Minister Marion Hall To Release Song About Her ‘Blessed Body’

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In the midst of the chatter surrounding how gospel artist Minister Marion Hall clothes her canvas, she has announced an upcoming single which places focus on the body.  

“Listen out for my new song titled Bless Body,” she revealed in a Facebook post. “It’s a song bringing awareness to the fact that God created our bodies, so perfectly, but we choose to put on and take off what we feel like, which sometimes causes us our lives.”

She added, “Love it or hate it. This is a Blessed Body.”

The announcement was accompanied by cover art from her latest single I’m Doing Better, which has ruffled feathers about what constitutes Christian dress. The photos show the church owner wearing a black sequined jumpsuit with mesh detail that reveals her stomach.

Cover art from Minister Hall’s new track ‘I’m Doing Better’.

While there were more comments showering the minister with compliments about her image, others were more critical, even calling the post contradictory.

“The fact that you speak about loving our body, don’t add on or take off but still you yourself adding/removing, or is that you don’t consider makeup and weaves as add ons?” the comment read. “What did yall so called good book say about adding and removing from the body which is the ‘TEMPLE OF GOD’? As long as you didn’t born with it then it is an add on…”

There are also folks who believe the post is throwing shade towards dancehall artist Spice who has been open about going under the knife, though she declared that her recent health scare had nothing to do with plastic surgery. The women were once friends whose friendship grew sour following back-and-forth claims of envy, obeah, and underhand dealings. 

Spice (left) and at the time, Lady Saw

“Is me alone realize say anytime Spice take a break, you no see Lady Saw, but as long as Spice reappears, this lady emerges?” one person posited. “It’s giving badmind and she need fi stop it.”

Another person wrote, “Deep down this woman miss dancehall. And if Spice answer har now yuh hear seh Spice this n that. I don’t understand how Lady Saw turn Christian n still Ina dancehall ppl bizinz.”

Hall had previously responded to the Christian fashion police by redirecting them to 1 Corinthians 9 verse 19 to 23 which speaks to adapting per the environment to win souls for Christ.

When she hung up her secular shoes in December 2015, her ensemble remained consistently conservative until 2021 when she appeared more settled in her relationship with God. This was highlighted in a video she shared on social media responding to critics who found fault with a photo that bore cleavage.

“I can’t be covered every day, I’m in Miami, it’s hot in Miami,” she said.

“You won’t see me on the road in the big hats that you see me preaching in and the long dresses. If I dress like that you say I look old. I wear shorts and I wear skirts – not way up, but I wear skirts. I got tattoos, yeah, I got a few ah them, so, what can I do? I can’t please you baby…”

She continued, “God cares for what is behind the heart…not my boobs. If that’s all you see, I guess they look good right? I’m still a Christian and I do talk, so, don’t get this twisted. I’m still Marion, not Lady Saw. I’m a ordained minister and on Sunday I’ll dress appropriately but when I’m out in the sun, Imma take the sun’s vitamin D.”

She rounded off by expressing appreciation for her body, even labeling herself a “sexy Christian”.

“If you know me by now, you would know that I don’t care what they say about me. You don’t have the keys to heaven, so you can’t stop me if I’m going or not… I’m so blessed and I love my body… I’m a sexy Christian; I like to dress sexy under my clothes… Love me or hate me, I don’t care.”

Hall will be taking her blessed body to the Reggae Sumfest stage in July, her first appearance on the festival since joining Christendom. 

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