Gov’t developing Guyana to be decades ahead of its time–President Ali

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President Dr Irfaan Ali said that his Government is developing a country that will be decades ahead of its time with its drive in advancing not only the infrastructure of the country but its technological development.

President Ali said that this will include the development of a “one card” system that will allow persons to be able to store all of their financial, health and personal information on a single card to ease the bureaucratic stress on Guyanese.

“We are not building a Guyana 20 years backwards, we are building a Guyana that will be 40 years ahead of its time by the time we get to 2030. That is the Guyana we are building.”

The Head of State made the statement while delivering the feature remarks at the opening ceremony of Guyana’s newest Teleperformance branch on Middle and Thomas streets Tuesday afternoon.

He noted that Guyana aims to develop an electronic, data-driven, decision-making system that will improve service delivery, the government’s efficiency, stimulate operation and improve the country’s global footprint in technology.

“I keep referring to global footprint because we are building a country and sectors that must be able to compete globally. Our markets must not be confined to Guyana and the region.”

The President said that the Government aims to develop the country using the best available tools and resources to propel it into global competitiveness.

He said that the one-card data management system will be developed in partnership with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and international companies to reduce the cost of doing business, improve transparency and accountability and advance the Government’s current architecture.

The President also spoke extensively about other developments including the patient management information system, telemedicine programmes and drone technology, which would assist with delivering medical supplies to remote areas.

He said that technology would also be a part of developments in security, education and food security.

As it relates to education, the President reminded that his Government has introduced coding into the education system because they want “the next and current generation to start thinking of technology as the new requirements for the new economy”.

“The intention is to create enough space, make enough investment to modernise the education system, and to implement strategies that will focus, direct and motivate the workforce toward more tech-driven jobs, and that is a deliberate decision of the Government, to focus on more tech-driven jobs.”


For Guyana to present itself as a platform and prime destination for ICT services and business, the country needs to create the right business ecosystem. To support this, President Ali said that the Government has already made positive strides through the development of legislation for data centres, among other areas.

“By the time we get up to 2027, I am convinced that we will have the most modern legal architecture to support any type of development in the region and around the world. That is because we are building a system that is seeking the best available legislation.”

During the event, President Ali also praised Teleperformance for its commitment to Guyana and its trust in the country’s economy and the potential of its people.

Teleperformance Guyana currently employs approximately 1500 Guyanese, the company is set to add 1000 more in the future with the addition of the new branch.

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