Join Invest Caribbean At CIF 2023

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Mon. Sept. 18, 2023: Officials of Invest Caribbean, the global private sector investment agency of the Caribbean, are urging investors and developers interested in investing in the Caribbean region to join them at CIF 2023.

Investment opportunities in the Caribbean will be highlighted at the CIF 2023 – the Caribbean Investment Forum 2023 from the Caribbean Export Development Agency. The Caribbean Investment Forum 2023 is scheduled to be held from October 23rd to 25th at the luxurious Royal Atlantis Hotel in Nassau, The Bahamas and aims to spotlight the Caribbean’s potential as a center for sustainable development, innovation, and economic advancement.

It will bring together heads of state, industry leaders, ministers, and investors from around the globe to engage in discussions and delve into the investment opportunities the Caribbean has to offer. Under the theme “A Bold New Caribbean,” the forum will illuminate the region’s endeavors to attract foreign investments and drive economic transformation.

ICN is working with The Caribbean Export Development Agency to package a number of projects for presentation by developers in Nassau next month.

In a recent interview with The European, Deodat Maharaj, Executive Director of Caribbean Export, emphasized the abundant investment opportunities available in the Caribbean. He pinpointed three key sectors as prime investment targets: technology-focused agriculture, transitioning towards a green economy, and innovation and digitalization. Maharaj highlighted how the Caribbean’s potential for agricultural innovation could significantly reduce the region’s food import costs, promoting self-sufficiency and economic growth.

Maharaj also underscored the Caribbean’s commitment to embracing the digital age, making it an appealing destination for technology and innovation businesses. Furthermore, he noted the region’s dedication to building a green economy to combat climate change, offering incentives to investors interested in sustainable initiatives.

“The Caribbean is a sea of stability in a world of uncertainty,” Maharaj stated, emphasizing the region’s political stability, good governance, and well-educated workforce as factors that make it an attractive investment destination. He highlighted the Caribbean’s impressive literacy rate of approximately 96% and its strong emphasis on education, providing a solid foundation for business growth and development.

The Caribbean Investment Forum 2023 will serve as a platform for attendees to gain insights into the Caribbean’s growth potential, investment incentives, and business-friendly environment. It will facilitate networking, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among local and international stakeholders.

With a goal to achieve consistent growth of 15% to 20% in foreign direct investment over the next several years, the Caribbean Export Development Agency is committed to establishing a robust foundation for economic resilience and development.

Investors, policymakers, and industry leaders interested in exploring investment opportunities in the Caribbean are encouraged to participate in the Caribbean Investment Forum 2023. For additional information and event registration,visit the official website at

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