Nicki Minaj, Skeng Gets Backlash In Trinidad For Video Shoot In The Hood

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Nicki Minaj is being dragged by Trinidadians over a music video she shot with Jamaican artist Skeng Don in the ‘ghetto.’

In a video, artist Ringleader defended Nicki Minaj over the remarks by some factions. According to the artist, Minaj was dragged for going to a community named Beetham which he says is a “ghetto,” and Minaj was invited by Skeng, where they reportedly shot a music video for her song “Red Ruby Da Sleeze.”

“Nicki come down to Trinidad and all alyuh bad talking she because go to Beetham… because it’s ghetto alyuh bad talking everybody in the video talking bout watching how they looking and they could not dress better than this,” Ringleader asked.

He also said that it was embarrassing that the artist was invited by Skeng, who is not Trinidadian.

“Nothing ain’t wrong with she coming in and going in the ghetto. What looking a little bad is to know is a Jamaican invite she down there and I ain’t see none a we artists tell she well ‘come here and lime, drink and eat’ and whatever. We need to support we own,” the artist added.

Nicki Minaj had traveled to Trinidad and Tobago for Carnival last week and was spotted enjoying Carnival Monday and Tuesday with Machel Montano and Destra Garcia, which whom she previously collaborated on “Shake The Place,” which was released just days before her trip.

Minaj also shared excitement at being back in her country for the first time since 2020, before the Covid-19 pandemic and when she was just pregnant with her son.

According to Ringleader, Minaj’s visit to the island had its benefits, especially since her star presence is likely to bring millions of fans to the island.

Many commentators have also speculated that Minaj’s presence on the island will bring a healthy boost to the island’s tourism product, especially during carnival, which is a huge annual income earner for the country.

In the meantime, Ringleader also pushed back at the critics who felt that Minaj and Skeng were highlighting the ghetto rather than another more opulent side of the country. The artist said he was happy that Minaj was showing her fans in the ghetto love.

Nicki has not responded to the commentary online but has been criticized by some fans for seemingly repping Jamaica more than she reps her birth country, Trinidad and Tobago. The artist has promised that she would be joining Jamaica carnival in April.

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