Four guns, ammo seized in police raids

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The content originally appeared on: Trinidad and Tobago Newsday


Three home-made guns seized by police in Manzanilla on Friday. – Photo courtesy TTPS

Police seizure of illegal guns crossed the 600 figure on Saturday with the confiscation of another assault weapon, three home-made rifles and a quantity of ammunition.

A release said an AR-15 rifle, fitted with a magazine fitted with 29 rounds of 5.56 ammunition was found in an unoccupied lot off West Moore area, in Morvant on Friday around 8.15 pm after getting a tip off.

No one was arrested in that operation by North Eastern Division Intelligence Unit and Task Force. Police also seized two pairs of number plates, believed to be fake.

In a separate raid, Eastern Division officers arrested a 56-year-old man after they found three home-made guns at his Manzanilla home. The suspect is scheduled to be charged with possession of firearms without a Firearm User’s Licence and possession of firearms for the purpose of trafficking.

The latest gun seizures has taken the number of illegal guns off the streets to 604, for the year.

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