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Looking for a new job is a balancing act: Some people change roles for a shorter commute or better salary, others want health insurance or flexible schedules, and still others are looking to work in a new or different industry.

Hiring is booming in the US — the economy added 528,000 jobs in July, up from 398,000 in June, according to the latest job report by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

But in many cases, wages aren’t rising as fast as prices, leading workers to look elsewhere.

Compensation, job location and work environment are among the most important factors you should consider when looking for a new role, according to Jill Gonzalez, a financial analyst from WalletHub.

Here are five key things to think about if you’re looking for a job (or wondering whether you should):

The Current Job Market

As of July, there were 1.7 jobs for every unemployed person, meaning employers are competing for workers in many industries.

While not all employers can afford to offer cost-of-living wage increases, some are increasingly open to providing other benefits, such as more remote work options, subsidized child care, or coverage of commuting expenses, according to Johnny C Taylor Jr, chief executive officer of the Society for Human Resource Management.

“With inflation, employees that are otherwise happy at work are forced to look for another job. It’s a retention problem,” he said.

“You might have an employee who loves their workplace, but they’ll say, ‘I have to go across the street for the job that will pay me 20% more.’”

Some companies are also better prepared to withstand an economic downturn than others, which is worth considering amid fears that the US could be headed for a recession.

“The companies that are recession-resistant are typically those that sell consumer essentials, provide critical repair services, or manufacture or sell proprietary or specialized products,” said Gonzalez.

Demand for these goods and services typically stays more or less the same regardless of consumers’ budgets.

The food industry, grocery stores, power plants, waste management, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies also weather economic instability well, she said.


How much you’ll be paid is key, and how you look at your income depends in part on your industry.

For Justin Taylor, a restaurant worker based in Minneapolis, it isn’t only a question of how much he can make per hour, but also how much he can get in tips.

Taylor increased his salary from $15 per hour to approximately $20 per hour when he changed jobs from Chipotle to a local restaurant.

His previous job didn’t include meaningful tips from customers while his current job does, significantly raising his take-home pay.

Conversations around pay are rarely transparent. If you’re not sure what the average salary in your industry might be, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a list of average wages and salaries in most sectors.


If you find a job that pays more per hour but requires a longer commute, it might not work out to be much of a pay raise, after factoring in gas or the cost of public transit.

“I wanted to be close to my home, I was just trying to save money on transportation,” said Taylor.

Before his new job, Taylor used to commute 30 minutes each way on public transport; he now travels on his electric scooter for less than 10 minutes.

With gas prices higher than a year ago, Taylor also decided to sell his truck and start using more affordable alternatives.

Survey data shows that 64 per cent of US adults have changed their driving habits or lifestyle since March of this year, according to the American Automobile Association.

If you can take public transportation to your job or you pay for parking, check with your potential new employer about whether the company offers pre-tax benefits.


For some, good benefits might include health insurance or retirement contributions. For others, working from home a few days a week or having on-the-job training are great bonuses.

“The work-life balance is equally important. (Workers) should inquire about vacation and sick day policies, as well as work-from-home flexibility,” Gonzalez said.

That was the case for Taylor, who approached his job search with the goal of having more flexibility.

“I’m a person, I have a life outside of work and wanted to have more control. That was really important, too. So I went in letting them know ‘Hey, I will need this day off,’” said Taylor, who is also a member of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, a non-profit organisation that advocates for workers’ rights.

Eugene Natali, a financial literacy expert and CEO of Troutwood, a financial planning app, said growing your skills is especially important when there might be a recession looming.

Auto mechanics, for example, should take every on-the-job training and get every certification offered, he said, to make themselves more valuable to their workplace and more attractive to potential employers if they should need to change jobs.

Work Environment

Blair Heitmann, a career expert for the hiring platform LinkedIn, encourages job seekers to think about company culture when looking to change roles.

Reaching out to current and former employees, researching press and social media and even reading earnings reports are some of her recommendations.

Websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor have user-generated reviews of workplaces and some offer pay ranges for certain companies.

This research can also help give your insight into what makes a business run, which can give you a leg up in an interview, she said.

Stephanie Stathas, a licensed therapist with Thriveworks, which provides in-person and online therapy, says that identifying healthy workplaces can help reduce job stress.

“If a work environment doesn’t have good management or doesn’t find that time to appreciate the individual for what they do, a lot of people can tend to feel down about themselves,” she said.

But it’s more nuanced than just appreciating workers, she added, as employees also need the ability to set boundaries with their workloads.

By Adriana Morga and Cora Lewis

‘Golden Girls’ LA pop-up restaurant has the golden touch Loop Jamaica

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Picture it: A vacant Beverly Hills bistro has been transformed into the set of a 1980s sitcom about four women living in Miami — but it’s also a working restaurant.

Reservations have been going fast at a newly opened The Golden Girls Kitchen. Some patrons have come from out of state to see the pop-up eatery.

Joe Saunders, of Cranston, Rhode Island, his two teenage children and their mother were visiting Northern California when they learned about the pop-up. So they made a special trip south just to see it.

“I was a little hesitant about coming but my kids’ mom really wanted to come,” said Saunders, who was wearing a T-shirt referencing the sitcom’s fictitious Shady Pines retirement home.

“It’s been a good time… the lasagne, the strawberry daiquiri and I’m going to have a piece of cake with ice cream, too.”

Thirty years after The Golden Girls ended on NBC, fans still can’t let go of the sitcom about four housemates — Dorothy, Rose, Blanche and Sophia — bonding over ageing, dating and cheesecake.

The first month of reservations sold out before the pop-up opened on July 30, which the internet deems National Golden Girls Day.

It’s just the latest example of comedy rising to pop culture relevancy again. In just the past few months, the first-ever Golden-Con fan convention was held in Chicago and a pilot for an animated, futuristic Golden Girls series is being shopped around.

Bucket Listers, an online events company, organised the pop-up. It had the blessing of Disney, which owns the rights to Golden Girls.

So, organisers were free to put Easter Egg references in the decor and the menu. Upon walking in, fans are immediately greeted by a bartender at the Shady Pines bar.

Further inside is a replica of the women’s kitchen counter, complete with a yellow wall phone.

Behind the dining room is a recreation of Blanche’s bedroom, including the iconic banana leaf bedspread and wallpaper.

“It has been so heart-warming to see my mom light up. I know that she’s watched the show at least 50 times each season,” said AJ Maloney, 23, who came from San Diego with her mother, Shellee, 45.

Derek Berry, Bucket Listers’ director of experiences, has plenty of experience staging pop-ups.

Since 2016, he has overseen half-a-dozen restaurant tributes starting with a Saved By the Bell diner in Chicago.

Breaking Bad, Beverly Hills 90210 and Good Burger have also inspired fast-casual diners. Berry’s criteria for the pop-up treatment is if a show has “staying power” and people are constantly quoting it. Golden Girls was inevitable.

“Every time we announce a pop-up, we look at the comments. People are like ‘I love it, but you should have done this!’ And it’s always ‘Golden Girls’,” said Berry, who worked with a 45-member team.

One of the most fun aspects was working with executive chef Royce Burke to devise menu items and to name them.

The choices of course include lasagne — which the Sicilian-born Sophia often cooked — and various flavours of cheesecake.

There are also references to Scandinavian delicacies mentioned by Rose in her stories about her hometown of St Olaf, Minnesota.

“I like all the St Olaf items where you never knew if they were real or not,” Berry said. “We threw a couple on there. It’s so fun to see my staff and myself try to pronounce them.”

The pop-up only has reservations through late October. But its popularity has been beyond expectations. So much so that there are plans to take it on the road to New York, Chicago, San Francisco and, of course, Miami, Berry added.

The Golden Girls premiered in 1985. None of the four stars is alive. Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty all died in the late 2000s and Betty White died last December at age 99.

Yet, because of cable reruns and streaming availability on Hulu, the show keeps finding new life and new, younger fans. The widely varying demographics of the restaurant’s patrons are proof of that.

Moses Nicholas and his girlfriend, Johanna James, both 18 and from Los Angeles, had a date over vegan lasagne and vegan cheesecake. Their reservation was a surprise gift from James’ mother, who knew both of them grew up watching Golden Girls in syndication and still catch it on Hulu.

“There’s something so relatable to the show for me for some reason,” Nicholas said. “I just find it really funny and it’s very comforting to watch.”

The couple’s ages is just proof the show “never dies,” James added.

Shirley Lyon and her three girlfriends, all of whom are senior citizens, came from Palos Verdes, California, with their own drinkware.

The quartet, who call themselves “golden girls,” brought Golden Girls mugs they made but with their faces superimposed over the characters. Just being in the restaurant brought back the joy they feel when watching the sitcom.

“People here I think all love them,” Lyon said. “I don’t think anybody comes who hasn’t experienced how precious they are. I just love their friendship.”

By Terry Tang

Trinidad and Tobago bike mechanic Tinto praised for Caribbean spirit at Commonwealth Games

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TTCF Commonwealth Games mechanic Kevin Tinto.

Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation (TTCF) Commonwealth Games mechanic Kevin Tinto has come in for high praise from the Anguilla Amateur Cycling Association for assisting one of their riders mere minutes before Sunday’s road race in Birmingham, England.

President of the Anguilla fraternity Sharon Lowe showered praise on Tinto for fixing Hasani Hennis’s bike handle ahead of his historic performance. Hennis went on to place 70th in the race and in the process, became the first Anguillan to complete the lengthy course.

Before Tinto’s timely intervention, Cycling Federation of Belize’s Calman Williams tried for over two hours to repair the handle , but was unsuccessful.

Lowe was grateful for Tinto’s assistance. Had he not stepped in, Hennis would have had to pull out of the race.

She posted to Facebook on Sunday, “I must say much love, appreciation and respect go out to Kevin Tinto (bike specialist) of TTCF. Person tried about two hours to solve it without success.

She said Tinto saw the struggle, got his toolbox and solved the problem “in less than 30 minutes, and about 25 minutes before race time.”

Until then, she said, “We were all a bit stressed and nervous as it looked like Hasani was not going to be able to ride.

“You could imagine what state of mind Hasani was in. Words can’t say how appreciative I am and it shows that Tinto is truly a bike specialist, bike boss, bike everything.”

“Hasani went on to finish the race, and be the first ever cyclist from Anguilla to do so. We owe much gratitude to Kevin Tinto (I’d never forget this name). This is another reason, why I’d forever love my Caribbean Cycling people.”

Lowe also thanked Williams for his attempts.

TTCF president Rowena Williams commented on the post: “Anguilla, on behalf of TTCF I say much love and thanks for the recognition. I am sure Kevin was happy to assist. We are all here to help each other. Congrats to your cyclist for completing the event.”

Cop charged with PC Gilkes’ murder appears in court

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PC Kristian Genty – Photo courtesy TTPS

The officer charged with the murder of PC Clarence Gilkes in April intends to apply for bail.

On Monday, PC Kristian Genty, 28, of Diego Martin, made his first appearance before a magistrate after he and another police officer, WPC Crystal Williams-Bowman, were charged over the weekend in connection with the shooting at Upper Rich Plain, Diego Martin.

Gilkes, 44, of La Resource Road, D’Abadie, a member of the Western Division Task Force, was among 12 officers of the task force who responded to a report of men armed with rifles at Upper Rich Plain Road on April 22. He later died at hospital.

Genty was charged with Gilkes’s murder. At this first court appearance, his attorneys, Israel B Rajah Khan, Ulric Skerrit, and Arissa Maharaj, asked for disclosure of any material that could be used to make a bail application, and the prosecution’s summary of evidence.

Genty was told of his right to apply to the High Court for bail and the magistrate made the order for the disclosure of information.

Both Genty and Williams-Bowman are also charged with shooting at Jahlano Romney with intent to cause him grievous bodily harm.

The charges were read out to both of them at Monday’s virtual hearing.

Bail for Genty was not dealt with, as Baboolal-Gafoor advised it would be more practicable to deal with it at the High Court.

The magistrate approved the $500,000 bail granted to Williams-Bowman by a justice of the peace on Saturday, but added the condition that she does not communicate with Romney, either directly or indirectly.

The two will return to court on September 5, when they will appear in the Eighth Magistrates’ Court.

They were charged by ACP Joseph Chandoo.

The shooting incident was first reported as an attack on police. In that report, officers claimed the Western Division Task Force confronted Romney on the steps leading to a hilly area and were shot at, in the course of which Romney killed Gilkes.

A large contingent of officers combed the hills of Diego Martin, Carenage, and other areas in search of Romney. He eluded capture by hiding in a cave and later made his way to Venezuela by boat.

WPC Crystal Williams-Bowman – Photo courtesy TTPS

He later surrendered to the Police Complaints Authority (PCA) and gave a detailed, video-recorded statement before being interviewed by police.

An autopsy said Gilkes was shot in the back of the head and another bullet fired from a police gun hit his temple.

In a statement on its investigations, the PCA said it found a deliberate attempt by officers of the Western Division to mislead acting Commissioner McDonald Jacob, and concluded the police “abused their power.”

The PCA commented, “This incident is one of the clearest examples of abuse of police power that the PCA has investigated to date.”

In a police media release on Saturday, Jacob said he previously assured the public the matter would be investigated thoroughly and the correct procedure would be followed.

He said he was satisfied this was done and promised to keep the public informed about any other matters arising out of the investigation.

He also said the police victim and witness support unit and social work unit wouldprovide counsel and support to the officers and families involved in the incident.

He also said the police Social and Welfare Association will assist by providing legal support to the police officers.

Also assisting in the investigations were senior Supt Suzette Martin, of the Professional Standards Bureau, acting Sgt Mohammed, acting Cpl Joefield, WPCs Charles and Mc Lean, acting W/Cpl Sampson and PC Heera.

Economist urges caution in wage talks

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Economist Dr Marlene Attzs

ECONOMIST Dr Marlene Attzs commented on the wrangle over wages between trade unions and the CPO by calling for some caution in what she said was now “a very uncertain economic time,” speaking to Newsday on Monday.

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine having pushed the world oil price to as high as US$120 (Brent) and with the price on Monday at US$88 for WTI ( more closely aligned to TT’s oil), and natural gas at US$8.18 MMBtu, unions have anticipated a windfall in national revenues and have been hoping to address long-outstanding wage talks.

CPO Dr Darryl Dindial initially offered several public-sector unions a two per cent rise for 2014-2021, comprising zero for the years 2014-2017, one per cent for 2018, zero for 2019-2020, and one per cent for 2021. He subsequently offered a four per cent rise for 2014-2019, comprisingzero, zero, two, zero, zero, two for each year successively from 2014-2019.

The unions representing protective services have rejected both.

Attzs noted the Government’s high indebtedness.

She said the local narrative must be centred on global economic circumstances, noting that no one had foreseen Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its global impact on energy prices plus food availability. Recalling that Finance Minister Colm Imbert said in the Mid Year Review that TT could expect a couple billion dollars in energy windfall, Attzs said it might not be unreasonable for unions to seek some of that windfall, although she urged caution.

“You have to look at the steady state. The large economies of the world could intervene to cause energy prices to flatten.”

Attzs said in the UK the public conversation expressed a fear of the upcoming winter pushing household heating bills to as high as £4,200. This fear, along with the ongoing Conservative Party leadership contest, could serve to put pressure on energy prices to come down, she warned.

“It is unsustainable for us to assume a windfall in perpetuity. We don’t know when the windfall will end.”

Attzs said she sympathised with public-sector workers living on 2012/2013 salaries but facing rises in the cost of living, including higher prices at the gasoline pump.

“But I don’t think now is the time for the unions to advocate for higher wages. It is a very uncertain economic time. I’d suggest caution.”

Attzs sounded two other warnings over wage hikes.

Firstly she said if more people were to enjoy higher wages but alongside continued global supply-chain challenges, this could create inflationary problems, eroding people’s purchasing power. She said in North America, as inflation rises the interest rates are put up to try to temper people’s appetite for spending and borrowing. However, she warned this measure can hurt individuals with flexible mortgages which rise or fall with the interest rate.

Secondly, Attzs cautioned against wage hikes pushing workers into higher tax brackets that could not only erode the increase but actually leave them worse off.

Hoping that any increases could make workers better off in the long run, she suggested, “Let the back pay be put against something tangible and sustainable, like a house.

“Why not suggest the Government relax some of the requirements so public-sector workers can qualify for low-income homes, and get medical insurance and pension plans? These are things that improve their quality of life, rather than simply higher incomes.

“I certainly don’t think now is the time to agitate for higher wages.”

American one of two men drowned on Sunday

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File photo/Jeff K. Mayers

An American man was one of two who drowned in separate incidents on Sunday.

David Khan, a citizen of the US, was bathing at Maracas Beach on Sunday when he got into difficulty at about 3.30 pmand disappeared underwater.

After searches for Khan until 5.50 pm, his body resurfaced.

Three men brought the body to shore and attempts were made to resuscitate him but proved futile. He died at the scene.

In a separate incident, a Maracas St Joseph man identified as Joshua Serette, 24, was bathing at Tyrico Bay, when at about 6 pm he also got into difficulty and went underwater. People at the beach saw him went to his aid and pulled him out of the water. An American doctor who practises at the Albert Einstein Hospital in Philadelphia, US, performed CPR on him.

Serette was taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Autopsies are expected to be done on both men.

Govt gives GPL $4B to help with cash flow

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The Public Works Ministry has secured over $4 billion in additional funding for the remainder of 2022, after its supplementary budget was approved on Monday.

Govt sought a total of $44.7 billion in supplementary funding from National Assembly for the period ending December 31, 2022.

The Guyana Power and Light received an additional $4 billion. According to Senior Minister with Responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh, it is to enable cash flow at the entity.

Of this amount, $4.439 billion was earmarked for rehabilitative works on 28 pontoons of the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) and for the acquisition of spares and the completion of rehabilitation of its vessels.

For upgrading roads and drains in several communities, some $3 billion was awarded.

Apart from debts owed by public entities, there is also the challenge of fuel costs. Meanwhile, with some $3.5 billion more pumped into GuySuCo, Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha said the Rose Hall estate will soon be reopened, having reemployed close to 700 persons.

Skeng Focusing On Wellness After Recent Health Scare

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Skeng channels his focus on his health after he recently hit the pause button due to exhaustion and dehydration.

One of dancehall’s fastest rising stars, Skeng, has been ordered to rest before returning to the stage. The information comes following his recently canceled performance at Dream Weekend. According to the organizers of the show, the “Protocol” deejay was deemed medically unfit to get on stage.

Skeng’s co-manager and music consultant, Cara Vickers, confirmed the information with The Star. She shared that the 21-year-old artist was extremely disappointed that he could not entertain his fans but also realized that his health was of paramount importance.

Vickers revealed that before the performance Skeng, whose real name is Kevon Douglas, admitted that he was not feeling well and that he was concerned about it. She added that he might have been feeling drained because of how many back-to-back performances he had in recent times. Thankfully, in the end, it turned out to be dehydration.

Vickers revealed that the “Life Changes” deejay is feeling much better and should be performing in a show in Grenada with Shaneil Muir next Saturday.

Skeng’s rise to the top has been fast, and he has been requested for performances worldwide since the beginning of 2022. Vickers went on to explain that he has been traveling since the start of the year, including places around the globe like the US, UK, and all over the Caribbean region.


She further explained that the busyness of his schedule and the fact that he was constantly waking up in different time zones had negatively impacted his sleep schedule.

That being said, she added that he is a hard worker and fully committed to seeing his dream of dominating in dancehall. With this goal in mind, he is fully aware that he must put in the long hard hours and make the sacrifices that many fans don’t see, Vickers shared.

“If Skeng starts something, he has to finish and he records up to four songs in one session [so] for every hit that goes out through public speakers, him dash down three or more songs in one session. I guess it has taken a toll,” she said.

On top of his desire to put out great music, he is also committed to his onstage performance. That means long and hard hours of back-to-back rehearsals for shows. Vickers shared that part of Skeng’s practice even includes exercising to have proper breathing techniques.

To this end, he is not taking his health for granted and has been focusing on eating on time but may have forgotten somewhere along the line to keep himself hydrated between studio time and performing live.

It seems that the young artist has quite a work ethic as well. Vickers revealed that even though he was ordered to rest by his doctor, he still wanted to record, which is made easier for him because he has access to two in-house studios.

Following his upcoming performance next weekend, he intends to take September and October to rest and record.

Vickers also revealed that Skeng is working on an EP and is now in talks with international female rapper Nicki Minaj about future collaborations. She also disclosed that there might also be a few European and British collaborations in the near future.

She added that the team is committed to helping him realize his dream, but he must rest when needed.

GUYANA-PARLIAMENT-Government gets green light for additional funding for sugar and electricity companies

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CARIBBEAN-FINANCE-Better access to financing for firms could drive growth and jobs in Caribbean-IDB

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