ANDRE SIMON UPDATE: Possibility of additional delays and expenses

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The content originally appeared on: Antigua News Room

Updates on Andre

16 th July 2022

Thank you all for your support.

– Andre arrived to Texas with a pressure ulcer/wound (on posterior region) and this is interfering with the treatment programme.

After assessment, it was classified as a stage 3 wound and an X-ray was carried out to see if the infection reached the bone (it did not). This interference has led the doctors to discuss the possibility of a temporary transfer to a specialized (LTAC facility) to deal with the wound and infections. This challenge could mean additional delays and expenses with a second medical facility.

– Andre is now using a specialized bed (air fluidized therapy) to help the wound heal fast and minimize the need for turning

– He is increasingly breathing better through his nose. This is good. It is one step closer to removing his trach

– His vitals are great

– his physical appearance is returning to normal and the little bruises around his body are healing

– He was initially on an anti- seizure medication and they plan to wean him off of this since he is not demonstrating any seizures and that drug can make him feel cloudy/drowsy

– He is taking his food really well so he will hopefully but back on his weight soon.


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