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Inna Di Mix with SammieRae will broadcast the grand finale of its breakout season later this month and will feature spirited competition and extraordinary concoctions from some of the island’s top mixologists.

Inna Di Mix is a talent-based, reality-tv style competition series, showcasing a dynamic group of seven Jamaican mixologists blending their way through an ultimate battle of skill and personality.

“Since the airing of the first episode on Saturday, August 20, each episode of this series has represented an exploration of Jamaica’s breath-taking scenery, colourful flavours and vibrant culture, against the background of our bar chefs’ unquestionable expertise,” said a release announcing the grand finale to be aired on TVJ at 8:30pm on Saturday, September 24.

Leading up to the final episode, mixers have gone through a series of fiery competitions showcasing their skills and seeing how they measure up to a list of judging criteria surrounding the taste, presentation, and creativity of their creations.

Four mixologists have been eliminated thus far. The top three finalists will compete against each other for the grand prize — $300,000 cash, an all-expenses paid trip to the 2022 Caribbean Food & Rum Festival in Florida, along with the coveted title of Season One’s ‘Master Mixer’.

Inna Di Mix promises viewers more than a demonstration of bartending capabilities. On the night of the Grand Finale, viewers will get a front-row seat to the inspirations, emotions, and interactions behind every product, giving more substance and meaning to each challenge. They will also get the chance to participate in the winnings, with an opportunity to win prizes and surprises from the comfort of their homes.

Host of Inna Di Mix with SammieRae, Samantha-Rae McLean, said: “The overall goal is to shift the perspective on the industry of mixology and highlight some of the best mixologists that we have in Jamaica. We aim to educate people about the career.

“These mixologists do more than just pour ingredients into a glass and stir…mixology is a science and an art with many eclectic elements to it. Once you jump Inna Di Mix your experience at the bar should never be the same, so tune in to see how we Flip it, Twist it and Shake things up Inna Di Mix.”

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