Sponsors pleased to be back for Hennessy Artistry 2022 Loop Barbados

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The content originally appeared on: Barbados News

The ever popular and highly anticipated Hennessy Artistry weekend is back and scheduled to be bigger than ever, thanks to the trust and support of key corporate partners.

From December 2 to 4, Barbadians will be mesmerized and entertained by some of the best artistes in reggae, dancehall, culture, and R&B, while enjoying the finest beverages, food and ambience ever experienced.

This experience has been promised by some of the event’s sponsors who spoke at the official launch, last Thursday at Kensington Oval.

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After 15 years of operation Hennessy Artistry is still held in remarkably high regard by the leading cognac in the world and the Divisional Manager of beer, wine, spirits, and tobacco of Bryden Stokes Limited, Rohan Campbell expressed his delight with the relationship between his company, FAS7Star and Hennessy Artistry.

“It is our distinct honour and privilege to be the Barbadian representative for the Moet Hennessy portfolio, which offers the most luxurious and premier cognac and champagne brands in the world.

That’s a relationship that has existed for over 85 years, so Hennessy, Bryden Stokes are a part of the fabric of the Barbadian culture”, said Campbell.

Campbell stated that the marriage between Hennessy and the event is the ideal match as they are both blended to perfection, globally recognized and top shelf products.

“Hennessy Artistry has created a heritage of being an anticipated and well appreciated stage show event which personifies the art of blending.

It is the meeting point between music, art, and the most iconic cognac brand in the world. Providing a high energy, ultra-premium, live musical experience, offering a unique blend of genres.

The aim this year is to amplify the Hennessy Artistry platform, creating further global exposure for Barbados, Hennessy, and the event itself.”

Another key stakeholder in the Hennessy Artistry festival is telecommunication company Digicel, who has been a partner of FAS7Star for 18 years.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Digicel Barbados, Natalie Abrahams pledged her company’s support behind the event, for she sees it as staple in entertainment and community development, which is synonymous with Digicel’s aims and contributions to society.

“We want to continue this partnership.

Digicel’s ethos is all about culture and community and in Barbados a big part of our culture is music and events like Hennessy Artistry brings communities together.

We are happy to be on board this year to help FAS and the Dream Team this time to make this event a success.

We are very pleased to be on board,” said Abrahams.

Traditionally, radio has played a significant role in the success of live events and Hennessy Artistry can count on that support from the island’s leading radio broadcasting institution; Starcom Network.

Advertising Manager of Starcom Network, Vilmore Johnson recognizes the value radio adds to events such as Hennessy Artistry and assured all present at the launch that his institution will exhibit the highest of excellence to ensure that Hennessy Artistry 2022 is a resounding success.

“Partnership with FAS7Star has been significant in the landscape of entertainment in Barbados.

Starcom Network as a major part of this Hennessy experience will continue to play a pivotal role in the dissemination of information through our services, VOB 92.9 FM, Beat 104.1 FM and the just re-confirmed number one urban station in Barbados, Hott 95.3 FM and of course with our social media platforms.”

Johnson stated that Hennessy Artistry this year is incredibly special to Starcom Network, as it is shared with the 25th birthday of Hott 95.3 FM.

This year’s aviation partners will be Air Antilles Airlines.


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