Drake Says He Has Been Listening To Popcaan, Bob Marley & Tupac A Lot

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The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Drake shared more details on which artists he has been listening to a lot lately.

The OVO Sound chief was recently vacationing in Turks and Caicos with his close friends and found some time to sit down with Stake for a candid interview. Urban Islandz reported that among the things he discussed in the Q&A where he responded to the viral “Rich Flex” memes, saying it comes with the territory of being a global icon. Drake also gave us some insight into who he has been listening to, and to no surprise, Popcaan and Bob Marley made the cut.

Bob Marley’s 1977 classic “Jamming” provided a fitting soundtrack for the interview, with an infinity pool in the backdrop and the two smoking hookah and drinking bourbon. “Obviously we’re running the Bob right now we running the Bob Marley, we’re running a lot of Popcaan,” Drizzy said. “That’s kinda where I’ve been just been vibing out.”

The “Rich Flex” rapper recently revealed that Tupac Shakur dominated his Spotify playlist all through 2022. He shared the news on his IG Story where he revealed he listened 246 minutes of 2Pac and is among the top seven percent of 2Pac listeners in 2022.


Drake, born Aubrey Drake Graham, has consistently cited Tupac Shakur as one of his major influences and inspirations. In fact, the Canadian singer/rapper has made it no secret that he is a huge fan of Tupac’s music and has paid homage to the legendary rapper on several occasions throughout his career.

Tupac Shakur, affectionately called 2Pac, was one of the most influential rappers and actors of the 1990s and still is to date. Like Bob Marley, Tupac’s music, which often tackled social and political issues, resonated with a wide audience worldwide and cemented him as a cultural icon. The late rapper’s untimely death in 1996 at the young age of 25 only added to his legendary status and has made him a symbol of struggle and resilience in the hip hop community.

Drake first expressed his love for Tupac’s music in an interview with Rolling Stone in 2010, stating that Tupac was one of the main reasons he started rapping. He went on to say that Tupac’s music helped him understand and connect with the struggles and challenges faced by people in his own community.

In the early days of his career in 2012, Drake paid tribute to Tupac during a concert in Las Vegas, performing a medley of Tupac’s songs while wearing a shirt with Tupac’s face imprinted on it. Drizzy also included a sample of Tupac’s “Hail Mary” on his album “Take Care,” further solidifying his admiration for the rap icon.

In addition to his occasional musical tributes to Pac, Drake has also been known to reference Tupac’s lyrics in his own songs. On his song “Chicago Freestyle,” Drake famously raps: “I’m just tryna make sure that I have a legacy like Pac.”

Similarly, Drake has previously expressed his admiration for Jamaican reggae icon Bob Marley and even expressed his wish to sit with the singer if had the the opportunity. Like Pac, Bob Marley died at a young age. He was only 36 when he passed away in 1981 after battling cancer.

Drake’s love for Tupac’s music is clearly evident in his own work, and he has consistently expressed his admiration for the late rapper’s impact on the hip hop community. Late artists like Bob Marley and Tupac’s music continues to inspire and influence artists like Drake, and their legacy will undoubtedly continue to inspire future generations of musicians.


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