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St Mary’s is set to ignite taste buds across the island, bite by bite and crunch by crunch, with its latest snack creation, St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips.

Paying homage to the distinctly Jamaican dish that is known and loved worldwide, this flavour-packed snack will hit the shelves in time for the celebration of Jamaica’s 60th Anniversary of Independence.

“When it comes to flavours there’s nothing more sought after or synonymous with Jamaica than Jerk,” declared St Mary’s Marketing Manager Erin Mitchell.

“From renowned Boston Jerk in Portland to the street corner pan chicken chef to star-rated restaurants, if Jerk is on the menu, it’s a must-have. So, we are delighted to launch St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips, inspired by our famed local dish, during Jamaica’s 60th celebrations to highlight the culinary significance of the flavour.

Inspired by Jerk Chicken, it is expected to deliver a familiar earthy, savoury, and spicy blend of exotic flavours that consumers have come to associate with the meal in every bite. With convenience and culinary excitement freshly packed in a 60g bag, St Mary’s has projected a retail price of approximately JM$250.

The St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips, like its predecessors, is gluten-free, trans-fat-free and cholesterol free.

Additionally, Mitchell noted that with the creation of St Mary’s Jerk Chicken Potato Chips, “Jamaican Jerk Chicken lovers will no longer be limited to enjoying their favourite delight at set mealtimes; they can now treat themselves to a bag of St Mary’s potato chips; anytime, anywhere.”

This new flavour comes almost two years after the launch of St Mary’s potato chip line in 2020 with flavours Fire and Sea Salt. However, this snack creation stands as the sixth product innovation for the brand in less than 12 months.

“It’s been a whirlwind year for us, but very satisfying,” noted Mitchell.

“We firmly believe that St Mary’s is where good things happen and we’ve been showcasing that with our new line of products — Banana Chips Fire, Sweet & Spicy Plantain Strips and Johnny Crunchers in Fry Dumpling, Red Herring & Tin Cheese. And we’ve also enhanced that promise with our new logo, packaging, and brand activities. We simply hope our St Mary’s snack community is as excited as we are about all the new and tasty ways, they can snack with us; and that they will join us on this journey of innovation.”

Nevertheless, snackers, have much to look forward to before the end of 2022 as St Mary’s, a subsidiary of Jamaica Producers Group, retains an active focus on innovation and bringing more excitement, flavour, and diversity to the snack category.

From the beloved Banana to Plantain; Cassava to Breadfruit Chips; and most recently, Johnny Crunchers — the company prides itself on developing a strong tropical snack and produces a brand that showcases the best flavours of the Caribbean to the world.

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