Spice’s ‘So Mi Like It’ Makes Netflix Debut

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Spice’s smash hit So Mi Like It was among the songs featured in Netflix’s latest reality TV/competition series ‘Dance 100’ – a show in which dance choreographers compete for $100,000 and bragging rights.

With just six episodes rounding out the first season, the show follows an intense, deliberate setup. Each installment features routines that increase in both size and complexity. 

Initially, the competitors are tasked with creating a brief routine alongside seven other dancers. However, by the last episode, the final two contestants must collaborate with all 100 dancers at once. At the conclusion of each challenge, the 100 dancers vote for their preferred choreographer by standing behind them. The individual with the fewest supporters is eliminated from the competition.

Of note, the show’s producers are responsible for song selection, which means Spice’s So Mi Like It was intentionally sought out to make an impression in show’s relatively limited runtime. 

In the series’ third episode, Keenan Cooks, a dance instructor and choreographer from New York, was tasked with crafting an original routine for the Dancehall tune. 

The 31-year-old, along with his assigned dancers, delivered an electrifying performance that would set the tone for his journey to the show’s final round. There, in an intense showdown, he lost to fellow choreographer, Brandi Chun – who became the show’s season one winner.

Released originally in December 2014 and produced by NotNice, So Mi Like It is the title track of Spice’s debut EP of the same name. That five-track project, produced by VP Records and released digital download-only, peaked at No. 14 on the US Billboard Top Reggae Albums chart.

In 2021, So Mi Like It was re-released as a single from Spice’s Grammy-nominated album, 10.  Also released by VP Records, the album featured Shaggy as executive producer.

The revelation that Spice’s So Mi Like It continues to enjoy mainstream prominence is welcomed news for the Dancehall Queen, who has, herself, enjoyed a bit of a resurgence recently following her much-publicized health scare.

The Go Down Deh singer made a grand return to the headlines with a bit of a clickbait – a photo herself, appearing pregnant, at a maternity shoot. She later clarified the photo’s symbolic significance, indicating that she was, in fact, not pregnant, and followed it up with the release of ‘God A Bless Me’.

Yesterday, she unveiled the music video for her new song, Spice Marley – a track that honors the singer’s late father.

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