Saweetie Addresses Liking Shady Tweet About Lil Nas X’s Sexuality

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Saweetie raises eyebrows after she liked a tweet that suggests that Lil Nas X is not really gay despite coming out. The “Icy Grl” rapper says she initially didn’t noticed the shady message in the tweet.

A tweet that shaded Lil Nas X’s Lollapalooza performance on Friday night did not escape eagle-eyed fans of the “Old Town Road” rapper who noticed that Saweetie had liked it. On Saturday, the Los Angeles rapper was forced to defend herself after fans called her out for the shady tweet that implied that Lil Nas X was not “really gay” and that he was masquerading as gay.

The tweet read, “I feel like he’s not really gay or not really that feminine it’s so forced.”

Many felt that Saweetie liking the post meant that she agreed with the original poster. Lil Nas X came out as gay after his massive “Old Town Road” hit. He has since embraced his sexuality in various ways, particularly with his ‘Montero’ album release that saw him sexily dressed while seducing the ‘devil.’

“Why suddenly ppl think for gay ppl this is a game where you’re not being discriminated against or being harassed by society? SO WEIRD,” one of Lil Nas X’s fans said.

Saweetie later shared that she did not mean any harm to the rapper, and she unliked the video. “He was lookin fine af that’s why I liked the video I didn’t see the shadiness …. *unlikes*,” the rapper wrote on Twitter.

“Why you lying,” one fan said. Another added, “Girl you can literally read a caption before watching a vid,” another said.

Other fans also defended Saweetie, noting that the rapper is the last one to get involved in shady things and keeps to herself most of the time. “Thx for clearing up, just unblocked you,” one fan said.

Another said, “All I’m saying is if you a real btc be 10 toes down on what you said shorty.”

“You literally Been following him ppl be so quick to want to throw you in some shit sista but your icy babies know your [heart],” one fan said.

Others also called out messy social media users. “One thing about broke people with no life? They gonna twist something and make it something it’s not between people they don’t even know because they simply have nothing else better to do but sit on the internet and watch celebrities they vicariously live through,” one fan said.

Another said, “Y’all want Saweetie to fit a negative narrative so damn bad. Didn’t even stop to think that maybe she thought she was liking Lil Nas X’s response and not some shady tweet. Y’all gotta do better fr. Leave unproblematic ppl ALONE! Enjoy y’all weekend!”

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