Minister Marion Hall Booked For Reggae Sumfest, Skatta Says: “My Prayers Have Been Answered”

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Dancehall music producer and Reggae Sumfest Marketing Strategist Skatta Burrell is having a field day, this upon sharing a flyer announcing that Minister Marion Hall (formerly Lady Saw) has been booked for Concert Night II at the Reggae festival, in July.

“ My prayers have been answered. Unleashing the Powerhouse: Minister Marion Hall at Reggae Sumfest on July 22!” Skatta, a self-proclaimed atheist, wrote on his Instagram page on Saturday, where he shared a copy of the flyer, which features Hall in a monochromatic black outfit including a bustier with her bosom pronounced, and embellished with sheer lace fabric which partially shows off her abs.   

That image has also been featured on the cover art for Hall’s new Downsound Records-produced single, I’m Doing Better.

The announcement of Hall’s booking for the iconic Reggae festival was greeted with glee by Reggae singer Gramps Morgan, who is producing one of her upcoming albums.

“It has begun The Fire is Still burning we give thanks for this legend,” Gramps said in registering his satisfaction. 

Skatta seemingly had only two words for persons who sought to criticize Reggae Sumfest for using the sexy photo of Hall on the flyer.

“Shut up!” the Coolie Dance producer wrote in response to muffin_drop who had written: “Of all the pictures these people could use and they choose to use this to represent her really”. 

Cordell ‘Skatta’ Burrell,

He also gave the same orders to gstormgmusic, who had said that Reggae Sumfest would be boring and that Hall was “not qualified to be on reggae shows”.

His response was the same for wealthy_yute101 who asked: “How can she preach the word of god and wear clothes like that? Can know say them tek Christianity fi joke thing eh nuh”.

 “@wealthy_yute101 shut up,” Skatta wrote to the delight of some of his followers.

Skatta’s response to comments made by crystal_armyqueen, who sought to ask whether he orchestrated the use of the sultry photo of Hall, because he was anti-Christianity, was less hostile.

“This is the only picture you can find with the minister?  Not because you don’t agree with Christianity doesn’t mean you can’t put some respect on the woman of God. I am sure she has nicer pics as Marion hall. Now the heat is on the woman from people who think they are Christians,” she had stated.

“@crystal_armyqueen she beautifully clothed and She looks Fabulous ,” Skatta replied.

Marion Hall

Hall seems to have made an about-turn where Reggae Sumfest is concerned.

In May last year, weeks before the staging of Reggae Sumfest, the St. Mary native, had declared that she would only perform at Reggae Sumfest if there is a Gospel Night.

Her comments had come in response to Skatta’s statements at the festival’s launch that he was at one point attempting to get her to perform at that year’s staging of the festival and “was still open to doing so”.

Hall, who had appeared amused, had indicated that while she was not averse to performing at the Reggae festival, at the same time pointed out that she was quite cognizant that Skatta was trying to “draw her out”.

The Room in my House artist had said that Reggae Sumfest CEO, Joe Bogdanovich, had had discussions with her manager regarding the addition of a gospel night on which she would perform.

“Downsound been talking to my manager, about coming on the gospel night.   But how dare you call mi out fi Dancehall night?” she had asked of Skatta.

During the launch of Reggae Sumfest 2022, Skatta had said that he had ceased making attempts to woo Hall to perform at the festival,  after coming to the conclusion that she needed time to recalibrate, following her imbroglio with some of her female musical compatriots.

Skatta, who made his comments during an interview with Billboard’s Pat Meschino, had also said that there was still time yet to court Hall and add her to the line-up, since the concert nights were two months away.

Lady Saw at Sumfest 2015 (Photo by Claudia Gardner)

Prior to that, Skatta had irked Hall’s Christian fans, after he posted a snippet of Lady Saw’s legendary last-ever performance at Reggae Sumfest in 2015, on Instagram, and implored her come to the festival and “minister to the audience.”

Declaring that she was missed by Sumfest, Skatta had also said that whether or not Hall was doing secular or gospel Dancehall, the genre was where the 52-year-old Grammy Award winner belongs and that she ought not to be pigeonholed into performing or writing for Christians only.

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