JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation invests $1.25m in summer programmes Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation has injected $1.25 million into youth summer programmes to assist hundreds of students in recovering from learning loss caused by a disruption in their academic programmes due to the pandemic.

UNICEF estimates that Jamaica’s children have lost 1.3 billion in-class hours over 19 months of physical school closures.

The learning loss is staggering, and the most vulnerable children who struggle to access remote (online) education have been hit the hardest, stated UNICEF.

Kim Mair, CEO of the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation outlined, “It is against the background of the educational fallout being faced by our children that the foundation is happy to come on board to support these necessary interventions.”

Mairs said the foundation is particularly pleased to fund two schools in rural Jamaica – Point Hill Primary & Junior High and Friendship Primary.

“We recognise that our rural schools are unfortunately most affected by the digital and economic divide, which can prevent these children from truly tapping into their greatness and achieving academic success,” Mair said.

She added that this effort supports the government’s national initiative, ‘Recover Smarter-National School Learning and Intervention Plan’, aimed at helping students recover from learning loss due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The foundation also provided resources for several summer initiatives geared towards at-risk children and youth development programmes.

“We recognise that with extended lockdowns and a hiatus of several summer programmes in the last two years, the need for resocialization and youth development is important to help children to re-engage with their peers and participate in developmental activities that will cater to their psychosocial needs,” said Raquel Virtue, development manager at the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation.

She added: “We aim is to cater to the ‘whole person and ensure that we support initiatives that will allow children to fuel their passion, explore their creativity and just have fun, especially with restrictions on these activities for an extended period.”

Social worker and founder of the August Town Sports & Community Development Foundation, Kenneth Wilson said the JMMB Joan Duncan Foundation’s continued partnership and the donation would help the organisation to extend the initiative to an all-year-round programme. It is targeted at 200 children starting at the basic-school level, over the next five years, with the expectation to extend it to older children. The programme is designed to develop youth through sports, mainly football and netball, and improve conflict resolution in the violence-prone communities of the Greater August Town area.

“We couldn’t do this without the continuous support of JMMB (Joan Duncan Foundation) and we welcome even more support to assist throughout the year, (because) we want to strengthen the value system of these children and give them more life skills so that they can have an alternative to joining gangs or being influenced in the wrong way,” Wilson said.

Summer programme beneficiaries include 4Milla Academy, Port Royal Marine Lab Summer Camp, August Town Sports & Community Development Foundation, Office of the Child Advocate, Maxfield Park Children’s Home, The Angelic Ladies Society, Trench Town community, Greenfields Environmental Camp, WWKIDS Summer Fun Reading Programme and Child Protection & Family Services Agency.

St Mary’s brings the ‘flava’ of Jamaican Jerk to the snack aisle! Loop Jamaica

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The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

St Mary’s is set to ignite taste buds across the island, bite by bite and crunch by crunch, with its latest snack creation, St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips.

Paying homage to the distinctly Jamaican dish that is known and loved worldwide, this flavour-packed snack will hit the shelves in time for the celebration of Jamaica’s 60th Anniversary of Independence.

“When it comes to flavours there’s nothing more sought after or synonymous with Jamaica than Jerk,” declared St Mary’s Marketing Manager Erin Mitchell.

“From renowned Boston Jerk in Portland to the street corner pan chicken chef to star-rated restaurants, if Jerk is on the menu, it’s a must-have. So, we are delighted to launch St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips, inspired by our famed local dish, during Jamaica’s 60th celebrations to highlight the culinary significance of the flavour.

Inspired by Jerk Chicken, it is expected to deliver a familiar earthy, savoury, and spicy blend of exotic flavours that consumers have come to associate with the meal in every bite. With convenience and culinary excitement freshly packed in a 60g bag, St Mary’s has projected a retail price of approximately JM$250.

The St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips, like its predecessors, is gluten-free, trans-fat-free and cholesterol free.

Additionally, Mitchell noted that with the creation of St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips, “Jamaican Jerk Chicken lovers will no longer be limited to enjoying their favourite delight at set mealtimes; they can now treat themselves to a bag of St Mary’s potato chips; anytime, anywhere.”

This new flavour comes almost two years after the launch of St Mary’s potato chip line in 2020 with flavours Fire and Sea Salt. However, this snack creation stands as the sixth product innovation for the brand in less than 12 months.

“It’s been a whirlwind year for us, but very satisfying,” noted Mitchell.

“We firmly believe that St Mary’s is where good things happen and we’ve been showcasing that with our new line of products — Banana Chips Fire, Sweet & Spicy Plantain Strips and Johnny Crunchers in Fry Dumpling, Red Herring & Tin Cheese. And we’ve also enhanced that promise with our new logo, packaging, and brand activities. We simply hope our St Mary’s snack community is as excited as we are about all the new and tasty ways, they can snack with us; and that they will join us on this journey of innovation.”

Nevertheless, snackers, have much to look forward to before the end of 2022 as St Mary’s, a subsidiary of Jamaica Producers Group, retains an active focus on innovation and bringing more excitement, flavour, and diversity to the snack category.

From the beloved Banana to Plantain; Cassava to Breadfruit Chips; and most recently, Johnny Crunchers — the company prides itself on developing a strong tropical snack and produces a brand that showcases the best flavours of the Caribbean to the world.

Global Bank of Commerce responds to reports that it is being sued for failure to pay customer its deposit

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

The attention of the Board of Directors and Management of Global Bank of Commerce Ltd. (“the Bank”) has been drawn to an article and related reports in a local online news portal, and subsequent public remarks, concerning a legal matter between the Bank and one of its customers.

While the matter is before the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court and is therefore, sub judice, we wish to assure the public that the integrity of our institution and its 40-year long-standing participation and contribution to the international banking sector remain fully intact and in good standing, as regulated by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission (FSRC).

We confirm that our Bank is managed and operated independent of any local domestic commercial bank in Antigua and Barbuda, and any public assertions to the contrary is misleading and incorrect. We further confirm that no domestic commercial bank in the state of Antigua and Barbuda is connected in any way to the above referenced legal matter.

To our valued and loyal clients, we regret any inconveniences caused by the precipitous dissemination of information in respect of the above referenced matter, and provide our assurances that the Bank continues to operate in the normal course of business.

Board of Directors and Management Global Bank of Commerce, Ltd.



Health Ministry: 4,070 covid19 deaths

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Image courtesy CDC

THE Health Ministry reported two additiional covid19 deaths on Monday, bringing the death toll from covid19 to 4,070. This information was contained in the ministry’s covid19 update on Monday.

The deceased were an elderly male and a middle-aged woman. They had comorbidities such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The ministry said there were 202 new covid19 cases.

There are 176 patients hospitalised with covid19.

The ministry also said between July 22 and August 3, 3,922 people were fully vaccinated and 15,908 were partially vaccinated.

Tourism Minister visits Comfort Inn: Use incentives to expand industry

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Minister of Tourism Randall Mitchell, right, enjoys the views on a tour of Comfort Inn & Suites with general manager Maria Yip-John on Monday morning. –

Minister of Tourism, Culture and the Arts Randall Mitchell is encouraging tourism-related businesses to use the incentives provided by his ministry to continue enhancing the country’s tourism product.

Mitchell made the statement via a media release on Monday, after a tour of Tobago’s newest hotel, Comfort Inn and Suites, Orange Hill Road, Scarborough, which opened last Thursday.

He was accompanied by Permanent Secretary Simone Thorne-Mora Quinones, chairman of the Towers Hospitality Group Ltd Allan Richards and his managing director Abena Richards.

Comfort Inn and Suites, he said benefited from incentives offered under the Tourism Development Act (TDA) that facilitates both the development of new hotel room stock and improvement of existing room stock.

The act, administered by his ministry, provides for benefits to be granted to the owners and operators of various types of tourism projects that contribute to the growth and expansion of the industry.

Mitchell met ​​with the hotel’s executive management team and was given a tour. He said he was happy with the outcome of the project and was pleased that the incentives accessed through his ministry were instrumental in bringing it to fruition.

“The Comfort Inn brand is well-known globally and will positively impact the international visibility of destination Tobago and certainly improve its marketability. That’s why we readily supported the vision shared by the owners that would ultimately increase the number and quality of the room stock available on the island,” he said.

He also highlighted the benefits of these projects to the economy and the positive impact on employment. During construction , the project employed 200 people and now has a staff of 75.

He encouraged visitors to come to Tobago.

“Now that the hotel has launched, we are encouraging visitors to book their vacations in Tobago, as there is now another high-quality accommodation option in Comfort Inn and Suites.”

MSJ: Government should have taken wage advice from its own board

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


MSJ leader David Abdulah. – PHOTO BY ROGER JACOB

IF Government had taken the advice of the Economic Development Advisory Board (EDAB) since 2016, the three cycles of outstanding negotiations for public-sector workers could have been settled and would not now be an economic nightmare.

In making this claim, Movement for Social Justice political leader David Abdulah, who was part of that committee, said it had given advice on the National Tripartite Advisory Council (NTAC) and its function as it related to wage negotiations.

“The Prime Minister did not even acknowledge the recommendations of EDAB on how NTAC should have functioned.”

Had that been done, Abdulah said at a news conference on Sunday, “Certainly the 2014-2016 negotiations could have been settled in a tripartite manner.

“What is the point of NTAC?” Abdulah asked in reference to Government’s recent invitation for the unions to come back to the table, under this umbrella, for continuing the contentious negotiations

Government moved from a two per cent-four per cent wage offer to public-sector workers and the national security bodies, which have been rejected by their representing trade unions.

The Joint Trade Union Movement (JTUM) is expected to make a statement on this final offer on Wednesday morning.

Abdulah slammed Government’s anti-labour position, saying for the past seven years, under the Dr Keith Rowley administration, “not a single piece of labour legislation has been brought and passed.

“Waste of time, Minister of Labour (Stephen Mc Clashie).

“You are not doing your work, Prime Minister. As leader of this country you could have taken this country in a different direction, in a positive direction when NTAC was established, if you had taken the advice of the EDAB.”

In addition to failing to follow the recommendations of EDAB, Abdulah said Government also refused to act on the recommendations of the Road Map for Recovery committee, which it set up.

He said the recommendations of these and other committees could have led to the economy’s being in a better place, instead of putting the burden of adjustment on people at the lower end of the economic scale.

He referred to the Lashley Committee on Petrotrin’s restructuring, which he said Government ignored, sending all workers home and shutting down the refinery, which has left TT without energy security and with foreign exchange shortages.

Abdulah also defended his integrity against claims by Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales that Abdulah had no moral authority to make recommendations about WASA, when he was part of the PP administration when the Desalcott contract was renewed.

He labelled Gonzales an “upstart” and said he was “fast and out of place” to question his integrity, when Abdulah took the “moral high ground” in 2012 by leaving the government amidst allegations of corruption.”

He denied making recommendations on the transformation of WASA, as that was not his area of expertise.

“I have been around for a long time,” he said, pointing to the many boards on which he served, including the Cabinet-appointed committee looking at the restructuring of the ADB.

“My minority report saved the ADB,” he said, telling Gonzales, “When you get a little bit of that experience in this country, come and talk.”

House approves $44.7B supplementary funding

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The content originally appeared on: INews Guyana

Government has secured a total of $44.7 billion in funding from the National Assembly in a supplementary budget that will enable continued expenditure for this 2022 fiscal year in a number of developmental areas.

The National Assembly on Monday approved the Financial Paper No. 1 of 2022. Of the $44,794,011,175 billion, $12.2 billion are current estimates and the remaining $32.5 billion are capital estimates.

Desir Acknowledges Need For Outside Help Amid Violent Crime Wave – St. Lucia Times News

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The content originally appeared on: St. Lucia Times News

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Police Commissioner Milton Desir has acknowledged the need for outside help amid Saint Lucia’s current violent crime wave.

The country has recorded 41 homicides this year, including three fatal police shootings.

“At that point I think we need some help whichever way whether it is in the region or internationally to solve these issues,” Desir told reporters on Monday.

“I know a lot of the homicides cannot be prevented but however I think the police action should be to solve those homicides. Persons identify the individuals and bring them into justice,” the Police Commissioner explained.

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He disclosed that the Regional Security System (RSS) is assisting in investigating some cases.

But in terms of RSS officers who were here to assist in patrols and searches, Desir said the 12-member contingent left on Sunday after their three-week stint in Saint Lucia.

“They added to the numbers that we had,” he stated.

He acknowledged that stiffer penalties for gun-related crime should serve as a deterrent but asserted that the effect might not be immediate.

“When those persons have been arrested and taken to court and the court administers those penalties then you may see the deterrence,” the Police Commissioner told reporters.

Desir spoke against the backdrop of the circulation on social media of a music video in which individuals, some of them masked, issue explicit threats.

The Police Commissioner, who told reporters he had not at the time seen the video, asserted that criminals were becoming bolder.

At the same time he spoke of the need for a holistic approach to dealing with crime.

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Radican demanda de clase contra compañías aseguradoras locales por depreciación ilegal en reclamaciones para reparación de automóviles

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

Cuatro demandas de clase fueron radicadas simultáneamente este lunes en el Tribunal de Primera Instancia contra varias compañías de seguros de automóviles, entre ellas: MAPFRE, Triple S, Universal Insurance y Cooperativa de Seguros Múltiples.

Las demandas incoadas impugnan la práctica de estas compañías que cobran a los consumidores una deducción por depreciación en piezas de reemplazo de la carrocería de automóviles. Los recursos legales presentados alegan que los proveedores de seguros agregan ilegalmente una “deducción de depreciación” automática al reemplazar piezas dañadas, requiriendo a los asegurados pagar dinero adicional de su propio bolsillo a pesar de haber tenido cobertura completa de colisión en sus vehículos.

“Si bien tal práctica podría estar justificada al reemplazar neumáticos o limpiaparabrisas desgastados, no existe justificación legal para esta práctica cuando se trata de parabrisas y parachoques”, puntualizó el licenciado Ari Kresch de la firma de abogados 1-800-LAW-FIRM a través de declaraciones escritas.

Las demandas fueron presentadas por el abogado Francisco Colón Ramírez en colaboración con 1-800-LAW-FIRM, un bufete de abogados especializada en la defensa del consumidor. Los demandantes están buscando una orden judicial que permita auditar los libros y registros de las aseguradoras demandas durante los últimos 15 años para identificar a los consumidores que se han visto afectados por esta práctica escandalosa. Los demandados son compañías de seguros locales que poseen la mayor parte del mercado de seguros de automóviles de Puerto Rico. Según el licenciado Colón Ramírez, se estima que estas empresas han cobrado a los consumidores más de 100,000,000.00 dólares en deducciones de depreciación indebidas durante ese período.

“Nuestros clientes están indignados justificadamente. Después de años de pagar pólizas de seguro que pensaban que cubrirían sus costos de reparación en caso de accidente, ahora descubren que están obligados a pagar costos de reparación adicionales. Los derechos del consumidor deben ser la prioridad, y continuaremos abogando en nombre de todos los clientes que han sido perjudicados por estas acciones ilegales”, agregó la abogada Mónica Díaz de 1-800-LAW-FIRM. Para obtener más información sobre las demandas, puede comunicarse con la Lcda. Mónica Díaz de 1-800-LAW-FIRM, por correo electrónico a o al 787-310-8502.

Documento: 220804 Dkt 1 Demanda a Universal 220804 Dkt 1 Demanda CSM220804 Dkt 1 Demanda Mapfre 220804 Dkt 1 Demanda Triple

Hallan sexagenario sin signos vitales dentro de un auto que se accidentó en Coamo

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The content originally appeared on: Radio Isla TV

Agentes del distrito de Coamo, investigan un incidente con persona muerta, en la calle 15 del sector Mariano Colón en el barrio Río Jueyes, de Coamo. 

Según la Uniformada, se recibió una llamada a través del Sistema de Emergencias 9-1-1 y al llegar los agentes, encontraron a un hombre de aproximadamente 63 años en el asiento del conductor de un Toyota Corolla, el cual había fallecido.  

La Policía precisó que el vehículo en cuestión impactó levemente un muro de cemento frente a una residencia del lugar. 

El fiscal de turno del área de Aibonito, junto a los agentes del distrito policíaco, investigan los hechos.