes to producer Chink Santana. The producer said he wanted the song to be a summertime feel-good joint that came about as a result of the energy he and Ashanti shared at the time.

Gotti seems to have a beef with Ashanti, on whom the majority of his interview focused, as he also shared that he was hurt when he found out that she and Nelly were dating.

Gotti also shared that he was hurt when Ashanti started dating Nelly and also revealed that he learned about their relationship after seeing them on TV at an NBA game.

Gotti’s latest statements are inconsistent with others he made in the past, including those from a previous Wendy Williams interview where he said that he and Ashanti never had sex.

Ashanti has not responded to any of Gotti’s ramblings on Drink Champs. Fans online called Gotti obsessed, and many are of the view that being bitter, Gotti ended Ashanti’s career over his hurt feelings.

“Irv Gotti need stop using Ashanti name for clout, it’s been 20 years MOVE ON BITTER BETTY. She didn’t want to be the side chick to a married man anymore. I wonder how his ex-wife (maybe) feel, she the one who got dealt a awful hand,” one fan said.

“It’s crazy how he continues to tell on himself by admitting to things when it’s known that he was married during these escapades. He says him and his wife were separated at the time but he also said him & Ashanti never had sex. So we don’t know what to believe,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“Irv Gotti beat the Feds in a million-dollar money-laundering trial but instead of telling that story, he chooses to talk about that time he slept with Ashanti 20 years ago,” another said.

“The way Irv gotti referencing Ashanti on drink champs you would think he wanna fight her and he’s definitely hurt,” another added.

Palmentuin maakt zich op voor viering inheemse dag

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Tekst en beeld Ricky Wirjosentono PARAMARIBO — Inheemsen uit verschillende uithoeken van het land maken zich in de Palmentuin op

Geestelijken verruimen beeld bij masteropleiding ‘Social Development and Policy’

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Tekst Tascha Aveloo PARAMARIBO — Bij de masteropleiding ‘Social Development and Policy’, aan het Institute for Graduate Studies and Research

‘Dit vergeet je je leven niet meer’

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Een gitzwarte dag uit de Surinaamse geschiedenis door Arjen Stikvoort PARAMARIBO — 72 militairen lieten het kostbaarste bezit wat zij