Mykal Rose Drops Powerful New Album

News Americas, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Sept. 15, 2023: Grammy-award-winning reggae sensation Mykal Rose has dropped his highly-anticipated album “I Give You Love” today, Friday, September 15th! This 13-track masterpiece, produced by Donsome Records LLC, features incredible collaborations with Bounty Killer, Bugle, and Jahmiel.

In a recent statement, Rose explained the inspiration behind the album’s title, revealing it’s a reflection of his life experiences and the various themes explored within the tracks. From social injustice to the high cost of living, humanity’s struggles, and matters of the heart, “I Give You Love” is a musical journey through today’s world.

Some standout tracks include “When Dem Ago Let We Go” with Jahmiel, “This World,” “World Crisis,” “Babylon Burning,” “I Give You Love” with Bugle, and “Steppin Like a Murderer” with the legendary Bounty Killer.

Mykal Rose had high praise for producer Adrian Hanson of Donsome Records LLC, likening his musical prowess to the iconic Sly and Robbie. This album is backed by the talents of musicians like Roel Powell and St Clair Connor, ensuring a sonic experience like no other.

Mykal Rose is celebrated for his solo career and his time with the Grammy-winning reggae group Black Uhuru. His iconic voice has graced chart-topping tracks such as “General Penitentiary,” “Sponji Reggae,” “Solidarity,” “What is Life,” and “Shine Eye Gal,” which were all hits in their own right.

In 1995, Rose made waves with a remake of “Shine Eye Gal” alongside Shabba Ranks, and the song climbed to number 46 on the UK Singles chart.

In 2007, Rose resonated with a new generation with the track “Shoot Out,” produced by Lloyd ‘John John’ James, which dominated local charts.

Adrian Hanson, the producer, shared insights into the collaborations with Bugle, Jahmiel, and Bounty Killer, highlighting the organic and creative process that brought these incredible artists together.

“I Give You Love” is now available worldwide on all major distribution platforms, so be sure to give it a listen and experience the magic of Mykal Rose’s latest musical offering!

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