Spice: “I Never Said I Was Pregnant”

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Queen of Dancehall Spice is back with her first single of 2023, God A Bless, following a major health scare late last year, and a viral Instagram post earlier this week, in which she appeared to be pregnant.

Given her history of over-the-top marketing stunts, fans who doubted the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star’s third pregnancy turned out to be right, as she confirmed on Friday, in an Instgram Live Q&A session, that the post was meant to be a symbolic one.

After explaining that she battled sepsis and hernia challenges, Spice shared: “I am honoured to be given a second chance at life. Fast forward to the photo I posted where I appeared pregnant, I never said I was (pregnant). I said God has been good to me and that photo is just me celebrating my second chance at life.”

The new song and music video are a seemingly dramatic retelling of the health scare, directed by BlingBlang.

Notably, the song samples Gloria Gaynor’s 1978 hit, ‘I Will Survive’.


Spice further explained that the stunt was not done to offend anyone.

“So, if it did,” she said, “I apologize. I know there are people who can’t have kids, have had miscarriages. It [the photo] was just done to celebrate my new life.”

The Grammy-nominated singer divulged her inspirations for this latest deeply personal project. 

“I died in October 2022 and God literally gave me a second chance at life, so this pregnancy signifies my rebirth” she told Complex. “The release of this song is called ‘God A Bless Me’ because it’s really a blessing what I overcame and I’m so grateful to God to still be alive.” 

Spice’s last project since her medically-induced hiatus was her Emancipated album, released via the singer’s own label, Spice Official Entertainment. She had expressed via her Instagram page how proud she was of the project, given each track’s potential to be a single.

Her debut album 10 was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album.

Watch ‘God A Bless’ above.

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