A’mari Says She Never Endorsed Spice’s ‘God A Bless Me’

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A’mari has lashed out heavily at Spice after the Queen of Dancehall shared a Instagram video clip of the Neko artist seemingly vibing to her new song God a Bless Me, in a series of clips of mature women endorsing the song.

According to Amari, Spice’s song was digitally added to an original video she had shared on IG, while Tommy Lee Sparta’s 2019 song Blessings, which she was endorsing in furtherance of a collab she was seeking with the Spartan Soldier deejay, was removed and replaced with Spice’s song.

Spice, who has been promoting God a Bless Me, had shared the videos on Wednesday, with Amari, who last year claimed she would be the new Queen of Dancehall in 2023, as the lead clip. 

“All young girls back up cause somebody’s momma taking over TikTok with my new song #Godablessme and I’m here for it I’m Posting everyone who’s using my song let’s gooooooo,” Spice captioned the post.

However, Amari took to her own Instagram page on Thursday morning, to dismiss claims that she had endorsed God A Bless Me and accused the Cool It artist of being untruthful.

She also ordered Spice to remove her image from the video.

“I endorsed @tommyleesparta song in this video. I never endorsed your song you lie. Take me off your wall,” Amari commanded.

“I never endorsed Spices song. The TikTok page is not mines.  The audio was removed and replaced by her song,” she also added.

She then pinned the original post which she had made six days ago, asking Tommy Lee for a collab, and edited the caption with another order to compel Spice to remove her from the post.

“@tommyleesparta I love you. Let’s do a collaboration. I’m kindly asking you @spiceofficial to remove my video. I never endorsed you,” she noted.

Over on Spice’s page though, her “besties” had a field day poking fun at Amari, whom they thought was truly endorsing the song.

“Watch spice biggest fan gwaan goodie,” one fan said, while refinebeauty82 added: “Well if dem caan beat yuh dem affi join yuh!!! Welcome Amari ”.

“Soon see Amari live a talk how she always love spice,” another jeered.

“That amari should be a shame to post her video with spice song… cause she was bashing spice rite through,” was the comment from another seemingly annoyed woman.

Others said that Amari’s constant criticisms of Spice over the last year, was due to her seeking to attract the attention of the Dancehall diva.

“love how spice no take amari serious all wah gwaan amari love spice,” one fan said, while lindapeppaz added: “Bbc Spice u post crazy Amari A NOW she ago HYPE”.

However, keriduuh was not so charitable in her comments aimed at Amari.

“When spice sey, well a nuff a dem waah si mi flop and mash up…that first person she posted is one,” she declared.

God a Bless Me was Spice’s first single of 2023. It came in the aftermath of a major health scare in November last year, and on the heels of a viral pregnancy photo that the Grammy-nominated artist had posted to Instagram days prior.   

In an Instagram Live Q&A session, Spice said that her “pregnancy” post was meant to be a symbolic one.

She noted that after grappling with sepsis and hernia challenges, she had penned the song because she was “honoured to be given a second chance at life”.

“Fast forward to the photo I posted where I appeared pregnant, I never said I was (pregnant). I said God has been good to me and that photo is just me celebrating my second chance at life,” the Rompin Shop artist had said.

“I died in October 2022 and God literally gave me a second chance at life, so this pregnancy signifies my rebirth.   The release of this song is called ‘God A Bless Me’ because it’s really a blessing what I overcame and I’m so grateful to God to still be alive,” she had added.

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